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  1. I'm sure we've all read web sites about adopting retired greyhounds. Most talk about the reasons for adoption and what great pets they make. Our newly acquired grey fits the descriptions perfectly. Some of the sites describe a major reason to adopt a grey is how they are mistreated. Crating for long periods, poor nourishment, etc; you've read about all that. Most of these sites are hosted by animal rights people and I have nothing against good treatment of ALL animals. But I have to wonder if the greys are as mistreated as some describe. It seems to me that a breeder/owner/trainer would treat the dogs well. It would be counterproductive to abuse/mistreat the very resource on which these people depend for a living. It probably costs quite a bit to train, feed, and race these dogs. A mistreated dog isn't going to perform well. Racing is the very reason the breed exists. Without it, we wouldn’t have these dogs around. Granted, dogs at tracks aren't given the same treatment as the ones we adopt. But are they mistreated as badly as some would have us believe? I suspect not. Your thoughts?
  2. Thanks, Dick. The missing toe is not the middle toe but rather the one next to it toward the outside. Also, the adjacent little toe is slightly misshaped. That could have been the reason for her early retirement. But based on her gentle personality, I suspect that she didn't have the competitive drive to be successful on the track. What a couch potato!
  3. And another question, Dick. We recently welcomed Arroyo Hailey to our home. We know she raced in West Virginia, but only five time from what we can tell, all at Tri State). Finished third to 7th. She turned two today (5/29/19), so she didn't race very long. She's missing a toe on her RR foot. We were told it was broken, didn't heal properly, and the end was amputated. She's fine now. I can only assume that her short career ended in her last race (3/1/19 at Tri State) from the injury. Anything you can add would be appreciated.
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