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  1. Unfortunately I let Grace's nails get to long and she now is having her nails trimmed every two weeks to get the quick to recede. I use a dog groomer near me as it's easier for me to hold her steady whilst the groomer does the clipping and she only charges £5.
  2. Yes brush daily with a very soft toothbrush. Use one made from silicon rubber made for dogs or use a child's soft brush. I also use an enzyme toothpaste (Logic oral hygiene gel) it's a bit more expensive but seems to work well.
  3. Grace is in the bald butt club. I add Lintbells Yumega Dog which is rich in Omega 6 and Omega 3 to her food which helps keep her coat in good condition and helps to reduce the hair loss but she still has a bare behind. The best option is to just to accept it as another quirk and love it. If you do have bloods done make sure your vet is greyhound savvy as their thyroid reading is lower than other breeds of dog and a lot of greyhounds are on medication for it when they don't need to be.
  4. I use Logic Oral Hygiene Gel to brush Grac's teeth with, which as well as having a "mild abrasive action it also contains enzymes to help break down the plaque," or so the blurb on the box says . It does seem to work though and the vet at her last 3 monthly wellness exam said her teeth were nice and clean.
  5. There's nothing wrong with the head, it's the body that's on back to front....
  6. Relax and don't worry about him getting enough exercise. Greyhounds are the laziest dogs in the world and if he's playing and enjoying rides in the car he's getting enough mental stimulation. Statuing seems to be one of the many quirks that greyhounds have but it doesn't last forever and they do get over it. It's being thrown into a strange new world with a strange human. Grace was the same, walked OK for the first few days and then when she started to realise this world is more scary and strange than she first realised and she thought statuing until she worked it out was the answer. You could find another dog and owner to walk with or try the same way the trainers put the dogs into the traps for races. You stand by the side of Otto facing the same way and put a couple of fingers through his collar. Start walking and using a similar action as if ten pin bowling you pull him with you and say "Let's Go" and release the collar. This worked with Grace and I had to only do it 4 or 5 times to stop her statuing.
  7. Been there too. Gave up on trying to force Grace out in the evening so we now go for a walk and potty late afternoon and she manages until the morning walk about 6:30 with no problems.
  8. Grace also has white toes on her left back foot. It must be a very dominant gene.
  9. Another vote for "What?!" Usually it's when I'm halfway through my first coffee of the morning and a head appears above the arm of the sofa emitting a pleading whine which translates as "I've held it in all night but I need to pee NOW!"
  10. That's put Grace into a dilemma. She had always thought you can not top a chicken sausage but now you've thrown Peanut Butter Softies into the arena. She's having to have a lie down to savour the thought......mmmmmm
  11. Grace didn't used to take treats from you if they were held out but would from the flat of your hand.
  12. Is that the surgery where the tendon to the toe is cut so it relieves the pressure on that toe? My worry is that it then puts added pressure on the remaining toes and what happens when they get corns? Grace is suffering with corns at the moment so I'm using Bazuka which is a verruca and wart treatment for humans which seems to be working.
  13. Welcome to your new home Jenny and I bet at 1.5 years old you've got enough bounce and energy to drive your new servants mad
  14. Grace's morning poop is nice and firm and she deposits it on short grass so it's easy to pick up. The afternoon poop is usually done on long grass but is more squidgy and moulds itself more easily around it....
  15. Yes go to the vet and get it rebandaged. They can check on the healing progress and more importantly it'll give you peace of mind. When Grace had her foot operation I used to cover the bandage with a food bag and then cover that with an old sock to give her some grip and protect the bag. The sock would go far enough up her leg to be gently fastened around her ankle with micropore tape stuck to the sock not her fur.
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