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  1. I agree. Has he been destructive? It's probably the stress of being in his crate that is causing him to use it as a bathroom I was also advised to crate her when left alone but Grace hated being put in her crate so I left her bed in there and the door open so she could come and go as she pleased. I used a trail camera so I could see what she had got up to when left alone. It was the most boring viewing imaginable. A bit of wandering around after she had finished her Kong then back to the serious business of sleeping on the sofa.
  2. Don't be surprised if he suddenly freezes altogether even on his usual walk. It can be frustrating but they do overcome it with time. Look on the forum for freezing/statuing and you'll find plenty of advice. Grace did the same thing but got over it...mostly. She'll go any route for her morning walk but the late afternoon/evening walk has to be the same route
  3. There are others on here who have more experience and will give you good advice but but you've only had him a short time and he's still settling down and I agree you don't want it to become a habit. Is he locked in his crate? Perhaps he doesn't like being in his crate with the door shut.
  4. Makes the mind boggle.... I didn't know Ikea sold lingerie Apologies. Instead of locking the pantry is it possible to use locking food containers? Or is this any good from Ikea https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/patrull-multi-latch-white-20282051/
  5. I think you're right. It's a big change from kennels to your home. I know it can be hard to see your hound upset, pacing and panting, but you say by the afternoon he has calmed down. This will improve as he gets used to the idea that you will be coming back and eventually he'll just eat his treats and go to sleep. If she thinks I'm going out without her my Grace starts to lick her lips in anticipation of her treat filled Kong and once finished she gets comfy on the couch and goes to sleep. Try and keep the same routines every day i.e. when you walk him, feed him etc. whether you are going to work or staying at home. When your husband leaves the room and he starts to whine ignore him, don't react or say anything otherwise you are reinforcing his behaviour, reward him when he ignores your husband leaving the room.
  6. As MerseyGrey says the word NO in a strong firm voice also a quick tug on the lead and keep walking in the direction you're going. Give her a treat when she's no longer looking at the "prey." I know it's not always possible but until she is able to walk without chasing everything that moves take her on walks without your child so you can give her your undivided attention and can react quickly. And as mansbestfriend suggested keep Battersea informed of the problem and ask their advice and if it turns out that she isn't the dog for you don't blame yourself or consider it a failure there are plenty of other greyhounds who have a low prey drive in need of a loving home.
  7. Have her teeth been checked? If she has a problem with her teeth she might find eating kibble painful.
  8. Grace is OK but slept on her bed last night not on the sofa. Only her ego bruised and lesson learned.....until next time
  9. Here I am, 6am, just quietly browsing GreyTalk waiting for it to get light and for Grace to wake up and decide it's time to go for her early morning walk when THUD! I look round and a very surprised looking greyhound is lying on the floor wondering who moved the sofa from under her. Yes she had been doing her morning roaching exercises and fallen off
  10. Grace and I will be going on a greyhound walk around Wollaton Park in Nottingham on that day with a lot of other greyhounds. I'm sure she could be persuaded to participate in the odd French Fry (chips in the UK ) at the end of it in honour of Rocket.
  11. It could be just the two of them sorting out the pecking order in the pack. Perhaps in some way the younger one had overstepped the mark. I would keep an eye on them but try and carry on as if nothing had happened and stay relaxed in case Amelia picks up on your tension.
  12. I was given two bits of advice when I adopted Grace by the adoption agency. The first was to leave her on her own for a short time each day several times a day, even if I didn't need to go anywhere, from the beginning so she doesn't expect to have company all the time, and it worked. The second was to crate her at night and when she was left alone. Trying to put her into the crate caused her anxiety levels to rise and she started to hate it. The solution was to let her have the run of the main room, cover the top and 3 sides of the crate with an old blanket and leave the door to the crate open so she could use it as a safe place.
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