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  1. As others have said he did what greyhounds have been bred for and I would take some consolation in that he killed quickly and not playing/tormenting like a cat would with a mouse.
  2. Grace is quite happy to stay on her bed safe in the knowledge that I'm in the house and isn't overly affectionate but will happily enjoy fuss and attention if I go to her but then she doesn't suffer with separation anxiety.
  3. Don't be surprised if he ignores his toys to start with. It took Grace a couple of months to start playing with hers and then only stuffies that squeaked. I break milk and gravy bones in two as Grace always seems to think treats come in pairs, I don't know where she got that idea from Two things missing off your list are time and patience. Don't expect too much for the first few days, give him space and time to adjust into the alien world he's been dropped into. Don't make to much a fuss of him and let him come to you.
  4. There is no law that says greyhounds have to sleep upstairs, Grace sleeps downstairs quite happily knowing I'm in the house. I think that she whines because she knows that you'll come down, give her a bit of attention and a treat....result from her point of view. You have two choices. Either teach her how to do stairs and she sleeps in your bedroom (there goes your privacy) or tough it out. If you decide on the latter it might take a few nights for Arrow to work out that the treats are no longer at the end of a whine.
  5. First off. I think it was totally irresponsible of the foster home not to take Duchess back as soon as you had problems. I bet they had been trying to get Duchess off their hands for ages but that doesn't help you now. It'll take time for your Toffy to readjust but remember dogs take behaviour cues from their owners. Try and remain calm and ignore the cane corso, don't suddenly panic and call your dog in but calmly carry on. Also Toffy might be trying to protect you. How friendly is this dog? Could you make friends with it and let your hound see that this dog is OK?
  6. I agree a 4+ year old low energy dog would be good and dogs do exist who don't have separation anxiety despite the impression sometimes given. I know because I've got one. She looks forward to me going out because she gets her Kong full of kibble. As for elevators mine doesn't hesitate when I visit my mother in her flat (apartment) on the 3rd floor but get it used to stairs too for when the elevator breaks down. Remember a lot of patience, humour and time is needed when you first get your hound but the more you put in the greater the reward with these lovely animals.
  7. ....or safe. Whatever you use for flea/tick or worming treatment it is a poison of some form, it has to be otherwise it wouldn't kill the little blighters, and it is balancing act of administering enough to be effective without harming the dog. At least with the commercial treatments from the vets / pet store they have been tested and meet a set standard. I know there have been stories of ill effects on some dogs from these treatments but overall the number of affected animals is very small but it grabs the media's attention whereas the alternative remedies don't.
  8. I've had people cross to the other side of the road when the see Grace who is small even for a female greyhound and a couple of children called out "Look running dogs" on one of the greyhound walks
  9. Only a fortnight to go until June 9th. You can find out if there's a walk near you here https://www.greatglobalgreyhoundwalk.co.uk/non-uk-walk-schedule/
  10. Careful how you secure any covering and keep checking it's not rubbing. When Grace had an operation to remove the webbing between the toes on one of her front feet I used one of my old socks held on by microporous tape just above her ankle around the sock and covered with a poo bag to waterproof it and another sock to give her grip if she had to go out.
  11. Bambismom that's good news. Hopefully it is just a case of getting used to your routines. I apologise if I gave the impression that it isn't a sign of separation anxiety. I just think new dogs get labelled to quickly with separation anxiety when they are just getting used to a new diet and routines and then the new owner starts to worry which is then picked up by the dog.
  12. Grace is the same, she won't come for cuddles or affection and is overjoyed to see me when I come home from work but if I've only been gone for a couple of hours she might open an eye just to check who it is . If she's already on the sofa she'll quite happily stay there and enjoy tummy rubs etc. and she luckily she doesn't suffer with sleep startle as both of us (Grace and me) have been known to fall asleep stretched out together.
  13. I'm not that mean. Grace did get the last corner in her bowl but only after I had cleared the plate away.
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