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  1. Although you should be OK for him not having sleep startle perhaps for your own piece of mind he should sleep on his own bed next to yours so you don't have to worry about rolling on him.
  2. It's up to you if you want to agree or disagree with the advice you have asked for but don't abuse those that give it freely and in good faith. A lot of greyhounds suffer with sleep startle in varying degrees. It is genetic and can't be altered so you have to learn to live with it otherwise somebody is going to get hurt and it won't be the greyhounds fault.
  3. Grace loves small pieces of strong cheddar cheese. I also give her the frozen pickings from a cooked chicken which I freeze in small pieces in a single layer on a tray before putting them in a tub.
  4. I feel your pain. I'm constantly telling Grace to keep her head over the bowl. Not that she listens
  5. Unless she is destructive I wouldn't shut her in the crate just leave the door open so she can use it if she wants. If you want a companion for her perhaps a male greyhound might settle in better. Female greyhounds are more likely not to tolerate each other and the adoption groups tend to put a males and a females together in their kennels.
  6. To start with feed him the same as he's been having and substitute new dietary items slowly otherwise you'll be surprised at how much liquid can come out of a small dog Good luck with him and I hope you've got eyes in the back of your head and new running shoes because greyhound pups are very active
  7. Greyhounds can sleep with their eyes open so if yours suffer with sleep aggression even if they apear to be awake when he is laying down be aware, give some form of warning before approaching. I just wonder if, as you are giving him pats and scratches he half falls asleep and suddenly wakes with sleep startle?
  8. You don't say which country you are in but as NewGrey2017 says if you are in the USA get him tested for hookworm. I would stop giving him the Kongs as routine and use them for when he's going to be left alone or as a reward. Check what percentage of protein is in his food. Pet greyhounds should only have about 19% protein otherwise it can cause health problems later on and make them hyperactive.
  9. Sound normal to me. I think there is a difference between SA and getting a dog used to being left alone which worries new owners which then worries their dog. You have done great in teaching him that being left alone is OK and that you will return. Grace is happy to be left as long as she gets her Kong before I leave her and ignores me when I get back apart from looking up expectantly for her chew. The looking out of the window is nothing to worry about. He's just watching the world go by and doesn't want to miss your return. Grace does the same, she watches out of the window when I
  10. It is not uncommon for any dog including greyhounds to resource guard the couch or a toy or a bed etc. and removing couch prevalages together with rewarding the correct behavour is the way to go. It is still early days yet and I think your new adoptee is finding her feet and testing the bounderies including how far she can dominate your male hound, and although you might get a truce between the two, I would be careful about leaving the two of them together unsupervised.
  11. Nutritionally they are the same. Why not buy one of each and see which he prefers? I pit a few pieces in Grace's bowl with some hot water to form a gravy before letting it cool and adding the rest.
  12. Is there a noise that is disturbing him that he can only hear at night when everything else is silent? Does your heating switch on at that time or a plane flies overhead?
  13. That's great. Hopefully he'll be as good outside so fingers crossed.
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