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  1. Most phones have the facility to be able to access and phone your ICE contacts and medications even though the phone is locked. Or take a picture of your ICE details and use it as your lock screen.
  2. I fall into the very high risk group and I can't leave the house and garden for at least 12 weeks and so I'm hoping as Grace sleeps downstairs it won't be a problem.
  3. Mind you if this isolation goes on and on and on........... .............and on we might need some fresh meat even if it's only a scrawny rabbit
  4. I don't want to start a panic buying epidemic for pet food but here in the UK I feed Grace "Gain Greyhound Maintenance Food" and the company I order it from has non in stock and no date of when any is due in. I've ordered 4 months supply of an alternative food but their delivery is longer than usual because of the lack of delivery drivers.
  5. Grace has a awkward angled toe on each back foot. She had to have expensive surgery, well it was for the insurance company, to remove debris that had been embedded between her toes from her racing days and that foot now has multiple corns. She has a scar under her chin and a chunk missing from her tongue where a canine tooth, which is now discoloured, went through it and apart from a few scars and couple of broken ribs she is OK.
  6. I'd post a picture of working from home with Grace but the neighbours would object to a 36 foot long bus blocking their driveways and I haven't enough coffee for my passengers.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds like she went peacefully. Stay safe in these difficult times and remember her in her healthy days.
  8. With all that fur if the toilet paper ran out..........
  9. My brother use to make Pot Noodle toasted sandwiches
  10. It's called kennel coat and as you guessed it's from being in a cooler climate. They will soon shed it when they are living inside and if they are like my Grace, the chances are a bald butt will appear.
  11. I agree, positive reinforcement is the way to go and not reacting when things get stressful for him but it will take time. Grace used to get really stressed by shouty children and adults especially if they are playing football and used to spin round trying to escape from her lead or pull heavily to get away. The temptation was to make a fuss of her which would only reinforces her reaction, but by carrying on walking normally and totally ignoring her until she settles down again she is getting better. She has improved a lot and will now just walk a bit quicker when she hears the sound of a ball being bounced or kicked and doesn't really pay much attention to noisy children in the road. To get her to this stage has taken over 18 months.
  12. He's doing his bit for the environment and cutting down on emissions
  13. I feel for you. You have a hound with a big problem and you're trying your best and it's not working. Have you taken her to the vets to check it's not something physical like corns, trapped nerve etc? Take the pressure off both of you and accept that she isn't the dog you had hoped for and let her do what's comfortable for her. Have you a garden she can go out in to and sniff around and do zoomies if she's so inclined? If you feel she must go for a walk try taking her for a walk early in the morning or late evening when it's quiet but don't force her.
  14. I agree, a behaviourist will only confirm what you already know. Max needs a safe toddler free space but where he can see what's going on. Without knowing the layout of your house I don't know if that's possible.
  15. Very realistic stuffy. They've even got the teeth right
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