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  1. When we come back from a walk and Grace's feet are muddy I always wipe them before letting her into the house. She then goes and lies on her bed in front of the radiator. Apart from this morning when I didn't wipe her feet and she made straight for the freshly laundered throw on the sofa covering it in muddy paw prints. WHY?!! When asked about the decoupage paw design now randomly printed on the throw she gave me the innocent "Who, me?" look that greyhounds have mastered over the years. Ah well, back into the washer with the throw.
  2. Lovely photos. Now where's my camera? Grace please wake up and open your eyes. Here's some peanut butter.
  3. I think it's the tone of your voice and your actions, even the minutest ones including how fast you blink and breath, facial twitches etc as well as any odours that dogs pick up on.
  4. Even just a 10 minute walk at roughly the same time every day would satisfy him and would probably do you good giving you a break. Think of it as a hound break instead of a coffee break.
  5. Make it easier on yourselves and keep her in the room with you and as Batterseabrindl says "She may indicate by sniffing the ground or making small circles" and then rush her outside.
  6. I'm another who feeds twice a day. Half her food about 7:30 am and the rest about 4:30 pm
  7. I agree with greysmom and Bizeebee. I give Grace a chew or her Kong when I'm going to leave her and say "See you later" as I walk out of the door. It lets her know that I know I've left her but I'm coming back.
  8. She says she's looking forward to her next greyhound walk in Lichfield where she meets 40+ fellow sausage lovers and always gets at least two treats, sausages and pilchard flapjacks.
  9. Grace says "Well Done Sid and Nancy"
  10. I bought her this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PnH-Veterinary-Bedding-NON-SLIP/dp/B010BEVZX0/ref=sr_1_17?keywords=vet+bed&qid=1570254305&sr=8-17
  11. I have just bought Grace a piece of veterinary bedding so we can take it with us when we visit friends and relatives so she has somewhere comfy to lie down that's not their sofa but doesn't take up to much room in her away bag. I thought I'd give her a chance to try it first. She gave it a quick sniff and promptly lay on it. Several hours later she's still there despite my/her sofa being unoccupied. She didn't even move when I vacuumed around her. I wonder if they do human size pieces?
  12. I did a similar thing with Grace when she growled at me soon after I got her. I growled back but louder, the look on her face was priceless, and as with your hound she hasn't growled at me since.
  13. Grace would like to wish her fellow black dogs a Happy Black Dog Day and hope you all get an extra peanut butter treat
  14. My Grace suffers with multiple corns so I know what you and Peggy are going through. Surgery doesn't help as 99% of the time as they come back. I use Bazuka corn and wart gel which I try and apply once a day. It's not an instant fix but over time it is reducing the size of the corns and every now and again I can pick out the hard core.
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