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  1. Grace has multiple corns the largest of which is the one the vet removed while she was undergoing an abscess removal from between her toes. I've done the soaking, Burt's Bees Hand Salve and using human wart remover gel with dremmeling with varied amount of success but in the end I've found the best for long term care is to only take her for a walk on grass and use a padded boot with a baby sock, it keeps her toes together making the boot easier to get on, when she has to walk on hard surfaces. Over the winter walking on wet grass and damp leaf litter in the nearby woods some of the corns
  2. I think the timing of the tasty treat is important. You need to be rewarding him for leaving the thing he's guarding not because he's guarding it, if that makes sense. Keep on with the drop it training and reward him as soon as he drops it.
  3. Grace pees after her tea at about 4:30 pm and then doesn't pee again until her morning walk at 7 am when she also does her once a-day poops. She'll pee a couple of times during the day if the opportunity arises. Do you take her for a walk when you want her to pee before bed or just stand in the yard waiting? Grace seems to need to have a short walk before going.
  4. When I first got Grace she had flaky skin and I used ExmaRid Deep Cleansing dog shampoo. It worked like magic ridding Grace of most of the flakes after one wash. The vet recommended Yuderm Moulting Dog for Grace's dandruff which works for her but I only give her half the recommended amount because of the squidgy poos if she has the full dose.
  5. Time and patience and as Time4ANap says the dog you see today will be much, much different a year from now. Some sounds she'll get used to quickly and others will take time. Grace is frightened of the sound of a football being kicked and children shouting but after nearly 3 years she will walk quickly back inside as opposed to running back and pacing around the room but she has never taken any notice of the vacuum or the washing machine. You could try using a couple of Adaptil diffusers to help her nerves. They contain a dog calming pheromone which help Grace during the firework sea
  6. He's acting like a teenager and testing the boundaries now he's settled in and got used to how his new home works. Keep on with the training and don't let him get away with anything you don't want him to not even once By my rough calculation you've still got another 94 weeks before his full personality comes out
  7. I agree. Grace hasn't read the bit about zoomies or counter surfing or sleep startle or wanting cuddles and a fuss made of her or separation anxiety etc. etc. Here in the UK there are plenty of greyhounds up for adoption so we can pick and choose to a certain extent but you still don't know what your hound will be like in your home.
  8. Going up is easier than teaching them to come down so unless you can carry your greyhound down the stairs don't leave it until you get there.
  9. Not all greyhounds have sleep startle. My Grace doesn't and by the sound of it yours doesn't either. Basic training is possible with greyhounds but don't expect them to be as trainable as Labradors or collies for example. They are very good at chasing the thrown toy but then they will stand by it waiting for you to come and pick it up.
  10. I like to come down at 6 in the morning and have a coffee or two and catch up on emails etc with the curtains open now it is daylight before taking Grace for a walk. Unfortunately for me you know who sees that it's light outside and that must mean it's walkies time, so here I am sat with my coffee in artificial light with the curtains shut.
  11. That is a good idea. I got one to keep an eye on Grace after the second lockdown and as you say like yours most of the time she's asleep on the sofa. The advantage of having a webcam if you are alone training is that you can properly go out of sight and earshot of your greyhound and still keep an eye on them. You might find the pacing doesn't last long after you've gone and starts up again as soon as they sense you are coming back. When I get home Grace is looking through the window, pacing around and whining giving the impression she's been upset all day, yet looking at the webcam app 30
  12. Coffee can also diminish the thyroxine uptake. Not that I'm suggesting that you should give your greyhound caffeine. But I think as long as you or your hound take it at the same time each day so when the thyroid levels are checked they can adjust the amount needed.
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