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  1. So very sorry for your loss of Luna. Rest well sweet girl.
  2. Oh the woes of the feet! Dislocated toes, nails ripped out, cut pads. Yes I feel the pain.
  3. That's why my boys wear muzzles when they go in the backyard. Now with spring here, you don't know where those babies are hiding in ground nests.
  4. Congratulations on a beautiful pair of hounds.
  5. Congratulations to you and your new friend Tiger. His name suits him, he is beautiful.
  6. So very sorry for your loss of beautiful Trolley. You have to just love a girl with a mind of her own. Rest well sweetie.
  7. So sorry for your loss of Sherman. I hope Fancy can adjust to her loss also. Rest well sweet boy.
  8. Always the words you don't want to hear. Time for the ultimate treats and love. Sorry you are going thru this again.
  9. Bella was so very exceptional, I am so very sorry she had to leave you. Rest well Bella girl.
  10. I am so sorry for your loss of Ken. Rest well good boy.
  11. So sorry for your loss. The seniors and broodies are very special and the short time we have with them is packed full of love.
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