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  1. So sorry for your loss of Penny. No matter the circumstances it is always difficult and sad. Rest well sweetie.
  2. I am so sorry for your loss of Moody. The quiet after they have left is so hard. Rest well Moody.
  3. JaimeL


    Truly a lovely tribute. I am so sorry for your loss of Lorelei. It is easy to see she was beautiful and very special. Run fast and free sweet girl.
  4. So sad to see so many names. God bless them all and there families.
  5. Good looking trio, maybe some day Hamilton will realize that play is FUN.
  6. I am so sad to hear you had to say goodbye to Betty. She was far to young and this happened so quickly. Run free Lovely Girl, you will be missed.
  7. My heart breaks for you. As said above, your adoption group is the best first choice for rehoming Luna. There is no shame in realizing that Luna would be happier in a different home and that you need to help yourself become healthy. Best wishes for you and Luna and please keep in touch.
  8. No help here but sending prayers for Betty and you. Keep us updated please.
  9. Oh Happy Birthday Cletus! Looks like you had a very enjoyable day, as it should be.
  10. What a handsome boy Mumbo is. I am truly sorry for your loss of Mumbo. Rest well sweetie.
  11. How about having a short meet and greet at your home before hand. Most dogs are so very social that I find it is rarely a problem. Always nice to have some one near by who can return the favor. Win/Win.
  12. Absolutely beautiful. Such amazingly fantastic animals!
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