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  1. Dogs always approach each other from the side, not straight on. When she has settled more in your home if people need to approach, have them go to the side of her, do not look directly into their eyes and let them sniff the back of a hand. This is a much more polite greeting for dogs.
  2. I would baby gate him in the bedroom with me at night, no nocturnal wandering. If he really needs to go outside during the night hopefully his movements will wake so you can let him out.
  3. So very sorry for your loss of Milo. Run like the wind sweetie and always remember how much you were loved.
  4. Happy Birthday Lila! You show them how it's done.
  5. Pro Plan because I had heard such positive things about it.
  6. I use the local pet store " Mounds" brand food that is made by Nutri-source. Same kibble just labeled for the store. My 3 hounds all do well on it. With the DCM situation I tried switching to Purina Pro Plan. Did it slow and tried 3 different flavors, every one of them had soft poo during this change. One did not really like to eat it. So back to Nutri- source off label and all is good again. I was very surprised that all 3 were unhappy with
  7. I trim my dogs nails every week. Using the Dremel it takes only a few minutes and I only take a small amount off. Every couple of nails they get a small piece of hotdog. One of my hounds runs to his bed a lays down when he sees the hotdogs!
  8. I try to brush my 3 hounds teeth every day. I certainly do miss days and they do not really enjoy it. Lots of tongue action and some bleeding of gums. If I see blood I stop brushing for that session. Poor souls. They immediately get a small treat afterwards. For that reason alone they usually come running when I pull out the dog toothpaste and brush.
  9. Check out nail maintenance for dogs on facebook. Lots of great info especially on using a Dremel.
  10. Mike is a handsome fella, welcome from southern Wisconsin.
  11. So very sorry for your loss of Tavarish. He was truly a spectacular and special boy. Godspeed Sweetie.
  12. I currently have 3 hounds and I find it easy to keep every one happy. I do walk the 2 boys together and then my little old lady. 2x a day , so 4 walks per day. They just have different walking styles, the boys go at a good clip and my girl likes to saunter and smell everything. I can't say I would do it again though, my girl was a 10 yr. old foster fail. She is 12+ now and I'm so glad she is with me.
  13. So very sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet old man Conner. Rest well good boy.
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