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  1. Marvin had some wonderful adventures and a super life with you. I am so sorry they had to come to an end. Rest well handsome.
  2. I am so very sorry to hear of your loss of Miss Kate. She sounds like a sweet and wonderful gal. Thank you for making her last year and a half happy and safe. Rest well beautiful.
  3. To be sure it will always hurt, but I pray happy memories can bring a smile to your face. Taylor would want that.
  4. I just saw on the CBS evening news that the Seresto collars are linked to 1700 deaths of dogs and cats. Elanco is claiming they are safe and will not recall them. One U.S. congressman is trying to get them recalled, at least temporarily. Beware.
  5. So very sorry for your loss of Sophie. Run free and fast sweetie.
  6. Prayers for a Sweep, her family and the Drs. Heal quickly Sweetie.
  7. Welcome from Wisconsin with Ranger and Esso and little rattie mix Cookie.
  8. Happy Birthday Beautiful, looks like you wil have a very fun day.
  9. Happy Birthday Wiki! You are a beautiful and lucky girl. Hope your day was mucho fun.
  10. All will be fine, deep breaths. The crate is a great tool, it will give you a break from watching your pup every minute, you need some rest. He is just a baby right, so every thing goes in the mouth, try to remove what ever you can for now so your stuff is safe. Remember, every thing is so new and exciting for him, after some time most of this stuff will not be so facinating to him. Also, if you can close all doors to most rooms he does not need to be in and baby gate areas so he has less room to roam. Enjoy, he is going to be a great friend.
  11. I am so very sorry for your loss of Burdette. He will forever be in your heart, as part of you goes with him. R.I.P. sweetie.
  12. Good -Bye Buster. All it takes is one day or 1 minute with one of these hounds to feel a life long connection. Rest well my boy.
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