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  1. Farts You acclimatise eventually He's a cutie, sounds like a bright little guy too! My advice while you're working out what to feed for best poos is to have some Pro-Kolin Advanced on hand, as it's sort of an emergency stool firmer for when things get REALLY messy. You can get it on Amazon or your vet will sell an equivalent. I give mine the fibre pellets from the same company and by god they're a lifesaver. They don't cure runny poos, but rich wood, since I started adding it to my grey's food I've had only 1 bad poo or him, and that's because my dad gave him too many treats in one go.
  2. I wouldn't really say it's hot or cold on the times he wants to go home. He'll quite happily go out for a quick toilet walk when it's a lot hotter or cooler. :T
  3. Nothing new as far as I know, and yeah, he sort of just stands looking bored. I know from when he hears clanging sounds (which terrify him) when he's upset, so he doesn't seem distressed in any way. It's like he does his toilet then goes "nah". :/ I've even tried taking him a different route, same problem. The best I could do was take him down streets he's unfamiliar with, because then he doesn't know which way is home, but that only works as far as there's new streets!
  4. Rumble gets walked 3 times a day, often gets let off for a good zoom and is always happy, bouncy and totally up for it. In the last week or so, mainly on his night walk, he's gone as far as he needs to for poos and pees then stops dead. Once we give up and head home he happily walks back with no trouble. He doesn't have any foot issues as I'm meticulous about corns, no pain I can see as he's literally jumping and bouncing around before walks. Last night he was OK, but this morning my dad took him out and he stopped halfway to the field and wanted to come back again. What's going on? Could he be slowing down? He's only 6 so I'd have thought he'd still have plenty of energy. He's no stranger to freezing but this is quite different. Normally his freezing is when he's having a strop because we're not going where he wants to go. He normally loves walks, and only goes home because we make him, so I'm a bit worried.
  5. I'd use a Kong for leaving, but my boy does have a deer antler which he enjoys a lot. Be careful with bones though, as my grey does display some unexpected resource guarding if I try to take certain bone and bone-like treats off him.
  6. Thanks all. re: pesticides, Rumble seems to be quite discerning in his grazing, as most of all he seems to love eating the grass that grows around the beds in our allotment. Only organic grass for him. Doesn't touch any of the actual food plants, just grass. I'm glad it wont cause him too much potential harm anyway.
  7. Rumble sometimes forgets he's a dog and likes to munch grass while we're out. I always try to stop him and pull it out his mouth, but is it going to cause him any problems if he does eat grass? It gets a bit tedious having to grab him every time, and I don't really like having to stop him going in grass for a sniff.
  8. I get this alllll the time, and Rumble will cry and whinge at anything that's not a) greyhound shaped b) the same size as him or c) a nice lady dog, although he still does sometimes. 2 tiny chihuahuas which were literally the size of his head and neck were barking and snapping at him, so of course he starts crying instead of talking back.
  9. My grey isn't very traditionally affectionate in the normal dog way either. He doesn't want cuddles or anything, but occasionally if I fuss him while he's lying down he'll whack me with his paw to say MORE PETS. This is only after about 8 months of him being home though. Other than that, I'll get a waggy tail at walk time and when I come downstairs, with some bouncing around and the happy foot slappy dance. Greys definitely aren't like other dogs when it comes to this sort of thing, which is quite a stark difference next to my parents' border collie pup who's constantly wiggling his bum and wanting attention and fuss. But they'll let you know in their own way that they like you by generally being content and relaxed around you.
  10. Rumble is exactly the same, except a normal first poo is miraculous at the best of times. If you're in the UK try them on Chappie tins.
  11. Oh that's a shame. I wonder if maybe something like a plug in pheromone thing might help? I've not tried them myself. Perhaps a vet trip to see if she could get some anxiety meds? I have a friend with a husky/malamute cross who takes anti anxiety meds with great success. She is still settling so it might be a bit early though.
  12. Definitely sounds like Buddy and Rumble have a lot in common, poo-wise! I'll have another go with yoghurt, I was trying it but stopped in case it was that that was causing the nasty ones. I did also try Fortiflora probiotic, and while I can't say I noticed much difference, it definitely didn't have the same horrible effect as the YuDigest. Might have another go with the Sustain if I can find it.
  13. I replied on the other thread, but Dogs Trust are really good about helping in the first few weeks with any health issues. I'd give them a call and cite any concerns you're having about his poo, weight and eating, and they should offer to check him out. I know mine got wormed (they hopefully gave you his records when you adopted him, so it should say in there if your boy has been done) before taking him home. Rumble started off as a skinny, albeit muscley grey and is now pretty smooth (I can't say fat exactly, but un-boney). It'll take a bit of time, but take plenty of "now" photos and you'll notice a world of difference in about 3 months.
  14. That's interesting to know as I've started giving Rumble Chappie as a last resort. I don't really like giving him it, but it has helped a lot. The trouble is he has a weird routine; good poo in the morning and night (usually), and then his daytime poo is ALWAYS squidgy. I'm at an absolute loss. I tried YuDIGEST as it was a probiotic combo that promises "decreased flatulence and firmer stools", and it gave him what I can only describe as explosive liquid diarrhea. I'm actually going to email them because it was absolutely shocking how bad it was for a product that's supposed to do the exact opposite. Keep me posted on your boy's progress with Chappie though, it sounds as though he's got a similar digestion to Rumble. Is there anything out there that says what it is in particular about the chicken that can cause an intolerance? I was always under the impression chicken was the most inert thing you could give, but since chicken is so often slipped into the food (I've seen most dog foods include chicken to some degree despite having a different main flavour, even the Chappie) that might explain a lot with Rumble. Don't worry! ** happens as they say, I don't mind it being discussed in this thread, especially with UK owners, cos then I can get some ideas of what foods are out there that might work! Yeah, I think the Wainwrights is given to owners at Dogs Trust as it's Pets at Home's own brand, and they sponsor Dogs Trust. I got given dry Salmon and Potato and some "tins" of wet Naturediet, as when I adopted him he'd had 29 teeth out. I tried mixing a few of the kibbles in with the wet food but I don't remember him ever having a decent poo with them. It's like alchemy at times trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. As for taming the farts.... don't hold your breath! Or maybe do? We've kind of just accepted that Rumble is a stinky bum now, haha.
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