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  1. Sorry for two threads on one day! I'm living with my parents at the moment who have just got a 4 month old border collie pup. So chalk and cheese having a collie and a grey in the same house. We did gentle introduction outside, Rumble (grey) was very patient and gentle, and wagged his tail which was lovely to see, as he's a quiet boy who never really gets to interact with dogs much. We've been keeping them both in the living room, but the room is separated by a somewhat clandestine bollard made of a coffee table. This way Rumble gets to peep over so he's not excluded, and pup
  2. My boy Rumble is really starting to come out of his shell, and had been playing with toys, getting excited for walks and is so happy to see me in the mornings. I'm absolutely delighted he's feeling more relaxed, especially after the awful time he's had. The only issue is, he gets a little too bouncy sometimes (he has no idea how big he is, I'm certain!) and pounds my toes with his legs when he does the happy slap-the-paws-on-the-floor dance (this REALLY hurts when he catches me on the foot ) and has been starting to jump up when he's excited. I REALLY don't want him jumping at people because o
  3. I'm lucky in that I've just moved back with my parents on the Isle of Man, so despite me being in quarantine for 2 weeks, everything on the island is open as usual, so my mum was able to take him to the vet this morning. He was given Milbemax, and the vet said not to worry too much as he could be passing dead ones if they're grey and not moving. I'll have to look into a monthly pet club or getting his deworm prescription online though, as it was about £17, but only about £6 online. Thanks for everyone's replies!
  4. I've never treated him at all, as I've only had him 17 days! To be honest it wasn't really discussed with me when adopting. I know it needs to be done, but I assumed he'd be ok for a little while yet. Obviously I know better now! There's definitely nothing I've fed him that can account for that. The only thing I can think of is if he's eaten some plant matter, but it didn't really look like that to me, and didn't match anything in the yard. He already has an appointment booked in next week for something unrelated (dental), I might see if I can bring it forward to sort this out, unless I
  5. I'm freaking out a little as my lad had long strands of grey organic material which looked a lot like worms in his poo tonight, but nothing google images matched what I saw. He was dewormed by the rescue in October using Milprazon and Granofen. Could he still be passing dead worms at this stage, are these even worms at all? There was more than one, grey, translucent looking and not moving. Or could he have caught worms in the meantime so soon? Should I re-worm him? I'm calling the vet tomorrow, but in the meantime I don't know if I should be doing something. Sorry, first dog nerves!
  6. Oh that's great! I didn't know they did their own food. Do you have any recommendation between which to get, the chicken or the fish? My lad isn't a fussy eater, just wondering if one has certain nutrients the other doesn't, and also the fish isn't quite as heavy at 13kg vs the chicken at 15kg. But if the fish is worth it I'll happily try it.
  7. That's great to know! I'll be moving to an area with lots of nature and beaches this week, so he should get plenty of opportunity to do lots of off roading soon! He only stopped racing this September so it makes sense that his muscles are still adjusting.
  8. It's a good job I don't smoke because I'm at risk of the house going up in flames with the gas coming out of my grey! Is there anything I can do to sweeten the air coming out of him? Do things like probiotics work? He's been on the same food the rescue gave us since coming home (Naturediet), which seems to work for him well in terms of stools, just not so much farts. x__x I've read about pumpkin puree being good, but aside from Halloween pumpkins are impossible to get in the UK, so that's out of the questions. Is this just my life now? Toxic fumes every day?
  9. It was the rescue who checked him and told me he had no foot issues, just that the pads were soft. I suspect he has the beginnings of a corn, but he doesn't seem too bothered by it yet, but I'm keeping an eye on it. It's fairly cool here in the UK at the moment, but comfortable enough for me to be able to go outside with a jumper on, so I think the temperature is ok for walking here. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm going to try aiming for a few shorter walks rather than an hour long one. Will he eventually build up stamina to do long walks? I love going on walks and hikes so I
  10. My 5 year old boy Rumble who I've now had for a week starts off quite energetic, but after 20-30 mins will slow to a crawl, walking behind me as slowly as he can, often stopping entirely but not in the same way as he does when he freezes. I've checked his paws which seem fine, although there is some roughness on the toes, and I've been applying paw balm to be on the safe side. He hasn't long finished racing so probably hasn't walked on hard surfaces much. There's one pad which I thought had a corn on it, as there was a small circle that I could see, but my vet today told me his pads were fine
  11. I'm struggling to find anywhere UK based that stocks the wide style Martingale collars, yet I always see people taking pics of them on their greys! Can anyone give me some good UK based places to buy from? Same for coats and other grey stuff. Thanks.
  12. Aww bless him thankfully my lad is ok with being touched, which is merciful for cleaning up his legs after horse wees as you say. I'll bare in mind about teaching him to give them to me in case I get a face full of paw. He only finished racing this September, so he's still quite hench, but it's good to hear he might be able to sit at some point, I had no idea his muscles might be preventing that from happening! Puppy class might work out great, as I'll be moving in with my mum and dad soon (thanks, Covid >__> ) and they're getting a pup soon (careful introductions neede
  13. Given your username I think we went to the same Dog's Trust! What's your hound called? I might have seen them listed on the website while I was looking for mine.
  14. I was hoping to teach my grey a few basics, as he's come to me with nothing, but all the conventional dog training tips and videos don't really work with him as they expect a basic command of "sit" before getting to lay down. My grey doesn't really sit, in fact, I don't think I've ever seen him sit! He's either all fours up or down. The trouble is, I don't know how to just go straight to lay down from standing. So far I've been saying "lie down" when I know he's about to do it, and saying "good lie down! Good boy!" etc when he does, but it's not been enough to get him to grasp the idea. I also
  15. Thank you for the suggestions! I'll still see what they say on Monday, as his treatment is ongoing, but I'll try those if they say they're OK to use in the meantime.
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