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  1. Oh that's a shame. I wonder if maybe something like a plug in pheromone thing might help? I've not tried them myself. Perhaps a vet trip to see if she could get some anxiety meds? I have a friend with a husky/malamute cross who takes anti anxiety meds with great success. She is still settling so it might be a bit early though.
  2. Definitely sounds like Buddy and Rumble have a lot in common, poo-wise! I'll have another go with yoghurt, I was trying it but stopped in case it was that that was causing the nasty ones. I did also try Fortiflora probiotic, and while I can't say I noticed much difference, it definitely didn't have the same horrible effect as the YuDigest. Might have another go with the Sustain if I can find it.
  3. I replied on the other thread, but Dogs Trust are really good about helping in the first few weeks with any health issues. I'd give them a call and cite any concerns you're having about his poo, weight and eating, and they should offer to check him out. I know mine got wormed (they hopefully gave you his records when you adopted him, so it should say in there if your boy has been done) before taking him home. Rumble started off as a skinny, albeit muscley grey and is now pretty smooth (I can't say fat exactly, but un-boney). It'll take a bit of time, but take plenty of "now" photos and you'll
  4. That's interesting to know as I've started giving Rumble Chappie as a last resort. I don't really like giving him it, but it has helped a lot. The trouble is he has a weird routine; good poo in the morning and night (usually), and then his daytime poo is ALWAYS squidgy. I'm at an absolute loss. I tried YuDIGEST as it was a probiotic combo that promises "decreased flatulence and firmer stools", and it gave him what I can only describe as explosive liquid diarrhea. I'm actually going to email them because it was absolutely shocking how bad it was for a product that's supposed to do the exact op
  5. You're doing great, just remember: your dog has only just gotten the chance to be a dog! It's all very new to her too.
  6. Hi everyone, sorry for not updating, been a hell of a week due to family and dog health scares! So basically his mouth lump came back as harmless, and the neck lump inconclusive. They can't say for sure what either was or is, but we have to keep an eye on both and see if anything changes, and if so, back to the vet for more tests. He seems well enough in himself aside from his poo, but he's always had dodgy poo since the day I got him. So all in all I paid around £350 to be told I have a lumpy dog. I'm just glad it wasn't lymphoma, and that he's ok!
  7. Vet saw him this morning and wants him back tomorrow to do a biopsy (or whatever the word they used was) under sedation. Last night I found another lump in his mouth, so they felt that they'd get a more accurate reading which would be less stressful for him if he was sedated. They're also running a full blood test for him, so hopefully we'll get some answers soon enough.
  8. I'd love him to learn to stay! The best I've gotten is "watch", which is powerless unless I'm holding treats XD
  9. That's so adorable! And so smart that he's able to tell when people are too fragile to approach. I've seen another grey on FB who is a therapy dog and they're so bright. Not that I'm trying to disrespect my grey, but he'll do it for food, not me
  10. I'll try and catch him in the act tonight, which shouldn't be hard as he's happy to spin for his dinner
  11. My boy Rumble has picked up the spin trick really quickly, but then he'd do the watusi for chicken. I'm genuinely quite impressed, as even my parents border collie didn't pick it up as quickly as Rumble. The trouble now is, because he's utterly food motivated, he thinks spinning around will get him whatever food I have, whether it's his or not. It's so adorable, bless his silly brain. On a related note, I read that it's not advisable to teach greys "paw" for the same reason; they'll pretty much mawl you constantly for food!
  12. Hi all. I found a lump on Rumble's neck today, on one side, which is causing my terrible anxiety that it might be lymphoma. He's eating and drinking as normal, but has been a little lethargic, which is adding to my worries. I'll be booking him into the next available vet appointment, as there is no way I can get him seen on a Sunday where I live unfortunately. Does anyone have advice as to what this could possibly be, if not lymphoma? Could you also please pass on any "greyhound educational materials" about their physiology that I can have on hand for my vet? I'm hyper paranoid tha
  13. I agree with the bowling ball technique (or the suitcase technique as I've also heard it described!). I tend to have to drag him a bit via his collar (martingale) and after 2 steps he'll get going. I did have the same issue as you though when I first got my grey (same time as you, incidentally), as he'd freeze out of sheer terror or bewilderment for ages. Now he only does it when he's having a strop, or if something hurts. I hate dragging him, but it's the only way to snap him out of it. I should add though that bowling balling him didn't work when I first got him, it was only later when the f
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