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  1. Absolutely, and despite having had 29 teeth out, nothing stops him! I've found mashing his wet food up against the bowl helps a lot.
  2. My boy is a massive mooch, especially before 7pm which is dinner time. Unfortunately he's training my mum to feed him treats whenever he's in the kitchen. If you're very worried you could get him checked for Cushing's disease, but from what I've read, greys are just bottomless pits.
  3. I'm still waiting on his poo culture tests, so fingers crossed that comes back negative! No blood seen in poo thank good, I think I'd flip out if I saw any. I'm already a hyper sensitive first time dog owner, so I worry about every little thing. I've given him some of the chicken flavoured kibbles as a treat in one of his toys, and nothing drastic has happened thus far, so maybe I'll keep them as a treat food rather than a main. He's already getting a bit squidgy though thanks to my mum fussing over him. As far as pics are concerned, I made him a Facebook and IG page because he's spoilt!
  4. If you haven't already, email the Irish Coursing Club. https://irishcoursingclub.ie/ I was in the same situation; my grey's tattoos weren't registered on the Greyhound Database (greyhound-data.com), so I had to find the info myself. I found out that he was older than the rescue said he was by a whole year! I got an email back asking if I could describe him, if he had any distinctive marks, and lo, they replied back with his full racing name and DOB. My boy's tattoos were a bit hard to see in one ear, so I gave them my best guess along with a picture. Hope this helps! Edit: sorry, j
  5. Hi, I'm not sure how many people here would have used it, as it's a UK based Greyhound charity, but I bought Rumble some dry kibble from the Greyhound Trust, which is specially formulated for greys, and I found it was giving him mad poops whenever I added even a few to his wet food. I know about gentle introductions of food, so I know some upset is bound to happen, but I was very careful about how much I added into his diet. Now I've only used fish flavour so far, which funnily enough he seems to get loose poo with if I give him fish flavoured wet food. Is it likely he's allergic to fish, or i
  6. I highly recommend those squidgy finger brushes! I tried baby brushes but found them a bit harsh on my lad's gums, so they're now my parents' pup's chew toy/accidentally fun toothbrush. I'm very lucky that my lad doesn't mind me brushing the 10 teeth he has left, as he loves the taste of his toothpaste (Beaphar).
  7. I was in this exact position with a Romanian foster dog (not a grey) from a rescue who told me she was otherwise well behaved, but had a fear of men (they reached out to me because I had a female only household). She would be fine one minute, then stare at me, jump and bite my arms relentlessly. I'd read up on behaviour training for days, and nothing I did worked with her. I was put into a difficult position by a rescue who knew I'd never had a dog before, had just given me a problem dog with serious issues they had either withheld information about when giving her to me, or genuinely didn't k
  8. I've got the fun task of getting him a poo pot tomorrow from the vets and collecting a sample on Monday to send off. I'll report back with the findings!
  9. Oh that's not too bad then. I have no idea what dog vet bills are going to be like, so I kind of expect the worst! I was hoping to get him insurance before my situation changed. :/ My boy was £150 at Dogs Trust, so maybe he was adjusted for inflation
  10. Thanks for replies, all! I'll certainly find out with the vet about a full stomach MOT. His stomach has been a bit dicky on and off since I got him, so I'd better look into ruling it out as soon as I can. I don't suppose anyone has a ballpark figure (preferably for the UK) for how much a stool culture costs? My circumstances changed recently (thanks, covid.) so I'm a bit skint atm, so will need to budget around prioritising him.
  11. My grey is having a good solid poo first thing, then as the day progresses, he'll do a slightly more runny albeit still solid enough to pick up one, then completely runny one. I'm keeping a food and poo diary starting this week to see if it's to do with a particular flavour of his wet food (I have a suspicion it's turkey related). He's recently had another worming on top of one he had when I got him, so I'm relatively sure it's not worm related. I read somewhere that the more chances the grey gets to poo, the more it will poo, so inevitably will get runnier the more they go. Is this what's hap
  12. I'd also like to change my profile, as there doesn't seem to be an option for it! Do we still do a support ticket to you of the photo we want?
  13. I have no direct experience with feeding raw meats (toothless greyhound!) but I found with my lad if I fed him a little bit, then a little bit more, he eventually stopped gobbling. So sometimes I'd give half dinner, wait for him to settle, then give him part 2. Not something you can really do with neck, but I also would spread his wet food against his bowl so he had to work at licking it to get it rather than chomp it down in huge chunks. Is there anything you can do to encourage the chewing? Maybe holding it for the first few days would be a good idea, he should get the point that he doesn't
  14. I didn't want to make a new thread cos I know things like this are asked a lot. I think I've caused my grey to have a bad stomach, as he's had diarrhea for about 3 days now, and it's coincided with me switching his food. It was 100% my fault as I ran out of his old food and had to put him straight onto the new (a mix of wet and dry). Should I immediately stop his new food and give him rice and chicken, or should I persevere and it'll settle down? His new dry food has probiotics, and I was putting a sachet of Purina probiotics in his food, which I've now stopped as I'm worried I mig
  15. I think sometimes you have to give in to the smelly, meaty treats, despite being unhealthy. I saw an interesting video that said as far as the dog is concerned, licking or even just smelling the treat activates the happy place in the brain, so as far as they're concerned, it has the same effect as eating a whole load of the treat. Because of that, I always keep my training reward size very small (eg. breaking a small dog treat into a quarter of its original size, maybe like 1cm squared or smaller), but it allows me to use whatever I or the dog prefers, because I know I'm not giving him enough
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