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  1. Yup, I'm there, thank you for suggesting, tho!
  2. My Penny was diagnosed last June with DCM, early stages. I had brought her in because she wasn't eating, and the vet noticed a suspicious heart sound during the exam. I was sent to the cardiologist immediately, as an emergency-squeeze-me-in-and-charge-me-extra patient. She was diagnosed and put on Vetmedin and the supplement L-carnatine. I had been feeding grain free since I got her. She seems to be stable now. She is just shy of 10 1/2.
  3. Welcome from Penny, Sasha, and Sirius, also from Delaware!
  4. I'm about 2 months in with Phycox for one of my girls and my boy. Haven't seen any difference with my boy, but 10 yo Sasha is now back to doing (her version of ) zoomies. She is at the very beginning of losing her hind end, and hasn't done a zoomie in years, and she now will do one maybe twice a week.
  5. My Penny, who is now 10, was diagnosed last June. I took her to my regular vet because she wasn't eating well, sometimes skipping a meal altogether. So unlike her! Vet noticed a heart issue immediately, so off we went to the canine cardiologist the following day. $900+ later, we had the diagnosis. I have been feeding TOTW Pacific Stream for several years, not so much because its grain free, but because after trying 4 other foods, this was the first one that didn't give all 3 of my dogs crystals in their urine. After much thought about this, I've decided to stay with it, but augment it with whole grains. Its oatmeal for the next few days, then whole grain rice, then maybe couscous. I have no idea if this will help my other two, but it makes me feel a tad less guilty. Penny is stable and doing well on her meds and supplements. Funny aside: Penny is a very insecure girl, unhappy in strange places, especially if one of my other dogs isn't with us. The cardiologist is part of a big specialty practice, and, since we went in as emergency, we had to wait several hours in the waiting room. No matter where you sat, you were in line with either the front door, the check-in check-out desk, or the entrance hall to the exam rooms. I chose the furthest point, but was still near the hallway entrance. Well, Penny was very nervous. Penny had an upset tummy. Penny had gas. As people went past us, all of a sudden they would stand up straight, throw their heads back a bit, and kinda stutter step. One dog even threw his head up for a better sniff. I would just kinda shrug and smile. Poor Penny.
  6. I've used Valleyvet for many, many years. Very happy customer.
  7. It is my understanding that not all tracks send race results, also, those that are posted are done by volunteers, so some may just have been omitted, or not posted because no one was available at that time.
  8. oldrunners


    Tears here, too. What a lovely write-up for a lovely girl.
  9. Mine wear muzzles with poop guards for just this reason. My yard is full of those tasty little nuggets!
  10. I'll be bringing home fries for my crew after I run my errands.
  11. Julio went to the Bridge at a couple of months over 8.
  12. Sadly, I'm going to be the first pain in the butt. I was hoping to change my password to something I could relate to, but I have just tried to change it 5 times, and I keep getting the message that the one I have recorded in my notebook is inaccurate. My email address is accurate. How do I call up my password so I can change it?
  13. Penny, Sasha, and Sirius say hello from Delaware!
  14. I'm so sorry! I remember the wedding, and the wonderful celebration!
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