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  1. You might have a greyhound if you take a tape measure along with you when you look for a new car, to ensure the cargo area is tall enough and large enough to accommodate said greyhound. Or two.
  2. I cannot count the number of bunnies, wild hares, heartthrobs and tribbles my dogs have enjoyed over the years! How sad.
  3. Lua, my non-grey granddoggie, injured her other ACL about a year later. Her original orthopedic surgeon had moved, so the new one did the surgery, and did a TPLO, so Lua has one of each and is doing just fine on both legs.
  4. Five-ish years ago, my daughter and her husband and their dog traveled from North Jersey to LA. They took the southern route, and drove from dog park to dog park. The only one I remember was the one outside of New Orleans, which had high wrought iron fencing, an elaborate gate, lush grass, and a fountain.
  5. Please add Sasha, Kiowa K Happy, to the list. My pretty girl.
  6. Welcome from Sirius and Pippin in Delaware! He's a handsome guy!
  7. When I adopted Penny, the grain -free thing was all the rage, and, since many of the adoption groups were recommending it, I happily jumped on that bandwagon, until I brought her in for a UTI, and the vet heard the heart irregularity. She took Penny to the back and consulted with another vet, who confirmed. They called the nearest specialty hospital and got Penny in as an emergency the following day. Not quite a year and a half later, she suffered a traumatic fall in the yard and dislocated her hip. The trip to the evet at 11 at night, in the pouring rain, knowing she wouldn't be coming home with me, was awful. But, up until then her heart at first showed some improvement, then stabilized. The vets were all content with that at that time. She was a month past 12 when she went to the bridge. I believe the FDA attempted to look into the grain free issue, but couldn't reach a conclusion one way or the other because so many of us didn't know the complete food history of our dogs, or even the exact age, or medical history. This wasn't just greyhounds---think of how many dogs are adopted from shelters! I'm back to feeding Pro Plan, which is what I fed 24 years ago when I adopted my first greyhound. The World Small Animal Vet Assoc. recommends 5 food brands, Pro Plan being one of them. Lastly, the supplement Penny took with her vetmedin was L-Carnatine, as recommended by her cardiologist. I have no idea if this is still recommended. There was a FB group dealing with this issue, but I haven't visited there in over a year, so I don't know whether it is still active or not.
  8. My Penny had DCM (probably from being fed grain free). Vetmedin is compoundable, if the pharmacy can get the main ingredient. She did not need to be sedated for the echo. There is a supplement that is often prescribed to go along with the vetmedin, and maybe I'll remember its name after I've had my tea. I bought it at The Vitamin Shoppe.
  9. Sadly, my Sasha is losing her hind end. She is now wearing a Help 'Em Up harness. It allows me to assist her going up and down the 4 steps in and out of my house, and I'm confident I'll be able to lift her in and out of the car when her time comes, using it. The one I have is a loaner from the vet, and is a medium/medium. Sasha weighs 65#. If I had to buy one, I'd get a medium/small, but this one does work with the rear harness at its tightest.
  10. Welcome from Pippin, Sirius, and Sasha, in Delaware!
  11. My Sasha celebrated her 12th birthday last Friday. She now wears a Help 'em Up harness during the day, mostly because she can no longer go down the 4 steps to get out of my house, and it really helps when she starts to go down in the house. I have 2 black commercial runners from Lowe's (I hear they're trending now!), two huge cheapo carpet pieces, and a myriad of colorful rubber backed bathmats, just to brighten up the place a bit.
  12. Welcome from Sirius, Sasha, and Pippin, from lower, slower Delaware!
  13. Do you have a Tractor Supply near you? They have several waterproof beds. I have 2 Snoozer rectangle beds, size small. These are to replace 2 I bought about 3 years ago. The outside shell is coated with plastic on the inside, so they are quite waterproof. There are two downsides that I have found: if your dogs nest, that coating eventually flakes off, and they are airtight, so they have air holes on the sides to allow air to escape when the dog steps on them. They are about 6 inches high and compress to about 4 inches when the dog gets on and air escapes. It takes awhile for my dogs to get used to that poofy-ness. Mine have been peed, pooped, and puked upon, then tossed in the washer to be cleaned, but I've never used them outside. Sadly, they were just on sale, but the regular price is about $65 for the small rectangle, free shipping and delivery to your house. Anyway, you might check out their beds.
  14. Oh, Irene and Len! Is there anything worse than that late night car ride, when you know what the end will be? And the ride home may be just as bad. My heart truly weeps with yours. I am sending you a cyber hug. I hope you find peace and solace soon!
  15. I am so sorry to read this! My heart weeps with you.
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