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  1. Runnin frew..... Me forgets to say welcome to Sam and Fancy Too. You gonna like it here. Wiki that is a stunning photo. Off to check on Heart. Him smells funny and needs watching. Tiller being a nurse tonight
  2. Tootsdays do stink. More ways than 1. Ma done such a good job ob pt yesterday, she had to cry unkle today. Knee swollen and oberly sore today. Da pt lady just left. Me is indignant this morning. Ma refused to give me brekkie and left with Heart. Harrumph, did is wrong! Me needs a lawyer to enforce da houndie contract. Now Tiller, you better fess up with why I had to take Heart to the vet by 7 am this morning. Um, wellllll! Me and brother were playing frisbee with dat neighbor kids frisbee last night. Three times in three days kidlets frowed it ober da fenc
  3. Run free sweet Dustin. Your star is bright! There will be a huge party at the bridge for you. Hugs to Robin and family as your hearts are hurting so.
  4. Hello me friendlies! Tis eye, Tiller back from camp. Me tried to tic tic frew herbs pea brain, but she kept dropping contact. Well, she is human with challenges. Me and Heart is mostly being good boys. She gots a little lazy, so remedial retraining is in order. Mam, sorry your pony had to be rehomed. You done the right thing as it was in hims best interest and that is most important. All your spring stories is greyt to read. Keep em comimg please. Flowers, cooking and especially dig dig dig. Me available to lend a paw to help. Pippin, hope your bum continues to imp
  5. Sneeking in with greyt news. The boys have returned home this afternoon. Had a good snuggle, dinner and then another short snuggle. They have been asleep ever since. So good to have them home!
  6. One of my hounds had a similar injury. His was a broken bone that healed wrong. Arthritis caused the limping. Did your vet xray the area?
  7. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
  8. jimsherriek


    Photos of the pups in our home
  9. Thank you Ducky for your kindness to remember all the angels!! It is so sad to have to be the last on the list, but I know that Senator will be the first through the pearly gates of rainbow bridge to play, run, and talk to everyone!!!
  10. Thanks for all the great advice. Dremel in hand today!
  11. Our permanent foster has corns. This is my first dog to have corns. When he had his dental the really nasty corn was lazered off. It has been a month and it is back bigger than ever. I have tried to use the corn acid and bag balm, but it only seems to make it grow faster, and poor guy is really limping. He is 13 1/2 YO. I have heard pros and cons to dremeling. Some say yes, and some say no it makes them grow deeper into his foot. For all the corn specialists out there, any suggestions on this issue of dremeling??? Possible the only way to give the poor old guy some r
  12. Hugs to you all! Daisey, run fast and free!
  13. jimsherriek

    Moto Hot Rod

    Cancer sucks! Hot Rod will be greytly missed! God speed dear boy, and may your way be paved with milkie bones! Hugs to all!
  14. God Speed Jilly Bean!! You may have been smaller than a greyhound, but your spirit and soul were a big as the whole GT world!!! You will be missed. Hugs to your whole housefull!!!!
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