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  1. Ma wants to talk... I had a generator on the house in Huntsville. Worth every penny it cost when hurricane Harvey rolled through and stayed 5 days. I ordered one for this house in May. Will be installed in September. Praying for a gentle hurricane season. Come on saharan dust, keep crossing the Atlantic. After the freeze in February, everybody and their brother is ordering one. Ok Ma, that will do these my friends. Wiki, go for the hex-pen. My snooter figured out to push at the wall and you can move it out of your way. Freedom! Ma says spit bath when she cleans my face. Seems she don't preciate my thung juice all over my face. Happy evening to all my friends! Tiller
  2. Yeah!! Ivy gots shiny toofers and will be summoning herbs chauffeur soon. Miss Jennie is you continuing to improve? You got recovery and chasing frew dem wilds ob Africa and parts of the world saving critters ahead ob you. Mam, your much loved inn are almost open again. Hooray! Oh and that pony is berry hampson. Wiki, do not toofer your Ma. Eye sometimes get carried away, and it always ends in sudden halt of any fun you was having. Ma lefted me and Heart for too days in a row. She claimed it was for human vet visits, BUT.....herbs came home smelling like friendlies and had a white box. Vets don't give a box and dey don't smell like Aunty Sharry and Aunty Pam. Then she had da dasity to bring Aunt Bev frew da door and she helped Ma buzzy our tosies. Somehow, this seems tricksie. Am eye right? Hada, hoping you feel better about your kidney beens. Sounds u comfy to me. Hi and howdy to all me friends. Me is really trying to puts my paw down and keeping up better with that recalcitrant Ma eye gots. Oh, oh, them afternoon funder boomers is getting closer. Gotta go get a good spot to avoid them. Bye bye, signed Tiller Ps...me did not get any ob that good sniffing stuff from the white box. Ma would not share.
  3. Me bugged Ma today. Me schedule has been turned upside down. Miss Michelle was spose to be here early. Me kept standing at the door and telling ma off. Den she showed up just a little bit ago and interrupted me nap. Sheesh, Ma needs da training, but follow the schedule humans. A houndie needs der beauty sleeps. Nice to meet you Nate. Me don't know how long you been tic ticing. But you seem to be a natural. Did you say your eyes don't see too good? Me is totally blind now, but eye trust my nose so much more. Eye can smell a marshmellow at 50 yards. Oh how eye wish eye could travel. Have fun travelers. Ms Jenny, sorry to hear your hurty and healing slow. Just remember, slow and steady and you will get there. Oh yeah, spoil that little hedgie! Dis the first day in weeks we ain't got no afternoon drippy skies. Guess me did not know what a good thing me had. The humidity and heat is BACK. Later my friends. Is good to tic tic again.
  4. Um....why should a greyhound expend energy to climb stairs? She has a perfectly good human right there! Your pup is very smart!
  5. Hellow all me friendlies! Tiz eye da Tiller checkin in. Me is so sad dat me miss so much fun. Dem wild houndies sound like such a interesting group ob keeping dem humans guessin. Ifn Ma would let me tic tic more, eye would be right in der with you all. Sigh.... Miss Lucy, me is sending you a nose boop and cyber hugs. You done da bestest ob da best for Spirit, and hims gratitude came back to tell you he made da trip safely. I am sure all da houndies greeted him and had a party planed. See Daphne and Blitz confirmed dat party! Miss Jeanie, you feel better you hear? Dat busting ob you apendicks is not good. How are your gimmie pigs doing? Ain't heard in a while. Yeah, Miss Ducky gots another god-houndie. She is da best! On Ma's behalf, me gonna cut herbs some slack this time. Betwixt Heart and me getting all our medicals updated, she been struggling with herbs knee and foots not behavin. She been hiring a private therapist (continuing) until them insurance folks get their act together. She supposed to go flopping in a pool for this next times ob 3 times a week. It habs been 2 weeks waiting for da intake. Then cause it was short notice, they only got herbs into da pool once last week. Then da pool lady was going on vacation, so only 1 time slot this week. Ma smarted them, and set up appointments all da way frew da rest ob da month and all through August. Yup! Free times a week all at da same time so she don't habs to play da traffic game or bouncin around da clock time. Ma also spent 2 weeks studdying for a protest. She did not like that they was raising da property taxes on da house so she gonna protest. Dat pointment was this week. She came home all happy and tyred. Yup! She won and dey reduced herbs taxes by 35K. That will be lots ob biccie monies me thinks. Dey would not let herbs submit ebidence ob da nearby neighborhood where lots ob houses are for sale dat are comprable right now. Ma said she asked da lady if she should sabe those 4 sale now pages for next time, and da lady said yes. So da first ebidence for next year is in da folder already to probe dem appraisers is full ob hooey! Heart is doin better now dat Ma has got herbs head on straight. Whew, dem months ob May and June had me tail in a twist trying to keep herbs from jummpin off da deep end. Dat depression stuff is so hard on da old girl. Heart is gettin back on schedule and only poopin in da house when Ma leabes about ebery 2-3 times. Ma checked with dat communicator lady and found out dat Heart thought Ma was sufferin from buyers remorse and did not want hims. So hims was sad and could not control himself. Ma habs talked to him, me too! And da communicator lady told him it was just an emotional time ob year for Ma. Hers lubs houndies and it is our job to help herbs. She is only human you know, not an expert houndie like us. Well, me tic ticing a noble so better send this off to eberyone. Me knows there has been so much news, and me punkin head don't remember eberthing. Nose nudges and cyber cheers to all me friends! Tiller (in charge)
  6. Hello all. Sherrie hear. We survived the last 2 nights. The LARGE booms, both nights started around 7:30 pm and did not quit until well after 1-2 am. In past years, I would call it WW3. Last night must have been an intergalactic war. I thought it might be less since there was supposed to be a shortage of fireworks. And it poured rain until about 5. Human was wrong. Tiller and Heart are still sleeping right now, so will let sleeping dogs lie. Sending hugs to you all and hoping all houndies across the country are safe and snug in their homes this morning. I see lots of naps in the pups and my future to catch up on lost sleep.
  7. Jeff, it finally worked after I requested a new password on the desktop. When completed, it tried my android phone and got in. Will check in in the morning to see if continues to let me play or start over with a new password request for the 3rd day in a row. Thanks for the help you are giving!
  8. One of my hounds had a similar injury. His was a broken bone that healed wrong. Arthritis caused the limping. Did your vet xray the area?
  9. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
  10. jimsherriek


    Photos of the pups in our home
  11. Thank you Ducky for your kindness to remember all the angels!! It is so sad to have to be the last on the list, but I know that Senator will be the first through the pearly gates of rainbow bridge to play, run, and talk to everyone!!!
  12. Thanks for all the great advice. Dremel in hand today!
  13. Our permanent foster has corns. This is my first dog to have corns. When he had his dental the really nasty corn was lazered off. It has been a month and it is back bigger than ever. I have tried to use the corn acid and bag balm, but it only seems to make it grow faster, and poor guy is really limping. He is 13 1/2 YO. I have heard pros and cons to dremeling. Some say yes, and some say no it makes them grow deeper into his foot. For all the corn specialists out there, any suggestions on this issue of dremeling??? Possible the only way to give the poor old guy some relief is to amputate that toe, but he is too sick to do this. " /> Thanks for the help! He hates his TheraPaw boot. Will pull it off no matter how tight, or extra wraps of velcro I use. Sigh!
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