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  1. Oh, Hamsammich, dat is so scary. Bein attacked when you was only playin. No fair no way, and dat was puppy abuse ob da worst kind. Hope youze hole goes away soonest! Ma tried to get on yesterday, and was thwarted real good. Sheesharoni, finally she says eye can tic tic, and da puter was actin ups. Me is woefully behind. Weze gots special company from Okieland. Der is lots ob boxes, banging and humans sweatin involved. But, eye must admit, dat when dey is done der will be more usable floor space cause da stuffs with no home, now gots a home. Dey is standing nice and tall, dem holders ob stuffs. Tiny is not doin so good whiles da company is here. She don't want to eat much at all. Ma done da dirty deed to my back side this mornin. She whollapped me good cause eye snuck up on Tiny's feeding station and was helpin myownself. Me gonna show herbs later today how a houndie gets eben for bein torchered. Hoping all my friends is surbibing dere humans torcher and thribin. Will try to catch up more better after da company leabes tomorrow. Abby da hostest with da sore backside
  2. Running frew to say best witches and good healing light sent your way Misser Doug. You gonna take a liddle nappie and den when you wakie up you will neber habs to worry about dat dumb anyerhism eber again. You got this. Happy healing and we will hold you tite in our pawsies. Miss Nancy, you gots da power ob greytalk on your team. Happy belated birfday to Miss Michell. Auntie Ducky, Ma got dat same calender problem. Lucky she don't gots no pointments for dat weekend, Whew! Oh no, a epidemic ob poo foots. Ifn you don't mind, please do not share. Ma is berry funny about dat sort of fing. Miss Lizabeth is B9!!!! Hipp hipp hooray! We gots da first cool front frew here and it is so nice to go outside. Eye sunbathed for a whole 20 minutes today. It was wonderful, Ma just left da door open and me and sissy let ourselbes in. One more fronts dis weekend and we gonna need some jammies for a couple days. Hot mid 90 petigrees to 65 petigrees in just a couple days is drastic change for Texans. Ma is yelling so better go see what da old girl needs. Nitey night to all my friends! Abby
  3. Oh my, Miss Carol ob England my ginormous heart is hurting for you as you mourn da loss ob Misser R. Rest in peace Misser R. Hugs to Miss Carol! Whiskey Biskie, please eats. Me feels you is tired, but it would make your momma so happy ifn you ate another meal or free to gain some strength. Ifn you thinks it is time to cross da bridge, please habs a peaceful and pleasant trip. When eye almost went der before, dat bacon bar smelled wonderful and so many friends is gonna be der to greet you. Miss Chris, me and sissy is holding your hand as you go through with this stress. Ma has big shoulders ifn you needs to lean on dem. Hugs You go Lila, Ma yells at me to when eye want to do zoomies. Dey is much fun dem zoomies. Eye say, kick up your heels and libs! Beka gots clear lunks! Hip Hip Hooray! Hi Daphne and Bitzi!!! Bikini, dat is ouchie to lose a nail. Me sending you lots ob healing white light to helps dem nails stay put. Misser Merc, we is expecting our first cold front to come through tonight or tomorrow. It is sposed to drop from the 90's to da 80's for da high temps. Next week we gots a 2nd one comin to go from da 80's to da 70's. Ma was at da kennel cheeting on us, and one ob da new dopters came in to buy a coat for der houndies. Dey picked two ob da most warmest ones from da bin. Sheesh, eye guess it is all relatibe. A 20 degree drop in tempatures ober a 2 week span and da houndies here think dey is freezing todeaf. Houstonians, are da weirdest! Miss Susan, dat cardinal is real pretty. Ma cringes as she is a real whimp. You is brave and got guts to tolerate dem needles. What is da story behind da bloopbird? Hamsamich, you leabs dem stingin insects alone. You will be sorry ifn you messes with dem. Happy Birfday Felicity! Dere, me is catched up for da moment Whew, my pawsies gots a workout. Bye for now me friends Abby
  4. Afternooon me friends. Eye hates to be a bummer on dis sad day, but too many houndies are getting sick lately. Includin meownself. Dis is not good. What is goin on? Do we gots a birous frew da interwebbies?? Me had da splosibe rearend, and Ma got da pleasure ob cleanin da floor and wall. It smelled horrible. But da old gal surbibed. And you know what she done to punish moi??? She starbed me nearly to death. Eye had to stand der and watch sissie chow down while eye got nada! Zilck! Not eben much ob a smell ob dinner.. Eye almost joined our friends ober da bridge, dey was chowin on da bacon ob which we hear somuch ob. But JJ told me it was not m ytime, so eye had to go home. So eye done it, and now eye is eatin with gusto, got to make up for my starbation by da momma. Hope Whiskey is gettin dat leggie looked at, it is not good for hims to hurt so. Hugs to Miss Patsy at da loss ob herbs special friend. She lived a long and interestin life. Hamsammich, hope dem squirmies is out ob your system now for good. Um, LuLu does you need a bra?
  5. Gud ebening to all me friends. As usual, me is behind on eberything. At least Ma finally gots da groups October newsletter written, da notification to da warranty peeps, da GPAH auctions stuffs catalogued halfway, dropped off all dem boxes and packing supplies to be reused by a friend dat is mobing. Got da pie safe back from da furniture doc and da glasss guy is comin tomorrow to fit da new glass into it so it will be complete again. Lets see, oh yeah, she got da AC good guy to write up a report on da deficiencies ob da unit on dis new place. Boy, dem warranty peeps got mad ober dat, no more pullin da wool ober a females eyeballs. We found out dat some good friends from California are comin to be da first regular lib in guests da middle ob da month. Eye was told, they lubs houndies and will gib me greyt ear nuggies. Oh boy, more ear nuggies!! Tiny is not eatin good again. Herbs refuses to eat breakie. Dat girl is just not rite in da noggin. And ifn she gets extra kibble for din din, she only eats a normal amount and then walks away. Me getting real good at stealin ifn Ma gets sidetracked and don't remember to pics up da dish riteawayquick. Ma has tried all herbs old tricks, and nada in the eating department. Herbs eben got some doggie crack to try to get herbs to eat more. Eye gots to go read and catch up some. Molly your locks are beautimus, but how long does it take to comb da knots out of dat long hair after da shampoo? Happy birfday Miss Susan! Oh, eye see Pippin dropped by. Shoot, eye missed him a lot. Miss Jen, eye is broke ob da heart dat you gots to seperate and split up da houndies. But you is workin on visitation, dat is greyt! Merc, (snicker, snicker) me is so sorry you habs to be torchered like dat. (snicker snicker, glad it was not me) OK, me caught up on dis page. Will send dis tic tic so me don't habs da mods loose it. Bye for now, Abby P.S. Off to read more back pages. Please pretend me sending you all tepafical vibes as eye read about eberybody!
  6. Oh dear, me gonna need dem smellin salts for Ma. She gots a real soft spot for dem brinkle boys, and Salvo is a stunner! Welcome home Salvo. Dustbin, you done real good at tic ticin. Me thinks you is berry brave. Just as brave as your sweet bro JJ. Eye know you is spoken for, so Cloudy, please don't git your knickers in a twist. A girl can look sometimes, just not touch. Happy travelin to all that is sightseein. Me enjoyed travelin lots. Ma said she ain't been to a movie theater since da 80's. Gosh, dat is an eternity ago. You really are old Ma! OOPS, eye got da look. Welcome to Dudley! Hims gots lots to learn about da farm. LuLu gots a hearing problem??? Eye am so sad to hear dis.. May she learn da sign language ob da dog soonest. CA, we is laughing regularly at da antics ob Junior and Hamish on da FB. Ma is yellin to get off da putor. She gots to go to da kennel today so we is abandoned. Sigh! Abby
  7. Wading frew today. Please do not worry about us my friends. We is on high ground. Soggy but odderwise above da flood. We was on da cleaner side ob da storm. But a short 10 miles away, dey is gonna need an ark. My yard is full ob muddy grass, but we can still pee and poo no problem. Da kennel was much closer to da action, but no problems with wadders there either. Our kennel master slept in da kennel with da puppers to keeps an eye on things. Now them peeps down in Houston is another story. Sheesh, dem folks is dumb as a box ob rocks. Deliberately dribin on da highways dat is known to floods up to 8 feets deep any time it rains, not just durin a tropical storm, needs der heads xamined. Ifn you see dem piccies, you just want to shakey your head at da humans. Ma just sent out a message to all da participants in herbs list creating time. Thank you for your inputs. Without my friends inputs it would hab been a pittiful list. (Ma has senior moments and needs things written down to be able to remember) Lubs, Abby
  8. Here eye is running frew and eye find dat my friend JJ is doin poorly. JJ you just rest easy, relax and get better. Ifn you know that it is time, you habs two lubly ladies waiting to dance with you again ober da bridge. Oh, a senior party too! Me gonna be eleben in nobember and sissy turned twelbe in August. So we lubs to party with da oldsters. We don't consider it a handicap, just well deserbed beautiful grey furs. So distinguished!!! Ma had da contracter finish today da trash can fence. She also called da gestapo folks at da Woodlands, and told dem da deed was complete so dey could schedule an interbiew and close out da permit. Ha!!!! They said it will be rainy rains and dey might get wet!!! Da nerbs. So dey is comin to finish da permit on Moneyday. So many fings habs been rapped up dis and last week. Still got to figure out da insulation issue in da garage but that can wait til da rest ob da heat is gone. Still in da 95+ temps with 90%or more humids here in Texas. Ma don't want any workers keelin ober in da attic from heat xaustion. That would cream herbs homeowners policy. Ma also is working on finishin da project dat many of my friends helped with. So, you will be da first to get a copy when it is done. Gotta run, eye just heard a rumble. Me don't like rumbles. Abby
  9. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
  10. Just runnin frew again. So much to do and so little time rite now. Before me forgets, some ob you was wanting to know what you could do here is da linky to da Tattoo Times ob our group with da stories and linkies ifn you is interested. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Healing-thoughts-for-all-affected-by-Harvey------.html?soid=1102697249127&aid=TpHjfXvwa5I Da house fix it guys is comin soon and gonna start puttin da house back together. First is to rip out da rock on da exterior walls ob my boodooior and fix da OSB sheeting dat got damaged in da flood. When dat is done, fix all da inside walls. Den we wait til da flooring company gets un-backordered to put da new floor down. Den we will need to start puttin back all da stuff that has been dissappearing into boxes so it can be mobed out ob da way for da flooring peeps. Oh yeah, momma decided to leabs me again. Herbs gott toted out da door in da middle ob da nite again. Dis has gots to stop. Dem parra-medics and sherrif guy refused to let me out ob jail when dey stole my momma. Eye was a good girl and did not hab any accidents before eye was rescued. But sheesh, momma lefted me pee pee pads for a reason, just dem emergency peeps refused to let me at em. Sheesharoni!!! Anywho, she is back home and we is back together. Just a relapse, overdoing it and stress. The cat scan showed excess inflammation at the site of the hernia repair, so got to rest more, and suck it up. Momma, you don't let me tic tic much, eye is so behind, and now you is stealin my time...Harrrumph. eye gonna go sulk Take dis momma, CLICK.........
  11. Runnin frew, cause eye gots tickles in my towsies. Did not habs ability to communicate yesterday. But we is back today. Yesterday, late, we had a few rays ob sunnyshine come out. Momma would not let me go sunbaf cause she said dat da yard was still deep muck. Last night and dis mornin we gots more rains, but it is da backside ob da storm so dey is light. More nusence dan anythin else. Harvey is strikin more habboc about ninetyleben miles to da east now. Der is houndie rescues ober der, and we is hopin dey is all gonna be safe. Dat area is called Beaumont. Ifn you gots any more good mojo to send out, start finkin ob dem folks too. Dey is gonna need da help. Momma sposed to go for herbs surgehurry cheeckup, and cannot find out if da office is open or if da feeder roads to get der is open. She did check da webbysite this morning,, and it is two days old. Foooooey! How dat spose to help. Don't get me wrong, it is berry important to concentrate on da harder hit areas, but we is needing info in our areas too. Just sayin. Oh funny story time: We is berry lucky in our kennel dat da kennelmaster Robby, libes with dem houndies. Well, weneber der was a break and hims could get some houndies outside to stretch der leggies, hims done it. One ob da girlie girl houndies took adbantage ob Robby, who is ob senior persuasion, and refused to let hims take herbs back inside. She ran, played, jumped and spun all ober one ob da yards just outside ob hims reach. She is a playful girl and me would gibs anythin to habs a video ob herbs tauntin Robby. Da visual is just too funny knowin Robby. Hims is so greyhound saavy to get bested by a houndie! Hope you can enjoy da story too! Eye cannot say how much it meant for all my friends to hold my paw and momma's hand as we faced this nasty storm. You all are da bestest. Don't want to tie up da interwebby, need to share so someone else can tell der family HI! Dottie
  12. Weatver report from Texas Last night was da worst so far. Windy blowin gusts to firtyleben mph, sheets ob rains, and a liddle funderboomers. Nothin sever, it just is not stoppin. Today, da bulls eye is concentratin on our neck ob da woods. Houston is gettin a break so dey can get dem peeps and pets out. Still gots power, but da cell coberage keeps commin and going. Our webby serbice depends on wifi. FYI--der is some folks across da country that ain't gots nuthin better to do than complain "EVACUATION" issue. Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. No one could have known that parts of town that have never flooded in the last 100 years would flood now. So get off your high horse, roll up your sleebes and volunteer, open dat wallet, or just shut up and thank your lucky stars you are not in the thick of it. Sorry for the rant, but it just rubs my furs da wrong way sometimes. Me is gettin better at pottying in da rain. Eye still don't like it, but it could be worse. Da neighbors cows up da road, is bawlin and mooing and carryin on dis morning. Guess dey is unhappy dat der salad fixins is soggy in da dressin ob wadders. Oh, funny story. Anyone wants to hear??? Last night, dem froggies has decided to hold a concert to attract some girl froggies. Da racket dey made at times was so loud dat it drowned out da rainy rain and wind noises. Who would habs thunk dat froggies can make so much noise. Sheesh, how is a girl houndie sposed to get any beauty naps. Better send dis before we is cut off da interwebs again. Bye all, Dottie
  13. Morning to all my friends. Well, it is still kind ob dark, but me thinks it is morning. Da timer thingy on da wall is pointing da big hand to 12 and da liddle hand to 9. Da rainy rains is comin down in buckets now. Eye was a determined girlie last night and refused to go out in da deluge. And eye could just not bring myownself to potty in da house eben do momma said eye could. Me finally just runned out pottied and runned back in. Momma met me with a wonderful fluffy towel. Now eye is just chilaxzin listening to da storm rage. Momma is watchin da news when eber it is on between da signal disruption. Dem folks down in Houston is really floatin. Oh, der is a neighborhood down der called Friendswood. Some ob my group hounds libs der. Parts dem folks is up on der roofs cause da wadders is so deep. Da policemans boats habs runned out ob fuel a couple times, and now Texas proud peeps are wadin frew da watters bringin fibe gallon jugs ob fuel to da policemans so dey can keep pullin folks offa dem houses. It is just so nice to see da policemans and folks ob all races gettin along in peace and helpfulness for a change. We habs had about twelbe to fifteenlebenty inces ob rainy rain so far, and dey is now talkin dat der will be maybe that much more just today. There is a possible chance dat der will be eben more dan dat. Dat is lots ob waders. We is drainin pretty good. Da highway folks must habs got da drain open at da bottom ob da hill cause da lake der is not berry high rite now. Da lights is flickerin once in a while, but mostly dey is stayin on. Momma is happy bout dat. This PM we is to be expectin funderboomers and more whirly freats ob wind. Dat is just not fun for my nerbes. Oh oh, da lights if lickerin pretty good, so better send dis before da lectricty goes out for good. Fanks for da lubs and good wishes. We is habbin da bestest ob friends in you all. Dottie trying to be brabe so JJ will be proud ob me
  14. Well it did not last, da bad stuffs is here now. Eye and momma are mobin into da indoor cabe. Whirly winds and seber funderboomers is here now. So momma says eye can hide in dignity.
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