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  1. Molly, you and family stay safe. Lightening not good when that close. Mam, still holding you tight in thoughts and sending hugs as you do this difficult walk. Nancy and Doug, sending healing white light your way. AAA is like a ticking time bomb. I know how you feel, afraid to do anything. I had 2 anyeurisms in my aorta. Both exceeded 5.5 cm. Can blow after 5 cm. I was terrified. But remember this is now known and there are fix for it. Relax and get it taken care of. Made it to Colorado. Will be to reunion tomorrow. Todays drive was difficult. Not my issues, just huge delay due to multi car/trucks/rv's not doing defensive driving in a construction zone. Several deceased bodies laying covered on the highway. It was so bad, my lane was forced to cross a temporary crossing to the other side and drive in one lane the wrong way on the highway. Hope those that survived will be able to heal. You cannot believe the carnage. Good night my friends, sleep in peace. Oh, Abby and Tiny sent me a photo from camp. They are snoozing on their counselors beds, not their own. I think they have learned bad habits at camp.
  2. Checking in from Abilene, TX. I am so sorry Ruby had to earn her wings. Run fast and free precious Ruby. Mam, sending you a hug. Hello to you all. The pups are at camp. Abby is harrassing Mister Salty Dog for any kibble he forgets to eat. She now must eat her meals behind a baby gate until all are finished. Tiny is starting to relax. She has daddy Dave wrapped around her paw. I can read in the hotel room, but tic ticing on this smarty pants phone sucks. Nite all.
  3. Wow, Pandora and Rebel are stunning. Tough decision they would both be greyt companions. Happy belated birfday Bikini and Nigel! Hopes youze had a greyt day celebratin! Miss Bannessa, we is sending you healin vibes to kick dat nasty buggy to da curb. Feel better soonest. Mam sending a hug your way. Merc you is da expert on poopin across da states. You got way more experience dan me do. Way to go, but you need to expand your list westward ho, OK? Miss England Carol is growing pot now. Cool! Molly, you is da lucky one. You gets all da lubbin and skritches and attention. Me gots to share all da time. It might be nice to hab all da human time at me beck and paw……dreaming……. Linus and Jazz, me missed something??? Me is caughted up somewhat now. Whew, you guys is busy. Ma is startin to make lists and settin out stuffs again. Dis time it is different though. She says we is goin to camp instead ob on da road. We is experts at dis trabelin, what gives with not takin un…..Harrumph We neber seen mountains ob Colorado before. And we promise not to get altitude sickness. Dis just not rite. Me gonna get plotting rebenge. Hopes you all is doin better. Dem rainy rains need to get offshore and quite botherin my friends. Bye for now, gonna go put my snooter in them nether regions ob Ma and whine. Abby bein a bother
  4. Sending my hugs to Miss Vanessa and earsie scritches to Gino when he sees his momma today. Ducky, you is a real good human. Dat was beautiful. No, not da bacation ruined due to human knee issues. That sucks raw eggs. Hope you get home and healed up riteawayquick. Me knows eye habs missed out again, but dat Ma ob mine is just a slacker. She thinks laundry, cleanin da houndiemobile, grocery shoppin and dealin with da city ober errors by da builder is more impotant than me tic tic with me friends. Eye gettin eben, me wont leab my boo boo alone on my leggie. My lik lik dribes herbs just batty. Um, little miss bratty pants, if you want to keep kibbles in your bowl and transportation to your events you need to be more reasonable in your comments. As for the city, I thought I was through with the builder. Fat chance. It appears that not only did he close out the permits with the water company, but he did not do the permits for the disability access ramps I paid for when I ordered the house. The city sent me a notice of non-compliance with exterior issues. So, I spent all morning at their office filling out all the paperwork to update their records of the disability modifications for the house. Did not mean a thing until I showed them the contract, and notice from my medical team. Changed their toot super quick. I also showed them the survey of the property where due to the small size lot and my disability issues, the trash bins must remain where they are. I took photos of the side yard and access. After the disability paperwork, they came up with options instead of "NO". But this will take perhaps over a month to get through the process. They will be going after the builder as his survey does not correctly identify the modifications. Bad builder. The Water Company already fined the builder for not completing the water permits timely. Wish me luck that I still will have some hair left after pulling so much out over this builder. Ok Ma, that is enough, me lubs my friends and need to catch up. Hi and howdy to each one ob you. Off to read and catch all da news. Abby
  5. Wishin eberybody a happy ebening. Eye may not be here anymore after tonight. Ma managed to bypass majority ob da wind and rain. Just a teny tiny bit in da OK City area. We stopped for da nite in dis place called Ardmore. Der is black boilin cloudies to da souf and west. Ma said, enough and got us a hotel place where we is opposite from where da bad storm is comin from. But it could be severe. And da nice man o. Da talking picture box said betwixt da Okie state line and Dallas it was gonna be so much worse. Miss Jennie, dat piccie is funny. We saw dat SC CA is ridin a tractor now. Merc is so brave! Eye am a scardy cat when fu derboomers happen but as far a critters go, bring dem on. Ma keeps saying "leave it!" Harrumph, eye am a houndie you know. Yesterday was a greyt sendoff to all da participants at HOA. Sissy got drug up to da front ob da stage. Herbs was honored with two trophies. One for being a shrimp, 44 pounds, an da other for being da oldest hou die in attendance. She be 12 in August. What am eye, chopped liber? Harrumph. We almost did not get our trabel diet today. It was after eleben ob da clock and we went to da golden burger dribe frew. Da sqwalking box said no burglers yet. So Ma told the guy with that voice, when we pulled up to da winder, he was to look into our eyes and tell us why we could not get a hamburgler. Da lady behind him corrected da kid, and we got our burgers. Hope dat dumb kid has to do restitution for trying to deny two sweet houndies der belobed burgers. We sept good after da burgers. Oh, oh, better stop. Da funder boomers has caught up to us. Bye. Abby
  6. Morning eberybody. Tis eye, Abby reportin from Abilene Houndie Gatherin. Last nite was borin. Ma leftest us in da room and we had to hold da floor down. Tiny said she was upsetted some from all da noise, me not so much cause eye lubs all da attention. Tonites is da houndie awards, and all houndies must be present to win. Wish us luck. So we will not be quarentined in da room. Tomorrow we starts back to Texas. Rain may slow that slug ob a driber Ma, but my nabigation skills are fine tuned now Lubs to you all
  7. Mornin to all. Ma gots us up early today. What's up wif dat. Me lubed DA, Clarkie and Ms. Halise. We sposed to see dem more today. And was promised to see so many more buttocks to sniff. Scent oberload is coming. Ducky, me sended a piccie ob da secret sauce to Clarkie. Him and Tiny would habs a tie in da shyest department. Best ob mornings to all. Abby da social specialist
  8. Abternoon me friends. We is in okieland for da nite. Dat traffic in Dallas was a bad fing. But wif our help, Ma made it through. Misser Tony, sorry to hear Carmelkorn gots owies ob da back. Hope she geels bettet soonest. Fancy, that is too much energies your household burns up. Dey need to take a page from the houndie operation book. Chapter is about couch potato. Bye for now, da Ma says time to nap. Ta ta for now. Abby
  9. Happy belated birfday Beka! May you enjoy many more. And you know, on time to da humans. Happy belated birfday to Nikita too. Miss Jenbo, you done a spectacular job with da snaks. At least from da smell left behind. Someday, eye gonna get more than just a whiff ob dem. Fanks Georgie for da new shiny club! Mayhaps me gonna get to visit more dan once a week or so. HInt hint Human Ma? CA, congreytulations on selectin da new house. May you libs in peace and harmony with your birdies, houndie pup, kitty cats and neighbors. Sigh, peace is such a greyt thing. Tell dat dummy bro ob yours to chill and leab you alone. Ma prefers da SpeedyQueen washer. Da mobin parts is real metal not plastic. And don't you dare oberdue on da mobin in either. You is not allowed to pull a Ma. Herbs neber learns. But you is smarter dan herbs. Merc, we is habbin funderboomers today too. Better today than tomorrow. Ma had da guy show up and detailed my houndiemobile. It is so bright and sparkly eye don't want da mud to ruin da mirror like finish yet. Nuttymeg, we is glad you is home safe and healin. Holes heal up riteawayquick please. Hada, sorry to hear you was double dosed on da nsaid. You gonna need to let us know how you is doin, OK? Tell your Ma that Tiny still is addicted to your secret syrup stuff. Hi Lila and Fancypants! Charlie and Zorro, icksnay on da athbay talk. Don't gibs da humans no big ideas. Thank you for your consideration. DA and CK, we is leabin in da mooning too. We will see you Wednesday at da berry same hotel. Wouldn't it be cool ifn we was neighbors! Ma is gonna send you a pm with our talking box number. Tiny said she was ready to try trabelin again. We gonna spend tomorrow night in Okie land, den tootsday night in some place called Witch inta. Dat way it will be an easy dribe to Abilene. Lubs to you all, Abby trabel houndie again
  10. Just runnin frew again. So much to do and so little time rite now. Before me forgets, some ob you was wanting to know what you could do here is da linky to da Tattoo Times ob our group with da stories and linkies ifn you is interested. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Healing-thoughts-for-all-affected-by-Harvey------.html?soid=1102697249127&aid=TpHjfXvwa5I Da house fix it guys is comin soon and gonna start puttin da house back together. First is to rip out da rock on da exterior walls ob my boodooior and fix da OSB sheeting dat got damaged in da flood. When dat is done, fix all da inside walls. Den we wait til da flooring company gets un-backordered to put da new floor down. Den we will need to start puttin back all da stuff that has been dissappearing into boxes so it can be mobed out ob da way for da flooring peeps. Oh yeah, momma decided to leabs me again. Herbs gott toted out da door in da middle ob da nite again. Dis has gots to stop. Dem parra-medics and sherrif guy refused to let me out ob jail when dey stole my momma. Eye was a good girl and did not hab any accidents before eye was rescued. But sheesh, momma lefted me pee pee pads for a reason, just dem emergency peeps refused to let me at em. Sheesharoni!!! Anywho, she is back home and we is back together. Just a relapse, overdoing it and stress. The cat scan showed excess inflammation at the site of the hernia repair, so got to rest more, and suck it up. Momma, you don't let me tic tic much, eye is so behind, and now you is stealin my time...Harrrumph. eye gonna go sulk Take dis momma, CLICK.........
  11. Runnin frew, cause eye gots tickles in my towsies. Did not habs ability to communicate yesterday. But we is back today. Yesterday, late, we had a few rays ob sunnyshine come out. Momma would not let me go sunbaf cause she said dat da yard was still deep muck. Last night and dis mornin we gots more rains, but it is da backside ob da storm so dey is light. More nusence dan anythin else. Harvey is strikin more habboc about ninetyleben miles to da east now. Der is houndie rescues ober der, and we is hopin dey is all gonna be safe. Dat area is called Beaumont. Ifn you gots any more good mojo to send out, start finkin ob dem folks too. Dey is gonna need da help. Momma sposed to go for herbs surgehurry cheeckup, and cannot find out if da office is open or if da feeder roads to get der is open. She did check da webbysite this morning,, and it is two days old. Foooooey! How dat spose to help. Don't get me wrong, it is berry important to concentrate on da harder hit areas, but we is needing info in our areas too. Just sayin. Oh funny story time: We is berry lucky in our kennel dat da kennelmaster Robby, libes with dem houndies. Well, weneber der was a break and hims could get some houndies outside to stretch der leggies, hims done it. One ob da girlie girl houndies took adbantage ob Robby, who is ob senior persuasion, and refused to let hims take herbs back inside. She ran, played, jumped and spun all ober one ob da yards just outside ob hims reach. She is a playful girl and me would gibs anythin to habs a video ob herbs tauntin Robby. Da visual is just too funny knowin Robby. Hims is so greyhound saavy to get bested by a houndie! Hope you can enjoy da story too! Eye cannot say how much it meant for all my friends to hold my paw and momma's hand as we faced this nasty storm. You all are da bestest. Don't want to tie up da interwebby, need to share so someone else can tell der family HI! Dottie
  12. Weatver report from Texas Last night was da worst so far. Windy blowin gusts to firtyleben mph, sheets ob rains, and a liddle funderboomers. Nothin sever, it just is not stoppin. Today, da bulls eye is concentratin on our neck ob da woods. Houston is gettin a break so dey can get dem peeps and pets out. Still gots power, but da cell coberage keeps commin and going. Our webby serbice depends on wifi. FYI--der is some folks across da country that ain't gots nuthin better to do than complain "EVACUATION" issue. Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. No one could have known that parts of town that have never flooded in the last 100 years would flood now. So get off your high horse, roll up your sleebes and volunteer, open dat wallet, or just shut up and thank your lucky stars you are not in the thick of it. Sorry for the rant, but it just rubs my furs da wrong way sometimes. Me is gettin better at pottying in da rain. Eye still don't like it, but it could be worse. Da neighbors cows up da road, is bawlin and mooing and carryin on dis morning. Guess dey is unhappy dat der salad fixins is soggy in da dressin ob wadders. Oh, funny story. Anyone wants to hear??? Last night, dem froggies has decided to hold a concert to attract some girl froggies. Da racket dey made at times was so loud dat it drowned out da rainy rain and wind noises. Who would habs thunk dat froggies can make so much noise. Sheesh, how is a girl houndie sposed to get any beauty naps. Better send dis before we is cut off da interwebs again. Bye all, Dottie
  13. Morning to all my friends. Well, it is still kind ob dark, but me thinks it is morning. Da timer thingy on da wall is pointing da big hand to 12 and da liddle hand to 9. Da rainy rains is comin down in buckets now. Eye was a determined girlie last night and refused to go out in da deluge. And eye could just not bring myownself to potty in da house eben do momma said eye could. Me finally just runned out pottied and runned back in. Momma met me with a wonderful fluffy towel. Now eye is just chilaxzin listening to da storm rage. Momma is watchin da news when eber it is on between da signal disruption. Dem folks down in Houston is really floatin. Oh, der is a neighborhood down der called Friendswood. Some ob my group hounds libs der. Parts dem folks is up on der roofs cause da wadders is so deep. Da policemans boats habs runned out ob fuel a couple times, and now Texas proud peeps are wadin frew da watters bringin fibe gallon jugs ob fuel to da policemans so dey can keep pullin folks offa dem houses. It is just so nice to see da policemans and folks ob all races gettin along in peace and helpfulness for a change. We habs had about twelbe to fifteenlebenty inces ob rainy rain so far, and dey is now talkin dat der will be maybe that much more just today. There is a possible chance dat der will be eben more dan dat. Dat is lots ob waders. We is drainin pretty good. Da highway folks must habs got da drain open at da bottom ob da hill cause da lake der is not berry high rite now. Da lights is flickerin once in a while, but mostly dey is stayin on. Momma is happy bout dat. This PM we is to be expectin funderboomers and more whirly freats ob wind. Dat is just not fun for my nerbes. Oh oh, da lights if lickerin pretty good, so better send dis before da lectricty goes out for good. Fanks for da lubs and good wishes. We is habbin da bestest ob friends in you all. Dottie trying to be brabe so JJ will be proud ob me
  14. Well it did not last, da bad stuffs is here now. Eye and momma are mobin into da indoor cabe. Whirly winds and seber funderboomers is here now. So momma says eye can hide in dignity.
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