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  1. Well the bestest ob intentions was shot all to heck. Me watched really careful how Ma used herbs smartypants phone, and eye figured out how to get it to work. Boy dat is tough. Eye tried to log into da chat club with it, and it let me in, den it took my postie and frew it into da trash somewhere instead ob posting it. Den when eye tried again, da whole system frew me out. So unfair to a houndie, and eye done a good timely postie. So now eye had to wait for ma to turn on da big putor for moi. Lets, see ifn eye can member what eye wanted to say….. Misser Dan, so glad you is home safe and sound. Heal up good so Miss Molly don’t need to worry. Oh yeah, your momma not worry either. Ms. Jennie, please don’t eats no more ob dat tofuie stuff. Your tummy will be better for it. Ms. Halise, hope your crown don’t cause you more troubles. Will it be encrusted in all dem pretty colored stones? NO, Misser Pippin and Laila gots da dying rear too. You habs my commiserations on dat end. It no fun to habs grumbling guts. Feel better soon, OK? Charlie and Zorro gots der Chrispmix prezzie early. Wish we did get early prezzies. Habs fun in da forrest you guys. Author! Author!! Libs your dream ob writing. Ms. Patsy, dem piccies ob flowers is so good, me wants to stick my snooz rite in dem and sniff. Oh, dem concerts looks like so much fun. Hope you have a good time um glad you enjoyed the music eben if dem mean humans in front ob you kept sanding up. Ms. Rachel, dat is so sad dat Dippy had to go fly free. Herbs is free ob dis body, but herbs will always be in our hearts! Run fast and free Dippy, and sen your momma a sign that your journey to heaben is complete. Oh, and my family up der will show you around. You gots da most comfy ob clouds to lounge on! Naughtymeg, you done good letting go ob dat bacon. You a better houndie than me! We gots visitin houndies here. Two ob dem, Salty and Evie. We being good hosts. Sharin our beds and playin houndie games in da yard. Dat Salty dog seems to think hims is foreber goin to win da pee on my pee game. Dat boy just don’t eber run out ob pee. Bye for now, Abby da hostess
  2. Yeah, Misser Dan is on da mend. But pole dancin???? Hmmmmmm, dat may be feelin a liddle too good to soon. Mam, dat is just to cold for us Southern Houndies. Be careful, and no slip slidin away in all date snice. Miss Jen is celebratin free years free ob da nasty disease dat has been kicked to da curb. Hip Hip Hooray, celebrate, you done a greyt job! Dippy, careful and no doin da splats or splits. Maybe you could get a liddle sandy sprinkled on da slipery stuff so youze pawsies gots some traction? And dere is Ms. Ducky and herb famibly! What a joy you look like you was habbin. And da whole pupper pack approves, double score. Oh dearie, Ms. Georgie gots a fection ob da toe. Hope da medicine gets it knocked down. You habs my miseries to share with da upcomin dental. But, you just might get lots ob yummy foods dat you don't normally get. Eye am still getting dem and it has almost been 2 weekies. Ma is not so happy to habs to keep cookin, but me lubs it, and you might too! Ms. Bannessa, you gonna get rocks in you stocking ifn you keep wishin for dat slippy sliddy white stuff. Anyhoe, hopes youze sniffles is gone. Daphnie, you just run rite down here ifn you wants da sunny shine. We dipped to da low 40's last night, but it warmed up in da mid 70's. Eye was rollin around in da grass and sunbathin today. Don't stabbing anybody Miss Loosy!! Not sure ob da size ob da rainy day fund ifn we would habs to bail you out a da housegow! And for da rest ob da humans, NO COPY KAT behabior! Dustin, did you hear back yet? You gettin a new sissy??? Inquiring houndies need to know... Well, Ma finally got da tree up and some ob da decoratiions. Der is a bunch ob toys under da tree, and Ma told me dey was just for looks. Toys is to play with, am eye rite my friends? Eye put my paw ob approbal on all da cards dat went out. You will all be able to snif me message ob have a greyt Xmas season. Then, just when me thought we could relax, da nasty lady from da kennel comed ober and buzzied our toesies. Dat is just not right somehow. See neither me nor sissie will stand still for Ma to use dat buzzy machine. So she went and done it, draggin in reinforcements. Somethin has got to be done obout dem humans gangin up on us poor houndies. Me thinks me hit most ob da high spots, ifn eye missed somethin, it was not on porpoise. Eye fink ob each ob you ebery day. But dat human dat hides da secret pass word is just too tight lipped. Lubs and licky kisses to each ob you! Abby
  3. Dropping by to wish all the greyt and special friends in the club a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day eberyone. Now, Ma wants to tic. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Yesterday was again a challenge. I just keep plugging away, one day at a time and one foot in front of the other. Funny story, I got a call from my realtor wishing me birthday wishes. She asked me how the house was performing. Interesting word. I asked her what was going on in the neighborhood as so many houses were going up for sale. Houses less than 2 years old or even younger than mine. I got crickets out of her at first, and when she collected herself, she said she did not know. I called her on that one, and told her the story about my good neighbor. And she fessed up, that the builder was difficult. Bet I don't get another call from her. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. And if it is not your holiday, celebrate something else instead. Enjoy!!!!! Now back to Abby..... Fank you Ma. Miss Carol Ann, that is a special suprise. Your famibly is getting huge! Did Miss Patsy get to Haw why ee of is she buried in da fluffy stuff? Does windywinds need to settle down and leab da trees bertical. How else is dem tree rats gonna be able to chitter down at us as we try to teach dem a lesson. Ifn youze is trabelin today, please be careful. Me wants you all to habs a safe trip so we can keep in touch. Oh, Ma tried to get on da putor last night so eye could tic, and da putor kept saying dat der was issues. She was using herbs smartypants box. Does anyone else habs issues? Later one and all, me is finking ob you eben dough eye gots to keep an iron paw on my human to keep herbs out ob da deepend. Lubs, Abby
  4. Well so much for attempting to catch up. Every time I tried today, either the phone rang, or something happened. Even though the housekeepers came today, I am still finding blood spots on the walls and on the furniture. Please do not call the police to inspect the crime scene. Abby has done pretty well today. She is way more talkitive than before. But a small snack will shut her up. Yes, I know I am giving in to her whims, but what is a lowly human to do when their sweet furbabies are hurting. Tiny finally ate some dinner, and had a long drink. The dehydration I was more worried about. I took a little trip to the grocery store and came home with a huge bag of rice to cook up for Abby, and a big chub of hamburger. It will be about a week before Abby can start eating solid food, maybe longer. Tiny expressed an interest in the hamburger, so I started sneeking tiny bits to her, and she started playing with it, then finally ate some. When she went for the water dish, I knew she was much better. Then, for dinner I gave her some boiled rice and hamburger drowned in broth. She ate quite a bit of it, so if she wants more, there is a big container in the fridge, all I need to do is heat it up. Success!!! Yes, I did try the secret sauce, and Tiny turned her nose up to it. Welcome home Ducky! That was quite some trip. Beka, hurrah for your anniversary. Hammish, you scared your momma way too much, Stop it. I don't care if your aunties leave the door/gate open. Show some big boy smarts and stay put. Thanks for the help CA! Let's hope that new adopter gets her act together and starts to work with her pushy cat, and the greyhound can get some peace and quiet. I know there was so much more, I have missed, but please forgive me. Now that the girls are turned a corner, maybe my schedule will go back to retired mode! Night, Night all! Miss you and wishing you all peace and good fortune! S
  5. Made it through the first night. Abby blew a clot and started bleeding. I got it stopped with gauze and pressure. But what a mess. I called the vet, and he said to ice the jaw if she will tolerate it. Of course she did it when I was in the shower. When I went in, she was sound asleep. When I came out, drip, drip, drip! Thanks for the blood bath Abby. Now doing launder of the dog bed. The only one that I did not cover for the night. Ran out of baby mattress covers. Adding more to the shopping list (as if 7 was not enough). She was a good girl the rest of the night. Tiny is still out of sorts. She has not ate for over 24 hours now. I have tried my all time favorites as I am well versed in difficult hounds getting them to eat. Her meds have not really kicked in yet so will give it time. Tiny jumps up every time Abby does and clings to her like velcro. When out in the yard Tiny hangs her head over Abby's back and constantly is sniffing her mouth. They slept last night right beside each other. Tiny is so worried. May have to call the animal communicator if things don't start to turn around with her. Thank you so much for the calls last night. You all are the best friends I could ever ask for!! Will spend time this afternoon to try to catch up. Wish the human luck! S
  6. Just got Abby home. She is well drugged up. She lost both large molars. The broke one and the other the bone was dissolving with exposed roots. It could have broke too. So Abby only has her k9's and her front teeth left. ETS will be in her future once she heals. They gave me a supply of the anxiety meds and tummy meds so Tiny can settle. Now for a huge margarita for the chauffeur. Thanks for holding my hand. I don't do medical well when it is my fur babies hurting.
  7. Thank you all for holding Abby in your thoughts. Still no news. Sigh. Tiny is a basket case. She has thrown up and I can hear her tummy across the room. Will get more medicine for her when I pick up Abby. Chewing on my fingernails. The tooth that broke was the huge lower molar. I have never seen that one break.
  8. Well, the best laid plans to let Abby tic tic have been scuttled for now. Somehow she broke a tooth, and is now on antibiotics till they can get her in for an urgent dental on Wednesday. She is pleasantly asleep right now. I will be a mess on Wednesday while she is under sedation. Going to be a tough couple days for the human. Wish me luck. Ma Sherrie
  9. Merc is a greyt houseguest in New Hampshire. Putting these here for Miss Elizabeth to see if she can check in. Abby will be back later if she will let me finish a little computer work first.
  10. Good chilly Sunnyday my friends. Whew, yesterday was a big day. Eye wented to da kennel to supervise all da humans and visitin houndies. Guess who me also supervised?? Go ahead, guess....... Give up?? Me gots to in da fuzzy flesh, da one, do only, Santa Paws. All us houndies gots to come up to him and tell him all da hearts desires for Chrispmix. Him is da bestest earscritchin, neck rubbin and buttocks scratchin to all da houndies. Me thinks dat all da houndies told him dat der was a whole kennel full ob houndies waiting for der fureber homes ob der own. You know us houndies always thinks ob others before ourownselbes. Ma says to tell Merc to please habs hims ma to call my ma. Somethin about da upcoming trip next weekend that might help da housing situation. Eye gonna try to catch up some today. You all habs been berry busy houndies. Eye am jelous ob all your doings! Hamsammich, me hopes you snooz gets unstuffed soonest. Dat is sad you picked u p a virus or something while you was trotting in such a purdy style. Fuzzy, careful climbin dat tree after da tree rat. Youze could rips a toesie nail dat way. Or worse, you could get up da tree and not get down. Your Ma is berry tall, but not dat tall. OK, gonna go read da last fibe pages or so. Sniffs and leans to each and ebery one ob you all. Abby
  11. Ms. Lizabeth, me did not get to read last night, but me wanted you all to know eye was thinking about you. And den did mornin eye find dat your loved momma left you yesterday. Eye em so sorry you is sad and your heart is broked. You habs much on your plate to deal with. Snuggles, and hugs to you as you walk dis path change ob your life. Abby wanting to heal your heart
  12. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
  13. Just runnin frew again. So much to do and so little time rite now. Before me forgets, some ob you was wanting to know what you could do here is da linky to da Tattoo Times ob our group with da stories and linkies ifn you is interested. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Healing-thoughts-for-all-affected-by-Harvey------.html?soid=1102697249127&aid=TpHjfXvwa5I Da house fix it guys is comin soon and gonna start puttin da house back together. First is to rip out da rock on da exterior walls ob my boodooior and fix da OSB sheeting dat got damaged in da flood. When dat is done, fix all da inside walls. Den we wait til da flooring company gets un-backordered to put da new floor down. Den we will need to start puttin back all da stuff that has been dissappearing into boxes so it can be mobed out ob da way for da flooring peeps. Oh yeah, momma decided to leabs me again. Herbs gott toted out da door in da middle ob da nite again. Dis has gots to stop. Dem parra-medics and sherrif guy refused to let me out ob jail when dey stole my momma. Eye was a good girl and did not hab any accidents before eye was rescued. But sheesh, momma lefted me pee pee pads for a reason, just dem emergency peeps refused to let me at em. Sheesharoni!!! Anywho, she is back home and we is back together. Just a relapse, overdoing it and stress. The cat scan showed excess inflammation at the site of the hernia repair, so got to rest more, and suck it up. Momma, you don't let me tic tic much, eye is so behind, and now you is stealin my time...Harrrumph. eye gonna go sulk Take dis momma, CLICK.........
  14. Runnin frew, cause eye gots tickles in my towsies. Did not habs ability to communicate yesterday. But we is back today. Yesterday, late, we had a few rays ob sunnyshine come out. Momma would not let me go sunbaf cause she said dat da yard was still deep muck. Last night and dis mornin we gots more rains, but it is da backside ob da storm so dey is light. More nusence dan anythin else. Harvey is strikin more habboc about ninetyleben miles to da east now. Der is houndie rescues ober der, and we is hopin dey is all gonna be safe. Dat area is called Beaumont. Ifn you gots any more good mojo to send out, start finkin ob dem folks too. Dey is gonna need da help. Momma sposed to go for herbs surgehurry cheeckup, and cannot find out if da office is open or if da feeder roads to get der is open. She did check da webbysite this morning,, and it is two days old. Foooooey! How dat spose to help. Don't get me wrong, it is berry important to concentrate on da harder hit areas, but we is needing info in our areas too. Just sayin. Oh funny story time: We is berry lucky in our kennel dat da kennelmaster Robby, libes with dem houndies. Well, weneber der was a break and hims could get some houndies outside to stretch der leggies, hims done it. One ob da girlie girl houndies took adbantage ob Robby, who is ob senior persuasion, and refused to let hims take herbs back inside. She ran, played, jumped and spun all ober one ob da yards just outside ob hims reach. She is a playful girl and me would gibs anythin to habs a video ob herbs tauntin Robby. Da visual is just too funny knowin Robby. Hims is so greyhound saavy to get bested by a houndie! Hope you can enjoy da story too! Eye cannot say how much it meant for all my friends to hold my paw and momma's hand as we faced this nasty storm. You all are da bestest. Don't want to tie up da interwebby, need to share so someone else can tell der family HI! Dottie
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