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  1. My neighbor came over to tell me what happened. The school called. Her son (kindergarten)got into an altercation with another student. Her son was the recipient of a bite that broke skin. Her son smacked the biter, and several other students jumped in. So that was legitament run now. The school wanted to be sure she would not sue them for her child getting hurt. The biter was expelled. This is kindergarten kids. School has only been in session since monday. I know nothing about children and behavior issues. Hmmmmmm! Maybe kids should wear muzzles?
  2. Lame and lazy here. Had my follow up this morning. What a fiasco. My neighbor said she would be available to put my wheel chair in the van. Dr office would send out someone to help me get chair out of van, then back in van. My appt was for 8 am. My neighbor was late to load the chair and said she would be home until noon. Off I went. Called dr office when parked in handicap space. They forgot to turn off the voice mail that said closed. A nice lady in the garage helped get the chair out and off I went for my appointment. Doc said they were sorry for the answer machine. Made it home
  3. Hello my friends. Surgery went pretty well. Doc put a lot of nerve block in the foot and ankle. It wore off around 4 am. A friend stayed the night and did some tweeking so I can maneuver around. I just did not think to pick up the throw rugs and it was nice for her to do a couple chores while I was still groggy from the good drugs. Tiller keeps sniffing and keeping an eye on me. Funny thing...Tiller is not so happy I moved his bed. When he is not checking on me, he goes looking for his bed. I only moved it to the other side of my bed. Then he gives me stink eye and lays d
  4. Oh my dog! Rest in peace sweet Lucy. That is just horrible. Hope the owners of the bulldog pay every penny of the expenses and fines for letting their dog run. Well, Thursday was a regular eye doc visit. He went, hmmmmmm, you have a tear in your retina and need to see a specialist. So Friday I am sitting in the retina docs office at 9 am. He goes, yup. Need laser surgery today, come back at 1:30. Ouchy ouch, that hurt. Had to sit in the office over an hour afterwards so I could see well enough to drive home. He gave me special eye drops. All Friday night and Saturday, my eyes ra
  5. One of my hounds had a similar injury. His was a broken bone that healed wrong. Arthritis caused the limping. Did your vet xray the area?
  6. I am trying to make a list of tips and tricks to help houndie owners dealing with issues in caring for their hounds. Specifically, I am looking for a photo that I can use of greyhound wearing either shorts, or sweat type pants that have been used to prevent the pup from licking the rear areas. I know that I have seen them, but since I want a photo now, cannot locate. Can someone help me? Thanks
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  9. Testing http://i451.photobucket.com/albums/qq238/j...ek/100_1179.jpg testing
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