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  1. never had one for Labor day, couldn't come up with anything imaginative.
  2. @LBass yeah, still there, just tried it. If you start typing something then navigate away, it should be there when you return, with an option to clear the editor if you don't need it any longer. I don't know of a way to call it up specifically other then navigating away and back, I think it is session/cookie based, so local to your specific computer.
  3. Exactly! Windows XP still exists and it's end of life support was April 2014!
  4. No, we have not supported IE in 10+ years
  5. a correctly working browser should be showing blue lines between posts like this: If not, try a hard refresh or deleting temp browser files.
  6. Sorry, I don't understand the comments, can you be more specific.
  7. Just make sure it's updated as far as it can be, 'should' work.
  8. @BatterseaBrindl give this a try https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-36994/ If that doesn't work, try this
  9. Is it because of this extra block showing on the top right with post details? I have no idea (yet) why it shows in some places and not others.
  10. yeah, that was an odd design decision and hard to find.... Click your username in the upper left, choose Account Settings > Security & Privacy > (enter your password if asked) > select Hide My Online Status
  11. To edit, click the 3 dots on the upper right of the post: Text options are here: If they are grayed out and you can't click them, click SOURCE on the left.
  12. Ok, I'll blow the dust off the tablet and take a look
  13. New update today changed some things. I am trying to get the logo centered, let me know if there is other weirdness I may have missed. The mobile version seems a lot nicer, but the desktop version needs that logo centered.
  14. Don't miss the main thread here:
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