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  1. I do not see an option for that
  2. Are you referring to the 5 current topics on the right side of the main page? It looks like I can select forums to display topics from, so I could remove EEG, CF, OT, SB, etc, and just keep the top 3, announcements, remembrance, etc.
  3. Which specific pic is it? I'll get it updated for you.
  4. @BatterseaBrindl it should work just like attaching a gallery pic to a post.
  5. it is possible they rebuilt during the upgrade with active posts after I deleted 10s of thousands before the upgrade.
  6. I'm not seeing that. Are you not seeing 533 for yourself for example?
  7. if it's a cookie, it will be different per device, since they are stored locally on that device, so you'd need to make the appropriate change on the specific device.
  8. My unread content has stayed in the selected "condensed" setting
  9. no, just clicking unread content (and it is still staying condensed), I don't have any saved streams, I don't use either of those features, it just isn't how I personally read forums. I would doubt the condensed/expanded option is saved within the feed, to me I would think that would be independent of the feed, you're saving the data set, not the display IMO.
  10. Yes, that is either because the copy/pasted it from something else into the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, or chose to make it small. @NeylasMom mine is staying condensed, but I have only tried during this session, I've went back and forth 4 times now, still staying condensed. I'll see where it is at in the morning to see if anything changed.
  11. Correct, if you use the emoji button it inserts just one at a time, you can however manually enter the keys which would probably be faster if doing a few in a row. Other than copy/paste into the WYSIWYG editor from something like WORD, etc. I don't know of a way to change the line spacing.
  12. @Mercsmom It's still there, just renamed to UNREAD CONTENT, it is in the upper right of your screen, I think the same place as it was before, just with a new name.
  13. Nope, I logged in as you to take those screenshots, it works just as noted above.
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