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  1. FWIW: I thought the greyhound story in this article was amusing... https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/samuel-rodriguez-what-greyhounds-taught-me-about-finding-happiness-in-life
  2. I'm wondering how much of the behavior change is really tied to the events with Duchess. Toffy was one year old when you moved out of your parents' house. That is a big change for a dog, and you say he caused a lot of trouble at that point, which is why you adopted Duchess. So there may have been some personality change going on at that point. While the very negative experience with Duchess during the transition may not have been helpful, the change in housing situation, going from being a member of a pack to a single dog, along with Toffy simply getting larger/older probably also changed his temperament. As a larger, older dog who is now an only dog, he may have just become more assertive and more strongly bonded to/protective of you, especially with a Cane Corso about his size encroaching on "his" yard (cowering before the giant Mastiffs is just being sensible :-) It sounds to me like Toffy is acting quite normally. Dogs have different reactions to different dogs, some better than others. Toffy is fine with the two Spanish Mastiffs and with the young dog, but has an issue with the Cane Corso and maybe some other dogs. He may just not like the Cane Corso, for some reason us humans can never understand, or maybe running along the fence barking is his way of trying to get the Cane Corso to play. My Logan tends to be reactive with larger dogs, is fine with (or annoyed by) small dogs, cowers before very large mastiffs. But, there is one brown eskimo-type dog in the neighborhood that makes him go nuts - I have no idea why. Dogs have different personalities which can change over time, just like people, and if Toffy has a more high strung personality as an older single dog than he did as a one-year old living with a pack of other dogs, I would not jump to the conclusion he has PSTD.
  3. greysmom: No, I don't think Logan noticed :-) Too busy smelling stuff. But he doesn't have much prey drive anymore, will barely notice if he sees a squirrel nowadays. EllenEveBaz: Click on the link to the full-size version and zoom in (<CTRL>-+ should do it on most computers). There is something in the field behind the trees... Sycamore sounds right on the tree, though I'm not positive on that. Logan actually loves his walks, but he can't handle the heat, even in the low to mid 70's he starts slowing down, and if the sun is out with no shade he slows to a stop pretty quick, may take 2-3 stops on a walk of under 2 miles. During the week we tend to do short walks in the a.m. around 9 am (fixed by work schedule) and then go around dusk or after dark in the p.m. I also will be carrying a water bottle for him this summer, he never would drink from it before (Max would always drink though) but last weekend he got hot and laid down on a neighbor's lawn and the neighbor brought out water for him, and he drank it. Logan does like drinking from the water fountain in the park, just not from a portable water bowl. Logan will occasionally stop and turn around if it is too hot, like your Eve did. But more often he is the opposite, refusing to turn around when he should.
  4. Here is a link to the last picture at even larger size, in case the embedded image is too small. (I'm not sure about posting embedded full-size images on GT): https://photos.smugmug.com/Moble-photos-2019/i-WXGL6B4/0/92897bb5/4K/20190602_161617-4K.jpg
  5. Just a few shots from Logan's walk this afternoon. We went along a bike trail following the Rocky River. Most of it was shady, but the trail just ahead was in the sun... Logan does not like walking in the sun. After a bit over one mile, we reached a shady spot across the road from the trail. Logan decided it was time for a rest A shot of the golf course we were going around, taken while Logan was resting. He was tired, so we headed back, since that was into the sun I did not take any shots on the way back. But, this last one was from earlier in the walk, just as we reached the edge of the golf course. Can you find the easter egg in it? (Hint, I'm posting it larger size, you will probably need to zoom in). Thanks for looking...
  6. Second picture = synchronized sleeping, new olympic event. (If they can have curling...)
  7. Max loved peanut butter, would stand drooling in the kitchen whenever I made a PB&J sandwich. Logan, on the other hand, can take it or leave it. Mostlly leave it.
  8. Thanks for the comments. He does still have a furry butt, and as he walks ahead most of the time that ends up being his most-photographed end :-)
  9. I brought Logan home six years ago from Saturday (May 18, 2013). He was just over three then, now just over nine. He spent almost 3 1/2 of those years with Max, been an only dog the last year and a half (almost). Since it fell on a Saturday, we took several walks this weekend. Here are some shots from the Saturday morning walk, down in the Carlisle Reservation of the Lorain County Metroparks. Starting off by sniffing a tree, of course. Doing some grazing (because I don't feed him enough :-) Over the bridge along the Duck Pond Trail... Gratuitous shot of the woodland. Some rain lately, so rather damp... Checking out a rhubarb (he does not eat that, fortunately). Going around a small pond... They have a few wooden buildings, I think they use them for special events, Logan went to check this building out... He skipped then next building up ahead, but finally posed for a side shot Heading back across the bridge on the Duck Pond Trail. ...and back in the car. A 1 1/2 mile walk in all. Finishing up with a couple shots of Logan crashed back at home. Thanks for looking...
  10. Dunno, if she likes it that much I would cut the top (with the plastic hardware) off when you finish off a carton and let her go at it :-)
  11. Thanks again for the info. I got two packs of *white* ground turkey last night, Honeysuckle brand, labels say no additives, Seems that Logan likes that brand too :-) I see the suggestions above to try giving it to him raw. Are there any issues there? I just get nervous about salmonella or other bacteria or such.
  12. Thanks for the comments. I did not check the label of the package I bought other than to see "ground turkey" as I was expecting it to be a one-off, but will check the next one for additives. It looked pretty lean, I did not add oil and there was not much liquid in the pan after cooking. I did not think about white versus dark meat, unless they label it not sure how well that can be determined visually with ground turkey. But Logan liked it soooo much, I figure I will at least mix it up and switch between the tuna and turkey as additives.
  13. Quick question, apologies if it has already been asked but did not see it in a forum search. I have been giving Logan the Trader Joe's no salt added tuna for probably a couple years now as an additive to his Taste of the Wild kibble. I have been moving toward cooking my own dinner of late, so on a whim picked up a package of ground turkey for Logan. Cooked up in a frypan in less than 5 minutes, and he loved it. The package had a enough for three nights (last night, Monday night, and Sunday night). I add it to the kibble with some of that Honest Kitchen chicken bone broth for dogs to ensure it is cooled. The bone broth also seems to make Logan eat the kibble. (Skipped the bone broth the first night and he seemed to be able to pick out the ground turkey while avoiding a lot of kibble :-) So my question is, any issues with using ground turkey cooked in a frypan like this on a regular basis? The one possible issue I can think of is sodium, one website I found says 3 ounces of cooked ground turkey has about 360 mg of sodium, but I don't recall the weight of the package I bought (got three dinners out of it though). If it is an issue, not sure if there is a "low sodium" version of ground turkey available anywhere. Thanks in advance for any comments...
  14. Happy birthday, Andy! Looks like you still haven't gone gray (little bit in the face, but just enough to be a distinguished gentleman :-)
  15. Penny was my last dog before Logan. She had the ball she is holding in the picture, which has as single small hole in one place, just big enough to insert a piece of pupperoni stick. I would break up pupperoni sticks and put the pieces into that hole. She totally mastered that one - she would flip the ball around until that single hole was facing down toward the ground, then push the ball along just hard enough to get it to bump along without actually rolling over, and the pupperoni pieces would come out one by one. Never did understand how she knew which orientation of the ball put the hole facing down, but she got it right every time.
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