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  1. Is it warm out? My Logan dislikes walking even in the 70's (Fahrenheit), and by the time it gets to the 80's he is usually short-timing his walks.
  2. Nice website! One question: why are you using miles? Not that I'm complaining, being an American myself "miles" sounds perfectly correct :-) but I thought England shifted to kilometers quite a while back? BTW, I use MapMyRun (even though I'm usually walking), and that and a number of other apps will give actual distance and time info, and a map of the walk. I think most of them provide some mechanism for downloading the map to your PC, or at worst you can take a screenshot on your phone and download that screenshot image.
  3. See mom, at 12.2 I can still catch the wild animals around here!
  4. I have Healthy Paws, which I do NOT recommend. They were good, but then got sold to another company which has jacked rates up astronomically. I also suspect they jack rates up as a pet gets older knowing that you cannot switch at that point. My recommendation is to skip the insurance, set up a bank account and put what you would have paid into pet insurance into the account each month. If I had done that I would now have several thousand dollars to cover any cost.
  5. Logan does that as well. Pretty common in dogs, actually. Lots of theories as to why on the Internet. I find if I try to keep Logan from eating grass he just eats it more quickly, then ends up vomiting it back out. No significant ill effects, but he sometimes has a problem with long grass creating "issues" at the other end. So I try to compromise and let him graze on shorter grass where there is not a sign up that it was just chemically treated.
  6. The Cleveland Metroparks Nature Center in the Rocky River reservation allows dogs. They even keep dog treats at the front desk. At least, they used to. After being closed for over a year for COVID, the Nature Center has just reopened. So I took Logan in for a visit. He marched right up to the front desk and looked expectantly at the receptionist. She apologized that she didn't have anything for him. I let Logan stand there and stare for a few more seconds, then called him away. So much for the myth that dog's memory only goes back 5 minutes :-)
  7. So Logan has now been with me 8 years today. Still going strong, though with the heat he is walking less. (By his standards, low 70's is "heat"). He came from GAO on May 18, 2013. Was an only dog until September 2014 when Max came, and was a good brother until Max' passing in January 2018. Since then he has been an only hound again, and seems to enjoy being the center of attention. Some photos from our walk yesterday. They were taken at sunset so there is some yellowing. I'm sure if it was winter that would be yellow snow down there :-) ...and that spot. And, that's far enough, time to crash: FYI, we had only gone a quarter mile :-) Thanks for looking, - Rob
  8. Not quite yawning, but this is another picture I took from yesterday's walk. Not quite yawning, but eating grass as he is wont to do. A lot of kids call Logan a "tiger" or "tiger dog" as well. But I guess when you are three feet tall a greyhound does look like a huge carnivore :-)
  9. So this is a new one. I was walking Logan down in the park this afternoon, and a couple passed us. The woman was in the lead, and asked what breed of dog, and I replied retired racing greyhound. The guy came up next, and said that he first thought my dog looked like one of those thylacines. I've had Logan mistaken for a Great Dane, a Doberman, a deer (including by a couple rutting bucks one time, at least they kept following us), or a tiger or tiger dog (those from little kids), but "thylacine" is a new one. In case anyone is unfamiliar with them, here is a description: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thylacine. It's generally thought that they went extinct in the 20th century, though occasionally there is still a reported sighting of them in Tasmania. Not quite as many sightings in Ohio, but apparently some... Anyway, here is the "thylacine" on his walk: Guess there could be some resemblance seen from behind, what do you think?
  10. Logan thanks everyone for the well-wishes!
  11. Logan turned 11 yesterday. I took off early afternoon and got him some treats, and walked him down in the park. But he was not too interested in walking as we were in the 80's for the first time this year. (He starts slowing down when it gets into the 70's :-) He also was not being very photogenic, these are the best pictures I got:
  12. Logan is closing in on 8 years with me, and has only had one collar, which I think goes well with his brindle. Here it is:
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