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  1. Given how old the last post in this thread is, I guess I'm one of the last still with a hound on HealthyPaws. Just got an email that in sixty days the monthly premium will go up from $57 to $102. I will be canceling when I get home tonight. What I'm kicking myself over is, I got Logan at just past 3 years old, and he just turned 10 1/2 two days ago. Never had a reimbursement from HP (thankfully, Logan has been healthy, the few expenses he has had were below the deductible). So, that is about 7 1/2 years or 90 months. Granted, the premium started out lower (I think around $30 or so initia
  2. Logan trances in those ornamental grass bushes. Not sure the variety, but there are probably a dozen houses on our walking routes that have them, they are belt-height to shoulder-height or so. He won't stop at them all, but occasionally does and may trance for a few minutes. He would probably go longer but I tend to get bored and urge him along (but he is stubborn about it). I don't recall Max ever trancing, so based on my huge database of two greyhounds about 50% of them trance occasionally :-)
  3. My old man Max, passed away in January 2018. He was a double-bounce, came to me at just over 10 years old and made it to almost 13.5 years. He was a wonderful buddy to me, and tolerated (maybe even liked?) by Logan. I actually did not think I would like a black greyhound, but he came as an overflow foster and ended up staying :-) Here is a time sequence from August 2017 (I may have it backwards in time, but I love the last shot).
  4. With almost any squeaky stuffed toy, you can just cut a small slit in it with a knife and pull out the squeaker. It will usually be a hard (or harder) plastic thingy inside the stuffed toy.
  5. These are from yesterday (Sunday Sept. 6). I just liked the way he was laying on his bed, with his weasel toy next to him. Logan is almost 10 1/2 now, but he can still roach as he showed off a bit later (at least, he can if he has some side support): ...and a side shot showing how he does it :-) Thanks for looking...
  6. I adopted Max at 10 years old, and he was still going strong then, walking around 3 mile a day, sometimes more. He kept going on walks of 2-3 miles/day (not all at one time) until he was almost 13.5. Adopted Logan at just past 3 years old, he is now 10 years 4 months and over the last month came close to averaging 3 miles/day. He seems to be slowing down of late, but might just be the summer heat. And, Logan has taken up some (very) light jogging (4-5 miles/hour but only a few tenths/mile) in the last year or so, but that is only because his owner is now cooperating. And of course, in the
  7. Never! Any time Logan even hints at beginning to think about pouting his well-trained servant fulfills his want/need/desire without delay! What kind of greyhound owners servants are you people?
  8. Congratulations on 10 years, Lila!
  9. Happy birthday, Kate. Enjoy your french fries. (Though I gotta tell you, I think in that first picture they sneaked a milkbone in and called it a french fry - gotta watch those tricky humans :-)
  10. When Max got older, he was afraid to eat in the kichen since Logan would go after his food. So I fed him in the bedroom, with the door closed, holding up his bowl as he ate. Haven't carried either of them, they are too heavy for me - except Max on his last evening :-( Logan stops in midwalk for a full-body massage :-)
  11. Hi all, thanks for the comments. I didn't get home until 7 pm and it was raining, but Logan got out for a very short walk and got soaked. After drying off he did do some more zoomies with a new gravybone, then settled down to eat it. (The photo was actually taken after the video, but seems the video gets put at the end of the message).
  12. Logan came home on May 18, 2013. So that makes 7 years. He was just over 3 years old then, turned 10 on April 7, 2020, so he is officially an old guy now. In fact, he's the same age Max was when I got him, and I remember thinking Max was an old guy. I'm back at work now, so our celebration was brief this morning, but got a few pictures. Here he is after his morning constitutional. Not quite a mile, with light spitting rain, but apparently it tired him out. (On the plus side, he dropped two loads in that short time :-) Here he is getting his gravy bone. Got a bit more spunk
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