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  1. Happy birthday, Kate. Enjoy your french fries. (Though I gotta tell you, I think in that first picture they sneaked a milkbone in and called it a french fry - gotta watch those tricky humans :-)
  2. When Max got older, he was afraid to eat in the kichen since Logan would go after his food. So I fed him in the bedroom, with the door closed, holding up his bowl as he ate. Haven't carried either of them, they are too heavy for me - except Max on his last evening :-( Logan stops in midwalk for a full-body massage :-)
  3. Hi all, thanks for the comments. I didn't get home until 7 pm and it was raining, but Logan got out for a very short walk and got soaked. After drying off he did do some more zoomies with a new gravybone, then settled down to eat it. (The photo was actually taken after the video, but seems the video gets put at the end of the message).
  4. Logan came home on May 18, 2013. So that makes 7 years. He was just over 3 years old then, turned 10 on April 7, 2020, so he is officially an old guy now. In fact, he's the same age Max was when I got him, and I remember thinking Max was an old guy. I'm back at work now, so our celebration was brief this morning, but got a few pictures. Here he is after his morning constitutional. Not quite a mile, with light spitting rain, but apparently it tired him out. (On the plus side, he dropped two loads in that short time :-) Here he is getting his gravy bone. Got a bit more spunk here! He even got into some zoomies with his bone, and I got some video. Hopefully it embeds below. Note the teeth chattering near the beginning :-) I'm at work now, if we get more pictures this evening will add them...
  5. It is possible Hero is getting arthritic and has a hard time hopping into the car. There might not be a "scream of death" or anything like that, greyhounds can be stoic about chronic or expected pain. You might try making some stryofoam steps. See the pictures in this post: https://forum.greytalk.com/topic/321880-back-seat-ramp-suggestions/?tab=comments#comment-6040590 I made some for Max, now that Logan is in his double digits he gets to use it occasionally (although he can still hop in by himself, he is sometimes hesitant so I suspect it hurts him sometimes). Great thing about the styrofoam steps is that they are ultra lightweight, the dogs don't get nervous about using them like with a ramp (where there is air underneath), even someone like me can make them, and if they don't work you are only out a few dollars for the styrofoam slabs and some adhesive. The other thing I would check is the backseat setup. Are there belt buckles or anything that might hurt him? Can you pad it up somehow to make it more comfortable? When I had both Max and Logan, I ended up removing the backseat entirely and putting in a board, a baby mattress and piling some comforters on top. Taking the backseat out can also be helpful because it lowers the height that the dog has to jump to get in. (Of course, if you actually use the backseat for other things, like carrying people, then removing it may not be an option :-)
  6. Title says it all. A coworker asked this morning, she had seen an all-white dog and thought it might be a greyhound, but wasn't sure. Internet search found white & black and white & brindle greyhounds, but no all-white greyhounds. So does the all-white variety exist? (Of course, pictures would be great :-)
  7. Same here! I usually encourage Logan to get it done himself, and given a couple minutes he usually succeeds by applying more, ah, effort. But not always. It does concern me pulling it out, since grass can actually be sharp-edged. But I suppose by the time it goes through the gastrointestinal tract, it is pretty well softened up. Never had any blood at least, and he always seems fine afterward.
  8. Eating grass is normal. Logan does it on walks. What I find is a problem is if he eats long grass, then it comes out stringy at the other end and can give him problems dropping BMs (as in, sometimes it will be hanging by a thread, or rather by a grass strand). So I let him graze on short grass but pull him away from long grass. If Chowder is eating cut grass, and it was not too long, I would not worry about it.
  9. Logan says thanks to everyone. BTW, the rain was really only on the morning walk. It was spitting a bit on the second walk down in the park, but it actually cleared up for the 3rd and 4th walks.
  10. Quick P.S., rain held off so Logan got his last walk in, around the neighborhood at sunset. Checking the bushes... Still truck'in... ...and crashed for the evening He got 5.3 miles total in today, so he's earned a rest :-)
  11. So Logan turned 10 years old today. He came home just past 3 years old, so he has been with me almost 7 years. We did not do anything special, but he has been enjoying having me working at home due to the Ohio Stay at Home order, and he gets spoiled most days anyway :-) So, here is how he has spent the day. The morning walk. Sadly, it was drizzling rain this morning. But he still went more than a mile, and seemed to enjoy it ...but did seem eager to get in the house at the end. Woe is me, its raining on my Birthday... An ear scratching can make things better though... Next, need to rest up for the afternoon walk... Afternoon walk - down in the Cleveland Metroparks... Kind of a neat boardwalk, just built last year... The park is fun, lots to see... ...and its just greening up now here in northeast Ohio And, back to the parking lot Back in the car, and all Logan can think is: "Seven years, and he still hasn't gotten me an SUV!" And, crash again until the evening walk... Evening walk, just around the neighborhood... and, back and resting again... We may head out for one more night walk, though they are forecasting rain in the next couple hours so we'll see. Thanks for sharing Logan's 10th Birthday! (I know it was long, but a greyhound only turns double-digits once :-)
  12. I'm back at work today (Monday), so he gets his rest the next five days. He did go out this morning, I think he would have gone longer but it was slight rain (barely a drizzle) so he turned around after about a half-mile. Got two piles out though, so that's the important thing :-)
  13. Logan got in 11 miles over seven walks this weekend. Let's see how he's doing. He didn't move at all during the photoshoot :-)
  14. Hmm, which one has the better tearing technique? Petunia has those sharp pointy canines. But the Speaker has those opposable thumbs, a huge advantage...
  15. Not a question, just an FYI for anyone using the Firefox web browser. I use Firefox, and had noticed that some of the images were not showing up on the greytalk forums. Just fixed the problem now, as follows: There is a shield symbol at the far lefthand side of the URL box at the top. When viewing greytalk, click on that shield symbol and it brings up a pop-up box showing "Protections for forum.greytalk.com", and the first item below that header is "Enhanced Tracking Protection is ON for this site" with a toggle to the right of this text. Clicked on the toggle to turn the tracking protection to "OFF" for forum.greytalk.com, and now I see the images that were missing (may have to refresh the page). I think tracking protection is a new feature added in an update to Firefox around September 2019. I also brought up a couple other pages (not greytalk), and the tracking protection is still ON for those other pages, so apparently you can turn the tracking protection OFF only for those sites where you need to do so, without losing the benefit of tracking protection for all websites. Again, just an FYI in case you are experiencing this problem with Firefox. - Rob
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