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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, we have recently taken on a retired greyhound (4 weeks) and everything has been pretty great until a few days ago. Our neutered boy has started growling at our almost 14 year old daughter. She has been feeding him, walking him, he curls up on the couch with her but suddenly it all changes. She could come back from the kitchen and he stares at her and then starts growling. He has started to go towards her while he growls and it is pretty unsettling as I can see absolutely no reason for this behaviour. She was on the couch just after feeding him and then left the room to go to the toilet but as she came back down the stairs he approached the door barking and growling. Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be the cause or potential solutions would be ideal.
  2. We have had our rescue greyhound Paddy for a week. This evening he got over excited and jumped on the sofa and went to nip at my youngest son (not aggressive, seems more playful) and nipped at my top. Later when my two sons were messing about on the sofa Paddy ran over and put his mouth on my youngest sons head, again it did not seem aggressive in any way just like he was trying to join in the play. I got in the between him and the boys and firmly said NO and he sheepishly backed off and lay down by the back door. Whilst there was no aggression on Paddy's part, it gave us all a bit of a fright. Does anyone have any experience of this? How should I address this behaviour?
  3. Hi everyone, My gf and I have a 4.5 year old retired racer that we got a year ago. We just moved, but in the old place she loved her crate and would generally be there during our workday (8hrs) with little to no issues. In the new place, she is getting increasingly destructive during this same schedule (bed ripped up, blankets torn, yanked, roughed up nose. She doesn't pee). We got her a calming collar, anxiety meds, melatonin and have put stuff in her crate she likes (kongs, toys, blankets that she knows). We also have been training her (with varying degrees of rigor), to enjoy her crate. She goes in, sleeps in it, we can leave the door open with her in it and she has become increasingly accustomed to the crate in the new place. The new place is a duplex where we have the have the lower floor. Above us is a young family with a small kid. My gf and I are used to their sounds, but it travels to down to us. These are typical sounds of either people moving, a kid running around a little, there is some jumping contraption they have up there that can be kinda annoying, but to us, nothing crazy. After all we've done, through 3 weeks our dog is getting worse being in the crate. The dog has always been nervous around kids, but we are wondering if those noises is the source of her anxiety. I can't say that's for certain, we are getting to the point where it's gone from a smaller issue to a big one. Our immediate idea is to muzzle her when she's in the crate just to stop her from being destructive, and then introduce her to the family upstairs to get familiar with what could be those sounds as well as to take her to the dog park more to socialize in general. It's sad seeing her go through this, as well as my girlfriend who is the one who gets home first and sees the new damage for the day. I'm doing research on my own but does anyone have suggestions for how we can get rid of this behavior? Thanks
  4. I adopted my first greyhound, Daytona, just under a year ago, he's about 3.5 years old and a retired racer. He's only dog in my house, and adjusting wonderfully to being a pet. Of course, I think he is the best dog in the world but I'm sure others would disagree with me He has become absolutely terrified of children. It wasn't this way when he first came to live with me - he was nervous around them but ok. Now if he even hears them we have turn around on our walk and go the opposite direction or straight back home. He'll do the "horse" move, I call it - when his front feet go up in the air and wave around as he tries to make me go where he wants to go. He hasn't had any bad experiences (or good, really) because I have no small children, don't socialize with anyone who does - he simply isn't exposed to them at all. We only encounter kids on walks or sometimes at the dog park. I figure the change from nervous to terrified is probably just one of those quirky things about greyhounds, but I want to know how to help him overcome his fear. Especially with warmer weather coming, we'll be outside more and so will kids. I don't want every walk cut short because he heard some kids playing. Has anyone else had this problem? I didn't see it addressed in the previous posts, and could really use some help.
  5. On Saturday, Peggy heard our newborn neice cry for the same time and she went into her crazy frenzy mode :S We grabbed her collar so she couldn't get to the baby, but she had ears up, alert face and was desperate to find where the noise was coming from, she was completely wired. Later we played a few newborn cry videos off youtube to see if she would react the same again to the noise, and she did (not quite as extreme ) but she went into alert mdoe and was searching for the noise, the second time we played it she was on her bed and had alert face but didn't bother to get up. This scared the pants off me! Because not only do I not want her to eat my neice! Me and Jay will want to have a baby in a few years and I wouldn't want to have to worry about an insane frenzied dog everytime my baby cried. Obviously we would never leave dog and baby unattended ever, but it would still be a worry. Obviously we would have to work around this, as she is a part of our family the same as a child would be, but I just wondered if anyone had any advice or experience with anything similiar and dealing with it. do you have to desensitize the dog to the newborn cries and smells etc for months before you have the baby? We're not planning on having one for at least 2 years but I want to know what I'll be dealing with. Also, Peggy's brother is with the sister who's just had the baby and they are having no problems with him, he isn't pahsed by her crying at all. I can't understand the difference between two dogs, is it because one raced and one didn't? Ant tips, advice or stories are very welcome Thanks Katy
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