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  1. Nice design for the dog's ease of use.
  2. As to the size of the bed, we have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how large the bed is. Greyhounds will always hang some portion of their anatomy over the edge. Sometimes they are mostly off the bed, using it instead as a head or leg pillow. They don't seem to mind beds that are too small. In fact, sometimes it seems to be what they prefer. Like a number of other Greytalkers, we have some pictures of our Greys choosing to sleep in tiny cat beds. Greys are quirky that way. :)
  3. My Greys have done well with non-Grey roomies. We've had different mixes of medium and large roommies, some were just fosters others permanent. Picking a good candidate and, of course, careful intros and close supervision in the beginning goes a long way to making the transition easier. It's all the usual precautions you would take when helping two strange dogs adjust to each other. One Grey related thing you need to be really cautious about in the beginning is running loose together. Once my Grey zigged when my parents 35 lb mutt zagged. To avoid the collision, Venus tried to leap over Blossom but still clipped her with one foot. Venus had been going fast enough that Blossom was barrel rolled. When she stopped rolling she was very, very still. Scared the bejeebus out of me. Then all of a sudden she started gasping. All the wind had been knocked out of her but she was otherwise okay. Accidents happen sometimes and it seems to me that is more likely in the beginning when they are learning each other's play style. Your girl is adorable., btw.
  4. They're lovely! And such good girls. They make me miss my staghound girl.
  5. Two's company, three's a pack. It isn't always the case but quite frequently moving from two to three leads to all kinds of pack dynamics you either didn't have or didn't notice with just two. Am not implying this is a bad thing. Sometimes it is quite interesting and humorous, but for me a third dog made things harder than I had expected. You asked about feeding time and did the dogs get along. That's not something that's easy to answer as all the dogs have had different personalities requiring handling things differently with each various mix of dogs. My dogs have all been pretty easy going. Instead of dogs trying to acheive dominance, we seemed to have more of a race to the bottom. I'm guessing they were all too lazy to want to be in charge. :lol Even so, there were times I needed to do a bit of refereeing. And as EllenEveBaz mentioned, one person taking three dogs places can be a challenge. Still, I have made the leap from two to three several time and we even had 5 for a few years, 3 Greys & 2 lurchers. Now THAT was a real challenge and yet we took them all on a few trips. Oy, so much work. We loved them nonetheless and I don't regret it. At this point we are down to just one dog and it will likely stay that way for a good while. Perhaps I'll get a second sometime later, but I feel strongly that my "3 or more" days are over.
  6. Hope your birthday was greyt, you handsome boy!
  7. Such a helpful houndie! We love you, Cletus.
  8. Su loves runny oatmeal, preferably made with butter or olive oil. Actually, she had that tonight. sarabz, you have my sympathies. Su's always been an on again/off again eater. With age she is downright picky. Thankfully she doesn't have any health issues that mean dietary restrictions.
  9. OMG! What was up with that? Saoirse, explain yourself!
  10. Bit of trouble with the aim, Aiden? Regardless, you're adorable. Recently I passed by a yard with chain link fence that had dog poo stuck in it about 10" up. That takes a good bit of talent.
  11. You probably already know, but am adding this just because of the term "waist leash". Put the leash at hip, not waist level. You will put more stress on your back if you use it at waist level. For some folks, like myself. an over the shoulder leash works better than hip/waist leash. I think we are the minority. Hips work better for most. It is all down to personal preference and needs. Many multi-leads can be adjusted for use either way.
  12. Happy birthday, lovely Ms M! Looks like it was a good one.
  13. Reread "Dogs in Elk" or "I has a sweet potato" and you'll feel better about your situation. Or at least you'll feel a little better while you laugh at others' woes. And may all the barfing have ceased.
  14. kudzu


    The thread title alone brought tears to my eyes. Robin, my heart aches for you. Bless you for providing the things Iker needed most at the time he needed them. May that be some comfort as you deal with this loss. Iker, I salute you. You lived through hell and made it out, though you bore visible scars of that for the rest of your life. Through it all you remained your sweet, gentle self. You were a global traveler. You found a wonderful, loving home. You opened your heart to the person who brought you there and over time you learned to trust and have fun. You found another galgo friend and roommate, half a world away from where you both started. I believe you learned to feel safe, comfortable, happy and content. That is what we all want and all any of us really need. Run free, Iker, feeling safe and happy for all eternity. Laura
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