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  1. In my experience, most Yorkies don’t need attack training. It send to be instinctive.
  2. As others have mentioned, it is part of our homeowners policy. In my case, we have unusually high level of coverage because I have horse. It’s so high they had to get special coverage the insurer termed “incidental farming”. What the heck is incidental farming? But the dogs are lumped into that, also.
  3. So were they intentionally going for a cartoon character look with the Greyhound? The Kew one looks like it wants a Scooby snack.
  4. Am so sorry it didn't work out and very, very sorry it was in such a spectacular way. Wishing Sadie good luck in quickly finding a wonderful new home. Get well quickly, Petunia!
  5. Please sir, may I have another! Such a cutie.
  6. He’s so adorable!! My smartest dogs have all been Greyhounds. The retrievers don’t hold an intellectual candle to the Greys. As you say though, they don’t learn commands to please me. They do it when it pleases them.
  7. Jeter has mastered my favorite motto, practice persistence. Good job, Jeter. Also, I’d have had to remove my hearing aid so I’d be hearing it in just one ear.
  8. Su applauds Buddy’s quickness. Always better to grab more & ask forgiveness later. However, it points out two basic unfairnesses. First, Bubby really should have gotten both the cone & the hose apple. Second, Su is no longer allowed in the pasture, meaning she can see those horse apples on the other side of the fence but never gets a chance to taste test.
  9. Congrats on the new girl, but you need to work harder to make her comfortable. I think I see a tiny bit of tension at one point on one toe.
  10. My girl thinks food is just a daily chore & toys are for someone else.
  11. He’s very photogenic, just clearly unimpressed but it all. Happy birthday, handsome guy!!!
  12. Such a lovely girl with her as(s)ymmetric Spring hairdo.
  13. Wish I had something to offer but I don’t. Good hear she is somewhat improved. Hope the improvement continues.
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