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  1. I’m not much for advertising brands, but that plate is perfect!
  2. Wow, he’s a real looker. I’m surprised they don’t stopped the game to stare at him.
  3. Haven’t had a Grey do that but one mutt did. Have had Greys who tucked things up under their bed. Missing something? Look under a dog bed. Things weren’t chewed, just stashed for safe keeping.
  4. My sister had fencing like that. Only one dog went through it, a staghound puppy I referred to as my 2 dimensional dog. The greys couldn’t go through it & my greys gave all been on the small side. I would recommend the black plastic netting suggested by others. It would be a very easy add on. It only needs to be 36” high to serve the purpose. That would put everyone’s mind at ease & prevent the possibility of a dog getting us head stuck. In 15 years, none of my greys has jumped our 4 ft fence. The only dog that has was a lurcher who was mostly Tazi. Any of our greys were more
  5. Where is his footrest? Get the boy a footrest!
  6. That’s Sunita. But sometimes the humans have wandered away from the doorway & Su is forced to lay down on the astroturf (really indoor/outdoor carpet) on the porch & wait. Adding insult to injury, there are two feral kittens who looooove her and run all over her before flopping down next to her for a nap. Kate, you are totally adorable but a wee bit... um... different.
  7. Nice design for the dog's ease of use.
  8. As to the size of the bed, we have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter how large the bed is. Greyhounds will always hang some portion of their anatomy over the edge. Sometimes they are mostly off the bed, using it instead as a head or leg pillow. They don't seem to mind beds that are too small. In fact, sometimes it seems to be what they prefer. Like a number of other Greytalkers, we have some pictures of our Greys choosing to sleep in tiny cat beds. Greys are quirky that way. :)
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