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  1. Yes, the sound was enough to send my Venus over the edge. Hold on tight! Mercury, I’d never thought of that. Now I really want a a robot vacuum! Oh, did I admit to that. I meant to say, “Bad Roomba! Bad! Don’t chase the dog.”
  2. This is what come from ordering dog toys for your feet.
  3. FastCAT isn’t racing. It’s just a run for fun event. You’ve no need to contact the adoption agency. ETA: Lots of folks have gotten PAL for their hounds, for a variety of reasons. You’ve nothing to worry about.
  4. Happy birthday, Wiki!! Looks like you had a lot of fun.
  5. Hope your day was wonderful, Sid! And congrats to your lucky human family for having 3 years worth such a good looking dude.
  6. Paw licking can be a sign of steers or boredom. Though when my dogs did that it was the front feet/legs. It can also be a sign of pain, not necessarily in the pass she’s licking. Have had two dogs with spinal arthritis and, suspected neuropathic pain. Both licked their back feet until started on medication, NSAID & gabapentin. But in both cases it was both back paws effected. Have had a couple Greys, including my current girl, who get a sour stomach if they go too long without food. Giving a bedtime snack seemed the best way to avoid the morning gacks. Sometimes giving a small yummy tre
  7. I'm so very sorry. That is such a hard thing. You made the right choice. By the time my little lurcher was showing the pain it was much too late. On the way to the vet for xrays her leg broke. Xrays showed the extend of the metastasis. I had no idea but feel like I should have and unintentionally let the poor girl suffer. Run free, Charlie. Be well and whole again. God speed.
  8. palmettobug, at first glance that looked like two different dogs, front half on one & back half of another. Silly eyes playing tricks on me. Had to look again to convince myself it was one dog. He’s a handsome boy with a greyt hairdo.
  9. My Luke (Alabama Duke) had a neck crest. I still miss that boy. It reminded me of a roached mane. His sire was Australian and those ancestors were unfamiliar to me. On his dam's side I had to look back a little way to find familiar names, Pecos Cannon and further back Westy Whizzer.
  10. [Sunita says...] What? You mean it humans are supposed to celebrate these things? Well I’m glad you got the good humans who know how to treat their royalty. Please excuse me. I have to place a call to the adoption agency. Human!! Bring me your phone & dial this number, pronto!
  11. No starring box but looks like they have their own track. Wonderful photos of Abu the stalker & Saoirse the sprinter.
  12. Aaaannnd we’re back to homemade, again. We are again at the point where BF pulls something out of the fridge & asks in all seriousness, “Is this for me or the dog?” 😁 If switching back & forth between homemade & canned, keeps her eating enough to halt the weightloss then I’m fine with throwing out an uneaten meal or three every few days. Am definitely going to put chicken on the grocery list. I do not like dealing with meat but I can do it in a big batch & toss some in the freezer for later. If he’s nice to me, I might even use some for BF.
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