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  1. Welcome back! Abu is gorgeous and sure to make your life full.
  2. Welcome back and congratulations on your wonderful life events. You have a beautiful family. The tattoo necklaces you have were from 2 Hounds Design. The owners name is Alicia. Here’s the website but I don’t see the necklaces listed. Contact them to see if they still can make one. https://www.2houndsdesign.com/about-us/
  3. Like Rickiesmom said, telfa pad to cover, not gauze pad. To hold telfa pad in place if needed, gauze wrap or vet wrap is fine. We normally did not cover but it might be needed for your pup
  4. We use honey or sugar to heal un-stitchable wounds. Works great every time
  5. My one boy TSR’s Earl has a dam listed as Old Blue. I don’t see that one on your list
  6. So sad for you Pam. Keep the wonderful memories of Barkley in your heart.
  7. We use the ice pack with great success. Put it just above hip bones towards the head. If you make the bag big enough you don’t have to be precise. Our boy is also on meds Pheno Barb and Keppra. It took about 6 months to get it under decent control. Hang in there and call your vet as soon as possible. http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/icepack.htm
  8. My greyhound Woody was experiencing the same issues - drinking excessively, diluted urine. Woody would lay next to the water bowl and drink, drink, drink. We spent so much time trying to distract him/stop him from drinking water. It was upsetting to all of us. His water drinking was non-stop it disrupted his sleep and ours. No one in the house were happy campers. Labwork/ultrasound/urinalysis showed nothing obvious...everything in normal ranges. With the exception of the non-concentrated urine. We ruled out renal disease, Cushings, tumours, etc., etc. My vet suggested trying the ADH (
  9. LuvEarsies


    You and Eliza have educated so many and saved numerous lives. Thank you.
  10. LuvEarsies


    I don't post often but I feel compelled to tell you... It is because of the rimadyl education you have provided through greytalk that I immediately removed one of my hounds from it when he exhibited some odd symptoms. He's fine. I won't use it ever again unless absolutely necessary and then only with thorough bloodwork before and during. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure that you saved his life. Eliza knows this too.
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