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  1. How are her teeth? Any broken or worn with pulp exposed that could be hurting when she drinks?
  2. Info from Veterinary Partner
  3. A sample for a fecal floatation should be fine up to 24 hours kept cool (refrigerated), but not frozen. If you were having specific problems (diarrhea, bloody stool, etc), a fresher sample would be more important.
  4. Could they be ligating clips used in his neuter?
  5. Just went through HGE with Nemmie a few weeks ago, and one of our volunteers at the kennel had a bout in her boy last week. Both are doing fine now after a few days of IV fluids and IV antibiotics, followed by bland diet and oral antibiotics for about a week. We couldn't pinpoint anything specific that caused it in Nemmie, other than possibly stress. She seemed kind of bummed after our last foster went to his new home, and she started with the bloody poo within a week of him leaving (though she may have just been starting to feel sick, and the foster leaving at the same time might be
  6. Nemmie had lots of bloody mucoid diarrhea last night around 9, but otherwise was acting fine. I called the vet first thing this morning, and got her in for 11. Just before we left, she started throwing up watery kibble colored brown stuff, and she threw up some more in the car on the way. When we were at the vet, she started to hunch up from belly pain, but still acted like herself otherwise. The vet said she's going to run some blood and test the stool sample I brought to rule out any other causes, but that Nem's symptoms (especially the "raspberry jam" appearance of the diarrhea) s
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