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Found 4 results

  1. Mom's lower Invisalign tray ... Sigh ... Jesus Cletus!! (recovered in time, sigh)
  2. It's a week today since Cletus became a camper (although, he is the one knot like the others ) and it seems as tho he has figured out that this is home . He is the fifth of six campers who can catch treats! (Annie lol). I don't think he has selective hearing, rather he seems to be mostly entirely deaf but he is doing great with hand signals and taking the lead from the other campers. He's still eating well and, Poop Report = Excellent! haha He's worse than our hounds with standing up when I do and then placing himself *directly in front of me* for whatever distance I need to go, be it the LR to kitchen, yard to door, any room to bathroom I find myself repeatedly saying Jesus Cletus and then laffing when I remember that he can't hear a thing ROFL. We're keeping him When I can't find him, inevitably he is in the bed either with Punkin or hisownself, snoring! Thanks for looking!
  3. I think I got it ... Cletus Blurry pics because the boy was in constant motion until the last one. Notice the mentor in the background, lol We have a wellness visit in the morning
  4. When I knew he would be ours, I couldn't wait to introduce him. He's here now. From a high-kill shelter in GA, sprung by a lab rescue group that works with a local chapter, 13.4 yo Cletus got on the hauler last Thursday and arrived at his foster mom's in NY late Saturday. Sunday was our M&G and home visit, and today was delivery day. Welcome home Cletus. Glory boy. After all he's been through, he is such a HAPPY dog. His tail has not stopped wagging except during naps (when he's snoring ). The campers have welcomed him and he's been exploring as tho he's been here forever. He can't hear worth a lick lol. Please welcome Camper Cletus! Wagging with mom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-aJUkAbSzk Slow-mo wag!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsTwVY8RPFI ETA: It's the funniest thing ... the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, right? Even if that means point-to-point routes underneath a greyhound
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