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Found 5 results

  1. Long context: dog has a lot of health issues. Related to allergies, causing yeast infections, causing ear infections. Currently he is in the midst of a bad yeast infection we are attempting to treat. Came home from the vet. Where he got blood work and a shot. He willingly goes to the vet. Has never showed aggression. For two weeks he’s been waking up out of bed particularly at night with his hackles up. I don’t know why he doesn’t seem to be directed at me they’re just up. I don’t ever touch or bother him while he’s in bed as he has sleep startle. I’m now wondering if he just has some issues with being in bed at night. I noticed his ear was bothering him a lot post vet. Lots of discharge. I called him out of bed to take a look. Grabbed some gauze and attempted to mop up some clear and brow discharge. The vet may have cleaned his ear out at the visit which caused the liquid. His hackles were up. While cleaning his ear out he growled. So I stopped and he went back to bed to sleep. (he usually welcomes me itching his ears because they are usually bothering him, he’ll lean into my hand and sigh) I’m not sure what to make of this but it of course is concerning to me as I don’t like my dog growling at me. I’m not sure if it’s that I called him out of bed at night to mess with his ear or if his ear was hurting/bothering him so he told me to stop. Or if it has to do with being so stressed out at the vet. I’m not even sure if anything could/should be done beyond not attempting to mess with his ears after interrupting his sleep at night?
  2. Hi all, we have recently taken on a retired greyhound (4 weeks) and everything has been pretty great until a few days ago. Our neutered boy has started growling at our almost 14 year old daughter. She has been feeding him, walking him, he curls up on the couch with her but suddenly it all changes. She could come back from the kitchen and he stares at her and then starts growling. He has started to go towards her while he growls and it is pretty unsettling as I can see absolutely no reason for this behaviour. She was on the couch just after feeding him and then left the room to go to the toilet but as she came back down the stairs he approached the door barking and growling. Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be the cause or potential solutions would be ideal.
  3. Hi all, Have had our boy about 6 months now (first greyhound, 8th dog) and have had some incidents that have led up to a bite in the face today. He is 4 years old and he was describe to us by the adoption agency as somewhat bold, fearless and able to be an only dog. He is not affectionate and does not seem to enjoy petting from us (lip licking, turning his head away, etc). Funny thing is, he is ALL about strangers, licking them, nibbling them, melting into them and begging for petting. Since we have had him, multiple times, he has growled, Jumped up and charged at us like he was going to bite. One time it was when he was laying by the table (not asleep) and my mom accidentally pulled out the chair to sit down and bumped him. He jumped up growling and barking and kind of charged forward like he was going to bite but didn't. Another time she was trying to put his turn out muzzle on and he did the same thing. He has done it with me multiple times when I have put ointment on a scratch or even been looking at a scratch on his leg. He has also exhibited this behavior when we have accidentally stepped on him. The other day him and I were walking and he stopped dead in front of me so I accidentally walked into the back of him. He verbally went off, snarling and lunged at me and when I tried to walked toward him to pet him while I was saying "It's ok buddy" he growled at me and wouldn't let me come near him. A few days ago, my 6 year old niece who he seems to adore was over and did a cartwheel and landed on his foot and he had the same reaction. Today, I made the mistake of leaning near him to pick something up and he jumped up, growling and barking like usual only this time he bit my face drawing blood. Just puncture wounds. Hurt my heart more than anything so I went to the bathroom to clean it up and had a good cry. When I returned from the bathroom, I went to try and talk and pet him and he growled at me. I am confident there is nothing physically wrong as he just had a physical and blood work. He eats great and the only health issues seem to be hookworms which we are treating and food allergies. I am concerned because while we can control leaning over him, things are going to happen by accident like us bumping into to him or stepping on him and now he has progressed to biting. This is a bit scary and I am so sad about this. No dog we have ever has ever bit us and I am starting to feel like I have to walk on egg shells around him to avoid setting him off. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello, My 5-yr old male greyhound has been with us for 2 1/2 years. Lately, he has started growling and snapping when he is alone in his bed. He snaps mostly at himself. This is new behaviour, and he doesn't do it all the time, either, which is odd. He is also growling for no apparent reason, no one is near him. (No, he is not sleeping -- We are aware of greyhounds sleeping with their eyes open and this is not the case.) His behaviour is causing our other greyhound (a 10-yr old female) to be afraid and reluctant to be in the same room with him. Has anyone seen this behaviour before or have any clue what may be bothering him? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, GG Ontario, Canada
  5. In the almost 4 years we have had Bella, we've heard her bark twice (other than in her sleep). Once in the first week we had her when the doorbell was rung for the first time; once when a neighbor dog was causing a big ruckus in the hall. Then there was tonight. I was waiting for DH at the train station (we only have the one car so that's the deal) and the guy in front of me was out of his car leaning against his back bumper waiting for someone. Bella perked up upon seeing him, started growling and then let out a big "WOOF!" She continued to growl and bark at him until he met his passenger and drove off, which was just as DH was getting to the car. I take her with me to the train station pretty often and she's never reacted to anyone like that. There didn't seem to be anything particular about him - he was decently dressed, probably mid 20's, Hispanic, clean-shaven - she's seen thousands of men like him. But I got the impression that there was something she didn't like and she was going to protect her mom! :beatheart Thanks Bella dear.
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