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  1. We were told by our adoption agency to keep our dog crated for most of the day for the first week or so, and to feed meals exclusively in the crate, to establish the crate as a good and safe space. They also suggested that we keep the crate in an area where we spent more time at first, so that the dog would be able to be near us even while she was in the crate in the first couple of weeks. We have since moved it (maybe a month into adoption) to an area that's more out of the way. Are you putting her in that room/in the crate only when you leave her (either leaving the house or at bedtime)
  2. Those long grassy bushes are what Zula trances in too! One of them was trimmed back a bunch a couple weeks ago, and she still sometimes goes up to it and tries (spectacularly unsuccessfully) to trance.
  3. First time greyhound parent here! I'd done a ton of research and reading when we first decided to adopt a greyhound, and I never read anything about trancing (aka weed walking or ghost walking). We've had Zula for just about two months now, and there are a couple different bushes on our usual walking routes where she loves to trance. The first time we saw it, we thought she had gone into prey mode! Now it's just an amusing stop during our walks. Does anyone know how common this is among greyhounds? It seems like greyhounds are one of the breeds where trancing is more common, but I was sur
  4. I haven't dealt with this issue myself, but I've read suggestions that you start getting up a little earlier than he does and starting the day before he has a chance to start getting restless and whining/barking. You can gradually push back the time you get up by a couple minutes a day until you've gotten to whatever time you'd like.
  5. We have a couple of the squeaky toys that are only audible to dogs. TrustyPup and HearDoggy both make them, and our grey loves them both. The TrustyPup platypus toy was the first toy she ever resource-guarded (though we've since worked on that). You can buy the TrustyPup ones at Target, and the HearDoggy ones either on Chewy or Amazon. For both kinds, when they're squeaked it just sounds like a puff of air to human ears. If you're open to some less obnoxious squeakers, Outward Hound has a Fattiez line that makes a lower-pitched grunting instead of squeaking. I believe there are other comp
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