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Does anyone have thoughts on dog parks? We've taken our new grey Arrow twice. I could tell she loved it so much - getting to run free and be with other dogs. And she generally did great both times. At one though, there were separate spaces for big and little dogs, and she seemed a bit obsessed with a chihuahua on the other side of the fence. Chasing it back and forth and barking. I felt like it made the dog's owner a little uncomfortable. I know she couldn't get to the dog in this instance, but I worry about her being in a shared space with a small dog. Do you all muzzle your greys when in a dog park with small dogs?


The other thing that worries me a bit is the unpredictability of other dogs. I know greys' coats are thin and worry about some other dog getting too aggressive. Our grey loves to chase the other dogs, but she doesn't seem interested in anything more than sniffing and then running onto the next thing. But I can't help but feel like I'm gambling with her safety a bit every time I take her, though she so clearly loves the experience. Any insights?


So grateful for this forum...

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Yup, lots of thoughts, but in a nut shell my experience is to avoid them.


Lots of threads on the forum discussing the pros and cons, and seems to have bothered you enough to pose the question about continuing to visit them as well.....

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Everything you are concerned about is valid. Those are the reasons that I don't take my dogs to the dog park.


Throw in the possibility of contracting a dog virus or disease and you have been exposed to anything that can go wrong.

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Where to start.... What country are you in? Is your dog muzzled? How long have you owned this dog? What are the dog park bylaws?


I think your Arrow is having her prey drive boosted by chasing that little Chih and you really need to stop that. Dogs are in general unpredictable and you are risking more than just a fine if you can't keep them under control. Trust, misplaced, can be deadly. So can barbed wire and nails in fences as well as other dogs' teeth.


I'm in the UK where we are not so anti letting our Greys run free, but even then they have to be under close control (ie. recall reliably). If any dog even scares a human in the park then it is deemed a dangerous dog.

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Yes, I am a bit worried about the parks. When she was chasing the chihuahua through the fence, I felt that I was seeing a side of her I had not seen and that I don't want to encourage (she shares a home with a cat). I am in the states, where I feel like the dog park rules are not all that defined. And there is extreme encouragement to never let them off leash in an unfenced area. Muzzles are not required in public here.


One thought I had was finding a friend with a big fenced area, maybe even a farm, where she could run but wouldn't be thrown into the dog lottery. Maybe also find friends with dogs, let them become buddies and let them run free in a fenced yard?


Does anyone have a dog park situation that is working for them? Thanks, John

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Never muzzle your dog unless all others are muzzled.


I tried to be a dog park fan but none of my greys wanted anything to do with it. Buck would walk around and position himself under owners hands. Rex would stand at the double gate hoping someone would let him out.


Then Poodle was almost disemboweled by 5 small dogs. Their owners went there daily and sat in a circle in lawn chairs. We walked over to to talk to a lady that had silken windhounds. Poodle was sitting at my side but to that pack he was an interloper and they went into him. I grabbed his collar and it came off. I had read somewhere to fall on them to protect them so I did. I was bitten about 10 times with Poodle biting my face lashing out in fear. I screamed at someone to call Dr Dunn and tell him we were coming. He literally blanched when we walked in as facial wounds bleed a lot. That was our last dog park trip.

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Wow. That's terrible - so sorry that happened to you and your greys.


If dog parks are not an option, what solutions have you all found to let your dogs run? I keep hearing they need it 1-2 times a week. And is a smallish fenced yard enough space for them to get a decent workout? Thank you all again. This is invaluable advice for a newbie.

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ArrowOwner, they don't "need" to run. An ordinary walk is fine. Ask your adoption group for suggestions regarding fenced areas or other adopters with a fenced yard near you who might consider a playdate.


Even though the chihuahua was on the small dog side, your dog's fence chasing could draw the attention of other big dogs on your side and that can lead to injuries. Also know that too often we read hear about small dog owners letting their little dogs in the large dog section regardless of the rules.


Unless it's a greyhound-only playgroup I will never ever use a dog park.


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You will find few, if any, dog park fans here, mostly because of things you are already seeing or thinking. The prey drive is part of a natural drive that every dog has regardless of breed, but your dog will be quick to be labeled "vicious" if there's an incident due to their size and tendency to play rough.


Find a friend with a big fenced yard or contact your group to see if there are scheduled greyhound walks or play events instead. Good luck.


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A fenced ball field at a nearby park worked for us when we lived in a townhouse and had no fenced yard. Didn't do much for the socialization aspect, but Sweep was totally happy running on her own.


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Great, that's a good solution. Thank you!


Right now her freezing on walks is still an issue. What worries me is that sometimes these walks end up only lasting about 10 minutes, she does her business, then will only walk back toward the house. I worry she's getting cooped up too much and not getting enough exercise. Do you all think this is ok for now? Again, I've only had her two weeks so far....

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I posted in your other thread, but I see here that most agree with me about the dog parks.


As far as 'needing' to run I also agree that they really don't 'need' to do that.

We rarely go to our greyhound playdates and there are also many days where mine don't get a walk either. I'm in Ontario where it gets very hot in the summer and downright frigid in the winter.

I do have a fenced in yard but they really don't do much out there except pee and poo. Of course if I'm out with them I certainly have no difficulties enticing them into doing zoomies, but generally speaking they are a pretty laid back crew. Yes..they love to walk, but do just fine without them.

Sounds like you don't have a fenced yard so need to go for a walk so she can do her business, but if all she can manage is 10 minutes that is fine.


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I am no greyowner, my newest familymember is another galgo, but I wonder - is there really such a difference between ex-racers and ex-hunters? The spanish galgos are often trained only during hunting season and come to their new homes mostly in poor condition, but none of my hounds ever would have been satisfied with short walks only. Well, the majority of galgos for adoption is under the age of 5, but even older dogs.


Oh, and I am a dog park user but only under certain circumstances.

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The spanish galgos are often trained only during hunting season and come to their new homes mostly in poor condition, but none of my hounds ever would have been satisfied with short walks only.

As I understand it, one of the major differences between greyhounds and galgos is the galgos' highly superior endurance.


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I'm going to go ahead and say that in my opinion, all dogs do enjoy running. At the very least, some zoomies, even if it lasts under 30 seconds. I adore watching my greyhound run full out. Nothing like it!


He doesn't /need/ to run but he certainly enjoys it and is extra speedy yof he hasn't gotten the chance to stretch his legs in days.


Dog parks aren't always the best place for that. A lot at risk and some people just aren't responsible with their dogs. But a fenced in sports field, pasture, or yard can work as well. Maybe a training center as well or friend's property. Just have to think outside the box!

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