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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone have thoughts on dog parks? We've taken our new grey Arrow twice. I could tell she loved it so much - getting to run free and be with other dogs. And she generally did great both times. At one though, there were separate spaces for big and little dogs, and she seemed a bit obsessed with a chihuahua on the other side of the fence. Chasing it back and forth and barking. I felt like it made the dog's owner a little uncomfortable. I know she couldn't get to the dog in this instance, but I worry about her being in a shared space with a small dog. Do you all muzzle your greys when in a dog park with small dogs? The other thing that worries me a bit is the unpredictability of other dogs. I know greys' coats are thin and worry about some other dog getting too aggressive. Our grey loves to chase the other dogs, but she doesn't seem interested in anything more than sniffing and then running onto the next thing. But I can't help but feel like I'm gambling with her safety a bit every time I take her, though she so clearly loves the experience. Any insights? So grateful for this forum...
  2. I have a 2.5 year old, smallish male (~65 lbs). I adopted him 2 months ago. He has virtually no prey drive that I can discern. He is terrified of my indoor cat, and shows no interest in cats or squirrels when outside. He has been exposed to large and small dogs. Very small dogs he sniffs and then completely ignores. He tends to ignore most larger dogs too, and any dog who wants to roughhouse. He is polite and tolerant of puppies but again will walk away if they get mouthy. His real preference for playmates are dogs who are a bit smaller than him, but not really small; in the 35-50 pound range. Most of the dogs in this category he will play-bow to and mutually chase back and forth. So long as they know to stop and play-bow back, or show their teeth to make him back off when they're finished, all is well. However, a few of these dogs (I would say maybe 15%) he will give chase to in a way that doesn't seem especially playful. These are dogs who tend to run very fast, are on the submissive side, and when he chases them they will not engage ... only tuck their tails and try to run away more. The trouble is, he's a greyhound and they can't outrun him. My dog has never bit or snapped at one of these dogs, but he does growl and he won't give up the chase until I grab his collar. Is this prey drive? Is this my dog being a bully? I hesitate to call it prey drive because he never exhibits that behavior toward any really small animals. But, maybe smaller animals just don't catch his attention because they don't run fast enough? But then again, if he thinks dogs of this size are "prey," why would he only bully 15% and play fine with the other 85%? I would like to break him of this habit if I can, but if it's prey drive I recognize that that may not be possible. If anyone has encountered behavior like this and can give me some insight that would be great. This is my first greyhound.
  3. I took Coe with me to pick up my son from summer camp at our main public park, and these squirrels -- these urban park squirrels that have lost fear due to a lack of predators -- they are all over, but one was so bold. It came scampering toward us and came within five feet of us as we were waiting on class to let out. Coe went nuts. I held him by his collar. If I hadn't, he would have gone for it. He could be held as I talked to him calmly, but I couldn't move him away from the spot. He's uninterested in the wild rabbits we see on our street! What do you do when your greyhound is fixated on a squirrel and wants to get it? I can't take Coe to this park. That's today's lesson.
  4. Actually the cats are not the trouble, it's the dogs. I am crying as I post this because it's so hard to see a good outcome. We have two older cats that we've had for a long time. Both hounds that have been placed with us were tested and were rated "cat friendly." We got Zoe two years ago, and she was really "cat correctable" and we worked hard, and eventually we got to the point where she was with the cats (always supervised) and would leave the cats alone. We used baby gates up off the floor as escape routes, and always crated Zoe when we were gone. We got Mika about 18 months ago, and he's very reactionary - everything sets him off, and he leaps up and runs off to look to see what's happening. He barked at the cats, and then would try to chase them. Over the last 18 months we've tried pennies in cans, spray bottles, "NO CAT" in a deep voice, and treats when he ignores the cats. He improved somewhat (no more barking), but isn't really trustworthy, so we put the baby gates down, and the cats mostly live upstairs and the dogs are gated into the downstairs. Dogs are always crated when they are unsupervised. I even took Mika to a professional trainer to work on this issue, but he completely ignored the cat that she brought in to test him. We've had a few chasing incidents over the last year - always in the kitchen, since the dogs have to pass through the kitchen from the gated area to go out the back door, and the cats have access to the kitchen. I check to make sure the cats are upstairs, and then let the dogs in. Sadly, Zoe has unlearned her tolerance for cats, since Mika taught her it was fun to chase them. Last night, I thought our cat Ellie had gone upstairs, and I let the dogs into the kitchen to go outside. Unfortunately, they found her, and Zoe grabbed her and started shaking her. I screamed at Zoe and grabbed her collar and eventually got her to drop the cat, and then Mika grabbed the cat. More wrangling as both dogs are grabbing for the cat. Ellie finally got away and ran upstairs. I put the dogs back in the crates, retrieved the cat out from under the bed, and raced her off to the vet. Fortunately, x-rays show no internal damage - though I'm sure she's sore from being picked up and shaken so hard. We are now leashing up with muzzles to go through the kitchen. Both cats haven't been downstairs at all since the incident. I can't get the image of Zoe trying to kill my cat out of my head. I contacted the adoption group, which basically said, "you've done what you can training wise. Either you have to keep them completely separated or we can rehome the dogs for you." They were gracious and sympathetic, but it's so hard to think about giving them up. But I feel I owe it to my cats to give them a safe home. Has anyone successfully lived long term with a divided household? Clearly the dogs are not cat safe, and I worry about my cats.... I am heartbroken about the idea of giving the dogs up, but also want my cats to be safe.... I feel so awful and that I've betrayed my cats by bringing the dogs in, but I also have worked so hard with both dogs on their health and behavior issues that I feel responsible and love them, too.
  5. Sorry for the length of this. This is the progression. Last month while visiting my sister-in-law, Sheba nipped my 3-1/2-year-old great-niece above her eyebrow and across her nose. More like a deep scratch above the eyebrow and minor scratches on the nose, but it broke the skin nonetheless and of course scared the little girl. Yes, we were watching Sheba and my niece all the time, but this one slipped by us. We didn't see it happen, but I think my niece either tried to take a chew bone away from Sheba that she had given her earlier or she went up to Sheba when she was dozing on the dog bed and startled her. After that, Sheba was muzzled when in the house or put outside in the large dog pen. Fortunately, no stitches were required and my niece is fine. I've had Sheba for almost 3 years now, and she will be five next January. She's always been a real spitfire; dislikes cats, squirrels, scateboards, and bicycles; and chases most running dogs at the offleash dog park, which can be a problem since she's been nipped twice requring costly vet visits. Since she's an aggressive chaser, I go to the dog park when most other dogs aren't there. She enjoys chasing after a ball and simply enjoys racing around the park all on her own and then lounging in the wading pool. If there are other dogs there that could create a potential incident (some do, some don't), I leave. The one thing Sheba's always enjoyed is being around other greyhounds, with no issues whatsoever. My friend has three greys, and we meet almost weekly at the offleash dog park. We love it when we're the only ones there! Her youngest grey (Causey, 7 years old) loves to chase Sheba when Sheba chases the ball, and this has gone on for 3 years with no incident, until now. Yesterday, Sheba bit Causey in the muzzle. We didn't see it happen but figure they bumped into each other while running and a startled Sheba went on the offensive. Before my friend arrived, there had been two dogs there that kept stealing Sheba's ball. Although there were no altercations and the dogs left, perhaps Sheba thought Causey was going to steal her ball? Causey is healing (no stitches required), and my friend says she seems unchanged by the incident, but her vet said now that Sheba thinks she's the Queen A Dog, the two shouldn't be at the park together or at the least Sheba should be muzzled when together. We want to continue our weekly visits if at all possible. What do you advise? Since Sheba nipped my great-niece last month and now bit Causey yesterday, is this a sign that she is getting more aggressive and if so, what should I do about it? Sheba is very friendly and typically good with people as well as young children, but now I'm worried.
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