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  1. A Letter from Heaven - Alena Hakala Meadows When tomorrow starts without me, And I'm not here to see, If the sun should rise and find your eyes, Filled with tears for me. I wish so much you wouldn't cry, The way you did today, While thinking of the many things We didn't get to say. I know how much you love me, As much as I love you, And each time you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. When tomorrow starts without me Don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right there in your heart. This is a roll call no one ever wants to be a part of. We've lost so many this year. Hug your hounds and tuck them in tonight with a kiss and cookies. They all deserve it. They are never with us long enough.
  2. 2 or 3 medium sized milk bones. I often alternate though and have a softer chewie type treat as well. 2 pieces of Beggin' Strips is by far the favorite around here. Bedtime snacks have more often than not kept the acid away, but it also helps to create a fabulous bonding routine too before bed. Go slow with introducing new treats. He might be on the mend, but one little thing could be a setback. I'd wait for firmer stools before adding cookies, although frankly milkbones are pretty bland and easy to stomach.
  3. That rawhide was bad news, likely culprit. Continue to monitor. Rawhide is not good for dogs, IMO it should be banned as it can cause blockages and bloat. Good luck.
  4. Step in the right direction, but take it slow. If he hasn't had anything to drink though, how is he vomiting clear liquid? This makes me worry. His system has been without intake for a while, and GH's systems are very sensitive. Usually what we do for bland is just broth, get him drinking that, then add some well cooked rice. Give him only this for a day or two or you risk further diarrhea. Then add in some well cooked chicken to the broth and rice. Do this for another day or two until his system is back on track. Then you can move to add kibble to the broth to soften. If he is still having watery D, (or further vomiting) this is not a good sign. He's still new to you at 1.5 months, there could be a lot of things going on too - worms, parasites, etc. that often get missed on fecal exams. The important thing is that he's getting fluids, wind down your exercise with him, and continue trying to feed broth, some rice and cooked chicken. Monitor him closely. Think about making a vet appt though. Things aren't adding up.
  5. It is the worst time of year to be thinking this, and I'm sorry that you are. I believe it's all about quality and not quantity. I am also in the camp of one day sooner is better than too late, which is often very hard to find that day! This is a very hard decision to make, and the majority of us have to make this selfless decision. If you can already tell she's tired, is truly not happy, has lost her zest, and if she isn't her same self then I think that is a beginning indicator. It's hard to think about but another way to look at it is: are keeping her around for her, or keeping her around for you? It would be really nice for your grandson to see her tomorrow; they love their people. Revisit this again in a few days, it's not an easy decision to make....take your time.
  6. Well first off, if he isn't eating or drinking stop the activity you are doing with runs and walks. He needs way more input to keep up with those demands. Not drinking water is a huge issue and he can dehydrate quickly. Please check the color of his gums as well as how his skin is tenting on his neck. Press the gums with your finger, they should turn white briefly and return to normal pink in 2-3 seconds. Pinch the skin on the back of his neck. The skin should instantly go back in place, but if he's dehydrated the skin will take longer to fall back. Cooked chicken is not a bad thing to give your dog, and I don't think it would have caused this kind of issue. In fact, we often use broth, rice and cooked chicken as a bland diet to get things back on track. Wanting to eat grass outside is an indicator that his stomach is upset. If the vomit is a bright yellow, sometimes frothy, it's a sign of excess acid in the system. No food in the system can do this, the acid has nothing to break down. A bedtime snack of a couple cookies can usually alleviate this, otherwise he might need Pepcid, but I don't think this is the first thing you need to tackle right now. Will he accept broth? Straight up chicken broth from a can - low sodium if possible, but if you have some broth on hand just do it. If he doesn't drink some of this, I think you need to make a trip to the vet. He might have a real issue going on.
  7. Beautiful Banjo! Canada is quite big. Whereabouts are you? That last photo looks like it's taken at a park I'm familiar with. Enjoy your pup (and hopefully many more in 2019!)
  8. Wow, you can just tell they are sweet souls! Congrats!
  9. Be grateful it's all outside and not in your house! Walks get things moving, so his system is working normally. Trails are wonderful places to walk. I can think of perhaps 2 reasons why there is so much. Overfeeding and not enough opportunity to go prior or otherwise. Provided you have developed a routine, I would say there is nothing really wrong. If he is straining at the 4th/5th he might be connecting that the walk is ending and it's really his last chance to clear his system until the next time you do this walk again. He's still learning your routine, but also knows his previous routine that out means do your business. It would be normal that at the 4th/5th time it is "watery" and not much left. The longer it stays in the system, the longer it has to form. As far as time goes, use an alarm clock and advance it a few minutes each day to get it to the time you want. Again, he's still learning and adjusting to you and his new home. Enjoy your walks! He's very lucky he gets to explore!
  10. Agreed. Consistency is always key with these tests too. And actually for protein, you'd want to do a pooled sample instead. Morning catch 4 mornings in a row. They would average the sample and it has less tendency for a spike in a reading.
  11. You can return the food if it doesn't work out, but it is highly digestible. It's very promising that he is eating for you period! Good luck.
  12. I'd say 4 is rather young. Was there protein in the urine? You will want a morning catch to test properly. The idea is it should be in his system for a long time (8 hrs) to get a good reading. Did they check for a UTI? I wonder if there is an infection going on in his system somewhere. A kidney diet is essentially a low protein diet as to not tax the system too hard. Stick with royal canin for about a month at least if you can and then retest. You can only get the renal stuff at the vet. Feel free to get wet food as well - moist food going in is easier for the body to handle than dry, but even soaking the kibble a bit before feeding is beneficial.
  13. My boys would have a HOLY COW if I tried to flip them!
  14. Didn't you bring this up last mo? Discussion in thread here. http://forum.greytalk.com/index.php/topic/323966-leba-iii/?fromsearch=1
  15. The poor girl. I'm sorry my post won't be very helpful, but wanted to pass on my experience. Fwiw, tumeric made my boys absolutely reek so badly I had to stop using it. This is for inflammation, and is a natural way to help control it, but wondering if an antibiotic might be better (maybe there is an underlying issue cause the inflammation?) Milk thistle also went right through Ryder after one dose. I was too scared to try a second dose so threw the bottle away. From my recollection, milk thistle is more for helping liver and kidneys (well actually a whole intestinal cleansing), I am not familiar with it for pancreas though. We used Denamarin instead and that didn't help either, just cause inappetance! Ease into new things slowly, she will need some time to adjust to your new help. These things might work on her, just giving you forewarning. I just worry about adding some bad D to the mix won't help either! Gentle skritches to Mazy and hugs to you Ducky. So sorry about this happening so close to Christmas.
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