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  1. You might find more people in your area on the GreyTalk Facebook group! I found a local-ish (an hour's drive away) Greyhound walking group that way.
  2. Rogue can join the bush pooper club! He also did poop on a chain link fence. 😂
  3. Between November-March, I take my grey with me fairly often to run errands. Usually a trip with errands for me than a walk at a park for him. The first time I did this I'd only had him a short time and he was an anxious mess when I left him in the car, and got poop all over himself. So we practiced on being settled in the car before trying again. Now he's a pro!
  4. Rogue LOVES the cold. He comes alive during the winter months. We'll be walking down the street and his tail will just be wagging. We do the most of our hiking during the cooler months because of this. The summer humidity is hard on us both so we retreat indoors then.
  5. Aww thank you for sharing! I love the sunshine.
  6. You could use a poop bag covered litter scoop to catch the runny poop before it lands. Really helped me when we first moved to the city and my grey was having nervous poops and would have to go in inappropriate places.
  7. If I'm not out for very long, like under 4 hours, I get the same low key response. I don't mind it! Sometimes when my partner gets home late, he's so excited he greets both of us even though I've already been home haha!
  8. Bringing this up because I just bought Rogue a FitBark 2! Eagerly awaiting it's arrival. And would love to follow progress of other greys!
  9. Can't weigh in on the barking, my first one is the silent type! But he LOVES walking and we go for miles. Just not in the middle of July haha. Right now is our best time of the year and he usually gets his second wind at mile 3.
  10. Another one here to agree with the "gradual blooming"! (Well said palmettobug) I'm approaching the 2 year mark with my grey and it and seems every few months he's showing me another lovely side of himself.
  11. Happy customer here as well. Cheaper heartgard than my vet! I guess I'll have to switch to Petco...
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