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Found 3 results

  1. Does anyone have thoughts on dog parks? We've taken our new grey Arrow twice. I could tell she loved it so much - getting to run free and be with other dogs. And she generally did great both times. At one though, there were separate spaces for big and little dogs, and she seemed a bit obsessed with a chihuahua on the other side of the fence. Chasing it back and forth and barking. I felt like it made the dog's owner a little uncomfortable. I know she couldn't get to the dog in this instance, but I worry about her being in a shared space with a small dog. Do you all muzzle your greys when in a dog park with small dogs? The other thing that worries me a bit is the unpredictability of other dogs. I know greys' coats are thin and worry about some other dog getting too aggressive. Our grey loves to chase the other dogs, but she doesn't seem interested in anything more than sniffing and then running onto the next thing. But I can't help but feel like I'm gambling with her safety a bit every time I take her, though she so clearly loves the experience. Any insights? So grateful for this forum...
  2. We're a month in to GH ownership and I love reading through the forum. Many topics and comments help me understand our new dog and this breed which is new to me even as a lifetime dog owner. I have a couple of questions for those who would be so kind to answer: I read a lot about prey drive, people describing their dogs with low or high drive. I'm trying to figure out where our boy fits in with this. We have 4 cats, one of whom (ironically the smallest, whitest and youngest of the 4) who can walk up to him, jump around him run next to him to greet me and sniff his mouth without a reaction. The other 3 are shyer but as they emerge he's gotten less inclined to chase them and usually either ignores or watches them from his bed. At first they excited him a little too much for comfort but he seems to be getting the idea that we all live here. Bunnies in the yard get chased but not with much intent and he's easily distracted, when I tell him to "leave it alone". He does like to munch what they leave behind. Birds barely turn his head and land nearby unchallenged. Squirrels, however, piss him off, lol, and will be chased and barked at, territory will be marked and there's much scratching afterwards for emphasis. So, low or high drive? Medium? Next question is dog parks. They scare me (losing or having a dog injured) but we keep meeting GH owners who tell us that we should take him. Do they mean to let him off leash in them? I've never taken a dog (non GHs) to one because I've never trusted previous dogs on their recall. I know off-leash is a hot-button topic among GH owners, but when people discuss it, are they referring to dog parks or just in general? Last question: Does anyone use sports wrap on their dog's legs when they go hiking? It seems like it might offer protection from cuts.Or would this just be silly and useless? Thanks!
  3. It's been forever since I've been on greytalk! Bhombolina (aka Ale Flashy), who we've had for over two years, is a great people dog. She's incredibly patient around kids (yes, we supervise), she puts up with nutty Halloween costumes, and she listens to commands fairly well. We moved 6 months ago, and for the most part things are going wonderfully. Since moving, she's got a large apartment to herself, is more comfortable staying alone for longer periods of time, and even has a dog park across the street! However, the move also brought to light a new challenge: it turns out Bhombolina is REALLY unstable around large dogs. To be clear, we did know this before we moved (we were warned when we got her that she'd bitten a dog in her foster home). She has always been sweet with little dogs (no prey behavior), and has gotten on famously with every pitbull she's ever met. But, if she encounters any dogs (greyhounds included) as large or larger than she is (and she's very small for a greyt), then there's a good chance that she'll become both aggressive and defensive. Before we moved, this wasn't really an issue. When on leash, Bhombolina can be in the same vicinity with other dogs without a problem. Since there were no dog parks in our area, she was rarely off-leash, except for during late-night tennis court playdates with her best friend, a pitbull rescue. Now that we've moved, though, we live across the street from a dog park. We thought this would be a great thing, and at first, it seemed it was. During the summer months, we'd hang out at the dog park, where she'd run and play, and then promptly retire to hole digging and snoozing. She would guard her hole a bit, and snap if a dog sniffed around too long and/or too close. Other than that, though, she hung out nicely enough. As the weather has gotten colder, though, she's gotten less and less tolerant of other dogs. This is more than a little confusing, because on the occasions she decides she wants to be social with the other dogs, she does run and play, and seems to have a great time. Basically, she sniffs out other dogs nicely enough, but when they go to sniff her back, she freezes, makes a subtly angry face (no difference in tail height, no standing fur, etc), and then freaks, barking and snapping. She doesn't seem to be trying to bite, per se - the dogs are always close enough that she could easily sink her teeth in if she tried - but she sure scares the heck out of us (and the other dog owners). It's gotten to the point where my DH stands near her at the dog park at all times, ready to pull her harness away at any moment. She seems to seek out the company of other dogs, but has no idea what to do with it. As if being on the receiving end of sniffing is completely unexpected? Does anyone has any ideas for how we can work on this? Do we just forego the dog park altogether? We've tried treats, but once she gets around other dogs, she's much too overwhelmed to pay much attention to the treats.
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