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Found 8 results

  1. My greyhound Tera has a cut on one of her hind legs. The vet treated her and wrapped the wound with a bandage wrap. He also put a cone collar on her that she really annoys her. The problem is she some how can get her foot inside the cone collar and tries to chew off the bandage . I have some racing muzzles that seem to stay on but I was wondering if I can use a muzzle long term until the wound heals .
  2. We just picked up a returned 3yo girl to foster and I was wondering if people had some 'best practice' tips for having a foster/new hound with your perma-hound (ours is a 4yo boy). We've fostered before but it was before we had our guy. Neither can be crated - she pees blood it's so stressful and we just never did with him - and our house is too open concept for separation with gates. Since this is day 1 we have them both muzzled but hanging out together with limited freedom in the house and I can keep an eye/ear on them with a nanny cam while I'm at work. Does that seem like a good idea? They clearly don't love the muzzles but both laid down to snooze about 3min after I left so it's not that bad. It's also a fringe benefit to know she can't get into/chew much of anything with the muzzle on. Or is the muzzling overkill? They've done fine together so far when we were there, except for one snarky moment which I think was more communication than anything. But I'd hate to take any chances with either of them; ours is the poster child for the thin skinned greyhound. Is there a point where they can graduate to no muzzles while we're gone? Or is it just best practice to do it for the 10ish days she'll be with us? Any tips/tricks are welcomed. Any female tips as well - we're used to boys!
  3. Hello everyone, we are now at the 7 week mark with Toby and he has well and truly worked his way into our hearts. I've posted before about Toby's reactivity to other dogs and after some advice we have switched to a training halter in order to have more head control when walking. Toby has a green collar, therefore legally doesn't need to wear a muzzle in public, and he never gets close enough to another dog to bite or snap due to the reactivity, so we have been walking him without the muzzle and have seen some improvement. Less pulling and definitely more head control to break a stare off with another dog. The behaviour training group we have been attending have recommended that we try to socialise Toby with our friends dog, which will obviously require Toby to get very close to their dog. Can Toby wear the training halter and his wire basket muzzle at the same time, or could this hurt him? Thanks!
  4. Background: About two weeks ago on February 8th at 5:00 p.m. our Preacher learned how to counter surf. He ate 12 protein bars and a leftover bag of popcorn. Alright- we moved food into the kitchen and closed it off. Then he got into our CANNED sardines and opened them up and ate the fish. Then later when my husband left him alone for ~ 3 minutes he managed to get a roll of paper towels. He only does this when we aren't there. I don't understand, he's never had a problem like this before. He tried to chew a little when we got him 6 months ago, but with a little coaxing from us he stopped. We crate him, but I feel bad cooping him up for 10 or more hours a day. Our new solution is to keep a muzzle on him when we aren't able to observe him. My question: Is there a maximum number of hours to keep a muzzle on him? Doing it for a few hours while we go to see friends seems ok, but is 10 hours when we are at work too much?
  5. Please tell me this is normal and I shouldn't panic. I NEED little Miss Gracie to wear her muzzle! It made me nervous yesterday and this morning to see her pawing at it to get it off. For the last few days she has been a muzzle rockstar....easy for me to get it on, easy for me to take it off....praise praise praise for being such a good muzz-muzz girl. But, this sudden pawing at it has me nervous. Can they get it off? (I assume they can.) I only put it on her when there are possible cat interactions. Even though she seems uninterested in the cat, I won't feel comfy for a bit.... So, in the morning when I know she might be brave enough to explore upstairs (which she is doing now,) muzzle is on. Early evenings when the cat decides its HER downstairs time, muzzle is on. All night long...muzzle is on. Is it just too much muzzle for her? She sleeps downstairs at night by herself. She hasn't whined or anything. She comes upstairs in the morning to explore, but not at night to go to sleep even though she has the same bed up here. Cat has full run of house at night and I'd rather not change that, although if Grace is down, cat usually stays up unless we are down as well. Thoughts? Thank you!!!
  6. Good grief. We've had quite the week with our newish (6 weeks) greyhound. So far in the past few days, we've had gash on leg, loose poop on rug, trip to the vet, put on antibiotics, and now, she peed in the crate today. She was only in there a couple of hours, but she is muzzled, and I am wondering if she was just bored/frustrated since she can't chew or anything. There is a tiny possibility that our other, smaller dog went in there and did it -- but I don't think so. I just happened to walk by and notice it was wet/stained. The only other time she peed in the house was first thing in the morning when she came downstairs and couldn't hold it. I have let her out a ton - so wondering what gives. Any words of wisdom? I am feeling depressed. The first month went so well!
  7. Well, not sure it is hers as much as mine! 6:30 am : Woke up to a little tiny bit of dog poo in the living room. Not so much that it looked like an accident, but rather that someone wiped off a little on the carpet. Cleaned up before coffee. 8 am: My husband noticed that our greyhound Evie had about a 3 inch laceration on her leg. . .looks like it has been there a few days. (??) It is our first boo-boo, and aren't exactly sure where she got it. Perhaps on top of rabbit fence outside that she likes to bound over? We can't judge severity - call friend the vet. 9 am: At vet, no biggie with the cut, but wants us to keep the muzzle on her so she doesn't lick it. Or, we can use the cone of shame. Prescribes an antibiotic. (Cephalexin.) 9:50 am: Give Evie 2 pills in some cheese. 10 am: Let the dogs out, notice Evie has loose stools. 11 am: Go to put Evie in crate so I can leave the house, and notice ginormus pile of loose dog stool on the rug. I actually think it happened before the vet - I just hadn't been in the LR for a while. So, here is my question - I have a dog with an upset tummy already. Am I doomed to be cleaning dog poop out of the carpet for the next 10 days? I can actually pull this rug up. Also, what can I give her to help? I have some Flagyl left over from my other dog. (Would ask vet first.) Do probiotics work? Many thanks.
  8. We are currently in the works of adopting a new pal for Rhythm.... I was hoping to get input on everyone's experience adding a second dog. I have lots of questions and would really like to get some advice! We will of course, discuss with our adoption group as well, but I like hearing different people's opinions on this type of thing Muzzles - When should we muzzle them? Definitely when they are running in the yard together, and in the car (at least at first)... When else should we have their muzzles handy? Should we muzzle them while we're gone until they get used to each other? Rhythm gets a little bit anxious when we put the muzzle on him, because we had to muzzle him for a period when we left the house, to eliminate doorknob and crate chewing Crate(s) - We have been crating Rhythm less and less, and he's been doing pretty well with it (as long as he can't see us outside). Are most people able to get rid of the crate after adding a second dog? The possible new girl we are looking at doesn't seem to be too attached to the crate. We really don't have space in the house for two crates... even having the one is annoying but do-able. Feeding - I know some dogs have food aggression (Rhythm is pretty passive, but I guess it's possible). What about water? Can they share a water bowl, and then have two separate food bowls? Other - obviously I will need to buy some pretty martingales for the new dog, and a jacket for winter months, but is there anything else we need to think about buying? Yes, I know I am over-thinking all this I know most of this depends on the dogs' personalities, but I'd really like to hear your input and experiences! Thanks!
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