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  1. Dear JJ, we hope that your trip to the ‘Bridge tonight is a calm and good one. Eventually we will all meet agin on the other side. We will look after Dustbin, Fruutcake and your new Daddiman Kevin, we promise. We will look for your star (mebbe tomorrow as it’s sposed to rain tonight). Robin and Kevin we hope you have a few good hours with JJ before the vet comes tonight. We all of you.
  2. Hola! It’s cool today, mebbe rain later. Zorro del Galgo, for you today. Hamish and Junior just get some rest too so you can do that growing stuff! Nutmeg we continuu to for Missr R. Molly how you feeling? Here is Ambi’s contribution to the oldster’s partay! He's got desserts covered. Galina
  3. Just popping in to let you know Balti has his first visit with the specialist on Oct 3 then he’ll decide when the surgery is. And I see that JJ isn’t doing well at all, we for you JJ but your parents will make the right decision. Can’t post on the iPad so we’ll join the oldster’s partay tomorrow. Have fun Miss and Misser Patsy! Hugs to everyone else. Ms Tin for a sleeping Galina
  4. Hola! it's gonna be hokay owt today, KNOT too cold, KNOT too warm. Balti sez Fanks eberyone for finking ob him yesserday. He has to go to the speshulty vet dentist to get some big molars that are really near hims nose canal removed. Just the cleaning may have let some flooids into hims nose canal cuz he was snotting all last night and the 'rents were cleaning his nose juss like you'd do to a kidlet whos does KNOT know how to blow hims nose yet. It will be a month or so for his surghurry sez the vet so he can recover from this anesthetic. Molly please feel bedder soon! Rice is pretty good to eet for a sick tummy. Zorro we will for you buddy! And Misser Doug as well Miss Chris fanks for putting together an oldies partay! (mebbe a club one and a general one?) Mama founded out last nite that one ob Ambi's brudders passed away just a couple ob monffs ago LuLu you are a kewtie pie sez Mama! I fink that's all for now, lubs awl mah frends! Galina Oh, here was Balti looking sorry for hisselb last nite.
  5. Cynthia I just saw the photo. On the outside chance that it could be due to Leishmania I’m mentioning it. Have they checked for that? Ms Tin
  6. Just quickly. Baltasar didn’t have any teeth pulled today, just a cleaning BUT....we’re being sent to a vet dental specialist to pull some of the 3 root big ‘ones, two of which are very close to his nasal cavity. I’m going to pick him up now. More when I know more. Ms Tin
  7. Hi dis is Ambi....I think all of us “over 12-ers” should have a partay right here- a virtual partay, since we’re too old to get together. What do you think oldsters? Ambi
  8. Hola! It’s cloudy today but nice. Balti is hebben hims dentil today in eberybody can send him a good “keep your teeth” thought. Then Mama put this on FB: (It’s KNOT hims Burfday as eberybody finks.) We are celebrating a very special day today. Today our Greyhound, AMBI (Starz Ambitious), is the oldest Greyhound we have ever had. The four others all passed away between 11 1/2 and 12 1/3 years old. AMBI just passed the 12 1/3 year mark. This is amazing really, as he is the biggest Greyhound we have ever had. He is declining, we see that. But he still eats with gusto and can move around okay. We are finking on Misser R and Miss Jenbo’s brudder. LuLu is home!! Have fun in Italia Miss Kathy and Misser Jim. That Hamish is growing like a weed! I’ll tell Mama to let you know about Balti later today. The tech said he could prolly come home around 4oklok. Hola! Galina
  9. Good job all three! Kibo's fitting right in.
  10. This. We have 9 hounds ONE being female, the other eight are males. We love the boys. Belly banding is easier than diapering a female- our female galga has peed in the house before, not often but it has happened. Also, some of our boys have never gone in the house. I'm sorry you lost your Lola
  11. Yeah! Awesome job Sid and Nancy!
  12. mom2four


    I'm so, so sorry Robin. Iker will be remembered by many.
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