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  1. Good morning everyone! Just checking in. Michael got to the finca OK. Slept well last night after that loooong first day. There are very, very sad times at the finca though as the ambassador Galgo Ambo was PTS on Monday due to his cancer. He is Charls heart and soul dog. His “replacement” as the family Galgo was going to be Jedi who came in a year ago with his two daughters, so, so scared. He found his way into Charls heart as well. Sadly he became ill late last week and died 12 hours after Ambo was PTS from kidney failure. Sad, Sad times. We’ve had three Birthdays in the last 3 days. Our Ambi turned 12 on Monday. Our two kitten sisters turned one year old yesterday. Today is Baltasar’s 9th birthday AND his 5th Gotcha Day! Happy days for us! It’s been busy here, one of Michael’s show fish died- that means the feature fish in the aquarium, it was one of two German ram cichlids. So I had to run to the fish store to get a replacement- within the first 2 weeks they replace it and it died on day 14! They didn’t have any so got a gift card so Michael can get another when he comes back. Some gardening will be done today before 5 straight days of rain showers and snow showers. I’ll try to when it’s cold and wet outside. Ms Tin
  2. I’ll later...just dropped Michael off at the airport for his trip to Spain. (He just texted he’s on board the first flight, to Montreal, then he has a 5 hour wait.) I have a dentist appt for cleaning in a few hours. Happy Birthday Lucy!! It is also our AMBI’s 12th Birthday today, that is a big milestone for us. We have never had a retired racer reach 12 before, they all passed between 11.5 and two weeks shy of 12. (TOSCA reached 12 and 4 months but she never raced, we got her as a pup). Ambi is getting old, losing muscle mass and weight, but still eating very well. I posted two pics on FB, both taken yesterday. Happy Birthday Ambi Back later. Ms Tin
  3. hola! It’s Friedday! And Mama is on holidays agin neggst week so she can stay home wiff us whilst Daddiman goes to bisit Miss Charl. Atom, Whiskey are you eating? Ruby? Anyone else? We all just eat up, even Ambi. Dr Fruutcake that’s a awsum Sorry about awl da rain Fancy! Oh and Laila too! Feel better soon Miss Nancy ob da ‘Berg. And Miss Guest, we will for your surghurry. Gadaraid isn’t so bad. Abby! Good to heer that Atom is doing mutch beddah and can play. Good luck Auntie Patsy! DrPimplepopper came to mind too! Gotta go! Galina
  4. Hola! It's rainy sort of today. Atom, please eet And Whiskey Feel better both of you. Miss Chris and Misser Dennis. You are living the life now Miss Soosin. Gino, don't play ruff! That's a cute piggy Miss Jennie! I still can't figger how to postie :digicam, we tried lass nite, butt no go! I've got nuffin else, nuffin NOO here today. Galina
  5. Hola! I am aloud to tic agin! I hope you have all bee hokay. Eggcept for little Atom I hope you’re gonna be hokay. Lissen to your Momma and take it easy! Zorro got losted? Please find him someone! Zorro was found!!! Happy Burfday Misser Richard! A little late. Feel well soon Miss ‘Lizabeff. Good luck with your speech!! Someone gave Mama a cold-in-herbs-nose on the plane to home and she gave it to mah Daddiman. We are trying to get him all better by this coming Monday, cuz he is going to fly to Spain then!! That’s a LOT of rain Fancy! We got some more butt it habs awl melted! Charlie, Zorro and Miss Cynthia four your Grampy. JJ we normally do KNOT wotch dose races butt happenred to see it on Sattiday. A historic moment! Mama was voting for #18 cuz he was black….that’s a good reezon, rite? DA and CK….peeples can’t be trusted to reed stikkers! Mama is deelin wiff that at werk this morning! Congrats on the new ride, Duckies! Miss Soosin, you are livin the life now! I got snuffing else NOO today. Can someone eggspain how to put on here now? Can you drag files from your 'puter now? Galina
  6. Just checking in and see Atom’s got a big problem! Please be OK little Atom We send to Miss Chris as well. Hope it gets better for you Atom! Ms Tin, Galina is
  7. Good morning!! Here is the tail tale of Spain. I arrived at about noon after 30 hours of being awake (1 hour nap on the plane) and managed to stay awake until 8 PM. This helped tremendously with jet lag, just fight through it. Charl showed me around the finca and told me about the bay cleaning procedures which happen each morning and evening. The orchard, where most of the dogs reside in their bays had just been concreted, so the majority of the dogs were not at the finca they were in residency (a very first class kennel). So I met just the dogs in the garden bay (it’s set apart location wise) and is near their horse stable. I also met the dogs in the isolation bay, which my cabin was opposite of. The dogs in the isolation bay were orthopedic cases when I was there. I was also shown how to prepare the bowl of dog food, which I washed out an prepared each day, in the end 30 big bowls of dog food for the orchard alone. On day two (Wed) I helped clean the two bays and then it was the plan to bring home the dogs from residency. This is what happened, later in the day. I also told Charl I wanted to tackle her huge pile of dog bedding laundry so I was shown how to operate the industrial washer and dryer. I did 7 loads that day and it made a small dent. Later that day the MASSIVE pile of laundry was picked up from residency. I kept doing laundry for the next 4 days and eventually the pile disappeared much to Charl’s surprise. Throughout day 2 Charl was getting calls about a Galgo who a private citizen had found and who could not walk. Charl agreed to take this Galgo and it was decided that it would be picked up the next day- a massive Easter parade holiday in Spain. They decided it would need to be an early start since the parades in Seville, which was on the way were to start at 11 AM. So hubby Dioni asked if I might want to go along on the “long” trip, a 6 hour round trip. (That’s nothing for us, so used to long distances.) It was to be a 6:30 start so we’d be through Seville on the return trip already to avoid the parades. So this is how day 3 (Thurs) went, we went to rescue this galgo. He was put into the little hospital bay in the new clinic at the finca. He was named Bran by his rescuer who said it meant “saved” in a language. Charl changed it to Salvado, “saved” in Spanish, Salva for short. I find that feminine, so call him Salvo. In all of his pain and agony he never once growled, snapped or even attempted to bite anyone, all he wanted was to be petted. The finca vet came over to sedate him since it was the huge Easter weekend and nothing was open. They also took X-rays which showed his left hip to be dislocated and his right femur to be broken. He stayed there, medicated until his surgery on Monday (Thursday to Monday). The next day -4 (Fri) another visitor arrived from Scotland so we had extra help cleaning the now filled dog bays. Laundry continued….as well as caring for Salvo. He needed his specialized weewee pad bedding changed often (more laundry) and he needed cleaning up. He stunk to the high heavens, we’re sure he was found in a sewer by the private citizen. So he had a bath, being very careful to not move his hind legs too much. He was sedated for this. Charl also got a call about a Galga who was seen with a “gunshot” wound on her side. She ended up coming to the finca the day I left, the “gunshot” was two types of cancer and since it had spread she was humanely euthanized a couple of days ago. Day 5 Sat- A smallish grocery store was open so we went for some groceries, especially for the Scottish lady. A friend of Charl’s who fund raises for her asked to use the washer to wash donated dog coats so that took most of the day. Day 6- Easter Sunday, although it did not seem like Easter at all- it was a quiet day aside from Bay cleaning and some laundry. A day off, so to speak. But I DID finish the Laundry for Charl, who was very surprised by this. Charl did some therapy on one of the orthopedic cases. This was interesting to watch. Day 7- Monday, my last full day. The usual bay cleaning was done, of course. Salvo went for his surgery and two other isolation Bay dogs went for their checkups. We washed the three dogs that were to come home with me, geared them up in their new collars and harnesses. Went for a short walk with the Galga who had the therapy the day before. I got ready got my trip home. Day 8- Tues- Got an early start going to the airport with the three galgos. Flight went OK. Landed in Montreal and got strangers to help me with three carts with dog crates as there are no longer porters there to help. That went OK as well and the welcoming committee was ready for us once we came through the doors. We were driven to Ottawa where one of the Galgas was brought to her new home. The other two went with me to a hotel where we spent the night and waited most of the next day for our early evening flight home. One of the Galgos parents were at the airport to meet and take their new boy with them. The Galga went home with us for the night and her Momma picked her up the next day. I loved my time in Spain despite it being a working holiday. The highlight was going to rescue Salvo. Did you all see photos? How do you post them on this new site??? Another aside…Long plane flights, you watch movies, right? On the way there I chose BohemianRhapsody, but was talked to by my neighbor quite a bit- about Galgos. So I watched it on the Trans Atlantic flight back again….and again, and then on my last flight home. I LOVED, LOVED it. If you’re a fan of Queen at all it’s a must see IMO. The "Freddie" WAS Freddie. Ms Tin
  8. Yeah! Awesome job Sid and Nancy!
  9. mom2four


    I'm so, so sorry Robin. Iker will be remembered by many.
  10. Hi there. I saw this on facebook yesterday, an emergency pair of boots---put socks on your dog (kids socks fit better) and put condoms over that!!! here is the photo I saw a boxer with condom socks on. I can already imagine the lineup for condoms to use as condom socks
  11. Alexandrite? The "other" birthstone for June, rarer than diamonds. Alex or Alexa for short (assuming you don't have an Alexa )
  12. We are so sorry that Mazy's illness took her too soon. Our condolences Ducky. It's so hard to have your own beloved Greyhound be the first on the list for 2019 :(
  13. Ducky, Petra lost her Galga, Brisa today, December 31st, can you add her? I don't know how often Petra comes here. Thank you.
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