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  1. Hola frends! I’m back. It’s nice out today and tomorrow butt winter comes agin on Sunniday! Speaking ob, Daddiman gets hims 2nd shot on Sunniday so Mama is off neggst week to look abter him ifn he needs it, and now ob course Nei too….. And Mama took Lucas for hims annual chekkup and the vet lady says he habs a heart murmer, a grade 5. He nebber hads this afore and he habs NO symptoms!!! This happened this week so Mama is waiting to hear more from the vet lady neggst week. So Mama will be bizzy on herbs holidays! Happy Burfday Daphne! Happy Gotcha Day Pippin! Merc arrived home sa
  2. Hi evreeboddy. I went to the vet today and do KNOT need a splint anymore! Fank you for sending good witches. Luv Nei Lucy!!!!!! Gert played the whole of the Moldau today, if you are interested! (I have the link) Ms Tin and Nei....back later have to run now.
  3. Hola Frends! I’m ticking for a minute… I see we habs had sad times, Mama’s menshuned a few and now Cap’n Jack too But there are also NOO frends! NOO frends! Today is Salvo’s 4th Burfday! He is the youngest at our house! On Friedday it will be Karma’s Burfday. He will turn 19 and is still doing quite hokay wiff hims dying beetles!! Miss Patsy, I’m sorry about your kitteh. Our Nic (15.5) is getting berry skinny too. From previous eggsperience Mama finks it could be lymphoma. Now to Neizan. He is doin hokay! He goes back to get hims splint checked tomorrow. He is
  4. Nei is home! Drugged up and sleepy, but home. Ms Tin
  5. Quick Nei update...the surgeon called at 8 PM. The surgery went well, there were cracks in his wrist which concern him. (I’ve posted on FB if anyone wants to post them here, I can’t from the iPad. Thx!). We are waiting for a call this morning as to when we can pick him up...he needs to be looked at by the Docs, have his splint changed first, so likely this afternoon..) Merc, we’re happy you are OK after your little sleep too. Ms Tin
  6. Morning everyone! Notice I did not say "good" because it's not a good morning for me! You see, I got a bit crazy yesterday afternoon and jumped over the deck railing into the yard because I saw a magpie or a squirrel (I'm not telling Mama and Daddy which it was.) And...... I BROKE my front leg, just above my wrist It HURT! So Mama and Daddy brought me to the emergency vet where I sit as I type this, waiting for surgery later today to put a plate and screws in to fix it. Luckily they put me on good drugs and I don't feel a lot of pain. But they did not feed me after midnight so I'm bummed abou
  7. Popping in and promise to be here more now.... Firstly Robin and Kevin I'm so sorry for your loss of Dustin. I'm sure you'll be at the bacon bar soon Dustin. Then my student....she had her final presentation yesterday of the things she did while in my Lab. She aced it! Now (well in Sept I guess) she is off to John's Hopkins U in Baltimore with a scholarship do do her Masters. Yeah for her! I hope everyone is doing well! Ms Tin, proud as a Mama of her Student.
  8. I’ve admired Cletus from afar. I’m so sorry he’s gained his wings, chikken or otherwise. RIP Cletus.
  9. Hi there I was sent this way by Ducky. Our 10.5 year old Galgo, Baltasar is having prostate problems as well. Here is his story: 3.5 months ago I noticed pussy, bloody drips coming from his penis all of a sudden. My first thought was a bladder infection. I took him to the emergency vet, they took a urine sample, saw greater than normal epithelial cells but not many blood cells. The vet also did a prostate exam and a quick ultrasound which showed his prostate was enlarged and had some vacuoles (holes) in it. I was told it may or may not be related. They gave him a week of clavamox wh
  10. Where are you located? I make legless Greyhound/Galgo fleece PJ's custom fit to your hound if you are interested. PM me if you are.
  11. Hi, I'm sorry your GH was diagnosed with osteo. Our miracle story is Jamey's. Diagnosed at 8.5 years, early on in the disease, they had a hard time diagnosing it. We amputated his front leg, he had 5 chemo treatments once healed from the surgery. He lived another 27 months post amputation, all except the last month being a "normal" 3 legged dog. Not everyone gets this amount of time but Jamey did. Then our other osteo case was gone in 2 days.... Good luck with your decision.
  12. We lost our last remaining Greyhound, Ambi, yesterday. He had been declining, but yet things transpired suddenly yesterday. Ambi has been going downhill for the last year or so, losing muscle mass and weight. This process sped up as time went on. In the last half year his lumbar stenosis started to become a factor as well. Since my Christmas break started on Dec 20, I had been helping Ambi up the 2.5 steps onto the deck and the other 2.5 steps into the porch. I'd put his front feet on the top step and push his hind end up the steps. He began to expect that from me, it was probably much
  13. Our bungalow is 983 sq ft....we have 10 hounds....no problem here It’s what they’re used to. They also do have a big yard.
  14. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  15. Our Ambi (Starz Ambitious) turned 12 on May 13th. Just a few days ago he became the one to live the longest of the five Greyhounds we have had. Next Tuesday (Sept 24) will be his 8th Gotcha Day. We were his fosters and because he did not like M&G's (he would have the big D on the floor at PetSmart), was scared of kids (a causative agent of said big D on the floor of PetSmart) we figured we were the best family for him, so I gave Ambi to hubby as a Birthday present. He lost all of his teeth years ago due to CUPS but has not missed them at all. He still eats with gusto, is gett
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