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  1. Hola! We have windy winds butt they are warm and are melting the Sorry to the Eastern peeps who are habbing a storm! Happy Burfday AndiPants!!! At 2, you are just a baybee! Ivy, good luck wiff your Dentil! Auntie Patsy That is a tuff situwasun! That's awl I fink, Hola! Galina
  2. hola! I FINLY get to tic. Mama has been whot she calls “bizzy” with whot? (well Galina, I’m getting my new AWD vehicle on Saturday! Went to the dealership a few times for that. Then you know you’re getting a new brother, right? I’ve been talking to Miss Charl, finding a small spot in her schedule for a visitor to the finca, then phoning the air line to reserve tickets for Daddy and your new brother. (returning home May 29th) then as some might know I’ve been asked to do the adoptions for our group, helping other people find their new Galgos, and they have asked me to become the Prez. So I’m learning that job. What have you been going Galina?) Hokay Mama We all hope that Sherman’s family is hokay and Velvet Is anyone else KNOT feeling good? We to everyone as ell. Good looking gahden Miss Chris! Nancy, food poisoning can happen from bad bacteria (that takes 1-2 days for them to multiply) or from toxins that are released by them, this takes a very short time to affect you. It sounds like you had the latter. Hope you are feeling better! Hamish-ob-da-ballz! Congrats on your good job! Miss Vanessa! Mah Mama makes our Jammies for us! Ifn you want talk to herbs. No using toofers on da hoomans!!! Miss ‘Lizabeff, we your sughurry goes good, whenebber it is. Lila pleeze continue to eet! We’re seeing how Widget is enjoying hims Noo homeawayfromhome. Stay safe from all ob da storms eberyone. I fink that is it…. Oh we gots a NO betta fishie, named after MisserDioni at the finca He is black/blue and gold. And we gots a couple ob pearl gourami now named Jack and Jill. (Mama wanted Taco and Tuesday butt Daddiman sed No way! to that. Odd, sinds he likes tacos.) Galina
  3. Patsy, The only other things I can suggest, because my previous cats have lost weight and eventually passed from these are pancreatic cancer/tumour (Benson). And lymphoma (First kitties Misty and Foggy both) We hope your Friend Bob will feel as good as he can for as long as he can. We are still thinking of Cindy and David Lovely photo of Misses Carol Ann and Ducky! Enjoy your visit. Galina is and will be back at some point! Ms Tin
  4. Oh no! We are thinking of you and David, Cindy, and of course the rest of the four legged family, and Sherman.
  5. Hola! We're having very nice Febooary weather. Noos on the car....probably wait until Monday for them to call again. They are working on things. Auntie Patsy??? for Jazz. If it does turn out to be dying beetles, read on: Our Karma (who will turn 18 in 6 weeks) was diagnosed with dying beetles a year and a half ago. Symptoms: weight loss (from 18 to 12 lb) and he was having lots of trouble walking, plus his litter box was very wet. All the tests were done. Our vet told me that we could get his dying beetles into remission. She told me to stop feeding kibble as they have sugar in them. She gave me a website which I will have to find again, about every canned food and the sugar level it has. You could pay $$$$$ for veterinary food or do as I did, with the vet's approval since this is on that website. I feed canned Fancy Feast at about $$ but only PATE. The others with gravy and such have added sugar. So after a couple of blood sugar level day long tests (I had to poke Karma's ear every 2 hours for all the waking hours of the day and test the blood) and a short stint of insulin injections (2 weeks or so?) his blood sugar stabilized. He's been in remission (which can happen in cats) for 16 months or so. I test his blood every other weekend and it's fine. He gets a can of fancy feast for breakfast and one for supper. A couple of treats for overnight. He's happy and healthy now. Oh, and his blood pressure was high so he's on a small oral dose of BP meds. We really have no other noos. Mama and Daddiman have decided one of them will prolly go to Spayne to pick up Noor. A coin toss may decide who is going. We don't know when one of them will go yet either. Galina
  6. Gooooooooo Hamish! Miss Jen's B'day? How did we miss that? Happy burfday!! Miss Loosy? I did KNOT like Mama putting that camra in mah face! she's got some other :digicam she just deleted! I liked the kidlets just fine! Ms Galina
  7. We LOVE chips at our house! Congratulations might be in order. We'd like to know what flavour the chips are? Ohh we see! Licorice chips! Pretty licorice chips! Congrats Miss Jen and Myka! When is this happening? Molly McNotmeeting MissDucky please tell them: Miss Nancy ob da 'Berg? Miss Charl charges MORE than 15 a night, just FYI. Galina, who was a goooooood girl at pet ferapy lass nite. Mama tried to take a for my trading cards but failed I think! She's gotta try a head on shot butt I was KNOT having it!
  8. Miss Guest? Mama wanted me to say this. Galgos are known to have way less osteo, , and probably cancer in general than GH’s. This is the main reason we are a Galgo family now. Mama took a of the vet and vet tech carrying Ambi out of the house. She has not posted it but she can look back on it and remember Ambi. I get to go to Pet therapy in an hour! Galina
  9. hola! It’s kinda cold out, butt KNOT too bad. Good luck at the doggeh shows Hamish and friends! Misser Tony! Happy belaytid Burfday! Mama always remembers your Burfday cuz it’s on the same date herbs Daddiman wented DED (15 years ago already ) Happy belaytid Gotcha Day Sid! And we saw Kaila’s akomplismint in faceybuuke. Lila we’re happy you are feeling better! Sherman is getting spoiled, as he deserves! Guest and Andipants! Miss Caroline? We see you peeking in on faceybuuke all.the.time! And love it! Laila! Show your Momma this! (Charl has 2 cabins for human use on-site. There is a cost involved, for upkeep, electricity and such. They contain either bunkbeds or 2 single beds and a tiny kitchen for cooking. And a bathroom, shower etc of course. And mah Daddiman took the high speed train when he went there for MissPetra a couple of years ago, it did KNOT take too much time.) Miss Ducky is going trabelling! Merc, sorry about your peeshooter! Beka to the fambly Dustin, it’s good that the barn kitteh is now a house kitteh. Lila, kanaries sing nice, if you get a singing one. Mah Granpy, who I never knowed, bred singing kanaries when Mama was a tiny kidlet. Nice ob flowers! Guest, we had the vet come to the house for Ambi. Miss Chris fanks for postying Noor’s :digicam. He looks a LOT like Enzo. Look here! Hola! Galina (The vehicle issue is still being worked on, they are communicating well and trying hard to get things resolved.)
  10. Hi, I'm sorry your GH was diagnosed with osteo. Our miracle story is Jamey's. Diagnosed at 8.5 years, early on in the disease, they had a hard time diagnosing it. We amputated his front leg, he had 5 chemo treatments once healed from the surgery. He lived another 27 months post amputation, all except the last month being a "normal" 3 legged dog. Not everyone gets this amount of time but Jamey did. Then our other osteo case was gone in 2 days.... Good luck with your decision.
  11. We lost our last remaining Greyhound, Ambi, yesterday. He had been declining, but yet things transpired suddenly yesterday. Ambi has been going downhill for the last year or so, losing muscle mass and weight. This process sped up as time went on. In the last half year his lumbar stenosis started to become a factor as well. Since my Christmas break started on Dec 20, I had been helping Ambi up the 2.5 steps onto the deck and the other 2.5 steps into the porch. I'd put his front feet on the top step and push his hind end up the steps. He began to expect that from me, it was probably much easier on his hind end. The bitter cold snap we had two weeks ago was very hard on Ambi, we could tell he was hurting, but I upped his metacam a little, which seemed to help. But, remaining from this cold week was that his lumbar stenosis became much worse. He was knuckling more and more with his hind feet. Yesterday morning, Ambi was there for his breakfast like he always was, still doing as well as he could be given the lumbar stenosis. Then around 10 AM Michael called me that I needed to come home as Ambi was not doing well, he had struggled for half an hour to get up and finally did but he was "walking like a drunken sailor". We have experienced this before, with both Diego and Tosca and knew that he had probably thrown a clot and had a lumbar stroke. Michael and I (and the vet last week when we had been there with our Galgo Nei) had discussed that this would be one of the signs and a reason for us to put Ambi to sleep. So that happened all of a sudden yesterday morning. The photo below shows Ambi ten minutes before the vet came. Ambi was still alert, there was nothing wrong with his mind, but we knew it was time for him. We had called the vet just before noon and she said she and the tech could come out right away, they had a break in their day (lunch time!) They came just before 1 PM and we all said goodbye, until we meet again to Ambi. We made the right decision for him. Our 9 Galgos were all aware what was happening, they were lying down so quietly in the kitchen (behind the gate we put up when we need it) while the vet was working on Ambi. They were all very quiet last night, super quiet. I have been looking after Ambi's potty needs when I was home and looked behind my chair where he slept a number of times last night seeing if he needed to go outside, but he wasn't there Godspeed Ambi, we will love you always.
  12. Our bungalow is 983 sq ft....we have 10 hounds....no problem here It’s what they’re used to. They also do have a big yard.
  13. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  14. Our Ambi (Starz Ambitious) turned 12 on May 13th. Just a few days ago he became the one to live the longest of the five Greyhounds we have had. Next Tuesday (Sept 24) will be his 8th Gotcha Day. We were his fosters and because he did not like M&G's (he would have the big D on the floor at PetSmart), was scared of kids (a causative agent of said big D on the floor of PetSmart) we figured we were the best family for him, so I gave Ambi to hubby as a Birthday present. He lost all of his teeth years ago due to CUPS but has not missed them at all. He still eats with gusto, is getting a bit wobbly on those back legs but can get up quickly is there is the slightest hint of food involved. Here he is in the yard three years ago. Here he is just a few days ago, he's getting quite skinny.
  15. Good job all three! Kibo's fitting right in.
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