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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Fank you Misser Jeff. Galina
  2. Hola frends! I come to check in and there is sad news. Miss Nancy ob da ‘Berg’s frend got DED from Covid. That is too close, we think, when friends go DED. We are very sorry ☹ Then Lila too. I am so sorry Miss Jerilyn. You habs lost your bestest frend. Run Free Lila we will all miss you. Miss Jennie Is Dr. Steve habbing surghurry or were you helping him out wiff a surghurry? In either case we hope it went good. Mah brudder Baltasar is still doing hokay, you would nebber know anyfing is rong wiff him, eggsept he wears a belly band all the time. Galina
  3. Hola! It’s mah Burfday! I yam 5 today! I hope I get lots of good stuff. I hope awl mah frends are doing hokay. Balti is still doing good. Lila and Spirit, you Moms will know WHEN the time is. Mah Mama always says “Better a day too soon than one day too late.” They will go thru the same thing you are going thru soon enuff. We send you lotsa lubs. Andipants how’s your foot? Is everyone else hokay? Hola! Galina
  4. Happy Birfday to you, Happy Birfday to you, Happy Burfday Miss Sherrie, Happy Birfday to YOUUUUUUUU! Galina
  5. Miss Jennie, this is on the list for me. Thank you, Baltasar. Hola frends! Miss Jennie, this is for you! Galina (Mama has to go do some science-y stuff now.)
  6. Happy 'Merican Fangksgibbing to awl mah frends! Hola! Galina Hello everybody, Baltasar here. Thank you for concerning about me, for now I still feel pretty good! I eat and can pee and poop so that's important. Baltasar
  7. Hola Frends! I've mist tons. How is Andipants doing? This is why I've mist tons, Mama wabs bizzy. I'm gonna copy and paste that's easier than typing wiff one pawsie, hokay? This is Mama: I am writing this, in detail, in case it helps just one person who might go through this in the future as I've realized it's not that common in dogs. Our male Galgo BALTASAR, (now 10 1/2 years old) adopted through SAGE, very likely has prostate cancer which has spread to his inguinal lymph nodes. Four months ago he had some bloody urine so I brought him in and he was tested for a bladder inf
  8. Hola! it’s cold, zero pedigrees, -17 centipedes. Andipants we hope you are feeling pretty good. Galina
  9. I’ve admired Cletus from afar. I’m so sorry he’s gained his wings, chikken or otherwise. RIP Cletus.
  10. Hola! Miss Hada, tell Miss Ducky that Mama posted all about Balti on Truman’s postie. I don’t know Truman butt we hope he is doing hokay. Galina
  11. Hi there I was sent this way by Ducky. Our 10.5 year old Galgo, Baltasar is having prostate problems as well. Here is his story: 3.5 months ago I noticed pussy, bloody drips coming from his penis all of a sudden. My first thought was a bladder infection. I took him to the emergency vet, they took a urine sample, saw greater than normal epithelial cells but not many blood cells. The vet also did a prostate exam and a quick ultrasound which showed his prostate was enlarged and had some vacuoles (holes) in it. I was told it may or may not be related. They gave him a week of clavamox wh
  12. it’s me agin. I did sorta forget that mah brudder Balti is sorta KNOT hokay. He tore hims nail right outta hims pinkie toe by running and hitting it on a corner on da kitchen wall. He’s OK from that now. And he habs an infection. 2 weeks ago Mama thought it was a bladder infection since that happened in da summer too. No, he habs an infection on hims p-r-o-s-t-a-t-e (Mama spelt that) gland. He is on a heavy dooty anti- biological for a monff and then likely gets a ultrasound to make sure it’s cysts in that gland and KNOT that C word. The cyst is most likely. So he is wearing a peepee
  13. I’m late to the NOO club wiff NOO It’s me, Galina! I fink all the getting dogs into OHCanada biziness mite be done here for a while. It’s today and windy and cold! Andipants I’m sorry you broked your hock and we hope you are gonna be A-OK! All my brudders here are doing OK too. Noor is still a big scaredy-cat but keeps on getting braver a teeny bit each day. It’s late and Mama sez we can get brekkie now....it’s time for Daddiman to wake up! Hola! Galina
  14. Where are you located? I make legless Greyhound/Galgo fleece PJ's custom fit to your hound if you are interested. PM me if you are.
  15. Hi, I'm sorry your GH was diagnosed with osteo. Our miracle story is Jamey's. Diagnosed at 8.5 years, early on in the disease, they had a hard time diagnosing it. We amputated his front leg, he had 5 chemo treatments once healed from the surgery. He lived another 27 months post amputation, all except the last month being a "normal" 3 legged dog. Not everyone gets this amount of time but Jamey did. Then our other osteo case was gone in 2 days.... Good luck with your decision.
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