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  1. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  2. Good morning...I'm going to be absent for a couple of days, probably- federal inspection of the lab, gotta get it (and paperwork) in tip top shape (it is, but need to check things). I just read quickly about Abby's tooth? Get it looked after Abby. And poor Harold? I'm sorry Robin and Kevin. But his sister will have a wonderful home now, he'll be looking down on her. Hope everyone else is OK! Ms Tin, will check in as she can...
  3. Hola! it's Friedday! And we habs nice-for-us weather! Misser Tony. Congrats Candina to become an ohCanadian! Mam that' s lot of snow for you guys , so early. Mama does KNOT like tite clothes on ladies ifn dere belly button sticks out! Hada that's a nice cloth piece ob you! Oh mama sez it's beautiful art! Hamish NO going out the front door! I lubs awl mah frends and will try to count fishies on the weekend! Mama is gonna be bizzy neggst week at werk cuz the "Feds" are coming to inspect dem! She's gotta go to meetings and stuff! Galina
  4. happy belaytid turd THIRD Burfday MissMollyMcPoodil! Miss Chris? Mama can take ob each 'quarium ifn you want, and count fishies in them. But it's about 100 inclooding snails. Fuzzy it doesn't matter ifn your keel is bare! Here is one more of Chance wiff Dr. Fruutcake! They boff look bery happy! Hola! Galina
  5. Hola! It’s going to be pretty nice out. I hope awl mah frends are hokay!! Andipants, there are about 100 fishies in mah house. Lila aren’t dose “uglies” ugly? Oh but Laila likes them 😊 Laila just so you know, Balti is doing hokay! Dustin, your NOO Moo-brudder is darned kewt! Your NOO walking skedool sounds alrite to me Pippin! Beka we’re happy you’re feeling beddah! Misser Patsy did hokay having hims brayne looked at Aren’t couched awesome Fuzzy? Hey, are you really fuzzy? I don’t THINK so? Glad you’re feeling beddah Hamsannwich. Hot brekkie is good Merc. I gotta tell you a sekrit: Mama slept in this mornin (never happens, alarm did not go off but, bonus, got an extra hour of sleep was only 15 minutes late for work, where no one really cares about it) so she did KNOT make brekkie and lunch for werk. She habs instant oatmeal at werk for just in case, so she ate that. She gets to buy lunch today she’s happy about that….for once. No heat at werk? Do you have heat today Miss Banessa? Happy Burfday Miss Jerilyn! Cake is Oh that’s a nice painting! Miss Kerry for your boobysquish to be just fine. Miss ‘Lizabeff? Hidey fings: [ spoiler ] and at the end [ /spoiler ] No spaces. Merc you’re gonna stay wiff Miss Sherry’s frend? To help them decide ifn their houndie wants anodder houndie? Awesome! Oh da NOOS wiff Mama? Here are baby Moo bull cow Hola! Galina and isn't Chance kewt here?
  6. Hola! it's warmer out today. Whot nice Miss Ducky! it's nice to see awl ob you agin! So, Linus and Jazz, you like it when the 'rents go somewhere and the flying kibble machine comes out? Eggstra foods? Oh here is a ob Phoebe ifn you want to see it. Isn't she purdy? Mama measured her, she is actually 2 1/4 inchus long from nose to the end ob herbs tail. Now ifn you wanna see our "ugly" as Daddiman calls them (albino bristlenose pleco). This is Whitey, she (we think) is about 6 inshus long! She was hiding but still looking at us. Mama habs one too, her (we think) name is Phanthom, she is a little smaller, mebbe 4-5 inchus, but still growing. Gotta go for now! Hola! Galina
  7. Hola! It was snowy, now it COLD and sunny. Mama shubbeled lots Ob today. Happy Burfday Auntie Patsy! Well one of our Betta fishies went DED and Mama had to go to the fishie store for sumptin so she camed home wiff a GIANT betta GURL...they can get up to 4 inches. Mama showed Daddiman. Ob a boy and the gurl and Daddiman sed “Take a gurl for once.” Mama thought Phoebe was a fancy name for a fancy fishie so her name is Phoebe. She is only about 1.5 inches right now. They can live 2-5 years so we’ll see. Mostly the regular betta fishes will live about 2, mebbe 3 years. We think Felix just got old. Once Mama gets to herbs beeg ‘puter she will postie a Daddiman is making pamcakes for supper and I hope we get some!! Gotta go, it’s our regular supper time, then mebbe pamcakes for dessert yummy! Hola Galina
  8. Hola! It's Friedday! Mama is goin groshury shoppin abter werk cuz it's sposed to yukkie nasty cold this weekend. Then she does KNOT habs to go anywheres. Baltasar is doin mutch more beddah. He's running around agin. He habs hims last pills today and one more annibiological tomorrow mornin. Misser Patsy we hopes you are hokay! We did KNOT know that you got bonked in da hed! Take care ob yourselb. Miss Kathy we're glad someone unchocked you! Phew! Anyone else do weird fings? Don't do dem! Habs fun at your bisit Miss Ducky! Hamish be nice to your guest. Mama did KNOT say this on faceybuuk but yesserday it wabs threelebben yeerz that Marco went DED in the morning and Mama's Mama went DED in the evening. And, one ob our bettafishies looks like he's gonna go DED soon, Knot eeting and Knot swimming really, just being there on a leef. Poor guy. they do KNOT libs very long. I gotta go hopefully eberyone is hokay! Hola! Galina
  9. Hola! It obernite, fluffy snow. Balti is doing more and more bedder, the swelling is going down a bit. He still gets yummy canned foods though and we don't Oh and pills, lots ob pills in libberwurst and we don't Fanks for posting hims Mam! Happy Gotcha Day DA and happy Burfday Clarkie! Lubs awl mah frends! Hola! Galina
  10. Good snowy morning! Baltasar had a good night. His face is till puffy but he’s on meds and is resting comfortably. I put a couple of pics up in FB if anyone wants to post them here (stoopid iPad doesn’t like doing that.) I slept in the recliner and Ambi woke me up 4 times, plus the fifth one which I stayed up from. He really does need his belly band at night, I know that for sure now. Hopefully I can catch up later. Ms Tin
  11. Hola! We gots just a skiff. Happy late Burfday Fruutcake! I gots to reed more but, Balti is at da speshulty vet for hims teefers. They will call us late today. Sheesh. I wrote the above earlier today. Obviously did not post it! Baltasar is home, minus about 10 top teeth. He’s doing OK. Need to keep him medicated and pain free for the next 5 days. He just threw up, I’m quite sure it was blood that trickled down his throat. I need to feed him small amounts tonight so he can get his antibiotics and pain killers. I’ll update tomorrow. Ms Tin
  12. Hola! We gots just a skiff. Happy late Burfday Fruutcake! I gots to reed more but, Balti is at da speshulty vet for hims teefers. They will call us late today to let us know how he is doing. If OK he mite come home later butt they MAY keep hom obernite. I will try to let you know hokay? Gotta go for now, Mama needs to schubbel Hola Galina
  13. Elizabeth we are so sorry your Mom has passed. Thankfully it was quick for her, but that is never easy for loved ones left behind. Sending hugs and love. Tin
  14. Miss Carol Ann! Miss Carol Ann! whot did the school kidlets say of your Minnie Mouse costuum? Lila you can never be replaced. Hola! Galina
  15. Lila and Miss Jerilyn, I don't think we'll be able to adopt into the USA BUTT there is wonderful Mr. Travis in Chicagoland who brings Galgos in and he might be able to help you. Just ask me for his info if and when you are interested. Ms. Tin
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