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  1. Hola! It's me, Galina! I'm aloud to tic agin now that awl da Galgos that were adopted afore Covid are home. Those were quite da journeyz, beleeb me! Can you beleeb that the security person at da OhCanada hairport when Daddiman was waiting to come home wanted Daddiman to take the harnesses off da galgos so they could be ExRayed? Daddiman refused and said "Habs you seen a Greyhound run? you won't catch them." Daddiman calt them GH's because he assumed the lady wabs so stuuupid to axe to take a safety harniss off. Daddiman coulda ended up in Jayl for refusing the security person's order. L
  2. everyone! Fank you Miss Kathy for putting up Ob mah NOO brudder. Mama likes the one where is is looking at the cambra from the bed the best. He is an OK brudder I fink, he likes all of us and we like him. Hola! Galina
  3. If you still want them I could send them when I’m back at work later this week?
  4. Morning, Ms Tin here. Noor arrived home safely yesterday, along with his two travel mates who are in their new homes as well. There were some trials and tribulations over the past few weeks- changed flight by the airline, hotel elevator being the size of a postage stamp, try to get 2 big dogs and two big crates up in that, being dropped off at the wrong terminal by a shuttle driver who should know better- yada, yada. Noor is a skittish boy, we knew that, and given time he will be fine in our family. The other Galgos are already showing him the way. Noor just has to get used to the two
  5. I’m popping in again.....Been so busy. Michael left on Tuesday and is in a hotel in Lisbon. He was very tired after the long, long day he had. Up at 3:30 AM Tuesday and landed in Lisbon 8:00 AM the NEXT DAY, Wednesday. He slept a lot in the next 24 hours. Now he’s waiting.... We are doing OK, trying to get stuff rearranged at home for our new addition Noor.....doing loads of extra dog bed laundry too. I’ve missed tons, but am here! should cover a lot....... Need to let some doggies out... Ms Tin
  6. Hola! I'm pooping popping in foraminit. I hope awl mah frends are hokay. We are hokay we're outside when it's cool and inside in the chilly airs when it's hot. Daddiman is still working on painting da libbing room, wall by wall. That's about awl you can do when we take up so much space huh? Mama has started the beeg projekt at her werkjob. She's bizzy, bizzy. But she will have a week off soon (hopefully the boss will say OK) since she needs to babysit us since our Daddiman will be gone. On a hairplane to get our brudder and some odders. No one wanted to go so Daddiman
  7. Where are you located? I make legless Greyhound/Galgo fleece PJ's custom fit to your hound if you are interested. PM me if you are.
  8. Hi, I'm sorry your GH was diagnosed with osteo. Our miracle story is Jamey's. Diagnosed at 8.5 years, early on in the disease, they had a hard time diagnosing it. We amputated his front leg, he had 5 chemo treatments once healed from the surgery. He lived another 27 months post amputation, all except the last month being a "normal" 3 legged dog. Not everyone gets this amount of time but Jamey did. Then our other osteo case was gone in 2 days.... Good luck with your decision.
  9. We lost our last remaining Greyhound, Ambi, yesterday. He had been declining, but yet things transpired suddenly yesterday. Ambi has been going downhill for the last year or so, losing muscle mass and weight. This process sped up as time went on. In the last half year his lumbar stenosis started to become a factor as well. Since my Christmas break started on Dec 20, I had been helping Ambi up the 2.5 steps onto the deck and the other 2.5 steps into the porch. I'd put his front feet on the top step and push his hind end up the steps. He began to expect that from me, it was probably much
  10. Our bungalow is 983 sq ft....we have 10 hounds....no problem here It’s what they’re used to. They also do have a big yard.
  11. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  12. Our Ambi (Starz Ambitious) turned 12 on May 13th. Just a few days ago he became the one to live the longest of the five Greyhounds we have had. Next Tuesday (Sept 24) will be his 8th Gotcha Day. We were his fosters and because he did not like M&G's (he would have the big D on the floor at PetSmart), was scared of kids (a causative agent of said big D on the floor of PetSmart) we figured we were the best family for him, so I gave Ambi to hubby as a Birthday present. He lost all of his teeth years ago due to CUPS but has not missed them at all. He still eats with gusto, is gett
  13. Good job all three! Kibo's fitting right in.
  14. This. We have 9 hounds ONE being female, the other eight are males. We love the boys. Belly banding is easier than diapering a female- our female galga has peed in the house before, not often but it has happened. Also, some of our boys have never gone in the house. I'm sorry you lost your Lola
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