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  1. Hi everyone, popping in for a minute. Please excuse my absence. Everything is OK (Well except a skin wound on Enzo from jealous Hero ) I've been very busy at work, reorganizing 30 years worth of precious specimens. I've also been working very hard behind the scenes of the Galgo group, that's taking up a lot of my time...well 95% of it. Being Prez is busy work occasionally. It should get better in the next week or so, I promise! In the meantime please have patience with me... We hope everyone is well!! I hope one of these applies to you, pick one. ms Tin
  2. Where are you located? I make legless Greyhound/Galgo fleece PJ's custom fit to your hound if you are interested. PM me if you are.
  3. Hi, I'm sorry your GH was diagnosed with osteo. Our miracle story is Jamey's. Diagnosed at 8.5 years, early on in the disease, they had a hard time diagnosing it. We amputated his front leg, he had 5 chemo treatments once healed from the surgery. He lived another 27 months post amputation, all except the last month being a "normal" 3 legged dog. Not everyone gets this amount of time but Jamey did. Then our other osteo case was gone in 2 days.... Good luck with your decision.
  4. We lost our last remaining Greyhound, Ambi, yesterday. He had been declining, but yet things transpired suddenly yesterday. Ambi has been going downhill for the last year or so, losing muscle mass and weight. This process sped up as time went on. In the last half year his lumbar stenosis started to become a factor as well. Since my Christmas break started on Dec 20, I had been helping Ambi up the 2.5 steps onto the deck and the other 2.5 steps into the porch. I'd put his front feet on the top step and push his hind end up the steps. He began to expect that from me, it was probably much easier on his hind end. The bitter cold snap we had two weeks ago was very hard on Ambi, we could tell he was hurting, but I upped his metacam a little, which seemed to help. But, remaining from this cold week was that his lumbar stenosis became much worse. He was knuckling more and more with his hind feet. Yesterday morning, Ambi was there for his breakfast like he always was, still doing as well as he could be given the lumbar stenosis. Then around 10 AM Michael called me that I needed to come home as Ambi was not doing well, he had struggled for half an hour to get up and finally did but he was "walking like a drunken sailor". We have experienced this before, with both Diego and Tosca and knew that he had probably thrown a clot and had a lumbar stroke. Michael and I (and the vet last week when we had been there with our Galgo Nei) had discussed that this would be one of the signs and a reason for us to put Ambi to sleep. So that happened all of a sudden yesterday morning. The photo below shows Ambi ten minutes before the vet came. Ambi was still alert, there was nothing wrong with his mind, but we knew it was time for him. We had called the vet just before noon and she said she and the tech could come out right away, they had a break in their day (lunch time!) They came just before 1 PM and we all said goodbye, until we meet again to Ambi. We made the right decision for him. Our 9 Galgos were all aware what was happening, they were lying down so quietly in the kitchen (behind the gate we put up when we need it) while the vet was working on Ambi. They were all very quiet last night, super quiet. I have been looking after Ambi's potty needs when I was home and looked behind my chair where he slept a number of times last night seeing if he needed to go outside, but he wasn't there Godspeed Ambi, we will love you always.
  5. Our bungalow is 983 sq ft....we have 10 hounds....no problem here It’s what they’re used to. They also do have a big yard.
  6. It is a whippet named Kiwi. (Nancy, he is from the same breeder as Sandra’s whippets.)
  7. Our Ambi (Starz Ambitious) turned 12 on May 13th. Just a few days ago he became the one to live the longest of the five Greyhounds we have had. Next Tuesday (Sept 24) will be his 8th Gotcha Day. We were his fosters and because he did not like M&G's (he would have the big D on the floor at PetSmart), was scared of kids (a causative agent of said big D on the floor of PetSmart) we figured we were the best family for him, so I gave Ambi to hubby as a Birthday present. He lost all of his teeth years ago due to CUPS but has not missed them at all. He still eats with gusto, is getting a bit wobbly on those back legs but can get up quickly is there is the slightest hint of food involved. Here he is in the yard three years ago. Here he is just a few days ago, he's getting quite skinny.
  8. Good job all three! Kibo's fitting right in.
  9. This. We have 9 hounds ONE being female, the other eight are males. We love the boys. Belly banding is easier than diapering a female- our female galga has peed in the house before, not often but it has happened. Also, some of our boys have never gone in the house. I'm sorry you lost your Lola
  10. mom2four


    I'm so, so sorry Robin. Iker will be remembered by many.
  11. Hi there. I saw this on facebook yesterday, an emergency pair of boots---put socks on your dog (kids socks fit better) and put condoms over that!!! here is the photo I saw a boxer with condom socks on. I can already imagine the lineup for condoms to use as condom socks
  12. Alexandrite? The "other" birthstone for June, rarer than diamonds. Alex or Alexa for short (assuming you don't have an Alexa )
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