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  1. Nancy, we pray that Doug's aneurism will still be OK and not need surgery. Keeping an eye on it is the best thing to do. But if surgery is needed it will fix it, as Jennie said and you won't have to worry about it again. (Just an aside and maybe, just maybe, Doug can be "scared" into stopping smoking. When Michael had his colon cancer surgery, (10 years ago almost to the day now) he stopped smoking the night before the surgery. He was acting like a BEAR towards the nurses after his surgery, it was awful. I took one of the nurses aside and told her he had stopped smoking cold turkey the night before his surgery. They gave him nicotine patches in the hospital which helped a lot. Michael was in the hospital for about a week- 10 days (he had to learn to manage his pouch) so he couldn't smoke. He has not had a single cigarette since that day and I tell him often that I'm so proud of him for stopping smoking. He tells me that the cancer made him he see the light. The worse thing is that he had pouch reversal surgery four months later and caught a superbug in the hospital which ended up bothering him for two years and he still has some after effects of that to this day.) Tin
  2. Hola! Maybe we’ll get no rainy funderboomers today for once. Furstly Congratulashuns to Dr. Michelle! We knew you’d do this! Nice collars WBSB! We sed it FB but Happy belaytid Burfday Miss Chris! Good way of avoidin the vet lil Hada! Glad you’re feelin beddah Miss Jerilyn! JJ! We’re glad you are feelin beddah too, no matter whot’s doing it. We reely hope you get the house painted Miss Soosin! Do you have any of sed NOO poopie? Mam we are so sorry to hear about Ruby. You just know when they are ready. Run free Ruby! Mam and Pap, Nigel and Sid. gooooood NOOS for Beka! Get better soon Howie, you’ll still be able to eat fine! Dippy, how come your Mum’s forgotten most of her schooling doctorate stuff? We gots nuffin NOO at our house. Galina
  3. Hola! I'm runnin fru this morning. We for Miss Michelle and will do some backandforths for her. Miss Soosin good luck to you too, yours should be easy! Good, comfortible shoos are the most impotent Guest. We habs nuffing NOO, really. Lubs awl mah frends! Galina
  4. Hola! Frends I did KNOT go to the V-E-T!! I gotta go wiff Mama and Daddiman to the Pet Ferapy offiss to pick up Nei’s Pet Ferapy trading cards (they're like baseball cards that we give to the kids.) The lady in the offiss lubbed me and sorta, kinda got mad at Mama and sed “Why has she KNOT been tested yet? She’s amazing! She’d pass with no problems, and her mouth is so soft” (I had tooked a libber treet bery carefully, like I always do.) Mama arguud that I keep the boys in line by growlies sometimes and the offiss lady sed “She’s just being a Mama dog, she should have no reezon to do that at pet ferapy.” Sooooo maybe I get to become a pet ferapy doggie too in Oggtober! Then we wented to the fishie store witch is a few minits away from the Pet Ferapy offiss and I was a reely good girl there. Sorry YOU had to go to the vet Ivy! for paying for the house Miss Soosin! Miss Chris! I think Andi would be a reely good name! I lubs it! Merc I knowed eggzactly whot Auntie Patsy was meening wiff TWO! JJ you’re habbin a ruff time, awl ob you! Pleeze feel beddah. Yeah Charlie and Zorro are back! Merc, your Momma is a hero! Fancypants, Mah Mama habs orfotics and she wears running shoos of some sort awl the time. She’s of no help, but simpathises with Guest. to awl mah frends! Galina
  5. Hola! It’s gonna be nice owt today! Mama tells me I have a little trip in the car with herbs for today. I wonder where we’ll go? Mama wabs at home wiff us yesserday whilst Daddiman wabs stampedin’ He goes to the displays and buys stuffs. He came home with a monster of a cooling machine. Mama has NO IDEA where he’s gonna put it (and I foresee a disagreement (read: little fight) on where he might want to put it! There is NO room in the living room. That thing is big!) Mama sez she likes (KNOT lubs ) that MisserWelk too, in small portions. WBSB you mite be getting a brudder and sissie? That would be grate LOL They boff look awesome! Butt Rebel….Mama’s dream color. Dose are nice ob Albayneeah Dippy! I’m very late butt Happy Burfday Bikini! for Miss Loosy werking agin! We’re sorry you were so sick Miss Vanessa for getting beddah! Miss Jerilyn we’re sorry about your Unkil Mam for your Momma. Merc, your poop list is impresib! Oh we see that Pandora is going to live with Miss Chris et. Al! You could call herbs Pandy? I gots nuffing else! Galina
  6. Hola! It's anodder rainy kinda day. The heeter in da house keeps going on it's that chilly (40 in the morning -60F in the afternoon). We are just KNOT having a spring or a summer so far. Plants- Mama is just happy that they did KNOT buy a lot of plants this year cuz they are cold and suffring outside! Knot growing a lot. Miss Vanessa. Darn dose planes huh? Mama gots a hek-of-a-cold after her last plane ride too. There was a person koffing and hacking. We hope you feel better soon. We gots nuffing reely NOO, it's just yuckie weathers! Lubs awl mah frends! Hola! Galina
  7. Hola! Happy Forff ob Julai to awl mah 'Merican frends! Stay safe and not too many firewerks happen. We habs nuffin NOO. Mama is at herbs werkjob, it's rainin awl day so we're gonna laddah! Galina.
  8. hola! I’m back. Dese ‘rents of mine habs to get less bizzy. Kitties do you want fishies for supper? then there will be fewer fishie waters to change. (Seriously, we saved one of Michael’s new kribs today, it was not doing well in the new tank it was in. He’s a happy little camper at the moment but we had to set up a new emergency aquarium quickly.) Charlie and Zorro have NOO digs! Giant were glad you’re doing beddah! Miss Vanessa we’re happy that Gino is doing hokay. Miss Chris, you do what you have to to get another houndie- even calling his breeders. You never know, it may turn out to be something that’s meant to be! Oh and our houndiemobile needs to be cleaned so badly as well! Mama keeps gibbing the eggcuse- Well it IS the houndiemobile. Hope your boobie squishing went hokay Miss Nancy ob da ‘Berg. Liddle Charlie we hope you’re hokay! Lubs your hat! Auntie Patsy we hope your knee ‘pointmet went hokay. Awww can’t you make a holiday in your area? Liddle Hada we will back and forth for you on Jooly 25. That’s a long ways away still. Ruby, please eat! So sorry about Misha barn kitteh Whiskey a tornaydo? Stay safe!! Miss Kathy! We hopes you did KNOT flood. Time to get the door looked at. Wow Auntie Patsie dose horns are beeg! (Fanks Guest!) Giant! Pleeze no more seezures! Dey scare da hoomans. Hokay, we hope Mama is done deciding! Since the Angel fishie eggperiment did not really work out, she allofasudden came upon and decided on having Moonlight gouramis as the centerpiece fish in her ‘quarium. When she saw them it hit herbs: Dese are them! Dey get to about 5 inshus and turn an iridescent green when growed up. So one more piccie of fishies. Since she does KNOT know ifn dey are boys or girls she’s named them Aqua and Fina. Galina
  9. hola! We are sunny butt chili this morning, 5 centipedes. We hads downpours of rayne last nite Mam, we are sorry Grampy Jim passed away, Hada, we hopes you will be hokay too! How is Misser R doing MEC? Ivy we have awl our pawsies crossed for Misser Jim! Merc! Are you up? Yes that is an angel fishie! It’s so nice to name them Atom and Johnny! (speakin ob, here is Daddiman’s albino bristlenose pleco Whitey eating zucchini! They are algae eaters. They refer to them a "uglies". Mama habs a normil colored one.) Auntie Patsy we your knee is hokay! Ifn you need a cane, Mama still habs one from herbs Knee injoory last summer. You’re close enuff to come get it JJ your NOO daddiman HABS to be hokay too! Whiskey that’s too bad your fents isn’t taller! Miss Soosin that’s a great name for Hamish! Hopefully he won’t be {{{{{{{{{Miss Vanessa}}}}}}}}}} Miss Ducky has said some wonderful words Abby that suks for your Momma! Drat that builder! We got nuffing else Hola! Galina
  10. Hola! I only got a minute, the ‘rents are going to the fishie store again! Daddiman is gonna get some kribs whotebber dose are. Miss Chris.....do you have a 6 foot fence? How about a Galgo? Mama will vouch for you! They are the same energy level as Atom was, I bet. for Misser Richard. Miss Vanessa how are you doing? Everyone else I you! Galina!
  11. Oh No!!!! Just checking in and reading about Johnny Vanessa we are so very sorry especially that you weren’t with him. I’m so sorry. Johnny run free You can’t get out of work for this? I hope you can. We for Mister Richard’s surgery as well. I’ve forgotten everything else I read because of the sad news Ms Tin
  12. Hola! Whot do I habs to say about the weather? Well, it's summer now and THE HEATER CAME ON THIS MORNING! Yes, I'm yelling that. Isn't that ridonculous? It's still feeling like winter here and we habs a heavy rainfall warning and just west ob the city! Anyhoo. We like the meetup Miss Sherrie and Miss Halise! Miss Soosin you get your munneys in time. Nutmeg don't wee in your soot! Lila I kinda like grass too, it's like salad! Milo will be hokay. Good luck in your race Guest! Continuud Miss Chris. to awl mah frends! Galina agin Miss Loosy!
  13. Hola! We’re having rainy rains or showers for, like the neggst week or so. Don’t the clouds know that Galgos don't do rain???? We had some bisitors lass nite some peeples that are ‘dopting one of Miss Charl’s Galgos! Joan (the Galgos’ name) is gonna libs in Calgree! She is an older black girlie who habs had lots ob poopies. Speekin ob. Miss Chris how are you awl doin? Glad you got to meet Abby and Tiny, DA and Clarkie! And da Mommas too. But please eet! Giant we’re happy your ankul/leg is doin beddah. Habs a safe trip Miss Nancy ob da ‘berg! Drive careful. We’re sorry Auntie pass away. Miss Loosy!!!! How are you doin?? Edit! There is Miss Loosy!!!!!!! To awl mah odder frends I you Hola, Galina Ms Tin here: Those two little honey gouramis are hilarious! They recognize the "food lady" and come swimming excitedly to the front of the tank when they see me. I them.
  14. This is so sad. Atom was so young, had his whole life ahead of him. I’m so sorry Chris and Dennis, so very sorry. Brings back memories. Run free little Atom we’ll look for a star tonight. Sending lots of hugs, Ms Tin and everyone.
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