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  1. And last, but not least, Squiggy. He has been with us just over a year. He was a prolific racer, but thoroughly enjoys the retired life. Amazing to watch is transformation over the last year- standoffish to love me now! He and Sadie love to play together- but Hamilton has to put an end to all fun.
  2. It’s been a long while- meet Hamilton and Sadie. They are littermates. Hamilton is actually our son’s- but is staying with us until he moves out in April. Hamilton has been part of the family for just over two years- joining us about a month after losing Benny and Fran. We adopted Sadie about a month later. They were just shy of turning two when we adopted. Hamilton is the enforcer- he is the “no-fun” police. Sadie is a lover and a leaner. She raced (36 races and one win)- he did not.
  3. Long time (and new pack) since my last post- will go to other forum and introduce them... but have a question. We’ve never seen bumps on our pups like this- any clue? Doesn’t seem to bother her. There is a smaller patch on her other rump. We’ve changed nothing... same foods, treats, walks, laundry detergents...
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