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  1. Miss Ivy, I see.....ma Mammaa an.... my bridge brover.....DA!! CK beefore mi..... time
  2. Miss Andypants.....yoo no how....yoo kin tell da...peenk wun iz....a dogwud? Coz ob da.....bark!!!!! CK I’ll bee heer.....oll week
  3. Miss Ivy, DA had so many crazy hats! Which one? Muss Halise who will have to email the picture to someone to post because she is an idiot about that stuff
  4. Miss Patsy, Chewy will usually replace it with a different flavor tell you to donate the other one.
  5. Second vaccine! Two and thru! Miss Halise fully vaccinated!
  6. So sorry Robin and Kevin. Run fast and pain free sweet boy. Halise and CK
  7. Happee Eeestur!! CK Joowish....howndee butt.....lubs ebereewun!
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