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  1. An sammin! I’ll take da sammin!! DA Pee Ess I habs too go to da betamarian toomorrow coz I peed in mi crate free days inna row. Mammaa sez it mite bee coz on Toobsday hur gut home a ower late an it messd up mi pee-er. Butt hur wonts too be shoor I’m ok. So now I hab too ware a mandage wen hur gows too werk.
  2. So I had to work late tonight. On the train at 6:00 PM and all I can smell is booze, weed and cigarette smoke. Loud drunk high obnoxious people and it’s only 6:00. Can’t wait to get home to my puppies. Happy New Year everyone. Mammaa Halise
  3. Hi Patty! I missed seeing you. I used to have Scout’s sister Delicate Halise (Ziva)! I was there with my two boys. One won the King but he was freaked out by the noise so he was back at the hotel. I just got home to Massachusetts. Maybe I will see you next time. Halise
  4. My friend Mel lost her Debby Donovan Saturday. Ducky could you please add Debby to your list?
  5. Ducky, could you please add Chloe to the list :-( Halise Chloe’s foster Mom
  6. A $450 dollar vet bill for pee issues (it’s brown and he can’t hold it very long)
  7. My Berry was put on a half for two days then a quarter a day for the rest of her life. Halise
  8. If you make the peroxide one, do NOT store it. It will explode! If you don’t use it all, discard it. Been there, done that, had to clean the ceiling in the pantry :-(
  9. I am soooo happy they landed with you. We were worried. Thank you for opening your arms and home to such wonderful dogs.
  10. Full size, extended length Ford E350 van (a/k/a Big A$$$ van) with front and rear air conditioning and heat with remote start. Had all of the back seats removed and had a bed (and two captains chairs) installed. It is a monster!! Halise
  11. Clark Kent (DC Man of Steal) is also a Gable Dodge grandson and spends almost all of his relaxing time upside down!
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