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  1. OMG!! OMG!!!! Mammaa.....droppd a pretzel.....an I eeted it!!!! Yes you did you little monkey! Miss Patsy it was a Dot’s Homestyle Original Seasoned pretzel from North Dakota!!! They are my new addiction and now CK’s too! Have you ever had them? Bought them on a whim when I was shopping for snacks for a quick trip that I took to NY. These could be dangerous! Misx Halise (sorry Clarkie, they are all gone)
  2. it’s gonna be a tough day at work. Mammaaa?? Yes baby boy? Yoo kin pet.......me. It will.....help yoo. CK soft an furree Mammaa Halise stressed
  3. It is cccccold in my house this morning!!! Miss Halise (CK is snuggled in his “office” crate keeping toasty)
  4. I am home and exhausted. It usually takes me two or three days to recover! The film marathon was fun but not the same as being in the theater with 300 other crazy loons! Hope next year will be back to normal. I’ll be picking up CK this evening. They said he’s a good boy, not sure I believe them Going to have breakfast and go grocery shopping. Miss Halise
  5. my eyes are sore and I feel like a zombie! Back to more movies! Miss Halise
  6. Mi Mammaa leebd.....meee!! Hur haz been.....gone fereber an....is neber comin...bak!!!!! Miss Halise here. CK is staying at a friend’s for a couple of days while I am in NY. Every year I go to a 24 hour SciFi movie marathon. This year due to Covid they are having a virtual streaming marathon. My friends that usually come up to Massachusetts invited me to their house to watch it. I took Amtrak down (very pleasant!) and will be here till Tuesday. CK will be back then. Miss Halise getting her alien on!!
  7. Happee Birfday.....Mistur Spirit!! Reemembur.....wiffowt kemikals.....life itself....wud bee impossibel!! yor frend CK an Mammaa too!
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