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  1. Miss Lizabeff.....Mammaa joost saw dat....da peernk thundurshurt wuz....donaytid in memmree....ob mi brover DA. wee miss him. CK an Mammaa
  2. Mistur Wee Battle.....Mammaa haz been......reelee bizzee for ....werk soo hur....hazzint been abel......too tell yoo....dat hur (an meee) ar.....berree prowd ob......yoo gittin dat....sertificit!!!! CK KNOT bizzee....at oll Mammaa Halise very busy and proud
  3. Hi Patty! I missed seeing you. I used to have Scout’s sister Delicate Halise (Ziva)! I was there with my two boys. One won the King but he was freaked out by the noise so he was back at the hotel. I just got home to Massachusetts. Maybe I will see you next time. Halise
  4. My friend Mel lost her Debby Donovan Saturday. Ducky could you please add Debby to your list?
  5. Ducky, could you please add Chloe to the list :-( Halise Chloe’s foster Mom
  6. My Berry was put on a half for two days then a quarter a day for the rest of her life. Halise
  7. Possibly she means that they have no access to water IN THEIR CRATES at the track???? I know a lot of dogs in our adoption kennel head straight to the water buckets when they are let out of their crates.
  8. I actually met Charles on his way to you for his home visit! Matt and Denise had to bring me some stuff for a meet ne greet on Sunday and they had him with them when we met!!! He looks like a sweetie pie! Welcome to the "cult"! We at GPA Ma will give you all the help we can. Halise
  9. I use Bactine to stop mine from licking wounds. Not on the wound, but all around it. Spray it on a tissue and dab around the sore. It makes their tongue numb and they do NOT like that! Vet said it was OK.
  10. When we would take our greys on vacation, my little blue girl would NOT eat. One night we went out for dinner with friends and my friend sent her sweet potato with us to see if Berry would eat that. Well, put it this way, from that point on, every time we went on vacation we had to bring sweet potatoes, butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (because heaven forbid she got PLAIN sweet potato!) with us to microwave and put in her food! She would just dive into it. Just a thought on what worked for us.
  11. We used to call that the Kerry Scoop after a friend of ours!!!
  12. A tiny hijack, a suggestion for picking up yucky poops - try to slide a sturdy paper plate under their butt as they start to poop. The just put the whole thing in a plastic grocery bag.
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