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  1. Every stinking night, fireworks. It’s getting really old. Police don’t even bother coming out even if you give them the exact address where they are happening. I hate this. Poor Clarkie is not happy. Miss aggravated Halise CK make them...stop please Mammaa
  2. It’s 1:15 AM and the £<|{>*~|%€||^>fireworks have started again. Grrrrrrrerr enough already! Miss Halise being very angry CK snoring thank goodness
  3. One of my first greyhounds Katy Sue had babiosis. They treated it with doxy. Today would have been her 28th birthday! Miss that girl. Mammaa Halise and a snoooooozing CK
  4. Its mi Gotcha Week! I been heer...for yeers! We didint git..eneething on Thursdee ...(mi reel Gotcha Day) butt wee ar .....sellabratin dis weeekend. I getted THREE Munchkins fer a.....aftur brefkist snak. Den I getted...sum ob Mammaas hamburgur!!!!! Den hur Wentid too....Unkel Scotts fer dinnur. Dey hadded....stake an hur bringed....mee sum!!!! CK wiff a...full bellee
  5. Hmmm that’s kinda weird coz I have never watched more than a total of 15 minutes total of football in my entire life!!! We’re a hockey family! Miss Halise
  6. Mistur Hebenly George...wots TB12 dat...is on DAs wings? CK confuzd
  7. Miss Antee Sherrie!!! Yoo joost .. habs too bee ok!!! I lubs yoo!!! Mammaa orderd sum...ob dat Reskyoo.. Remidee stuff frum ..da Amazon riber. Its suppozd too...bee heer tooday. Wee ar ..hopin dat it helps...mee wiff da firewerks. Hur sed dat...beekoz I tare up...toys unless dey ar ...reel tuff an KNOT ..fuzzee I kant hab...enee big fuzzee ..toyz CK toy deestroyur
  8. Hi dere. Dis is ....CK. I need sum.....ideers frum yoo oll. Dis Thursdee...is mi forf..Gotcha Day an...Mammaa sed dat I..cud hab sumfin speshul. Wot shud I....ask hur for??? CK lukkin fer ...da collektiv wizdum....ob da groop
  9. The dirtbags in the neighborhood have been lighting off fireworks ever since the protests started. Most nights we are already in the bedroom (CK’s safe place) but now they are starting earlier. Poor Clarkie is beside hisownself. Pants and shakes. Gave him benedryl last night but it took a long time for him to calm down. Going to pick up some Rescue Remedy tomorrow. If that doesn’t work we may try CBD. Why brand/strength/dose do y’all use? Miss Halise
  10. Ooooo yes please repeat that recipe! I found Rice a Roni too! Miss Halise (CK is zoned out on a dog bed)
  11. Miss Galina, hoo cares...wot hur colls..yoo as long as...hur duzint coll... yoo late fer dinnur!! CK hungree boi
  12. E careful Miss Patsy, if you overexert yourownself who would feed the kitties? Miss Halise Clarkie is zzzzzzzzz
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