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  1. OMGOMGOMG!!! Mammaa getted a pakige an now hur is dansin arownd da hows singin Stroopwaffels! Stroopwaffels!! Hur sed fer us too tell Dafnee an Bitsee too gibs dere Mammaa a big hyoog kiss an hug frum hur! DA wots a Stroopwaffell? CK hoo cares, ...........maybee sheel...........share wiff us? Caroline you made my day! Halise
  2. Miss Lizabeff, Mammaa is laffin maniaclee at dat idear. DA CK mee too
  3. Mammaa lubbed dat Fat Laydees show! Hur wuz debistaydid when Jennifer wentid D-e-d DA knot a fat laydee CK knot a..........fat enneething
  4. Wee gots a bisiter in ower bak yard dis mornin. Last nite whilst wee wuz sleepin, dere wuz a SWISH noyz in da yard. Den dis mornin dere wuz a BIG YOOJ rottid oke branch on da grownd!! Mammaa wentid owt wif us an saw dat it amayzinglee did KNOT hit enneething!! Part iz joost branchis but dere is a pees abowt ten feets long dat is forteenleben inchis akross! Ower Unkel Scott sed he cud cut it intoo logs but cudunt take dem away an cudint doo it until him comes bak frum baycashun in too weeks. Wot to doo? Wot to doo? DA steppin arownd da tree shmootz CK knot mee.........I wented.........rite up too it.......an peed onnit
  5. Hi Patty! I missed seeing you. I used to have Scout’s sister Delicate Halise (Ziva)! I was there with my two boys. One won the King but he was freaked out by the noise so he was back at the hotel. I just got home to Massachusetts. Maybe I will see you next time. Halise
  6. My friend Mel lost her Debby Donovan Saturday. Ducky could you please add Debby to your list?
  7. Ducky, could you please add Chloe to the list :-( Halise Chloe’s foster Mom
  8. A $450 dollar vet bill for pee issues (it’s brown and he can’t hold it very long)
  9. My Berry was put on a half for two days then a quarter a day for the rest of her life. Halise
  10. If you make the peroxide one, do NOT store it. It will explode! If you don’t use it all, discard it. Been there, done that, had to clean the ceiling in the pantry :-(
  11. I am soooo happy they landed with you. We were worried. Thank you for opening your arms and home to such wonderful dogs.
  12. Full size, extended length Ford E350 van (a/k/a Big A$$$ van) with front and rear air conditioning and heat with remote start. Had all of the back seats removed and had a bed (and two captains chairs) installed. It is a monster!! Halise
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