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  1. Guy!! Guys!! Guys!!! Did yoo eber…hab rostid…green beems??? Dey ar da….bomdigitee!!! CK needin mor..green beems!!
  2. Mister Pippin how about this one for a pesto? Miss Halise
  3. My work phone is forwarded to my personal cell because we are working from home so not sure if it came directly to me or if it came from my work phone so don’t know if that would work. Miss Crabby Halise
  4. O mi doG!!! Dis CK. Mammas sell…fone ringed at…wun thurtee dis…mornin!!! Mamma grabbd it…an anserd it. It …sed it wuz…frum da cumpanee…hur werks fer…but wuz a unnown…caller. Dere wuz…nowun on da…fone. Hur wuz…mad! Hur wuz werreed..dat it wuz…a coll abowt….her Daddee. Den hur..cuddint git bak too..sleeep fer a long..time. Den hur waked up…at fibe oklok wif….a reel bad eeerake. Hur nebur…hadded wun ob dem…beefor. Hur is gonna…be grumpee tooday. CK
  5. Happy O’Canada Thanksgiving to our northern neighbors! Miss Halise and a snoozing CK
  6. Soon Miss Ducky. Been seriously thinking about it these past few weeks. Just need to figure out the insurance/Medicare and pension stuff and have to talk to the SS folks.
  7. And send some here too!!! Miss Halise on the bus from the airport
  8. Leaving my Dad’s this morning. He’s still hanging in there. Sigh. Miss Halise
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