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  1. Miss Loosey, dat McNeil guy wuz wiff JIM Lehrer, not TOM Lehrer. Tom wus a satirical myoosisian DA
  2. Hooray Miss Patsy! Now I don’t feel so all alone in my madness! Mammaa Halise
  3. Mammaa is watchin a show on da lokal PeeBee Ess netwerk. It is Tom Lehrer in Copenhagen. Hur sez hur iz feelin old. It is frum 1965. Oll hur frends dat wud bee old enuff too remembur it dont lib neer heer enneemor. Hee did satirical comedee. Stuff like Poysoning Pijins in da Park an Da Vatican Rag. Duz eneewun reemembur him? DA knot old enuf CK mee eethur
  4. Miss Soosan, Mammaa sed does booshis is colld Barberry heer. Dey hab stikums like roses an ar sharp! DA horticulchoorist CK knot mee!! I peee............on booshis
  5. Miss Lizabef, hope it werks fer mi buddee Merc! DA not afeerd ob firewerks CK mee too
  6. Found this on Facebook. For firecracker-phobes. Subject: Fireworks head wrap
  7. Mammaa gut a port o pottee storee too. I let hur tell yoo. One summer I worked at a day camp. One of the tiniest kids there was maybe 7 years old, but tiny. We had bathrooms but they had no plumbing, just a hole in a seat in a stall. I’m waiting for this little girl to finish and I hear “HELP!!” I pushed the door open and she was hanging by her knees and arms, butt in the hole, just barely hanging on! I grabbed her and pulled her up. She was shaking! From that point on, I had to hold her everytime she had to go. Poor little kid was traumatized. OK, now mi tern Mammaa. We are still eggsawstid from ower trip. That is oll. DA CK mee toozzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Hi Patty! I missed seeing you. I used to have Scout’s sister Delicate Halise (Ziva)! I was there with my two boys. One won the King but he was freaked out by the noise so he was back at the hotel. I just got home to Massachusetts. Maybe I will see you next time. Halise
  9. Wee ar knot habbin fun coz Clarkdachikken iz afrade ob ebereething! Noyz, windee winds, lotsa peepel, shinee flors, eksettera, eksettera. Soo wee hab been stayin in da hotel bi owerownselbs. Mammaa borrowd a crate for Clarkee frum ower Antee Pam but him cuddint fit. Gud thing Mammaa brot da hexspen. So Clarkdachikken stayd in dat an him wuz mor comfee. I stayd on wun ob da beds. Wee getted too meet Abby an Tiny (her winnd a cuppel ob trofees, butt I will let Miss Sherrie tell yoo abowt dat). An wee lubslubslubs Miss Sherrie! Wee olso meeted Clarkdachikkens rasin ownurs!! Dey is reeelee nise! Well time fer bed. It is thundurin an litenin. An it raned like crazee erleer. DA sleepee CK da chikken
  10. Gess wot! Gess wot! Wee getted too meet Miss Sherrie an da beeyootimus Miss Tiny and Miss Abby!! It wuz a long dribe butt wee finalee made it too Abileeen. Miss Ducky, Mammaa wonts mee too aks yoo wat is da seecret sos too put on ower fuds too git us too eets? DA trabelin howndee CK I hates.......big truks.......an noysee rodes. I am........onlee eetin......teenee bits.
  11. O Miss Chris an fambilee, I wuz sendin heavy dootee Atomic power too liddel Atom Bom but I guess it wuzint eenuff. Sendin hugs an kisses DA da sad CK mee too Mammaa Halise
  12. Miss ScootersMom, wee will wabe bak too yoo coz wee ar gowin on roots 90, 84, 81; 80 an 70!!! DA wabin boy CK mee too Mammaa Halise mee three, wait, no, wavin GIRL!
  13. Miss Sherrie, wee ar leebin fer dat Abileeeen plase at da butt crak ob don toomorrow. Wee shud bee dere sumtime Wesdee. Wee at stayin at da Holidee Inn Ekspress. Hope too meet yoo!! DA trabelin hownd CK mee too!!
  14. My friend Mel lost her Debby Donovan Saturday. Ducky could you please add Debby to your list?
  15. Ducky, could you please add Chloe to the list :-( Halise Chloe’s foster Mom
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