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  1. Hello everyone! My husband and I adopted Moose in November 2018 when he retired from Lurching in Kansas. I have been around dogs daily since I was an infant, 53 years ago, and my hubby is a cat person willingly converting. Our 2 parrots and our dog are basically our children as we have no kids or grandchildren. Moose is a lovely big boy at over 90 pounds and runs much much faster than the female greyhound I had 20 years ago. He is 6 years old and behaves like he is about 2! We are very much still in the beginning stages of learning and getting to know our boy. I found this forum when I was looking for some information on sleep startling and I was so impressed by the information here I thought I would join you! Moose has been an absolute joy and his presence in our lives has brought us such peace and companionship already. My feeling is that we have a responsibility morally and spiritually to provide this boy with the most we can offer in terms of handling and caring for him the very best we can. I have trained and competed in agility and obedience in the past and I am always looking for things to learn. Moose is in superb condition aside from what appears like minor arthritis in a previously broken toe. His ability to communicate his needs is uncanny. He is a normal dog in many ways but with a few twists. His version of cuddling is standing next to where I am sitting and leaning against me. He would love to snuggle on the sofa but its like snuggling with a sack of hammers! Sometimes he will lay his head on my lap and he loves to be petted as long as your arm can stand it. He sleep startles fairly predictably and as time goes on it's going away since we stopped him from coming on the bed and sofa. It's been a really cold winter here and we are finally seeing the snow begin to leave in the last few days. Moose has been sniffing and hounding all over the yard as it's the first time he has really seen Canadian soil so to speak. I will follow with pictures asap, Nice to meet you all! Moosemom
  2. Greetings from Southern Nevada! I've been lurking on the site for a while now in preparation for adopting a grey, and I figured I'd sign up and say a huge THANK YOU to all who contribute on this board, especially those with plenty of experience with retired racing greys. I had so many questions and had stumbled upon this site and have learned a lot. My significant other and I have been wanting to rescue for a years now. The new guy will be our first dog "together" and my first dog as a "grown-up." The past two weeks have been a little hectic because, of course, I'm frantically attempting to be as prepared as possible. Between ordering dog food to beds to toothpaste to reading books, it feels like I've been preparing for forever when in reality...it is all happening so fast! The placement rep of our adoption agency contacted my boyfriend last night and informed us our application was approved by the board. Just a day earlier she and another member of the rescue group did a home check, brought over our potential greyhound, and talked to us for well over an hour. Anyways, I had been a nervous, anxious wreck all day, and now the excitement is starting to hit and I can't even sleep. I'll be thinking about "my" grey all day at work up until we go pick him up later. Okay, done rambling, sorry. Again, hello...and I welcome any and all advice on these wonderful dogs. Thanks again!
  3. I have not been around in some time! We have two IGs now. Ziggy who is 5 and Bo who is 1. Possibly an third little girl 2 Sam. Possibly. Hello all!
  4. Hello, all, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster. My husband and I started researching greyhounds almost two years ago, and in November we agreed to dog-sit a foster for the long Thanksgiving weekend, just to "try things out." Long story short, Sweep has been here ever since. We went from dog-sitting to fostering to fostering with intent, and finally, in February, to formally adopting. It has been a long, at times arduous, journey since neither of us have had dogs as adults, and we have two cats we adore and (still) worry for since they have ruled the roost for so long. My female cat vomited from the stress every day for the first two weeks or so...that was not fun. But things seem to have settled into a routine finally, and Sweep's a total sweetheart and a goofball and overall about the easiest dog we could have asked for. She is showing some signs lately that she might be a bit of a breed snob, but that's about the only issue we've encountered with her thus far. Perhaps more on that in another thread if it continues. For now, I just wanted to introduce myself and her...and I've lurked long enough to know the rules, so here she is!
  5. Hello! My name is Meghan and my greyhound is Hazel, formerly San Tan Drizzle. We live in New Jersey. Hazel was adopted from Greyhound Friends of NJ. =) And here's a shameless plug...Currently we're entered in the Project for Awesome charity contest! Here's the rules, quoted straight from projectforawesome.com: " 1. People upload videos promoting charities to YouTube and submit them to the Project for Awesome website. 2. People vote on which videos they think are the best. 3. The charities promoted in the top five videos split all of the money we raise over the year. This is, however, subject to the approval of the board of directors, partly because contest law is complex and partly to prevent a trolling group from coming in and hijacking the vote. " Our video is promoting Greyhound Friends of NJ and just greyhound adoption in general, so if you could maybe take a moment to vote for it, that would be amazing! Thank you! We're not expecting to win, but the more votes we get, the more people see the video and learn about greyhounds. =) You can also vote for lots of other charities. Here's the link to our video: http://www.projectforawesome.com/adopt-a-greyhoundgreyhound-friends-of-nj/project-for-awesome-2012-greyhound-rescue And every comment left on any Project for Awesome video = a penny to charity, so comments are much appreciated. Anyway, aside from that shameless plug, I am really glad to have found this forum and looking forward to getting to know people here!
  6. Greetings everyone! I am thrilled beyond belief to introduce Rocky, a beautiful, big, shiny black boy who joined our family yesterday. His racing name was Rock A By Montoya and he raced at Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs Iowa until the fall. Thanks to the nice people at Heartland Greyhound Adoption and a great foster Mom, he has found his forever home!!! We haven't had any problems so far-or nothing you wouldn't expect. He has marked a few times in the house and is concerned about walking on the wood floor in our kitchen. He is hesitant on stairs and pulls on the leash. All will easily be corrected with some fun and gentle training. Already on this morning's walk he was making great progress with the leash and he hasn't marked again today (that we know of). We have a 7 year old whippet who is mixed with just a little bit of something else (pointer?) and a 3 1/2 year old daughter and Rocky seems great with both, though we are using caution. He is a vel-cro dog to be sure and his tail never stops wagging. I just tried briefly putting him in his crate and he was whining and slamming at the door after 6 minutes, so we'll have to work on that. A little about me: past pets have included another whippet besides our current dog, as well as an Italian Greyhound but this is our first time driving the SUV! I have wanted a grey since I was in junior high school and let's just say that was several years ago. We just moved into a larger home with a big fenced yard so we knew it was time. I am involved with Therapy Dogs, Inc. and hope Rocky will be some day too. I used to be an instructor for the Nebraska Humane Society's Manners "N" more obedience classes, though time no longer permits me to do that. Hopefully this background will help me with Rocky. We are really enjoying seeing the world through new eyes. He is so intrigued by everything and so incredibly sweet. Of course, advice, tips, suggestions, etc are very welcome!!! I will post pictures as soon as I figure it out! Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Susan and Rocky
  7. Hi! My name is Nat and we have recently adopted our first Greyhound, Zac. We had planned to adopt two, but recently a little Staffy cross wandered into our lives in desperate need of a home and we just couldn't say no. Indiana the 7 year old Staffy mix has been with us for a month now and Zac came home last week. So far so good! Indi had been rather neglected by her previous person and has some health issues that we are currently working through. She also has a terrible case of separation anxiety and unfortunately the vet deemed it so serious as to require medication. We have also been using behavioural techniques to improve this and it is working wonders so far. Next week she is scheduled for surgery to remove a nasty tumour that is so far benign but there is a significant risk of it turning malignant at any time. Zac is a 7 year old retired racer who came to us through a Greyhound rescue group here in Sydney. We worked with them to find a dog that would suit our lifestyle and get along well with Indi. He is a big, cruisy boy who loves everyone and spends most of his time relaxing on his bed! We don't know much about his former life but suspect that he may have been a successful racer as he made it to the age of 6 before being picked up by the rescue group. He was on death row at a pound. We did a lot of research before deciding to adopt a Greyhound and are really pleased to have this beautiful boy in our lives. Indi is pretty happy about it too!
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