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  1. I've tried and tried but have not been able to figure out how to change my profile photo. Help please and thank you.
  2. Don’t you just love inhaling the loveliness of the top of their heads?
  3. Or, in Jenny’s case, her dried up tongue hanging out of her mouth.
  4. Greyhounds are known for having bald thigh syndrome. It’s generally nothing to worry about. If you’re very concerned have your vet run some bloodwork. 5 mg daily of melatonin has worked for some to regrow fur if you want to for cosmetic reasons.
  5. Our toy collection is in desperate need of replacement. Some of them have been through three Greyhounds worth of chomping and flinging. Most of the squeakers and grunters have seen better days. I've browsed through Chewy and Amazon for large, squeaking/grunting plush toys. Any other sites I should be perusing?
  6. Rest peacefully dear Connor. Gentle hugs to you, Remolacha.
  7. Can there be anything sweeter than relaxing in your favorite chair stoking your Greyhound's silky ears as she snuggles sleepily beside you? Heaven.
  8. He is redirecting his aggression/excitement. This is beyond my training knowledge. I would suggest consulting a behaviorist. I’d also highly recommend checking out Patricia McConnell’s website. She’s most likely got a book on dealing with redirected aggression.
  9. Remember that the staff at the adoption kennel are familiar with the dogs’ temperaments and can guide you towards an appropriate match.
  10. Gorgeous pups. all! Keep the photos and stories coming.
  11. I think it all depends on the dog. Each of my three Greys got along with the non-Greys in the family but related to them in different ways. Wendy was the fun police. No shenanigans when Wendy was on duty. Lola was so playful it sometimes became annoying. Jenny is more interested in people than in dogs and has been known to snark on occasion. None of them showed any aggression towards others.
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