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  1. Although I know that our dogs understand many spoken words and the tone of our voice, I believe that we can communicate with them through imagery as well. I call it thinking 'with intent'. While I may speak words out loud to communicate an idea to my dog, I also send mental images of what I want to tell her. Sometimes, the imagery is enough for her to understand what I am trying to convey.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Peace to your aching heart. Run with the angels, dear Algy.
  3. Paddy, you are so handsome! Happy birthday! Nadine - You’ve got this. Never, never give up.
  4. I'd bag just in case. When we were embroiled in the battle of the hooks with Lola, my vet asked if there were any other critters in our yard - feral cats, raccoons, possums, tortoises- as the feces of these could reinfect the soil and therefore the dog. Turns out Lola had a penchant for tortoise poo. Once the tortoises were relocated, problem solved.
  5. LaFlaca


    My deepest condolences.
  6. LaFlaca


    I'm so very sorry for your loss. Run with the angels dear Sydney.
  7. Welcome home, beautiful Bella!
  8. You’ll be seeing lots of quirks and blossoming personality traits as time passes. EQ is very handsome!
  9. LaFlaca


    Oh, Lexie! You will be missed. Healing thoughts for your broken heart.
  10. Mammoth dog beds are a favorite at my house and they last forever. https://www.mammothoutlet.com/foam-memory-dog-bed.htm
  11. Congrats on your beautiful girl! She looks so worried in the first pix and so much more relaxed once she got home.
  12. I made a DYI seat extender with a foam bolster cut in half. It worked well for a while until the Florida sun turned it into powder. Maybe if I had known how to sew a cover it would have lasted longer.
  13. I have an Honda Accord. A backseat hammock covered with a blanket and these in the footwells - Tuffut Luxx™ Seat Extender - works like a charm.
  14. Oh, dear! Lola learned to press the button on the lid to open the old trash can so we bought a locking one. Enter Jenny who, frustrated that she could not open the can, dragged it by the edge of the trash bag into the dining room in protest. <sigh>
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