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  1. What a gift! Fabulous! Jenny sits next to me in DH's recliner when he's not home. I get to play with her silky, soft ears all the time. Heaven!
  2. Thanks to all for your advice. I ended up giving her a Beano tablet (vet approved) that I had on hand. No more gurgles. I’m thinking maybe she was given ‘people food’ by our guests on Christmas Eve which she is not used too. Regardless, I’m requesting a fecal when we go to the vet on Tuesday for a previously scheduled appointment.
  3. Poor Jenny has big time tummy gurgles. She must be quite uncomfortable as she did not eat breakfast for the first time ever. Anything I can safely give her to release the gas? Lord, I hope this is not hookworm!!!
  4. I am feeding Fromm brand grain inclusive. Jenny loves it and is doing well on it.
  5. My first thought is a vet check. Maybe he’s in pain. Secondly, new home, new city, new sights, sounds and smells. Give your guy some time to adapt to his new surroundings. Baby steps.
  6. Bathroom assistant. In Jenny’s mind, I am incapable of bathing or completing bodily functions without her assistance.
  7. I don’t know what’s going on with your girl only that it sounds like she’s in pain. I pray it’s something that can be easily resolved. Keep us posted.
  8. Crates are overrated. If he's soiling his crate, that says separation anxiety to me, None of the three Greys I've owned have tolerated being crated. Baby gates and dog-proofing the house are key.
  9. So far, so good. That’s good news. Keep us posted.
  10. This brings back a nightmare for me. In July, we dropped a seemly healthy, 4 year old, Lola off for boarding at our usual, trusted dog-sitter. Upon our return 10 days later, Lola appeared subdued and had lost a significant amount of weight. The sitter said she had been fine during her stay. We immediately took her to the vet.e vet Bloodwork was alarming as was abdominal ultrasound. Vet wanted to keep Lola overnight on fluids and observation. She lasted 2 hours. Thrombosis. I don’t blame the sitter or the vet at all. Sometimes, bad stuff just happens. Upon adopting my new girl, Jenny, I insisted on a complete K9-type check up as police and military dogs undergo. I will also insist on yearly, complete bloodwork to catch any incipient disease or disorder. I believe I did a disservice to Lola by assuming she was healthy because of her appearance and youth. I pray your pup will be fine.
  11. I’m interested to hear what others have to say as I’m looking into insurance for Jenny. ASPCA has been recommended.
  12. Always happy to help! Hope your heart-dog comes along soon.
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