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  1. I’ve given probiotics to all my Greys and have gotten excellent results over time controlling the noxious emissions. I use Fortiflora made by the Purina company. Have you had your dog tested for internal parasites? Hookworms in particular can cause terrible gas.
  2. So very sorry for your loss. Cletus was a most special boy.
  3. That’s a great idea. My last two hounds had severe separation anxiety. Both of them chewed the blinds to smithereens. Using Patricia McConnell’s methods and leaving the blinds open was very helpful.
  4. Please read the pamphlet “I’ll Be Home Soon” by Patricia McConnell. It’s the SA bible!
  5. Fabulous photos! Beautiful hounds! Thanks for sharing.
  6. La patita principal Translation: The caca foot The caca foot Can no longer walk Because it stinks Because it stinks Her principal foot ———————————————- It does lose in the translation. 😀
  7. I had this same issue in NYC many years ago. It turned out the ticks were breeding in the vacuum cleaner bag. Thousands of the little b@$tards all warm and cozy amongst the dust bunnies and dog hair. 🤮
  8. Those are great! 😄 We’re in Miami so not many falling leaves. However, the heavy rains have made the grass grow “as high as an elephants eye” so a case of ‘caca foot’ is inevitable when we walk around the back yard. Maybe someone more talented than I can write a ‘caca foot’ themed song sung to the tune of Oklahoma.
  9. My first Grey, Wendy, was a master gravedigger when it came to food. She’d bury turkey necks and the like and dig them up for a snack once they were nice and ripe. #2 Grey, Lola, stole whatever she could get her mouth on and bury it under the cushions on her beds. Jenny is a thief of all things edible or not and will hide her cache between the cushions on the sofas. Imagine my surprise upon finding a tomato stuffed between the back and seat cushion of the living room sofa. Gotta love ‘em!
  10. Jenny is almost entirely black. Huh. Good to know it is a natural occurrence.
  11. When Jenny joined our family a year ago her lips were black now they are pink. It looks like she’s wearing lipstick. They also seem a bit fleshier to me at the sides of her mouth. She does not exhibit any discomfort. I switched her stainless steel food and water bowls recently to glass on the off chance she’s sensitive to stainless. Any ideas?
  12. My plan is to allow her back on the chair (she’s been exiled for several days) and if she has any more inappropriate reactions ask her to vacate each time, keeping her off the remainder of that day. Hopefully she’ll eventually understand that the snark/snap is a no-no.
  13. Try Cafe Press. They for sure have that oval sticker with ‘ROO’ on it. https://www.cafepress.com/
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