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  1. Well, the visit to the vet proved inconclusive. No parasites, nothing in anal glands, cytology showed nothing out of the ordinary as far as bacteria or yeast. So the vet prescribed a topical approach to relieve the itching; GenOne spray (basically Gentamicin Sulfate) and O.T.C. Miconazole Nitrate to be applied to the area once a day. We'll try this for one month and see how Lola does. The vet does have one more thing up her sleeve if these meds don't help. Eye drops! She told me that there are these eye drops used to treat canine dry eye that have been shown to help in itch relief. Unfortunately, I've forgotten the name of the drops. Good luck with Daisy. I hope she finds some relief.
  2. My Lola has this problem also. She does have atopic dermatitis and takes Apoquel, which helps, although it's not a magic bullet. Sometimes the itching is so severe that she yelps. I've tried every itch-shampoo on the market. I give her pre/probiotics. Her anal glands are fine. It's not longer a problem of hookworms. We've done the food allergy thing. We're going to the vet tomorrow. If I get any pertinent information, I'll share. I'm planning on broaching the topic of a possible yeast overgrowth. Check for internal parasites. God forbid!
  3. Oh, man....I hope not. Lola's got an appointment on Monday for vaccinations. I will insist on a fecal whether she needs it or not. I have hookworm PTSD.
  4. That is absolutely precious! Cletus, I adore you!
  5. Hang in there! It took me 18 months to get Lola clear.
  6. I hope you don't need it but it's a good resource just in case.
  7. For those GT'ers who have been fighting the dreaded super-hooks, here's an article to share with your vet: https://www.greyhoundhealthinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Persistant-Hookworms-in-Greyhounds.pdf
  8. I'm glad it's nothing serious. Poor guy's pee-shooter is probably irritated causing him to urinate inappropriately.
  9. That's good news. Please keep us posted.
  10. Thanks, greysmom. She has been diagnosed with atopic dermatitis and her breath has become less than minty fresh lately although her teeth and gums look good.. We're seeing the vet on the 24th. I'm wondering if the Apoquel she takes for the allergies is causing dry mouth (although that's not one of the listed side effects) which could account for the saliva and breath issues. <sigh> Also considering that maybe she has a yeast overgrowth problem in addition to or instead of the allergies. 'Tis a puzzlement.
  11. Anyone have any idea what could cause thick, sticky saliva in a dog?
  12. Your girl is lovely. I agree that Greyhounds are perfect in every way!
  13. Pretty girl! Yes, she does look Greyhound-ish. If we could see her feet...
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