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  1. Greyhounds are the best dogs ever! 😂 I love that spinny happy dance. Annie was just making sure the shoes are safe for you to wear. Kinda like a food taster...but for shoes. 😉
  2. I would enjoy something less cartoonish and more artistic. Maybe with drawings suitable for framing once colored. A Greyhound themed glossary and a resources page would be great.
  3. Lord, yes! Jenny will lean on your legs and not let you walk unless you say , “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me” as you shuffle your feet in the direction you want to go. 🤪
  4. A reliable recall is essential. Then the usual down, stay, place. Leave it is a good first choice. Two of my Greys have dropped live birds using ‘Leave it’. Teaching then to not bolt out of an open door is another essential. I use ‘wait’ for that. Congrats on your new boy!
  5. Congrats on your new pup! I don’t have any pics of my red-brindle girl, Wendy, but she looked spectacular in black, red, gold, burgundy and just about any warm/autumn color.
  6. Gotcha. I’ve got Colace on hand. Poor Jenny seems desperate to poo since about 1 am. Thanks!
  7. Aside from the trusty, old canned pumpkin, what is safe to give a constipated greyhound?
  8. 😂 Jenny can tell the difference between the ‘cookie jar’ and the identical ‘not-the-cookie-jar’ no matter where she is in the house. How do they do that?
  9. I’m thrilled to hear that Proheart worked for you. I started Jenny on Proheart 6 a month ago after a course of Panacur. She’ll also be on Bravecto every 3 months. I’ll be taking a fecal to the vet on Monday with my fingers crossed for a negative result. It’s been over a year-long battle with Satan’s pet parasites. 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
  10. My Lola came to me with hooks. She had them for for 18 months. Panacur did nothing. We used Drontal and Advantage Multi and finally got rid of the hooks. Unfortunately, I think this combo led to Lola’s death. Her organs were fried. Please be careful.
  11. Did the vet take X-rays? There could be a fracture or other injury.
  12. Many moons ago adopted a Sheltie that had been paper trained before she came to me. I was never able to get that dog to potty outside. She had the ‘paper potty’ so ingrained that she’d become very anxious and begin urinating immediately when I put her lead on to take her outside. That was an extreme case, of course, but what I’m trying to get at is that maybe your girl is having trouble understanding that it’s okay to potty on the balcony and outside as well. Maybe balcony train her exclusively, and once that’s accomplished, go ahead and go walkies and throw a praise party when she does her
  13. Jenny chooses to lie next to me even though she has several other options. She always has a part of her body in contact with mine even when we’re in the car. Also, too, I have the ‘keys’ to the cookies! 😉
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