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  1. Humph, I fink there izza young kuppul wivva littul baybee who jusst moving to OCananada who gonna need a littul howse away frum everee wun, maybe thay kood bild a littul cob howse lyke that wun? Nutmeg.
  2. Gud affernuun frendz. Fower those ov yu inna frozin Norf I gotta tell yu that ower Sprink bulbs ar kumming froo and we gotta littul purkle/burgundy kuller mini Iris in flower awlreddee! Mum say it will problee freeze and kill ‘em awl off next munf! Lotsa Krokus are froo, sum neerlee in bloom eevin be4 the Snowdrops are doing enneefing. Yesserday affernuun Mum got kalled abowt a Bat that need help. A telefone engineer brottid it to ower howse and Mum tooked it to Miss. Sally. Missr. Sally just fone to tell Mum that the littul Bat iz eeting hiz mealwurmz awl by hissownself, witch iz veree Gud. Mum start to watch Good Omens onna ketchup TeeVee on hur kompoota lasst nyte. It start owt so dark she koodent see Nuffing but improved layta. She sed I gotta aks Miss. Loosy iffn she gonna read Terry Pratchett now she watched Good Omens and Going Postal? We gots awl the books. Trayning Klas# tunyte butt wivvowt ower Dexta ‘cos he gotta go owt wiv hiz fambilee. KNOT a bad day tuday, wiv sum sunneeshyne but kkowld wind. We gotta waak inna forrist. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nutmeg.
  3. Gud eevning frendz. We hav bin reeding butt KNOT ticticcing ‘cos Nuffing mutch bin happening. It wetanwindee agen tuday, lyke yesserday. Itt daark owt jusst be4 fyve o’klok ‘cos ov awl them klowdz and raynee raynes yet wen Mum wentid owt to a konsert on Sunneday atta sayme tyme it waz still lyte ‘cos thayre waz NO klowdz inna sky. She wentid to see thieeze peepuls http://www.earwicker.org/purbeck_village_quire.htm Iffn yu follow this linkie to the West Gallery music payge yu kan heer them. http://www.wgma.org.uk/Resources/cip.htm Hav fun atta show Hamish! Wagz to awl ower frendz, and be karefull wiv awl the snowanise. Nutmeg.
  4. Susan, you have to remember that you aren’t used to having a garden and accompanying closed/locked up features to keep in mind all the time, it is easy to think you closed something safely but didn’t get around to it. Glad to hear that Hamish returned home safely, coming when you called like a good boy. M.E.C.
  5. Gud eevning frendz, Nuffing mutch happening rownd heer apart frum damping rayne, awltho we did go to ower howndee waak on Sunneday morning. We given munneez to GIN in rememboree ov ower Dippy. It did KNOT rayne wyle we waking but rayne onna wY there and onna way howme. Mum had hur vitamin B12 jab tuday butt still fell asleep onna settee this affernuun. She awlso had bludz stole frum hur arm and sumhow missed hur appointment fower a breathing test. The text remynda kayme froo fower the blue test appointment butt KNOT the erleeyer breathing wun so she arryve too layta fower it. Now she gotta go bak agen on Lasst nyte Miss. Sally took Mum to the banjo nyte that she yused to help Missr. R. to run. It waz KNOT wat it yused to be ‘cos no wun gots the skills that he had, thay do KNOT know the songs or hav the voice to lead the singing, let alone get them playing their banjos proplee. Butt at least it still running so itta Gud legacy! Yu looking reel gud Beka, along wiv yur sistas and Dippy and Charlie and Zorro el galgo and Pippin! We do KNOT get ower foteegraffs on heer ‘cos Mum say she KNOT fownd a foteegraff program she wanna yuse. Charlie, wy do yu ware a petticoat inna rayne? We howpe LuLu iz OKay affer having hur toofers dun and Littul Charlie’s vizzit to the veterinararee offis goes well tumorro. it sowndz lyke FancyToo iz settling in well and everee wun getting vizziterz. Miss. Molly iz getting vizziters tuu, awl the way frum OCananada. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  6. Merc, Mum kept tyte howld on mi leed awl eevning so I kood KNOT be a Nottee girl. We hadda nyse waak wiv Anty Lynda and ower d3xta. He W azza gudboy and Holden Chancey’s leed.
  7. Gud morning frendz. It iz ower furst howndee waak ov the yeer this morning and it duz KNOT look kkkowwlld or wetanwindee owt thayre.. We went vizziting wiv Mum lasst nyte. Mum tooked an Andre Rieu DEeVeeDee akross the rowed to watch wivva naybore and she sed we kood go too AND she let us sit on hur settee wiv Mum! We gotta treet tuu and Mum and Miss. Rita shayred a can ov Pear cyda that Mum tooked wiv us. I fidgittid and hadda go owt fower a wee twyse so Mum took us down to the end ov the rowed so we did KNOT mark Miss. Rita’s lawn! Lukkillee it waz KNOT kkowld owt. Thatta gud furst post Velvet. We will giv sum munneez to GIN in rememboree ov Dippy wen we go to the waak tuday. Mum say Chancey iz beginning to look hur ayge, she gonna be eleventy yeerz owld layta thus munf. She bin heer six yeerz the day afta hur Birfday. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  8. Gud morning frendz. We ar bak frum ower waak (ware it rained on us jusst be4 we gottid howme) and now we reddee to watch the Nyoo Yeer Konsert frum Veeyenna onna TeeVee. Mum sitting down wivva cherry likewer choklit and finking that inna fyew howerz hur frend in Regina in OCananada will watch it too. Maybe sum ov yu will Joyner us layta too? Wagz to awl ower frendz, Chancey and Nutmeg.
  9. Ha Pee Nyoo Yeer to awl ower frendz. We herd fyrewurk s awl froo the eevning and lots wentid bang bang a littul wyle ago and Mum sed Ha Pee Nyoo Yeer gurlz! We ar sleeping froo it awl. We ar sorree that Miss. Nancy Too iz not well and howp Miss. Kimber iz feeling lots betta too. We gonna try going to bed now. May 2020 be a wundafull Yeer fower everee wun Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg and luv frum Mum.
  10. Gud morning frendz. We hav KNOT bin owt fower ower waak yet ‘cos we gotta wayte in fower Mum’s nyoo fone to be delivverd. She hadda lotta hassul wiv it wiv them Vodafone peepuls. Twyse thay sed thay gonna send wun afta howerz onna chat seshun wiv them and twyse thay cansell hur order wivvowt telling hur. Fynallee, On Sunnyday she fynd owt thay KNOT selling hur wun ‘cos ov hur kredit skor. She check wiv the kredit skor peepuls and it iz 999. So she orda a fone frum Tesco and it dyoo heer ennee tyme. It ownlee an iPhone 6s ‘cos she doesn’t yuse it mutch, mowstlee fower sayftee wen owt walking inna forrist or wen itt jusst kum, I will tictic mor layta. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nutmeg
  11. Gud erlee morning frendz. I yam ticticcing ‘cos having gottid Mum up to let mo owt at four o’klok she waz trying to go bak to sleep (unsuksessfoollee) and thott she gotta set up an onlyne akkownt to keep getting ower milk deelivvard inna nyoo yeer so she jusst dun that. We dun nuffing mutch ova Krikkulmuss, Mum bin owt to luntch twyse, Krikkulmuss Day she wentid to ower kidlets’ uvver Grandparints and yesserday to Miss. Fran’s. We did KNOT get enneefing brottid howme to us, watta swizz! But Mum say we gots lotsa treets inna cubberd reddee fower wen she hasta go and leeve us at ennee tyme. We hadda waak inna forrist wiv Anty Lynda On Krikkulmuss Day but it wetanwindee yesserday so we ownlee wentid owt inna gaardin. Don’t know iffn we will getta waak tuday az Mum say we gotta wayte in fower a nyoo fone to be delivvad.. We howpe awl ower frendz hadda Gud tyme ova the hollydayz. Haz Hayleigh settuled in OK Dustbin? i fink I will let Mum try to go bak to sleep now. Gud morning/nyte to yu AndiPants. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nottee Nutmeg.
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