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  1. Gud wetanwindee AGEN affernuun frendz. We jusst sed “Hellooo” inna Facytyme call to Haymish and Miss Soosin AND Miss Ducky! Itt neerlee ower luntch tyme then Mum gonna leeve us to go to ower Zaccee’s Birfday partee. He iz tenlebbenty yeerz owld. We do KNOT go ‘cos hiz unkel, Missr. Paul, duz KNOT lyke dogs - weird huh? - so we stay howme. Mum sez there will be too mennee peepuls ther enneeway and we would KNOT be abul to sit onna settee and be kumferbul. Ower big bruvver and his wyfe will be there, itta Harry Potter themed partee. oh, luntch iz served Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  2. Gud eevning frendz. At lasst we hav hadda day wen it KNOT wetanwindee and we gottid a waak inna forrist this morning but, Mum jusst tried to go Poppee selling agen and hadda kum howme ‘cos it rayning agen. She say yu kan ownlee wander rownd inna rayne fower a short wyle or awl them poppies inna tray get wet. There wer sum fyrewurkz going off too so she kum howme to sit wiv us. https://www.1418now.org.uk/commissions/poppies-weeping-window-iwm-london/ This the best linkie we kan fynd Daphne, it fower last yeer, KNOT the Tower ov London pikshurs. Mum puts ower wun owt inna gaardin fower the summer butt bring it indoors fower the winter. She mayde shur Missr. R’s wun fower his Grandad went to hiz bruvver ova in La France wen thay left fower howme afta the fyooneral. On Sunneday we wentid on ower howndee waak and we put lotsa munnee inna kollekshun fower ower JJ and Whiskey and towld the laydee why and she sed she wud menshun them onna Faceybuuk payge.! It waz ower Zaccee’s Birfday yesserday butt we did KNOT go wiv Mum to see him incase peepuls wer letting off them noisy firewurkz wen we wer getting in or owt ov ower kaar. We gottid ower kaar bak on Fryingday, it waz letting water in through a body seal butt shud be OKay now. Mum gonna be checking everee tyme it rayne hevvee! We howpe yu ar doing OKay tuday Balthazar. We do KNOT do Faceybuuk so kan KNOT bid on Howpe fower howndz or Miss. Nancy Too’s Galgo awkshun. We ar finking ov yu Miss. Lizabeff. Ha Pee Gotcha Day and Birfday DA and Clarkee . Miss. Halise will be howme wiv yu suun! Howpe the pills wurk fower yu Dippy. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg (still Nottee sumtymez).
  3. Gud morning frendz and Fanks fower the nyoo Club Hamish and the gud lukking snax Myka. Heer we ar on payge free and we ownlee jusst getting chants to ticticcing! The wevver haz KNOT bin gud , lotsa raynee raynes and windee windz. Mum bin owt two eevning selling them poppies but kum howme bekos it start rayning. She ownlee gonna do them too eevning this week ‘cos it rained lasst nyte, it Howloweenee tunyte and thayre gonna be a local fyrewurk display tumorro eevning so she stay in wiv us! Missr. R’s fyooneral wentid OKay and the myoosik afferwardz wentid on until 11.00.pee em she waz told. She ownlee stay fower an hower ‘cos she hadda get howme to us. She bin doing sum gaardning wen it stop rayning and she planted owt the bloo grass plant that waz yused fower Missr. R’s fyooneral flowerz. Ower kaar iz bak inna garidge agen ‘cos it still getting wet inna passenger footwell. Thay sposed to have sorted that lasst munf. We gotta VW Touran on loan, Mum say it veree nise but bigga than she normalee need, awltho it wud be eesyer fower Chancey to get intu wen she a bit owlder. Miss. Lizabeff we ar sorree abowt yur bruvver and yur Mum and ar finking ov yu. We ar shur that Merc iz lukking afta yu. Galina, we howp yur furst ferapee seshun wentid well. We fink Miss.Tin and Missr. Michael gonna be reel bizzee. Charlie, we ar happee tosee that Zorro’s eersie did KNOT get staypuled tu yur butt! He looks kwyte kyute wiv wun earsie haff upp. Oh no, “happee tayle”, we howpe Velvet heels upp suun! Gud luk inna Show this weekend Hamish. Keep getting betta butt do KNOT ovado it Missr. Doug. Keep eeting Lila. Stay sayflee Myka and Miss. Jenbo. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg and Chancey.
  4. Providing he has somewhere to go out to the toilet first thing and isn’t desperate to get out, he should be able to learn that going for a walk is a “moveable feast”. I have dog walking friends who appear at my door around 9.00.a.m. on weekdays, weather permitting, and we all go for a walk but at weekends or when they are away on holiday I don’t keep strictly to that timing. My two know what my movements mean and often are ready to go for a walk before I am but another time they have sussed out that I am not taking them anywhere and they stay curled up on the settees. Just change the time that you go out, even if it is a short circuit around the streets for ten minutes and break him of the set time habit. As far as I am concerned my dogs have to fit in with my times and are quite adaptable.
  5. There should be no guilt, you did the right thing for him and no houndie can ask more of their human than that they can be let go, with no more pain or discomfort. Run free Algy!
  6. Well dun Sid. Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg.
  7. Maybe a lower protein food might help? When one of our whippets was rather manic we were advised to change to a lower protein food and I think it helped.
  8. Banjoman


    Ower bruvver Banjo waz so frilled to attend and play the yukulaylee at Lexie and Rocket’s wedding, he waz always tawking abowt it! We hav bin jellus ov awl the beeyootiful hats and outfits that Lexie waz foteegraffed in, she waz a reel Soopa Model! We will miss hur fashion sense. We did KNOT know abowt hur ferapee dog wurk but that put us in eevin mor awe ov hur.. Mum sez to tell yu she iz sorree that Lexie hadd to leeve yu butt watta Gud way to go, wiv no payne or distress fower hur awltho itta beeg shock fower hur Mum and Dad. Likky kissis frum Chancey and Nutmeg. Luv frum Mum.
  9. Jaxson showing the mail lady how to do the job properly!
  10. Sid, you are one handsome houndie!
  11. Of course we remember Conrad. Welcome home!
  12. Now who could think that Cletus would have treated a “chikkin” in that way, he is obviously perfectly at peace with the things!
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