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  1. I forgottid to tell yu that we gots sevrul mor ov them purkle mini Iris in flower and sum payle bloo and wyte wunz and the yello Krokus are gonna owpin thayre flow az suun. Howpe yur Dad duz KNOT see the allimagater Merc! Wagz, Nutmeg.
  2. Gud affernuun frendz. A Nuffing in partiklur day heer. Mum iz still playing onna nyoo lappytop. Spirit, pleeze fank Miss. Loosy fower hur offer to halp Mum, she myte get kalled upon! Mum sez she finks she haz understood the lesson butt itt the fizzikul handling she struggled wiv.. She haz KNOT yet manidge to klik onna littul box inna korner ov a cell, KNOT eevin wen she enlarge the payge. Itt mayke her feel a reel twit! Sorree Tiller, we kan KNOT see wat yu doing wiv yur stuffeez. Sorree yur shed bild did KNOT go az planned Miss. Ducky. Wagz to awl ower frendz,
  3. Gud eevning frendz. Neerlee bed tyme heer Ivy. Az awlwayz I yam being a pesto this eevning, keep wanting to go owt intu the gaardin then barkbarkbark at Nuffing that Mum kan see. Ov korse iffn she duzzen’t let me owt ‘cos I been owt lotsa tymes awlreddee then I wee onna kitchin flor. She iz trying to get to grips wiv hur nyoo HP lappytop ‘cos she onlee evva had Appuls up to now. She trying to learn how to yuse Excel but I keep disturbing hur to be let owt. She iz KNOT happee! She gotta get yused to the verree sensitiv trackpad or, iffn she yuse a mowse, she gotta left and ryte klik.
  4. Gud eevning frendz. Clarkie we howpe yu ar bak howme suun wiv gud nyoos. Do KNOT wurree Dustbin, I yam OKay, fanks. Mum waz a bit kross wiv me butt I know I kan gett away wiv itt ‘cos she luvs me. Nuffin mutch happening heer. Ower waak tuday waz to the powstbox then froo sum ov the streets on ower estayte. It bin damp and soggee so we waytid till it stop rayning. Fanks fower the yummee snax Summer. Kum and injoy theese Chancey! Wagz to awl ower frendz and towsies xxed fower Clarkie. Nutmeg and Chancey bakanforfbakanforf
  5. Gud eevning frendz, neerlee bed tyme heer. I yam awlwayz beeing showted at fower eeting Chancey’s poo. Mum fyndz it diffikult showting down the gaardin inna wisper at free ay emm tho. I lyke it reel hott offa press and hav bin known to try katching it be4 it hit the grownd! I yam awlso inna dog howse ‘cos Mum waz upp stayres and I did KNOT bark to tell hur I needed to go owt and she fownd a piddul on the dining ruum flor. She waz KNOT happee. She spent a lotta tyme playing wivva nyoo lappytop wat arryve tuday. Itta HP witch run on Myke Ro Soft ( KNOT ower Myka) and she ownlee ev
  6. Gud eevning frendz. Well erleeyer this eevning we hadda tayke Chancey to see the veterinararee man ‘cos on ower morning waak she kept stopping and trying to havva wee butt KNOT reelee doing enneefing. This happin lotsa tymes so wen we get howme Mum fone upp and getta pointmint. Ov korse wen Mum wanna tri and getta samples to tayke wiv us Chancey did KNOT perform! The Veterinarary man tayke Chancey in wyle we sit owtsyde inna kaar but kood KNOT fynd enneefing rong but agree wiv Mum that it possiblee a UTI and giv us sum anni bionikuls fower a week. That neerlee £100 ‘cos the anni bionikuls
  7. Well dun Spirit. Oh, we forgottid to tell yu that jusst be4 Krikkulmuss Mum bottid a beeg lying down gold reindeer to go owt inna frunt gaardin to bryten the place upp and she desided to nayme it Spirit ‘cos she thott that waz a reel gud nayme fower a Krikkulmuss reindeer. Akshullee itt jusst a stag, KNOT a propper reindeer but she’s happee wiv it! She wound green and red Holly dekorashun froo it’s antlers to mayke it luk Krismussee. Nutmeg jusst off fower luntch.
  8. https://britishperioddramas.com/lists/best-ever-miss-marple-actress-poll-results/ Mum sez try this Miss. Caroline. or jusst aks Mister Googly “Miss. Marple” Nutmeg, reddee fower bed. Gud nyte frendz.
  9. Mum sez she iz wondering witch Miss. Marple yu going to get? She fink there’s free diffrunt wunz. In hur opinyum the BBC seerees wiv Joan Hickson az Miss. Marple ar the best wunz. She gots them on DEeVeeDee. Apparently Miss. Agatha hurownself thott she waz the perfekt Jane Marple. The two nyooist wunz are Geraldine McEwan and Julia McKenzie butt Mum duz KNOT fink too mutch ov them! We howpe yu Injoy them enneeway. Nuttymeg, sleuthing hownd.
  10. At leest he did KNOT kok hiz leg on it!* KNOT so ccccold heer tuday. Nuffing mutch eltse happning. Yu sownd lyke yu funding yur way arownd Wiki, speshullee fynding ware yur fuds ar! AndyPandy let that leg heel ryte upp be4 chaysing rownd yur gaardin, yu do KNOT want to skid and crash intu enneefing. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg. *I waz KNOT allowed to rite the propper spelling.
  11. Wiki that duz KNOT sownd ryte. Chancey poops lots but Mum jusst takes lots mor or larger poop bags owt on ower waaks. The bags that slysed bred kums in are gud poop bags! Nutmeg, waaking pooper.
  12. Gud morning frendz. We ar heer, bak in lokdown butt it KNOT mayke too mutch diffrunt to us ‘cos Mum kan still tayke us owt fower a waak wunse a day butt now we kan waak froo the gowf korse wivvowt the risk ovva a gowf ball kum flying froo the ayre and hitting us. Hello to Wiki and Angus . We ar Chancey greythowndee and Notty Nuttymeg wippit lurcher and we liv wiv ower Mum akross the big sea in Reel Engaland. Chancey will be twelvlebbenty yeerz owld layta this munf and Mum finks that me, Nutmeg iz abowt seven. I do KNOT know wen mi Birfday iz but mi Gotcha day iz in Martch. Hola Kib
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