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  1. Neerlee Gud nyte frendz tyme. Lila it sowndz lyke yu doing a reel gud job ! We gotta kwik waak this affernoon afta itt stop rayning, uther wyze we KNOT bin doing mutch. Howpe Anjie and Klilly are feeling Okay suun. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  2. Miss. Lizabeff, wy wood we want Merc’s foteegraff to be smaller? Nutmeg, lyking seeing ower frendz pikshurs.
  3. We ar bak frum ower waak so we kan bakanforfbakanforf fower ower frendz. Nutmeg.
  4. Ooooh, lukkit that hairy houndie!....that BEEG hairy houndie! Nutmeg, KNOT a hairy houndie.
  5. Nutmeg barked to be let out just after 7.00.a.m....oh, wait, now it’s just after 6.00.a.m. and she expects to go racing off to the end of the garden, barking her head off at any cat that might be in the vicinity! Sorry neighbours!
  6. Gud morning frendz - well I fink it iz Gud morning butt I yam KNOT shur. Wen I barked to wayke Mum upp at sevin o’klok she sed I musst KNOT go barkbarkbark down the gaardin ‘cos it ownlee six o’klok! Wats upp wiv that? She sed the hyoomans bin messing wiv tyme agen. How kan thay mess wiv tyme, the sun gonna shyne wen it reddee, KNOT wen them hyoomans say! Then she tell me we gonna hav to wayte a hole hower extra be4 we gett ower luntch! Watta swizz! Nutmeg - gon bak to bed fower an hower.
  7. Miss. Halise we ar finking ov yu and Mamaa Marfa. We did KNOT know hur but Mum sed she awlwayz kum akross azza wunderful laydee. Wagz and Likky kissis, Nutmeg and Chancey. Luv frum Mum.x
  8. Gud affernuun frendz, it iz free o’klok and we hav just ettid ower luntch! We shud hav ettid it at wun o’klok but Mum took us fower a waak owt onna hills so we kud look atta sea. We waaked a long way, upandown and Mum waz kwyte pleesed to gett bak to ower kaar. Now we ar gonna. Mum iz wayting fower sum winter pansies to be delivvad, she ordered them bak in Septemba butt thay KNOT heer yet. She gotta kuppla giant Colchicum bulbs last weekend that wer awlreddee sprouting wyte flowas so she plant them ryte away kwik and now they ar peenk flowas! Thay ar reel prittee. How long do yu get
  9. Havva Greyt tyme Ivy and Cherry....oh, and yur hyoomans too.
  10. Havva Greyt day Sweep. Ha Pee Birfday Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg in Reel Engaland.
  11. Yuk Merc, yu ate frogspawn? That wat Mum sez it waz kakkd wen she hadda eet skool dinners. Nutmeg, hoo ownlee bin to dog trayning klass and did KNOT getta skool dinner wyle we waz there.
  12. It’s the most dangerous time of the year, the geese they are calling, and leaves thay are falling all over the grass, and Mum stepped in some poo and fell down on her a..... Nutmeg, just watch what you’re saying!
  13. Gud eevning frendz. Well we did KNOT get ower waak inna forrist tuday, jusst arownd the streets ‘cos jusst afore we left howme Mum had a lotta plants deelivvad so we had a short waak so she kood get owt inna gaardin. Watta swizz! Laila, Mum bin looking at foteegraffs and haz sent lots to yur Mum inna e-mayles, we howpe she KNOT been a nyoosints. She trying to fink ovva ideeya fower the Christmas window she mayke everee yeer. Ivy we kood KNOT see yur videeyos and we kan KNOT see Cherry’s littul signachur pikkie eether. Lukkit Picasso, watta greyt Howloweenee kostyoom
  14. Gud morning frendz, the sun iz shyning heer so wiv luck we will get a waak inna forrist now that the cows hav bin moved owt. We do KNOT lyke meeting cows on ower waak! Mum spent yesserday morning shredding awl the Budleeya boosh that blowed down last weekend. The poor owld gurl was shattered so we ownlee gotta short waak froo the gowf korse yesserday eevning. Fanks fower the nyoo Club Battle and Gud luck in yur Show class tuday. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
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