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  1. https://monkeyworld.org/our-primates/primate-groups/hananyas-chimpanzees/ Lookee heer Pippin. also https://monkeyworld.org/visit-us-virtually/
  2. Gud affernuun frendz. We hav ettid ower luntch and now we gonna be leftid ‘ cos Mum gonna go see them munkees. Hard luk Mum, the grey klowds are kumming upp and the chillee wind haz staartid blowing. We hadda nise waarm sunnee waak erleeyer. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  3. Perfick ear Wiki. Unforchoonatlee houndies ar KNOT allowed in wiv the munkees so we stay at howme. As the wevver duz KNOT look that gud fower tumorro I fink we gonna be betta indoorz enneway! Gud nyte to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg
  4. My whippet Chester would ‘bury’ his chew in the middle of the living room carpet then sit on the settee or a dog bed and watch to make sure nobody went near it. If one of the other whippets so much as moved (they all received one at the same time) then he would be up and grabbing it and take it off to bury somewhere else. It gave the family hours of harmless fun because you just had to say “I’m going to get....” and he was up like a shot and rescuing the chew just to go and hide it in full view again. He was one for hiding chews behind cushions too!
  5. Welkum Sadie Rose, yu gotta speshul sista there and grate nyoo Mum and Dad. Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg in Reel Engaland.
  6. Gud eevning frendz and Welkum Fancy Too and nyoo houndie Sam. Yu doing reel well Fancy, yu jusst gotta gett sum praktiss in wiv the ticticcing. Tiller it sowndz lyke yu playing too ruff wiv yur bruvver! Antee Patsee hav yu lukked onna Appel Communities website to aks abowt yur fone? We jusst kum bak frum a waak inna forrist now the sun shyning. It bin Klowdee mowst ov the day. We. gonna gett leftid tumorro’cos Mum gonna tayke Ower Dexta to see the munkees now thay allowed to owpin upp agen. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg who haz been known to eet Chancey’s tur
  7. Gud eevning frendz. KNOT mutch bin happning heer and the wind been kkkoowwllddd agen butt we did manidge wun waak inna forrist this week. Mum bottid sum buks and bin reeding them - The Darling Buds Of May” and awl the Larkin fambilee buukz. That ownlee fin buks tho so thay KNOT tayking long to Reed. Mum reeseeved a parsil inna powst lasst week , witch soopryzed hur ‘cos she KNOT ordered enneefing, then it say the sender waz Sir. Snowy! Wen she owpin itt she fynd a WFUBCC yello mug and a WFUBCC fridge magnet in there and it say “Wiv luv frum Sir. Snowy’s fambily” onna box! Mum w
  8. Oh No! Well, I gotta say that that wazza daft thing to do, awltho we awl know how tempting a skwirrulz wud be. Yu rest upp and hav sum sleepy joose and get that leg awl betta kwik kwik and we will bakanforf fower yu along wiv Merc and hiz dental. Nutmeg.
  9. Petunia, we hav ownlee jusst red abowt Kate having to leeve yu and Missr. Don and Miss. Chris. We know she hadda wunderfull howme wiv yu and yu ar gonna miss hur a lot but we xpekt she iz gonna be sharing storees wiv Rocket and kleening playtes atta Rainbow Bridge. Likky kissis frum Chancey and Nutmeg and gud wishis frum Mum.
  10. Miss. Doktor Robin, we ar awl so sorree to heer that ower frend Dustbin had to leeve yu and Missr. Kevin. We know that he waz verree lucky to have yu az hiz fambilee and we know yu will miss him verree mutch. We sending yu lotsa Likky kissis, Chancey and Nuttymeg. Luv frum Mum.
  11. Gud erlee morning frendz. I neerlee kottid a kitteh jusst now! Itt waz jusst owtsyde ower bak door, wayting to katch a burdee or mowsie feeding on ower burdee feeders. Mum saw it jusst az she opined the door fower me to go owt and hadda klose the doo kwik kwik be4 I kood get owt and chomp it. It runned off down the gaardin then stopped so then Mum opened the door reel slowlee so it realised I was gonna be flying down the gaardin afta it. It moved reel fasst afta that, let me tell yu! Charlie we howpe yur eyes feel betta reel suun. It been chillee windz heer eevin tho the sun bin shyn
  12. Gud affernuun frendz. We wentid fower a waak but it iz bbbrrr chillee windz owt thayre. Now we ar wayting fower ower luntch. We ar so pleezed that Miss. Sherrie haz hur howndees bak howme wiv hur, now maybee fings kan settul down in Texass. Mum’z bak iz still hurting so she trying KNOT to do tuu mutch. Well she’s lyke that awl the tyme! Luntch tyme, gotta Nutmeg.
  13. We had that in the local area last year - a week of fire brigades from all over fighting a fire that ravaged heathland and killed countless numbers of rare and protected wildlife.
  14. Gud eevning frendz. Fanks fower the snax Summer and fower the Nyoo Club AndI. Pippin, it waz KNOT a ginormous poo that did Mum’s bak in, jusst the oppysit in fact. I fink Mum haz sed that I yam a Champeen walking pooper, nevva stay in wun playse. I kan leeve littul gifts fower Mum awl down the length ov the gaardin wen I try reel haard! Mum had bin digging ower sum kompost frum the base ov a kompost bin then he’d off down the gaardin wiv hur littul bukkit ov kompost we she she see wun ov mi littul “landminez” on the paff. She musta missed it we kleening the gaardin be4 she staart wurk ow
  15. Make the most of the sunshine and lifting of restrictions Peggy. Wagz frum Chancey and Nutmeg.
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