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  1. Gud morning frendz. Well this iz the day Mum iz KNOT having hur oppyrayshun! Yesserday morning we wentid fower a waak wiv Anty Lynda and she konvinsed Mum to tayke boff ov us fower a waak inna forrist, doing a longa waak than wen Mum taykes us. Mum sed to Anty Lynda “If yu ar happee to karry Chancey howme iffn it iz too mutch fower hur then we will go”. Ov korse Chancey waz fyne and we hadda gud sniff at awl the grass and bushis. Mum lykes Al Pakkas tuu, speshullee the warm socks and jumpas yu ware that ar knitted frum thayre floofy kotes! Neerlee tyme fower ower waak. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  2. Mum sez “Fanks fower the suggestchun Wiki but she finks it wood be a looong way to swim and she duzzen’t havva passport.” Ther iz nuffing she kan do abowt it, she bin onna horsepiddul list fower two yeerz, then six munfs fower anuvver klinik that lost hur and now this wun that’s ownlee ten minnits dryve away. Assyuming they ever manidge to get there act together this shud be the eesyist opshun. She smyled atta orchid Ivy, Fanks fower that. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg, snuggling upp wiv hur Mum.
  3. Gess wat! Mum hadda fone kall layte this affernuun to say hur oppyrayshun bin kansilled agen “ dyoo to unforeseen sirkumstasiz”. Sigh! Nutmeg
  4. Mum wentid fower hur Crown virus testes yesserday and the result jusst kum in that, az expektid, she duz KNOT havva virus, so now she gotta be self Isolayting fower the next free dayz. I spose it better than ten dayz. Nutmeg, finking Mum’z dinna smells gud.
  5. Mum wood KNOT want to liv in that shiny howse, too mutch glass to keep kleen! Yu wud be scared to moov in thayre inkase yu broken sumfing! Miss. Fran kayme to kut ower naylez this eevning ‘cos Mum bin a bit wary abowt akksidentlee kutting ower kwiks. We eech gotta gud treet afferwurdz. Mum bin owt inna gaardning chopping upp the prooning s she did weeks ago. The gaardning bin men missed a kuppla weeks kollekshun and we hadda pile ov branchis to get rid ov. She bin towld she kan KNOT do ennee gaardning fower a munf or bending down affer hur kitteh bin tooked frum hur eye so she doing wat she kan befor Moneyday. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  6. Laila, I fink the lady hoo lives in that howse wood kall it “a fambily howme” It luk lyke that gotta kitteh or doggee . I KNOT shur abowt them bak stayres or that door that owpin owt ontu nuffing - a bit weerd iffn yu aks me. Nutmeg.
  7. Gud morning frendz. Mum sed she had tu reed Mam’s postie a kuppla tymes to be shur witch way it shud be. She gottid the frunt grass mowed on Sunneday ‘cos it wetanwindee agen yesserday and tuday and problee tumorro tuu. Now it awl kuvvered in leaves frum the Sumac tree. We hav KNOT dun enneefing inneresting awltho I did go fower a waak inna forrist wiv Anty Lynda wyle Mum took Chancey fower a shorter waak. Wagz to awl ower frendz Nutmeg.
  8. Elizabeth, the standard practice in this house is to put it all in any handy cardboard box and worry about it later! The dog and bird food from the pet shop gets delivered in boxes, there is one shortage! M.“E.”C.
  9. Gud morning frendz. We ar Ha pee to heer that Flizzee iz gonna be OKay. Mum haz to tayke fyvelebbenty pills everee morning and haz to watch wat she doing. It duz KNOT halp that thay KNOT awlwayz frum the sayme manufacturer and sumtymez kum in diffrunt sizes and pakkaging. Nuffing mutch happning heer. Injoy yur poppykorn Miss. Jennie. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  10. Gud affernuun frendz. We ar wayting fower ower luntch. We hav bin to see the veterinararee laydee this morning ‘cos Chancey had sum bludz in hur poos fower the passt fyoo dayz and had the rumblee tum yesserday. The laydee kleened owt Chancey’s anal glandz and gayve hur a gud luk ova. She rekkonz she gotts colitis and awlso sum spondylitis in hur spyne.. She gived hur a jekshun azza anti inflammatory and sed Mum kood give hur paracetamol. We gots sum skwermee pills and probiotic stuff tu. We still hadda waak inna sunneshyne wen we gottid howme. Nate, Mum sed to aks Miss. Loosy iffn she evva put a wurmeree (KNOT a skwermy wormery) in the raysed gaardin bedz? Awlso did she evva get sum ov thoze variegated cyclamen plants? We gots lotsa leetul pink cyclamen flowas in ower gaardin atta momint. We wayting fower the leaves to kum froo. Hahah, Chancey wood KNOT swallow the probyotikul stuff. Hard luk Mum. Nutmeg, reddee fower an afta luntch nap.
  11. Flizzie. Nutmeg off to bed having annoyed Mum by waiting until she klosed and locked the back door befor aksing to go owt and barkbarkbark down the end ov the gaardin.
  12. We bin bakanforfing fower Flizzy wyle Mum bin owt inna gaardin planting daffydown dilly bulbz. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  13. Chancey loves Leylandii hedges. She spends time walking along the one in the back garden and will do it out on a walk too. Now she is getting old and a bit wobbly I just let her go at her own pace and brush up against whatever hedges she wants. The friends we walk with all know her penchant for a hedge and we all stop and let her enjoy the moment.
  14. Lotsa nise foteegraffs Ivy. Ar thoze Afghans trimmed inna Poodle cut? Glad yu awl hadda gud tyme. Nutmeg, reddee fower bed! Gud nyte frendz.
  15. Gud veree erlee morning frendz. Mum iz keeping me awayke - she sez it iz mi fault ‘cos I woked hur upp at freelebbenty o’klok and she haz KNOT gon bak to sleep yet. Now she gottid the fidjits and iz finking ov mayking a kuppa tee. I dunno wy she kan KNOT sleep lyke a howndie. Daphne, Mum’z nyoo pointmint fower hur eye iz onna 25th Oktober but she KNOT gotta isolayte next tyme, she gotta go fower aPCR test fower that Crown virus fing , then isolayte fower jusst free dayz. Trubbul iz that iz in the skool haff turm hollyday and Miss. Fran and the fambily will be away vizziting the step grand dottir so Mum won’t hav Fran nearby iffn we need ennee halp.. At leest Mum kood staart planting owt the bulbs and panzee plants that arryve yesserday. Iffn she’d had hur oppyrayshun she waz KNOT allowed to do gaardning or bending ova fower a munf afferwardz. Howp the howse hunting goes well Laila. We injoyed seeing ower OCananada frendz settulled down tugetha. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg, howping to get bak to sleeee……….zzzzzzzzzz
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