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  1. It haz bin hothothot for lotsa dayz and it myte go flashbang dyuring the nyte. Mum sed she gonna sleep heer wiv us wiv the lyte on and the raydeeyo on too. Pretty kollar Summer! Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  2. Gud eevning frendz. We hav KNOT dun nuffing inneresting reesintlee butt Mum leftid us at howme yesserday and drove to meet ower hyooman bruvver and hiz wyfe atta Countree Park abowt twenteelebbentee myles away fower a soshul distants pikanik. She KNOT seen them sints Krikkulmuss ‘cos ov the Covidz. Normallee thay kum and see the kidlets on thayre Birfday butt it waz lokdown fower Dexta’s Birfday in Martch. It waz hothothot so we stay indoorz ware it kool. She gonna go flying batz tunyte so we getta treet and stay at howme. Howpe Missr. doug’s oppyrayshun goes well, Laila. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  3. Gud affernuun frendz. We finullee hav konfurmayshun that ower Mum izza Eedjit. She gotta emailed frum Ocado that say that at long last thay kan offa hur a deliveree slot fower onlyne shopping. She was gonna ignor itt butt then thott, jusst incase thayre anuvver lok down maybe she keep the lines ov kommyunikayshun owpen so hur playse an orda fower sum fings inklooding fings she kan KNOT get inna lokul shops. She chooze the deliveree slot between 9.30. & 10.30. tuday. Nuffing kayme so she chek the dayte and tyme, yep, that ryte. Still Nuffing kayme so she fink abowt this and havva nuvver look atta konfirmayshun emayle and shur enuff, hur orda gonna arryve between 9.30. & 10.30. this eevning. Watta eedjit. She gonna hav to leeve flying the bats erlee to be howme in tyme. Miss. Sherrie we howpe yu and Tiny are OKay. That buttafly waz beautimus! We ar happee to heer that ower frendz did KNOT get too mutch trubbul frum that Isaias storm. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  4. We will luk fower yur staar tunyte Abby. We wentid fower a waak inna forrist wiv Anty Lynda this eevning. We hadda be kareful ‘cos the cows wer loose. We do KNOT lyke it wen thay stand inna middle ov the paff or iffn thay on boff Sydenham and we gotta waak froo them. Lukkillee thayre waz a syde paff we kood waak up so we did KNOT hav to waak froo them tuday. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  5. Abby we ar finking ov yu this morning and wish yu a sayfe jurney. Likky kissis to Miss. Sherrie. Chancey and Nutmeg. Luv frum Mum.x
  6. Mine invariably move into my path as I am trying to get to the phone before it stops ringing.
  7. Spirit, as much as I enjoy helping the bats, having one land on your head is KNOT what you want, believe me! M.”E.”C.
  8. Abby we ar finking ov yu. Nise and sunnee heer tuday butt KNOT mutch happening fower us. Mum bin looking afta the kidlets’ fishee everee day. She wentid owt wiv the batz lasst nyte and wun tryed to land on hur hed! Nutmeg bak frum a kwik waak be4 Mum go and feed the fishee tuday. Wagz to awl ower frendz.
  9. So he missed the toilet bowl. Give him points for trying! M.”E.”C.
  10. Wetanwindee, windeeanwet. Nuffing eltse to add xsept Ha Pee Birfday Miss. Kathy! Wagz, Nutmeg and Chancey staying inna dry.
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