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  1. Gud affernuun frendz. We gotta Long Eered Bat in ower port Has! A laydee brottid it heer a kuppla howerz ago and Mum gotta tayke it to the Bat reskyoo playse wen Miss. Sally get howme. Then she going owt fower a Kareem tee wiv Missr. R’s French fambilee and a kuppla frendz. apparintlee Missr. R. waz KNOT too bad yesserday. JJ we ar sorree to heer that yu bin a bit wobblee on yur pins butt know that Miss. Doktor Robin and Missr. Kevin will do watevva iz ryte fower yu. Wyle Mum iz owt this affernuun me and Chancey will e bakanforfing fower Zorro el galgo and howpe heduz KNOT kum howme wiv hiz eersies stapuled to Charlie’s butt! It sownd lyke Hamish bin having fun wiv hiz bruvver. Miss. Sherrie bin krakking the whip ova them builders! chancey iz ten anna haff and will partee wiv ennee wun! Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg
  2. Mum kayme howme and gayve us ower suppa neerlee on tyme. The horse piddul fink it ownlee an infekshun but thay ar KNOT shur ‘cos thay kan KNOT test proplee ‘cos he putting up a fyte everee tyme ennee wun tutch him. Mum had to howled down hiz hands sum ov the tyme. He gonna be sent bak to the Howme wiv oral antybionikuls and iffn he tayke them then fyne, iffn he reefyoose then it jusst wayte and see wat happin! Howpe yur bruvver duz well Miis. Jen. We howpe LuLu hazza Gud trip wiv Miss. Ducky, Welkom howme LuLu! Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  3. Gud affernuun frendz. Mum haz bin bizzee reesintlee, playing wiv bats, chopping up trees and vizziting Missr. R. Now she gotta go to the horse pitul ‘cos the Kayre Howme fink Missr. R. may hav hadda strowke and the ambyulintse laydee agree so thay talking him now then Mum gonna meet him thayre. Fun and gaymez awl rownd! Jusst azwell she tooked us fower a loong waak yesserday and a gud wun this morning ‘cos we gonna be in ower caygiz agen ennee minnit now butt we we will hav treets. Mum say she gonna tayke a book wiv hur! gud fower yu CLarkee, yu show that tree who iz boss! Hamish them trees are gonna grow bigga and wen yu a BIG boy yu kan wee on them too. Howpe that the kitteh That waz seen waz yurs JJ. Injoy yur holly dayz Beka and Ivy and yur ‘rents too, ov korse.. It luk lyke thay injoying the Eytalyan gelato awlreddee! Hav fun Anty Patsy. Gotta run, Mum getting reddee to go, Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg. Forgot to say “Gud wurk wiv the nyoo Club Hamish”.
  4. Jaxson showing the mail lady how to do the job properly!
  5. Sid, you are one handsome houndie!
  6. Of course we remember Conrad. Welcome home!
  7. Now who could think that Cletus would have treated a “chikkin” in that way, he is obviously perfectly at peace with the things!
  8. “Get out of my way” when I am trying to get ready to take them for a walk and one or both dogs are jumping and prancing around in excitement.
  9. Of course there are extra feet that manage to walk in the extra poop just before you bend down to pick it up when out walking!
  10. And what a lovely shiny black coat Kibo has. Great tolerance there Sid, well done.
  11. I think you will find that virtually all greyhounds can trace their ancestry back to two greyhounds in the 1800’s. dmdsmoxie is our expert on that I believe. Chancey goes back to the Greyhound Derby winner I’m Slippy as do several US hounds on the board as well as UK hounds.
  12. Ruby, in your final “Forever home” waiting for Mam and Pap and your brothers to join you.
  13. “Now what are you up to? You’re bound to be up to something!” - Usually to Nutmeg whenever I hear strange rustling or other unexplained noises, often when I am upstairs and the dogs are downstairs. Then I chuckle to myself because that’s what Nora Batty always said to Compo in ‘Last of the summer wine’ TV programme.
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