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  1. Gud eevning frendz. We fink that Miss. Ducky and Miss. Lisa look lyke thay kood be reelaytid! AndiPandi yu ar anuvver I’m Slippy gurl lyke Chancey! Ha Pee Birfday. we hav KNOT dun mutch reesintlee butt Mum finks she haz fynallee gottid hur e-maylez sortid owt afta a fone kall to them Appul peepuls. wagz to awl ower frendz. Nutmeg. Ooh yes, Mum sez yu gett the middle ayge spread wuntse the histrionicul fings get tooked owt!
  2. Gud eevning frendz. It haz stopped being wetanwindee tuday butt it frowed down haylestownes on us wen we went inna forrist fower ower waak this morning . Even Mum kum tuday fower the furst tyme in ova a munf. Nun ov us liked it and turned rownd and wentid bak howme agen. Fancy, we ar sorree that Sherman had to leev kwikker than intended butt fink yu did the ryte fing to go wiv him to the vet. We hav KNOT seen his staar ‘cos ov the aforementioned wetanwindee wevver that we had for wat seems lyke the last freelebbenty weeks. We hav KNOT bin doing mutch, jusst a kwik waak rownd the howsis wiv Mum wen it stop being wetanwindee . Nise foteegraff ov Miss. Carol Ann and Miss. Ducky. Andi, yur Mom iz getting lots dun inna gaardin. All ower Mum kan do iz feed the burdees and waak rownd wivva plastic bag and littul spayde, kleening upp afta us. Evereeware iz wet and muddee but we gots Daffydown Dillys blooming now. Gud job atta dog show Haymish. Mum bin tearing hur hayre owt trying to sort owt hur e-mails sints hur provider blokked it lasst weekend and it still KNOT sorted. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
  3. Great photos and video that will help you remember your beautiful Bella in the years to come. Thinkingof you. Carol.
  4. I am so sorry to read this Rachel, I am always amazed at how you and your dogs have travelled on London transport! I am glad you found the sign from Ken. Thinking of you, Carol.
  5. Vanessa, there is a written Breed Standard I.e. what the perfect dog of each breed should look like. The judge looks at all the dogs, feeling their muscles, ribs etc., watches their movement and makes a decision as to which of the animals in front of her/him best comes up to the breed standard. Dogs are judged in classes according to age (puppies and youngsters) and later according to how much winning they have done. To qualify for Crufts entry the animal has to have won or come second in certain classes at dog shows of a certain standard. American shows run along more or less the same lines. M.”E”.C.
  6. Myka, yur nyoo sista iz byootifool, wivva byootiful nayme and iz relaytid to Chancey az she izza I’m Slippy gal. MEC here - I tried to post the YouTube video of I’m Slippy’s Greyhound Derby win but for some reason it has been removed as illegal content - no idea why. Maybe the ‘ do gooders’ have had a go or maybe because it was a BBC recording? A shame because it was a great race.
  7. Beka’s smile in the last photo says “Yes, I know I’m beautiful, and I’m here with my Mum!”. Run fast and free Beka.
  8. Az Velvet sed, it haz bin wetanwindee heer fower sevrul dayz butt itt kleer upp a bit afta luntch and Mum tooked us fower a short waak. Yesserday she had to dryve in awl the wetanwindee wevver to halp atta Bat tawk, fankfullee she gottid thayre and bak OKay. We ar sooo sad to heer abowt Sherman butt know that Miss. Cindy and Missr. David will do the ryte fing fower him. awe wer awlso sad.to lern that Beka had to leeve hur fambilee, agen we know that hur ‘rents thott ownlee ov hur. I saw hur staar wen I asked to go owt inna gaardin at free o ‘klok thatt morning! Mum haz jusst fownd owt that she duz KNOT hav to go and kollekt Miss. Fran frum the coach stayshun at haff passt eleven tunyte. Phew! Miss. Fran bin looking atta Norvern Lytes upp in Norway wiv Missr. Mark. He gonna stay upp neer the Airport ‘cos he gotta go to wurk upp thayre tumorro morning. Jusst by chance. ( KNOT ower Chancey) hiz bruvver landed atta Airport jusst be4 them so he kan dryve hur howme! Gud luck wiv the shows Haymish. I gotta rosette wunse, I kayme sekkond inna Prettiest Bitch klass atta dog show at the reskyoo centa I kum frum. Mum gonna gett hurself sumfing to eet now butt I bet we do KNOT gett enneefing. Fanks fower the nyoo Club Haymish. Wagz to awl ower frendz, Nutmeg.
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