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  1. PattyE


    I am so sorry. I am just seeing this now. She was such a special girl and what a wonderful life she had with you. Hugs to you.
  2. Congrats on all the happy events! Congrats on the new home, too!
  3. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was full of fun!
  4. This boy has healed my heart. He is so sweet and loving. He loves to get hugs. He just needs to learn not to fall off the bed. Silly boy. Yes, getting the mail is definitely his job. I think he didn't want to be a racer because school started too early in the morning. I usually have to force him out of bed at 7:30 am.
  5. Here he is with his idol, our mail lady. She has his picture at her desk at the post office.
  6. Jaxson is still carrying our mail and packages. He didn't know it, but today's package was for him. It is his very own USPS outfit. Okay, it is a Halloween costume but it is authorized or something like that by the post office.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the party going on at the bridge with Rocket.
  8. A beautiful tribute! He had such a wonderful life with you and so many adventures.
  9. I feel sorry for the dogs that have owners that don't talk to them. My FIL who is not a pet person asked me once if I talked to my dog. I told him, of course. He asked what the dog said back and thought he was so funny saying that. I told him that he responds to me in many ways. He understands and yes, sometimes he will sigh, or bark in response. Dogs are smarter than some people think.
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