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  1. We adopted him on May 25th. I fell in love with his adoption photo in Feb but I really didn't think he would still be available as there was a long waiting list. He walked into the room and we all knew it was meant to be. He really is the dog of my dreams.
  2. Thank you all. I love this photo of him.
  3. I think Jaxson likes the small place because we are all in one room. I was a little concerned before we adopted him but he came from a kennel, so he has never known a big space. It might have been harder if he had come from a home. When we adopted our first greyhound, we had a very large house. One time he got running so fast that he busted through the drywall. Jaxson can't do that but it did look like all four feet were off the ground when he jumped in Grandma's lap.
  4. My in-laws live out of state and visited us last week. Jaxson loved them but he was a little too excited to show off for Grandma. You see, we don't get too many visitors to our condo because it is a very tiny condo. It is only 438 sq feet. It was the first time that Jaxson had anyone besides his Mom and Dad in his "den". He just had to show Grandma how he could fly from the bed and basically into her lap. They loved how loving he is but I think the flying through the air is why we did not get an invitation to stay with them the next time we go "home". It is probably for the best because I am not sure how he would act in a normal sized house.
  5. Happy Birthday and congrats on having a teenager in the house.
  6. Jaxson falls off the bed all the time. He gets up like he meant to do it. I am glad she is okay.
  7. I tried to get a nice picture of Jaxson with a Santa hat on but he did not cooperate. I swear, the boy rolled his eyes at me.
  8. PattyE


    I am so sorry. I am just seeing this now. She was such a special girl and what a wonderful life she had with you. Hugs to you.
  9. Congrats on all the happy events! Congrats on the new home, too!
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