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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the party going on at the bridge with Rocket.
  2. A beautiful tribute! He had such a wonderful life with you and so many adventures.
  3. I feel sorry for the dogs that have owners that don't talk to them. My FIL who is not a pet person asked me once if I talked to my dog. I told him, of course. He asked what the dog said back and thought he was so funny saying that. I told him that he responds to me in many ways. He understands and yes, sometimes he will sigh, or bark in response. Dogs are smarter than some people think.
  4. Congratulations! I see she is a Mr. Bill fan. He was a favorite by my Joey.
  5. Probably 10 minutes. I wanted to brush his teeth and I told him I couldn't do it with him half of the bed. He stepped off the bed then but not in a dignified way.
  6. Happy Gotcha Day! This was my boy, Joey's Gotcha Day too.
  7. GMA showed a photo of a small dog with this pose in front of a fan this morning but Miss M is much cuter.
  8. We feel your pain. We have four fans and AC going in our tiny place. It looks like you have the right idea with that fan though.
  9. Jaxson loves to carry things. He loves to carry the mail. Sorry it is blurry, but everyone including me was laughing as this was his first time. I asked if he wanted to carry it and he snatched it up. He carried a small package yesterday, but no photo. He wanted to carry a package with a fishing pole in it but I figured that would result in several things being knocked around as we walked through the lobby and getting on the elevator may have been a challenge. He carried a big stick on the beach. He walked about a half mile with it and then he took it over to a stack of sticks and dropped it. Mission completed. I think the condo building should put him on the payroll delivering the newspaper.
  10. I love the car photo. I think he was the perfect guy to have at work. If he snores, that would even be better.
  11. The last time we were in 2014, my Scout was the senior queen. I found it funny that I had the senior queen and then the youngest. Jaxson likes being the youngest because I keep telling him he is a baby.
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