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  1. Has anyone run into this issue.... As you know, Puma was diagnosed with Onset in her right shoulder. We are getting it amputated in a week, but today she woke up with saggy skin around her elbow in the non-cancerous left elbow. Any experience with this? I am assuming it is because she favoring that leg.
  2. Thank you to everyone who is responding. We certainly can use all the information and tips you all are able to provide. Update: We reached out to Dr. Couto and he was quick to respond. We are going to consult with him. We also are meeting with the surgery team at a university hospital in Boston on Thursday. Still have not made a decision and really looking for what questions we should be asking or what things we should be getting.
  3. Hello again We have decided to consult with Dr. Couto. He has been very quick to reply to us and has already reviewed all of Puma's medical records and x-rays. He agrees that Puma has a primary bone tumor in her right front shoulder bone. AKA OsteoSarcoma. HE also believes she has a hairline pathological fracture in the inner part of the shoulder Boone. The good news is that he also agrees that Puma's Thoracic radiographs look absolutely normal. We have an appointment with the chief of surgery at a major education hospital in Boston for this Thursday to have them examine Puma in advance of a potential amputation. Dr. Couto has asked me to send him any specific questions we have. I can think of some off the top of my head, but I figured this community would know the best things to ask. Any help with questions is greatly appreciated. Puma just turned 12 last month. She is a retired racing greyhound. Although she is 12, she acts like she is 4. Very happy. Very positive disposition. Loves to run sprint laps around our huge backyard. Even with this slight limp, she still wants to moro around the yard, but I'm keeping her on the slow track obviously. I know 12 is one hell of a good life and that the he end could certainly be near, but her demeanor and attitude and appetite tells me she is doing pretty well. We are happy we caught this Osteosarcoma early. But we still don't quite know what our next step should be, while also knowing we need to move quickly. Thanks in advance!
  4. Our retired racer, Puma, has always been a very happy and healthy greyhound. Recently, while walking down some stairs, she froze up and yelped. After carrying her down the stairs, it became noticeable that she was limping pretty severely. Luckily we had pain meds on hand. We took good care of her with pain meds and a heating pad, and although the limp definitely improved, we ended up taking her to the vet about a week later just to be safe. On Friday, after taking X-Rays, our vet informed us that Puma has Osteosarcoma in her right front shoulder. Fortunately, we did catch it quickly and there are no signs of tumor or spreading to the chest or lungs. Despite getting a diagnosis early on the game, our vet informed us that this cancer spreads rapidly and that her life expectancy is probably only three to five more months unless we choose to amputate the leg and begin chemo. We are having a very difficult time deciding whether to just accept the cancer, begin palliative care and keep her on four legs until it is time to euthanize in a month or two. Or do we go forward with the amputation and chemo in the hope that is extends her life for another year +. Any advice, recommendations or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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