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  1. Mama an daddiman bowf wud lubz to visit Montana! Velvet, we are sorree fur da loss ub yur frend. We juss lubbed dat RaCoon pichure! Oh, an Hammish - we lubz yur leetle brudder!!!
  2. Miss Patsy, mama lubz dat cool mowntain air... An yes...she managed KNOT to WOOnd anywun!!!
  3. Welcome lettle Battles!!!! We habz lots ub funner storms heer affer weeks an weeks ub no rayne.
  4. Fanks, Miss Fancy....she wuz happee to habz it done and she can moob forward wif da budget an stuff.
  5. Happy burfday O'Canada! Ah must say, Mam, O'Canada habz sum reel gud hays! Spirit, ah am shur dis iz a day ub miggst moshuns fur yur mama so sand wif her. We are glad dat Gino wuz KNOT too upset wif da wedder! Guest..we like da deturents idea fur da racOOn. An yur granddaddy wuz rite, if we kilt ebberyfing or ebbery wun who noyed us, well at leest if da hoomans dis, deer wud be a lot less hoomans! Mama iz happy to report dat after two nights totalling almost twelb howers ub meetings, da Town Meeting wuz declared ober wif all items she had on deer passing. She iz humbled by da trust and support frum da town but always iz stresst wif da responsibility ub honoring dat trust by making it wurk despite wutebber mite come...like pandemics an stuff. Gud luck Miss SOOsan wif da houndie pick-up!!!
  6. We are so glad Misser Richard is home. Laila, ah hopes dat yur mama finds answers...that innernet doctor stuff is askeeree sumtimes, tho.
  7. Spirit, we meened to commint dat we lubbed yur storee on Nate! An, Miss Ducky, bess witches to yur yung hooman. Miss NOO Carol, ah bet yu are rite. He wuz a very brabe houndie (eggsept wen himz toze got chopped, or he stubbed himz tow, or .....) Mama habz to be online fur howers toonite fur a meeting. Its calt Town Meeting an den it iz all virchual dis yeer - wif lots ub peeple who habz nebber eben used a smart fone. Now she habz to try to get dem to trust dat da budget she iz putting forward iz OK...which iz hard fur anywun to nowe wif covid finanshul himpact.
  8. Hi Ebbery Buddy, Well, lots ub funder heer yesserday an tooday. Daddy wuz home yesserday an he got on da bed an ah put mah hed on himz chest during da storm on accounta it wuz askeeree, an ah do KNOT habz mah brudder any moor to tell me it iz OK. Laila! We hope yur daddiman stops hurting. Abby, dat muss habz been a reel hard conversashun fur yur mama. But how gud ub her to help sumwun get fru such a fing. Mam, continued gud fawts fur yur grandsun. Oh, an turtles in yur riding ring??? Sheesh....eggs on da ground an horsee hooves are nebber a gud combonashun. Hi Pippin...ah like to trot a long a leetle bit befur ah poo....juss about four or five leetle trot steps to get rite to da correct discreet spot. Ah prefur to poo along a tree or fence line weer ah feel a leetle moor private - but alwasy trot juss a leetle into it. Ah lubz yu all..... Dustin
  9. So glad they have an answer. Mama habz a friend whose wife is battling that....
  10. Hi every wun. gud noowze on misuser Richards COVID, but we are wart weed abowt Himz. Zeke! Dat Luis awful. We wunce had a kitteh who we reemoobed da tale ub at da base an she did much better wif da Payne wunce it came off. today is mah tenth gotcha day. Wile dat makes us all happen to smelly brate, it made us all sad on accounts JJ is knot wif us any moor.
  11. Andi - isn't it normallee rainee owt wee yu are? we always fawt da norf west had lots ub raynes.
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