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  1. We are so upsited for Hammsih!! Miss Jenbo - we habz had a few fambilee members related to Molotov.....Ah will habz to look dem up an see. We lubz da black houndies in owr home an are so happee for yu!
  2. Happy burfday, Misser Tony. Fancy-pants, JJ got to leebz frum home. Ah got to be rite deer wif himz. Reagan an EZ, too. Moxie went to da torturnarian an it wuz much harder on ebbery wun. Juss owr eggsperience.
  3. Andi - nice pichures! Lila, dey are Quaker parrots. Dey are lowd sometimes, but udder times juss chatter away. Dey do KNOT like a lot ub touching, but dey can tawk a leetle English an stuff. Doze Miner Burds are reel neet. Dey tawk lots and lots....
  4. Hi Ebbery wun, We mist da end ub da lass club, so we hope we did KNOT miss too much! Laila, Mama watched a leetle ub dat rescue show! She liked it a lot. We are glad dat Beka iz finallee home resting wif da fambilee as sad az dat iz. Oh, Noor...Mama lubbed yu - mehbe becuz yu habz colors like me! Happy Second Gotcha Day, Sid! Lila, how is yur belle today. I had a lot ub trubble lass week wif mine. Mama wuz wart weed, but it got better. Oh, Merc. Da indignitee ub ebberywun tawking abowt yur pee shooter! Myka! How upsiting! We will wate wif bate on owr bref. Andipants, yu made us all smile wif dat happee look on yur face during dat perfect 10 roach! Well, daddiman came home Sunday morning frum NOO Jersey. We had all mist him sumfin feerce. Mama spend Saturday moobing da too burdeez down frum da room dey wur locked away in to a cage in OWR room on da furst floor! Sheesh, ah juss get no peece, but dat iz OK on accounta dey are good company. She felt bad, eben tho dey had da hole room, dey wur locked away wifowt much tenshun. Ub Corse, she iz careful on accounta, if yu recall ah accisdentallee kilt Flip da burd lass yeer arownd dis time wen he got owt ub dat room. But da burds are much happier, eben wif Dudley puppee barking away at dem. Dey sing an sing. An da barn kitteh dat now habz becum a howze kitteh, Spirit, is reel happee in da fambilee room in da basement. She sits wif Mama an daddiman if dey go down deer. Ah get invited down, but da udder too in da howze do KNOT yet. Dey still Choo ebberyfing, an mama sez she wud like wun ROom weer fings aren't destroyed. Hehehehe….an ah am a good boy! Well, we habz to babysit daddiman today on accounta Mama iz at work until late in da nite toonite. Ah will go hang wif himz now so he isn't lonely! Habz a gud day, all mah frenz. Ah lubz yu all. Dustbin
  5. No Faux pas on Santa's part. This year was all about sweet Dustin. Dudley took it upon himself to enjoy the eggplant.
  6. Dear Secret Santa, it iz me, Dustin. Ah had a reel hard year losing mAh brudder, JJ, but da package you sent me brawt lots of smiles.smiles. Santa, this is Dustin's mama. The gift pack was just beautiful. We absolutely love the tree ornament. Dustin's new daddy was so touched at the thoughtfulness of the gifts. And Dustin did share the little purple eggplant with his little brother Dudley who really liked it! Dustin laid quiet and happy with his pink bear
  7. I got Dustin at two - and he had run three schooling races. At the same time, I got JJ who was three and raced a lot. Dustin was as quiet as a mouse - and JJ was a ball of life....so I think it's just the hound....and for full disclosure, I am in proceedings for adopting a lightly raced two year old right now!!!
  8. I lost a dog to EPI last year - and it was awful watching him starve. Hopefully with PLE they can contain it for him....Many prayers to you.
  9. Dear Santa and elves Our tree is not the kind that can sit on shelves It is on the floor and six feet or more That is unless it topples at the paws of a little black kitty Oh my, that would be such a pity.
  10. That’s great. I will let you know.... thank you so much!
  11. Hi everyone....as many of you know, my JJ passed away. My new husband had fallen head over heels and wanted badly for us to find a new hound with blood lines as close as possible, we knew this might be tough given JJ was almost 12 and his daddy had passed as well. With the help of Chris Grieb who suggested that I use the second offspring line from greyhound data, I found a small litter of two year olds. There was a male and female tuxedo black. I reached the trainer with help from Chris and Shelly Lake, and they agreed to let us adopt Harold once he was done racing, We weee so excited that we went out to West Virginia to meet him and fell in love. Sadly, two year old Harold passed away Unexpectedly...non race related.,,just a horrible fluke. The trainer was wonderful and asked if we were interested in his sister, Harleigh. Of course we jumped at the chance. Two weeks later, they decided that she would not continue racing. We got word today that the owner released her for us to adopt! so, here’s the request...we can get pretty easily from Rhode Island to Harrisburg next week. We will go out and get there Friday night. Is there anyone out there...or a few people who could help get her from Wheeling to Harrisburg. We have to come home Saturday night, so saving that extra three and a half hours each way would help us immensely... Thnals to all in GT for being such a great bunch of people.
  12. Wow. I am telling Kevin the story! Seems like yesterday. We were all following on pins and needles.
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