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  1. Miss Lizbef….how urlee in da weekend are yu dribing? Mama an daddiman are gowing to NooPort fur an ober nite! An leebing us!!!! Yes, Dustin, we are going to Newport for an overnight - which is fewer miles than my daily commute to work. Dey are saying dat Saturday nite into Sunday will be da wurst - but in moss ub da Rode Eyeland it will change to rane by Sunday morning wif 1- 3 inches ub a mess on da rodes. Weer we libz ushuallee duz KNOT change ober.
  2. Congratumulashuns, Mistress! Spirit, owr Grandaddy wuz at himz job fur 45 yeers wen he retired....people like yur mama's coworker an himz amaze mama.
  3. Gud morning to all mah frenz. Ah lubz yu all like mah brudder, JJ, used to say.
  4. Magoo, owr Fruutcake swooned an we fink dat Cap'n Jack an she wud make a reel gud pare. Hammish! Did yu habz a perfect 10 form on dat leg lift? Oh, Miss Chris....sum sownz an sites nebber go owt ub owr heds..an dey hurt reel bad.
  5. We will try to do moor pichures, Andipants. Fancy-pants, doze corns are awful.
  6. Hi Ebbery Wun, Fanks fur da well witches fur Mama wif da DEF ub her uncle. We met himz at da wedding an stuff. He LUBBED all doggeez...houndeez and udder wize. He had beautimous GSD's wen Mama wuz yung. Oh Charlie! Doze are greyt pichures. We wur so happee to see such nice pichures ub Jack! Merc! Dat iz reel nice dat da pastor got on da floor wif yu. Andi-pants, Fanks fur asking. Fancy - Too Harleigh iz dowing reel well. She an Dudley lubz to play wif eech udder. If dey get too ruff, ah juss stand up and Fancy stops wutebber she's dowing. See, he insty gates it, but she iz bigger an strong. Mama an daddiman are juss amazed wif da fact dat all ah do iz stand up an she juss backs rite off. Daddiman sez dat ah send a secret message owt to herbz! Hammish...doze are askeeree fings fur owr Mamas. Fences an such weigh hebby on deer minds. Oh, dat iz awful fur Sam. He habz to be shur KNOT to get cawt up in dat stuff. Doze people mite try to pin it on himz!!!! Many gud fawts an prayers. We went fur too long walks dis weekend. Wun wif juss me, Mama, and Fancy t00. Dat wuz her furst time on a walkee wif a leesh KNOT at da track or back an forth to da truck or on da rode on da ride homes. A reel walkie, in udder wurds. Den on Sunday, daddiman came an we walked wif Dudley az well. Bowf days we went up to da pond up da street an luked at da water an da treez an stuff. It wuz reel peaceful.
  7. Gud morning. We are heer. Mamas uncle went ded and da wake an funeral wuz thirsty and Friday. We all dowing ok heer an are catching up. Mama habz yawn thud over da pichures ub ebbery wun. We are refreshing her...
  8. Looking to heer on Lulu! Mama iz in her beeg meeting now but she snuck on da pooter. She had trubble KNOT swooning ober all da pichures. She habz to do her budget preezentashun in abowt 15 minutes. Rite now sumwun on her team iz presenting sumfin else. Andi - absolutely no dowt dat she picked her name. KNOT only did she tell daddiman her name, she responds to it better den she did Harleigh. We did habz a different name fur Pisser. He wuz shadow wen he came - and den he became Pistol -on accounta daddiman sez he's a pistol. Den he wuz so fresh it became Pisser! No...owr Irwin nebber came home. Mama an daddiman are so sad still . He disappeared between 7:30 an 9:30 wun nite. He had nebber been an owtside cat, but started wanting to spend time wif us owt on da deck. Mama watched him walk off da deck, but he ushuallee wud turn an walk back up....but he did KNOT. He wuz so timid and relied on Mama fur ebberyfing.
  9. Hi Ebbery Wun, We are still heer. Mah mama did do her plunge. Ah gess dat's why mah brudder JJ used to call her himz fruitcake! She duz KNOT eben put her robe her swet shurt on until a few mintues affer. She sez she's all warm wen she furst gets owt. Sheesh. Velvet, we no how yu feels abowt taking ober. Yu did a reel gud job. Charlie - we are so happy yu all got to see owr frend Cap'n Jack. Ah do fink yur mama wud miss Zorro if yu tride to switch himz owt. Finikin ub Beka. We eet owr brekkie at 4:30 ebbery morning. How nice dat Molly will meet da Magoo's! Miss Laila - how iz yur mama? Nutmeg! How are yu, mah hinglish frend? Ah no we mist a lot - but on da day affer da plunge, Mama had lots ub work an den had to get da howze reddy fur frenz ub Daddiman who wur coming to spend da weekend. Dey came Friday ebening an were reel nice. Dey did KNOT mind da poopie Dudley - or mah NOO sissee, Fancee (Yes....dey habz taken to calling her fancy instead ub Harleigh.) Daddiman sez she luks like a Fancy. Ah do KNOT want to confoozilate fings wif mah gud frend Miss Fancy Pants.... Owr kitteh cat, Pisser, went in deer ROOm an greeted dem in da morning an stuff...an dey did KNOT mind. So we are back. Mama habz to present neggst yeers budget to da Board ub Selectmen who then vote on it to moob forward to Town Meeting fur a public vote. She iz bizee an a leetle stressed on getting it all done. She still habz to take da Crisp Mix stuff down - an since it habz been like siggz yeers since she decorated, she had forgotten how much she hates pulling eberyfing down. Miss Susan! We hopes yu are ober dat nasty My Grane.
  10. Laila, we hopes dat yur mama iz feeling better! Fancy! All gud fawts to Miss Kimber! Hammish, Mama went to dat game yesserday an had lots ub fun. KNOT onlee did hur teem win, but it wuz achuallee a reel gud game!!! Az far az fambilee. Mama iz blessed to habz her parents an sissee, though all but wun aunts an uncles are DED an da cuzin she lubbed like a bruddre went DED in a car accident a few yeers ago. But in response to Miss Chris' qweschin - she sez da same fing abowt KNOT habbing hooman kidlets wen peeple ask her if she feers beeing alone wen older. She sez she wud radder habz no children an be alone den be like sum peeoples who habz children who habz nuffin to do wif dem eben wen dey wur reel gud parents. Fambilee iz all abowt who yu lubz an who lubz yu. KNOT whose bluds iz related. Dat iz at lees how we feel in owr howzehold. We had frenz fur chrisp mix dinner, an wile mah brudder Dudley an mah sissee Harleigh habz different bluds, ah still lubz dem lots an lots an lots.
  11. Hi Ebbery Wun! Happee burfday, Miss Barb! Happee burfday, Clem! We lubbed all da crisp mix pichures on heer. Miss Rachel, mah mama wuz all oooh an ahhh ober Velvet! We had a nice Crisp Mix. Mama had her frend Gina an her humsmand ober to da howze fur dinner. Mama duz KNOT cook...she bakes, but daddiman wuz feeling reelee sick wif da leeaky face stuff, so she had to buck up an do it. Well, she pulled da defrosting turnkey owt ub da fridge, pulled off da tag to reed da direcshuns an got da bess two wurds in her whirled put in frunt ub herbz..."FULLY COOKED"....she had been all wart weed abowt messing up da turnkey dat she had achuallee bawt a pre-cooked ham....but den she saw dat an dey had two gud pre-cooked foods. She did bake frum scratch tho! We did KNOT see da lass page ub da ole club - so we hoped we did KNOT miss anyfing. Mah noo sister Harleigh is dowing well. She an yung dudlee play lots an lots. Ah habz been continuing wif da nursing dooteez wif daddiman - an den had to sleep a lot to rest up frum all dat nursing dootee wurk ub snuggling.....
  12. No Faux pas on Santa's part. This year was all about sweet Dustin. Dudley took it upon himself to enjoy the eggplant.
  13. Dear Secret Santa, it iz me, Dustin. Ah had a reel hard year losing mAh brudder, JJ, but da package you sent me brawt lots of smiles.smiles. Santa, this is Dustin's mama. The gift pack was just beautiful. We absolutely love the tree ornament. Dustin's new daddy was so touched at the thoughtfulness of the gifts. And Dustin did share the little purple eggplant with his little brother Dudley who really liked it! Dustin laid quiet and happy with his pink bear
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