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  1. Mama is still on a meeting - an ah am wunce agen soopervising frum da bed.
  2. Merc....dat iz neet dat yu helped teech da classes. Lass nite ah helped Mama wif da finance committee meeting. Ushually Pistol cubbers da meetings, but ah wuz deer - and later joined bah Dudley an Capone. Fancy wuz kNOT innerested in wurking lass nite. Wut Mama? Da fact dat ah was so asleep dat ah almoss fell off da bed behind yu duz kNOT cownt az wurking??? An yu say dat Pistol wurks on accounta he is always lissening ober yur sholder an walking on da pooter an stuff? Sheesh....ah am juss a moor relaggsed sOOpervisory tipe.
  3. Oh, Wiki...Ah am so sorree dat ah responded to yur mama's post an calt yu Lila....Ah am an older Machure houndie who iz sumtimes a leetle tired - an makes a mistake heer an deer. Juss dat yur sissiee wuz such a part ub da club... Sumtimes Mama calls owr Fancy, JJ.... We lubz da bat pichures! Oh, Pippin, did all yur bluds come back yet?
  4. Mam, so sorry to heer abowt yur Mama... Lila, so happee yur Mistress' presentashun went well.... G....don't get stuck in da kitchen....tho at lees da food iz in dat ROOm.... Pippin, Mama iz swooning.... Hi Candy Cane! Glad Miss Sherrie iz dowing OK!
  5. Miss Jen...we lubz doze cookeez! Finkin ub Miss Sherrie tooday...we lubz her.
  6. Hi Ebbery wun, We are heer! We habz red abowt HOA's, an da poleez, an seen prittee pichures ub Galgos an howzes, and red abowt pretzels on da floor and all sorts ub stuff! Happee burfday Andipants - bee lated. Mama is working frum home on da pooter since she had a siggs hower arby trashun heering an figured it iz eezier heer den inher wurk offiss weer peeple are in an owt. Ah did join da meeting breeflee. Ah got up an da bed in da offiss room wif Pistol da kitteh who likes to attend all her meetings. Dey all saw me getting on da bed in da background - an wun ub dem had
  7. Hi Ebberywun, We are heer....Mama habz had wurk ebbery day an ebbenings...but we are catching up... We lubz yu....
  8. Happy belated burfday Pippin!!! Hope all mah frenz who wur wifowt power are finallee warming up!
  9. MIss Chris! We are so hapee dat yu finally habz power. An Miss Sherrie - it iz so gud to heer frum yu! Happy burfday, Wiki - sownz like qwite a day! An Miss Jen! Is it realee yur fifty lebbenf burfday? Mama sez dat iz a speshal wun!...ub corse any wun iz speshal in its own way. We had two days ub slow stedee snow....juss an inch heer an an inch deer until we had four or five on top ub wut wuz still heer - but it was reel prittee an da tempy chur wuz in da high twenties so it wuz KNOT awful. Ah lubz yu all.
  10. Fanks fur da pupdate, Miss Ducky. Pleez send her owr bess.
  11. Hi Ebbery Buddy, Miss Sherrie...we are so happee dat yu are safe an at lees habz sum powerz. Miss Chris! We are still hoping fur yu. Laila, dat pichure wuz frum urlier in da day ub deer wedding. Deywuz hanging owt in da kitchin wif all ub da fambilee beefur dey got reddee fur da serbiss. Mama wurked until affer 11:15 lass nite on da pooter at a finance committee meeting an habz anudder wun toonite. Dey are tiring on accounta she habz to answer all da qweschins on da budget...fur all da departments. She iz tired - but kNOT complaning wen she sees dat owr frenz are wifowt
  12. Hi Ebbery wun. We are heer. Daddiman habz been in NOO Jersey fur a week an we miss himz reel bad. He hopefully will be coming home.... We lubz dat pichure Laila..... An Tiller, we did KNOT commint sooner- but yu are dowing such a gud job wif Heart! we no it iz KNOT eezee.
  13. Oh, Dat fabric iz reel neet. Hmmm...a leetle ote bran? Dat mite be gud fur himz. He iz a leetle stinky alreddy, but Mama iz KNOT so shur it iz regular gas az much az doze glanz KNOT wurking rite.
  14. Fancy, owr fancy duz KNOT get on da cowch or bed eggsept to throw her front paws on mama an daddiman to wake dem up. Her reel blud uncle, mah brudder, JJ used to do da same fing - but he wud get on da bed an sleep sumtimes.... Merc...we hope yur mamaz neez feel better.
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