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  1. Dey wur best buddeez....Mama used to call dem her bookends.
  2. Fank yu, Merc fur sharing dat! It iz wun ub Mamas favorite pichures ub himz...she lubbed being his Fruutcake. Miss NOO Carol, if deer iz bacon to be fownd.....den he iz deer....and achuallee rite beside himz will be Dustbin....he wuz da wun who at brekkie wud come down an bark at Daddy in himz lass yeer ub life an demand dat Daddy cook him bacon an eggs.
  3. Nutmeg...dat iz too bad abowt dem pansy plants. Mama lubz panseez.
  4. Gud morning ebberbuddy. Juss checking in to say, in rememboree ub mah Uncle JJ, ah lubz all mah frenz!
  5. Hi Ebberywun.... Gino...a plaque iz nice- but if she gets too much, dey mite need to do a dental! Laila, dat bed luks reel nice. Andi-I'm glad dat ankle iz better. Oh, Miss Halise....we are so sorry to heer. Miss LOOcy...are you OK? Is yur bellee better? Miss Kaffy! Yu an Misser luk so nice! Daddy iz home in da Rode Eyeland...so we are bizzee getting spoiled an stuff....he juss gabe us bullee sticks an stuff.
  6. Daphne an Bitzi...Mama habz no pichures on accounta she can KNOT seem to get dem onto Greytawk any moor...and deer iz no proDOOZ on accounta if it iz green, she kills it. Wiki - doze broken nales hurt. Gud luck wif da kitteh eye surge hurry! Oh Hada, we lubbed dat pichure ub yu an wish yu all da best an hopes diz YUU Tee Eye gets better riteawayqwik. Yes...it wud habz been gud to habz a snuggle day home wif Mama, but ah finks she may take monday az a vacashun day on accounta daddiman will be home - and we can all hang togedder an snuggle. Ah, particularly, am a daddy's gurl!!!! Sammy will be all ober Mama. Weer iz fancee pants? Did ah miss a postie frum her? We lubz owr frenz.... FancyToo
  7. Wiki - we eggsrpessed dat in a confoozilating way...we ment she iz away at her workjob.... we shud habz said off "TO" her wurkjob....
  8. Hi Ebbery wun. Mommy iz off on her workjob - so we are getting owr beautee sleep!
  9. Hi Tiller! We are glad dat da beeg wind bloo sowf ub yu an now it is taking all da hoomids wif it! Greyt noowze dat yur mama is grachuating frum da pool!!!! Hang in deer wif herbz!!! Mama habz to wurk toonite, but it iz virchual on accounta it wuz an eggstra meeting dey needed to get in and since dey habz da technology, why KNOT!
  10. Wiki! Dey shud habz named yu Wickasso! Dat iz beautimous. Fanks, Miss Ducky fur da update on Miss Sherrie. Pleez let her no we are finkin ub her an da houndies. Miss Nancy - dey habz seen sum flooid in deer an she heers it moobing around....dey gabes her medsin to absorb da flOOid...like a sooperdooper allergy medsin, but she can't moob if she takes it....she can't eben take refular benny drill.....She probably shud go to a spechalist fur her eearsies, though...you are correct dat it iz likely weer da dizziness iz frum.
  11. Gud morning, ebbery wun... We are heer an OK. Mama iz still a leetle dizzy an can feel sumfin sloshing in her heds! But she sez it iz KNOT unbeerable. Daddiman comes home sumtime neggst week!! Ah miss him lots. Mah goofy brudder Sam iz a leetle moor ub a mamas boy, but I am daddy's princess. We are catching up on ebberyfing now! Miss Jenbo - we are glad dat yu got sum raynes frum da sky!
  12. Laila...glad yu are habbing a gud day! Miss England Carol...dat iz awful to habz to keep wating. Andipants!!! How upsiting!!!! Miss Nancy - we will habz da Mama try dat....ah am luking forward to helping her owt wif it!
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