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  1. Hi Ebberywun! Pippin...dat navigrashun fing had us laffing an laffing on account mah NOO brudder Sam duz dat all da time! Cherry and Ivy...mama had to trabel dis weekend too, an wut shud habz been juss ober four howers took five and a half....and she had a horsee wif her. She iz reel tired - she leff Saturday morning fur NOO Jersey wif da horsee Harrie - picked up daddiman an dey continued to Penn National to drop himz off an visit Lucy, da udder horsee who is owt deer. Den dey went back to NOO Jersey dat nite - and she turned arownd lass nite an came home, but da drive wuz long
  2. Gud noowze fur Andipants and Merc! Mama sez she an daddiman are very moobed. Dey recceebed da beautimous crystal and grabe stone fur mah brudder, Dustin....Dis gROOp iz so speshal!
  3. Mama wurked reel late lass nite - so we are juss reeding dis. Merc, mah frend, we are wart weed...but pleez no dat mah brudder JJ had a reel bad stroke frum preshures in himz bluds an he got all better - an had to take medicashun to make da preshure low.....but wuz OK udder wise. But wen it happened dat furst nite it wuz awful....an she wuz really askeerd.
  4. Gud morning ebbery wun! Wiki! How askeeree - but Mama iz too bizzee sWOOning ober yu to fink abowt all da askeeree stuff. Habz a nice trip, Miss Kaffy an Misser Jim. Oh...wasps! doze do KNOT sown like fun....we habz dem on da farm, an dey juss seem to keep appeering! Well, daddiman had to go back to NOO Jersey. He tuk Dudley wif himz. We are all very sad. Capone walked arownd all morning luking fur daddiman...ah juss sat lass nite luking up at da bed. Mah NOO dufus brudder wuz too bizzee cuddling wif Mama to wart wee too muc - an da kitty cats wur following her aro
  5. Gud morning! We are finkin ub Fancy Pants an hoping all iz OK. Roman, Mama sez yu an Sam wud be gOOd DOOfus buddeez! Himz rolled backwards off da foot ub da bed da udder night onto da Settee dat iz deer ( fur dat eggsact reezon) an den juss laid deer half on himz back wif himz feet stiking up just in da posishun he wuz in wen he slid off. Wiki! Nice Roach!!! Daddiman tride to get a gud pichure ub mine, but ah am reel qwick wen he gets da cambera owt an put mah legs down. Ah tride to tell himz dat no matter how gud it feels, it iz KNOT ladee like for pichures. Hmmm..dat
  6. Greyhounds in a kennel are used to their privacy...they live in a private space for the most part - so when they lay down to sleep, or have a toy in their cage with them, it is theirs....with no one near them. Also be aware that they can tend to look awake when they are, in fact, not.
  7. Greyt pichure ub DA, Merc! Pippin, Mama iz on lots ub ZOOM meetings an admires da peeples who do wut yur mama duz!!! Oh, Ivy....Merc iz rite, I'm shur ebberywun arownd yur daddiman juss lubz dat fone feechure acting up...hehehehe... We hope himz fone stops tawking reel soon.
  8. Greyhounds are used to sleeping in kennels with noone touching them.... While I do sleep with some of mine, others are clearly a bit risky for sleep aggression because of their unique upbringing. Also, they can appear awake when they are not...be cautious of that.
  9. Ivy...but if yu walk on it, will yur pawprints be deer forebber??? Yu will be immobilized!!! Wut Mama??? Immorthallized? Ok.
  10. Hi Ebbery wun, Dat muss habz been askeerree, Wiki!!! Loose dogeez are very unnerbing. Merc...Mama habz an ongowing dilemma wif creemanes. Da eggs humsmands grandmudders reemanes wur sent to himz back eben beefor dey moobed up to da farm howze. Dey are still in da brown rapper frum da creemains making peeples. Anyway, she packed dem an moobed dem..but wen dey got diborces, he nebber tuk dem. She habz no idea wut to do wif dem. She iz finking dat she shud send dem to himz mama's howze wich iz in rode eyeland on accounta she duz KNOT habz himz NOO address down in da sowf part ub
  11. Hehehehehe....Inbashun ub da DOOfus GaLOOts!
  12. HI Ebberybuddy. It's Fancytoo heer. Miss Cynthia, we are so sad abowt Cap'n Jack. He wuz lucky to habz a daddy an TOO mamas who lubbed him so much. Miss Nancy - we are sorry abowt yur mama, but happee to heer yu habz a noo traler! Heart!!! Welcome....ah am shur dat Tiller is juss taking yur stuffee so dat he can be shur it's safe fur yu! Daphne an Bitzi, It iz reel cold heer! So mah noo brudder Sam iz reel nice....But ah muss say, he iz a DOOfus. Well, ah no dat iz KNOT nice...but eben Mama sez dat himz iz da goofiest ub all da boyz she habz had. JJ wuz a ball ub
  13. Gud morning ebbery wun. We habz bin bizee on da farm dis past weekend...lots ub springtime wurk to do....well, lots fur a houndie to suppervise. Spirit....we fank yu fur da kind wurds...particularlee da wurd APLOMB! we no dat in dis club, dat iz a reel belubbed wurd! We are catching up on ebberyfing. Generalee heer, fings are pritee gud. Mah noo brudder iz a beeg goofy boy who lubz ebberywun. An as yu point owt Spirit, we are teeching himz abowt da murder mitts on da kittehs. We lubz owr frenz... Fancytoo
  14. Hi Ebbery wun...Dis iz Fancytoo. Ivy...dat pizza fing made ebberywun hungry ah fink! Happy gotcha day to Pippin and Happy burfday to Daphne! Wiki....dat sownz reel painful. Mah Uncle JJ screemed lots wen he stubbed himz tow wunce....but it muss habz been reel bad becuz Dustbin used to tell me how brabe JJ wuz, so ah no dat it muss habz been serious eben tho Mama cud KNOT find anything. So we figure yurs muss be reel serious, too. We are home wif Daddy an Mama iz at wurk. He juss gabe us owr second brekkie - we are still on Dustbin's four time per day eeting skedOOle.
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