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  1. Beautiful Lila....such a special girl.
  2. Chris is spot on.....Alone training is so important and the short durations are actually good. Gradually extend as you can. My dogs were completely used to me being out of the house and alone for hours, but now with my new husband home and me working from home every other day, I can see the difference if they are alone for three or four hours. They have gotten very used to having us home very quickly. We have already talked about reintroducing long separations gradually...so with a dog who is totally new to being alone..i.e. going from kennel to a home where you are at home all day..
  3. Very environmentally conscious pup! So cute!!!!
  4. Happy 13.5th birthday to lovely Lila!!!!
  5. No Faux pas on Santa's part. This year was all about sweet Dustin. Dudley took it upon himself to enjoy the eggplant.
  6. Dear Secret Santa, it iz me, Dustin. Ah had a reel hard year losing mAh brudder, JJ, but da package you sent me brawt lots of smiles.smiles. Santa, this is Dustin's mama. The gift pack was just beautiful. We absolutely love the tree ornament. Dustin's new daddy was so touched at the thoughtfulness of the gifts. And Dustin did share the little purple eggplant with his little brother Dudley who really liked it! Dustin laid quiet and happy with his pink bear
  7. I got Dustin at two - and he had run three schooling races. At the same time, I got JJ who was three and raced a lot. Dustin was as quiet as a mouse - and JJ was a ball of life....so I think it's just the hound....and for full disclosure, I am in proceedings for adopting a lightly raced two year old right now!!!
  8. I lost a dog to EPI last year - and it was awful watching him starve. Hopefully with PLE they can contain it for him....Many prayers to you.
  9. Dear Santa and elves Our tree is not the kind that can sit on shelves It is on the floor and six feet or more That is unless it topples at the paws of a little black kitty Oh my, that would be such a pity.
  10. That’s great. I will let you know.... thank you so much!
  11. Hi everyone....as many of you know, my JJ passed away. My new husband had fallen head over heels and wanted badly for us to find a new hound with blood lines as close as possible, we knew this might be tough given JJ was almost 12 and his daddy had passed as well. With the help of Chris Grieb who suggested that I use the second offspring line from greyhound data, I found a small litter of two year olds. There was a male and female tuxedo black. I reached the trainer with help from Chris and Shelly Lake, and they agreed to let us adopt Harold once he was done racing, We weee so excit
  12. Wow. I am telling Kevin the story! Seems like yesterday. We were all following on pins and needles.
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