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  1. So I didn't proofread Dustin's post...and hadn't even thought about the use of the word "udder" in houndish….LOL
  2. DA...Oh, Miss Halise, we are broke ub da hart. Merc...how are you? Festus iz dowing a leetle better. Himz habz energee an stuff an wants to noorse. He still habz a DED reer, though, so until he can hold flOOids, he iz KNOT owt ub da wuds. Dey are gibbing himz Eye Vee bags an vitmins, an electricitylights. But on anudder note....An Merc..to follow up on how Festus became April...well, on da ride homes, Mama looked in da back seet an said dat she saw wut luked like a boy part. Dey nebber looked unner da tale, so dey juss figured sumwun had messed up an dat April wuz a She an KNOT a he. So fur da past two days, dey habz renamed himz Festus and ebberytime watery stuff came owt frum unner himz tale, deer wuz so much dying reer,dat dey juss assumed dat iz wut day saw. Well tonite, dey watched close, an dat iz tinkle coming owt unner da tale...so dat udder part dey saw muss juss be a larege biblical chord. So...heer dey are, mah two hoomans in deer fifteez and dey mistook a girl fur a boy an now realize agen dat it iz a gurl...so we fink she iz April again....Deez hoomans are crazy...
  3. Daphne, we are finkin ub owr frenz Merc and DA, too.... We lubz owr frenz. Lila, dey wur originally gowing to get a cow frum da NOO Jersey....wut Mama? Oh, it iz juss calt a Jersey. Anyway, wen she calt, dat calf wuz alreddy sent away to da bad place an wuz DED. So mama an daddiman felt so bad dey went owt to get dis wun. Dey wur told he wuz a gurl cow, but he iz KNOT. Sadly, he got reel sick today az sum calves do. Himz reer went reel DED dis morning. He went frum bowncing arownd dis morning to falling down five howers later. Da torturnarian came an mama an daddiman habz been gibbin himz floowids frum doze beeg plastic bags all nite. Dey are trying reel hard to save himz. Himz name is Festus after da character on Gunsmoke, which mama an daddiman sit togedder an watch moss nites before bed. Miss Patsy..we hope yur snow melts!
  4. Hi Ebbery wun. Mama iz on cuteness ober lode ober dat Albus kitteh!!!! Miss Chris, owr Fancy iz dowing very well. She follows daddy arownd ebbery weer an plays all da time wif Dudley an stuff...an den ah am her greyhoundie role model so she unnerstands dat she iz KNOT a kay nine like Dudley, but iz in fact a houndie...yu know, who values a gud sunbaff an noze dat cheez rappers are da most portant fing deer iz. Well fur doze ub yu on schnozbook, yu nowe wut mama an daddiman were up to. Dey left urlee yesserday an made it back da same day, but it wuz a long day...anyway, dey drove to Pennsylvania (soshallee distanced, ub corse - not wun rest area stop) to pick up anudder cow. Dis wuz a leetle bull calf dat wuz gowing to be kilt at a reallee bad place. He came frum a farm calt sumfin like Hamish.....oh...KNOT Hamish....Amish, mama sez. Anyway, he juss turned wun week today, so he iz reel leetle an kind ub frale.....but ebberywun is dowing OK so far.... Chance luks huge neggst to himz now! Nacho iz feeling very prowd to be a baby sitter agen! Dey are crazy. But, ah can not complane too much. Daddiman stopped cooking brekkie fur himz an mama to take a tinee bit ub bacon greez and miggst it wif sum kibble treets (KNOT owr regular fuds, but sum dat dey aggsitentally bawt on accounta dey fawt it wuz cat fuds, so dey are using it az treets fur us). Anyway, dey had to wate fur brekkie for daddiman to finish making owr eggstra treets.
  5. DA, pleez be OK! Lila, dat luks like a reel nice sunbaffing kind ub day...an yes, Miss Patsy can lay on da grass SOOn hopefullee. Miss Chris, da kitchen iz coming along. Daddiman made a beautimous wooden pan rack dat hangs frum da ceelink. He iz working on a chandy leer made owt ub a reel antique wagon weel. He duz lectrical work, so he can make lites!!!! We will get a pichure wunce da floor goze in an stuff. Ah fink dey are up to sumfin…..Ah do KNOT no wut...but sumfin iz gowing on heer. Ah will keep yu all updated.... Hammish...how iz yur snot?
  6. Hi Ebbery Wun, We mist da hole end ub da club. Miss Patsy, we had a notiss dat yu had replied to sumfin, but we can't find it on accounta do ole club beehing gawn. Sheesh, dey did KNOT gibz us much time to see it. Hammish, we are wart weed abowt yur snot! Lila, yu habz furz like mah much older brudder at da bridge, EZ. He had thick soft furz. We lubz da pichures ub Hammish an Molly. An we lubz da pichure ub all ub yur houndies MIss Tin. Daddiman also likes yur kitchen floor!
  7. Happy 13.5th birthday to lovely Lila!!!!
  8. No Faux pas on Santa's part. This year was all about sweet Dustin. Dudley took it upon himself to enjoy the eggplant.
  9. Dear Secret Santa, it iz me, Dustin. Ah had a reel hard year losing mAh brudder, JJ, but da package you sent me brawt lots of smiles.smiles. Santa, this is Dustin's mama. The gift pack was just beautiful. We absolutely love the tree ornament. Dustin's new daddy was so touched at the thoughtfulness of the gifts. And Dustin did share the little purple eggplant with his little brother Dudley who really liked it! Dustin laid quiet and happy with his pink bear
  10. I got Dustin at two - and he had run three schooling races. At the same time, I got JJ who was three and raced a lot. Dustin was as quiet as a mouse - and JJ was a ball of life....so I think it's just the hound....and for full disclosure, I am in proceedings for adopting a lightly raced two year old right now!!!
  11. I lost a dog to EPI last year - and it was awful watching him starve. Hopefully with PLE they can contain it for him....Many prayers to you.
  12. Dear Santa and elves Our tree is not the kind that can sit on shelves It is on the floor and six feet or more That is unless it topples at the paws of a little black kitty Oh my, that would be such a pity.
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