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  1. Fancy...gud point abowt da sissee fing, but maybe she will be a nice gurlie houndie like sum ub owr frenz heer. Dey say she iz very sweet...we shall see...If she iz kNOT, ah will juss habz Dudley deel wif herbz...dat will figgz her wagon to habz a siggs mung ole poopie messing wif herbz.
  2. Miss Tin!! Yu are getting a crown?? Like a reel qween!!!! Yu do KNOT habz to moob to da reel England, do you???
  3. Oh, Miss NOO Carol, we laff an laff an laff.... Yes..mah noo sissee will be a leetle broken....but ah fink we will lubz her juss da same. Dey are nerbuss an juss want to heer dat she will be owrs....lots ub bate on owr brefs, too, Ivy. Oh, Mama askt if it wuz OK fur her to habz me post dis heer. https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/robin-muksian/Penguin-Plunge-2020
  4. Wunnerful Noowze, Molly!!! So dis iz da fing. We got da Dudley poopee...himz iz a shep herd hound type miggs. Den we wur supposed to get Harold da houndie, but he went DED. (We noo we wud be wating fur himz to finish racing anyway.) Den, affer he went DED, da people sed we cud habz himz sissee when she wuz dun racing. Mama an daddy were all upsited. Two days later she raced, an had an injury dat dey feel she will not come back to racing wif....so da traner wuz gowing to call da owner to get himz to allow dem to releez her. Dey still habz KNOT hurd back. Mama an daddiman are trying not to get too upsited cuz dey do KNOT want to be let down.
  5. Hi Ebbery wun, We are heer! Beka an Ivy, yu had a reel nice frend ober! How much fun iz dat. Miss Sherrie - we hopes yur days are gowing better. Andipants, Mama messaged da gurl wif da houndie sissee....dey are wating fur final wurd frum da owner dat it iz ok to releez her fur dopshun. Wunce we know fur shur, we will ask dat da muneez frum mah brudder JJ's rememboree go to da dopshun grOOp dat deez people normallee work wif. Molly, how iz yur daddiman today?
  6. Happy burfday, Miss Sherrie!!! Miss Tin, we lubz dat dino saw cote!!! Sherman!!! Gud noowze..>Sumfin to be fankful for!
  7. Somehow missed this - and then couldn't PM you for some reason! So awesome you are doing this. Dustin will play next year, God willing!
  8. Spirit, dat gurlie houndie being pushy fing iz sumfing mah mama considered, an she tawked to da gurl (da hooman wun) who sed dat dis leetle gurl iz prettee lade back. Miss Jen, we are so sorree dat yu can KNOT see Saint rite now...an we no it brakes yur hart. We are very innerested to heer moor abowt fossering wif intent, tho!!!
  9. Fancy, ah figure Paris muss habz taken da attitude dat it iz at lees wurf a try.
  10. Abby, keep feeling better...Tiny, too! Yes...Picasso an ah are like twins!! Beka! Dat iz wunnerful.
  11. Abby, we hopes yu are holding on to all yur bluds inside yur ownself, an not losing any moor. Miss Tin...Mama lubbed da pichure an always laffs when yu post becuz she sweers yu somehow habz houndie napped me an put me in da pichure! Uh, oh...Miss Jenn....are yu owt ub doodyhed status yet?
  12. I did two at once with my JJ and Dustin. JJ just passed nine years later. They were the best of friends...wouldn't have changed a thing. Mine, too, came straight from the kennel with no adoption prep.
  13. GT says my inbox is full so I can't PM you...but was wondering if Dustin could join?

  14. Hehehe....he will KNOT get to keep doze boy parts..... Da gurlie hounds name is VJ's Last Call
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