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  1. Merc! We lubz dat cow! mah Mama habz a fing fur cows....an we no wut dat meens arownd da farm....who nowse wut NOOwze ah mite habz sumday. Pippin, we are sorree to heer abowt yur frends houndies! We all fawt dat York wuz reel hampsum in doze pichures.
  2. Andipants, sumtimes doze errands leed to gud stuff coming home! Oh, gud noowze abowt ambi! All paws crosst.
  3. Hi Ebbery wun.... Charlie...a baff muss be awful! Galina! Dat iz reel eggsiting. Miss Mudder CA, we are happee yu an miss LOOcy are gowing to a consurt! Dat shud be a fun nite. Ambi - keep getting better. How iz Misser Doug, Miss Nancy? Ah mite habz mist a postie. Lass ah saw he wuz home. Myka, gibz yur mama lots ub lubbing. Tell her all da houndies heer are finkin ub her. Hoomans habz it ruff sumtimes, an dat iz why doG gabes us to dem.
  4. We hope Ambi iz OK! Laila! We continoo to fink abowt yur daddiman. Daphne, mah Mama's houndie named Jack had reel bad sleep greshun. It wuz sad.
  5. Oh boy...it juss dawned on me dat ah am da onlee houndie (or bagel houndie) still wif da fambilee frum da siggee...dat made my mama reel sad to see.
  6. Gud morning...it wuz me, Dustin. Ah am still dealing wit dis poopie! Sumtimes ah like him. He likes reel gud walkeez an stuff....udder times....well...he is a leetle noying. deer wuz a leetle leeking ariwnd here wen jj’s Cristal came from da club. We all fank you. Miss Chris, my mama will get in touch abowt da wunnerful gift in jj’s rememboree. owr howse is knot da same wifowt himz.
  7. Luks like mah frenz on da beech are dowing reel gud!!! We are OK. Mah mama bawt us sumfin calt Cod skins...it iz da skin ub a reel stinky fish all dride an pree surved! Ah lubbed it.
  8. Miss Jennie. We just red dat da leetle wun is doing better!
  9. Happee late burfday, Miss Michelle... Oh, Daphne, ah habz been telling Mama dat she can KNOT borrow yu on account ub yur Jimbo Scotty backrownd.
  10. Fancy - owr mama habz da same concern abowt racing houndies. She iz alreddy habbing a leetle trubble in da surch department. We fownd wun, but he wuz KNOT kitteh cat frendly - an eben tho mah brudder JJ wuz kNOT an we made it wurk, dis particular kitteh we habz now likes doggeez an houndies way too much to take a chance. We are still luking fur a houndie wif da Jimbo Scotty line like mah brudder JJ if anywun noze ub wun.
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