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  1. Oh, Saint....sheesh....fruutcake's bagel dog used to do dat lots an lots. Miss Vanessa, mah brudder Dustin wuz KNOT reel kissy wen we moobed in wif Fruutcake, but he habz gotten lots moreso!
  2. Miss England carol....we are sad fur misser Richard. miss sherrie..glad da drive iZ mobbing ok again. fruutcake spent da day trying to help sixty sebbenlebben old people who wur displaced by a fire in an elderly howzing complex. She is tired now.
  3. We are finkin ub owr frend, ROOby.....dis makes us so sad. Gud fawts fur Howie. We hopes himz gets a NOO home soon. Oh...an we juss saw do GOOd noowze on Beka! Fank doG!
  4. Wow... Whiskey! Yu broke da club - or owr pooter hasn't updated on accounta it sez you are da lass postie! Happy burfday bee lated, Miss Chris. Oh, Lila, ah wunner if yur mama cawt it frum mah daddiman an fruitcake thru da Yu Ess Bee port or sumfin. Deer iz a lot ub DED hooman reers deez days. Congratumulashuns, Miss CA. Deespite all da fings dat put yu unner stress, yu habz a beautimous home wif a beautimous frunt porch an ebberyfing. Oh, Dr. Michelle!!! Dat iz greyt NOOwze!!!! Miss Rachel, yu are Dr. Rachel? Wut iz da feeld yurs iz in? Laila, did yu ebber find owt if da baby cardinal iz OK? Hada! Do KNOT askeer yur mama like dat! Bikini - heet coming heer soon, too! Well, wedder it iz da doxy Bicycle fur da Lymes dizeeze ur da gabby pentin, ah am feeling much better. Ah am smiling an chattering an eben tho da cats in mah eyes are reel bad, ah am moobing arownd lots more and better. Daddiman had KNOT seen me in five dayz an wen dey got home in da middle ub da nite lass nite, he cud KNOT beleeb how brite ah wuz….an Morgan, who sits on us habz KNOT been by in twolebben weeks an teggsted fruitcake dat she cud KNOT get ober how well ah wuz moobing.
  5. Whiskey, do yu fill up eben tho it is less foods? lila....fruutcake iZ amazing fur a pichure ub da Ann Kline cumfy shoowz. On fridays she weerd cashual cloze an iZ always looking fur nice shoowz to go with dressy jeans an stuff.
  6. Wow...Miss Chris...dat iz a beeg coinky dince! Fruutcake sez she wishes she wuz closer - an ah cud habz Rebel to guide an nurchure an stuff.
  7. Charlie - fruitcake lubz dat dash! Miss NOO carol, fruitcake iz always amazed at how strong dat push iz off owr back feet. Fanks Miss Vanessa - fruitcake duz KNOT say it, but ah can see she iz reel wart weed abowt me. Ah enjoy da noo ceeling fan dat daddiman put in owr day room weer ah watch Tee Vee wile fruitcake iz at da wurkjob. Dat helps. Da gabby pentin seems to make me a leetle tired, but ah wuz able to poo wif better balance today. As far as da hoomans, fruitcake sez dat it iz all stuff dat can get better...so her wart wee iz juss abowt mee.
  8. HI Ebberywun, We habz missed much. Welcome to Pandora...tho Fruutcake flipped ober da hay kay cee houndie, too! Bikini - happee burfday. Miss Michelle, gud luck on yur defense. Miss CA! So happee fur yu wif da howze, Merc! Great pooping across America...wuz it owr frend Kitty (Miss Michelle) who did da pee across Merica toor? Well, we habz had it ruff. Daddiman got da tummee fLOO down in NOO jersey over da weekend wile Fruutcake wuz deer. Dey bowf came back to Rode Eye Land and den she cawt it. She had taken munday off to take us to da torturnarian an got sick monday nite so mist wurk yesserday - wich she rarely duz - but iz back deer today, but KNOT feeling well. In da meen time, ah went da torturnarian. Fruutcake menshuned mah back end weekness and soreness. Turn owt ah habz da Fruut dizeez....JJ, that would be Lyme disease....like mah daddiman did. On top ub it ah habz big cats in mah eyes so eye can't see too well....Den by da time ah got home ah cud hardlee walk an ah acted like ah did when ah had mah stroke so fruutcake gabe me sum blud preshur medsin wich helped. Ah am a leetle better tooday. Daddiman took Dustin and Me fur a walkie an ahwuz reel happee. Dustin wuz bizee sitting on fruutcake yesserday on accounta ah can't do da stares to da bedroom too many time a day.
  9. We habz lots ub dat barburree...it iz reel vasive!!! Miss Michelle! We are so happee to see yu. Miss Vanessa - we are finkin ub yu. Miss Ducky...fruitcake iz all ooooh an ahhh...ober doze pichures.
  10. Hi Ebbery Buddy. Beka, yu guys luk greyt! Molly - Nice pichure! Ah hope all mah frenz are dowing OK dis week wif da firewurks. Da fambilee rite across da street normallee duz dem all week, but dey habz KNOT dun any dis yeer. All da wunz we heer are frum a leetle farther away. Fruutcake had to march in a local parade today in da Town weer she wurks. She sez it wuz lots ub fun. She sez dat no matter wut da NOOWze sez, people still like da flag - an people ub all colors an stuff carry da flag. Dat's enuff soapboggz frum her! We lubz all owr frenz so much.
  11. We are so sad fur Misha, da barn Kitteh. Oh, doze tornadowz are askeeree!!!! Giant, eeting cat fuds den frowing up an den eeting moor is juss a normal part ub beehing a houndie. Ub corse if it habz stuff da makes yu WOOzee, den yu mite want to be careful. Miss Patsy - fruitcake iz all OOOOhhhh an AAAAhhhh ober doze pichures! Well, Eeben tho mah back end iz a leetle week, an ah get tired, ah reelee wanted to go fur da long walkie today - so Fruutcake took us on da walk we used to go on ebbery day. Dat ment we walked a mile dis morning!
  12. Gud morning. Miss CA, we hope yu are feeling better!!!! A qwiet fourth iz KNOT da wurst fing according to Fruutcake.
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