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  1. HI Ebbery Wun, Cherry, venus sits ober da Eestern sky ober owr barn at four thurtee on da clock wen Mama goze owt to feed dem horsees. She iz assuming dat da orange colored star higher in da sky toward da sowf is Misser Mars??? Da Kitteh came home lass nite - but affer he got home struggled in himz litter boggs fur a long time. He iz on four different medsins...an he leeked owt ub him peeshooter all nite affer struggling an struggling to get any pee owt. She iz consurned. Lila...hope you are still feeling OK. We lubz yu all.. Dustin
  2. Happee, Burfday, Mam! Owr kitteh is STILL in da horsepiddle. Himz beens wuz juss climing an climing... Dey finally started to come down yesserday - but da torturnarians wur still KNOT happee dat it took so long -so dey did a SOOper DOOper ultry sownd. It showed himz beens all inflamed an stuff. So dey beleeb himz habz fecshuns in himz beens. Dey sed sumfin bowt chickens an eggs wen mama asked if da beens cawsed da blockage or da udder way arownd. Ah do KNOT no why dey are habbing beens wif eggs an chicken, but ah fink mama iz hoping da beenz cawzed it on accounta da blockage cud h
  3. Layla dat Iz a nice pichure. Summer! Gud job wif da paw stomping. Pisser is still on da horse piddle. Tho piddle Iz still da problem. Himz had a leetle reblock which dey cleered wif a caffeteria again. Wut mama? Oh..a cafeter. Anyway, da problem is dat himz kindy beens are still counting way too hi and gowing up. Da ultry sownz showed no organ damage tho. So himz is in da horse piddle for at least sum mood dayz.
  4. Oh....beautimous Breeze...or az mah brudder JJ used to say, she wuz himz lubbellee Breeze. Well, Mama had to go to da mergencee ROOm lass nite wif Pisser. She got home frum wurk an himz wuz lying in da spare room hardlee able to moob - an wuz hurtin wen she tuched himz an stuff. She had a reel portant virCHOOal meeting lass nite, but did KNOT habz a choice but to get himz to da torturnarian. Himz habz a blockage an he gud KNOT get pee owt ub himz pee SHOOter! Himz kidneez wur cownting reel hi an himz potassium wuz too. He wuz in intesib care all nite an iz now in regular care
  5. Hi ebbery wun. Daddiman an Dudley left lass nite...we miss dem!
  6. Oh, Miss Fancy!!! A Snake!!! Lila! Swat teem??? Sheesh..da club habz all sorts ub eggsitement. Galina...mama iz swooning. Congratumulashuns to misser David fur retiring! We houndies no all abowt da beautee ub retirement! Merc! Speek to us buddy. Atre yu fru yur greebus injuree?
  7. Hi Ebbery wun, We are catching up. Mama iz in lubz with NOOR! We got a call frum doze doctors an dey sed himz follow up bluds showed eggsposhur, but no damage or actib virus...but dey are keeping him on da cycle ub doxycyline. He iz himself an full ub energy. All ub owr west coste frenz, pleez be safe!
  8. Gud morning ebbery wun. We are heer... Owr leetle brudder Dudley had a ROOteen vet poyntment an dey did da four way test. well he wuz negative fur da wurms ub da harts...but he wuz positib fur all three tick dizeezes! Da torturnarian sed he had nebber seen dis! He iz on antibionicals an dey are doing more testes on himz bluds to make shur deer iz no damage to himz pianos...wut Mama?? Oh, himz organs.
  9. Gud morning ebberywun. Happee gotcha day Andipants! We lubz dat pichure. Happee burfday Miss Caroline! Hello Miss ROOf! We do KNOT get noo rugs in da howze rite now on accounta fancee finks dat rugs are uhm.....grass....Tho dis ruggable fing is innerseting. Da horse show went well. She habz had Leo onlee free weeks, so he habz lots to wurk on in order to win classes an stuff, but he wuz reel guds for himz furst horse show! Dis wuz abowt a munf sooner den she planned on showing himz, but he wuz dowing reel well at home an she wants him to see da activity at shows.
  10. Happee burfday, Charlie. Mah Mama finks yu are reel cute. Oh, Molly...yur parents muss habz been reel askeert! Spirit- we are sorree yu had bafroom problems, but we agree dat yur holding owt fur a proper bed iz purrfectlee unnerstandable. Mama is gowing to show Leo at a horse show tomorrow! Juss sum stuff gowing rownd an rownd...KNOT jumping fences yet. She habz no reel eggspectashuns on accounta race horses sumtimes get too upsited at deer furst few horse shows wen dey heer da nowncer an stuff. Dey fink dey are racing again....so dis iz juss fur eggsperience. Ah, mahownsel
  11. Mama agreez dat watching a greyhound sleep iz very relaggsing an helfy. Luk at dat gud fuds!!!! Fanks, Miss Jenn.
  12. Oh...Peanut butter....nom, nom, nom.... Oh...ah juss edited...it wuz a different Miss Jenn's kitty who passed!!
  13. Cake an ice creem...nom, nom, nom... Oh, Tiny, french frize! Doze are nom, nom, nom, too. Ah hopes yu habz a gud day at camp an gud luck to yur mama to get all dat stuff dun rite wif da hand controls!!!
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