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  1. We are juss catching up! Oh, Mam...we are so sorry for Misser David. Miss CA, can yu get yurself a kay nine weer yu libz now? Oh, Myka!!!! We are so sad fur yu - but releebed, too! Pleeze be OK. We will be backanforthbackanforthbackanforth.
  2. Oh, Mam...how sad fur Pap's brudder..... Daphne - watching doze hoomans wurk arownd da howze iz very hard wurk fur a houndie - an it is an under appreshiated effort dat we makes all da time. Laila, dat poor Riley ....an Poor Mom, too!
  3. Happee day, Dippy!!!!! oh....Ivy...an urlee dinner!! Duz dat meen yu will get eggstra snaggs later if dinner comes urlee tooday?
  4. We are heer. Fruutcake worked until 11 on da clock lass nite….so she did KNOT get home until almoss midnite…. Morgan came to take care ub us. She iz reel nice.
  5. Hi Ebbery buddy, We habz KNOT welcomed leetle Knarl to da club! Whiskey, doze wure reel nice pichures. Abby, fank gudness yur mama got dat all figgst. Yu wud KNOT want to habz an ishoo wif da mort gage! Ivy, we lubbed dat pichure ub yu. Johnny, how long to doze hooks take to go away normallee? Miss Patsy - if yu are gowing to sprinkle, fruutcake sez go wif da reel stuff an KNOT da dee caf. Ah am KNOT shur wut dat iz all abowt!
  6. hahahaha...Miss CA...dat wud habz fruutcake dying to make a commint. Ah bet Miss Lizbeth cud pull owt da red pen an correct it fur dem. Happee burfday, Ivy! Happee burfday, Ambi! Happee burday, Miss LOOcy!!! Da wedder heer habz been - an continues to be - dreeree. Ah fink dat NOO England misses Miss CA or sumfin cuz on accounta since she left it habz been rainee an CLOWdee (KNOT Dustbin's CLOWdee) an cold!
  7. Fanks, again, ebbery wun. She likes da job. Da wedder iz dreary an cLOWdee heer (Hi CLOWdee frum Dustbin)…. Habz a safe trip, Miss Patsy! Lila, dat iz gud dat yu habz yur mistress fur a wile. Iz deer a holy day dat it iz a long weekend in da Wiz Consin?
  8. Abby, houndie wurk iz difficult wif deez hoomans! Laila, she got dat pin fru an oxshin sum time ago. Fanks fur da complemints on da article. She reallee duz lubz her job eben tho da howers are late.
  9. Sheesh! Ah wunner if sumwun habz to be a member ub deer schnozbook page.
  10. Fruutcake sez dat she duz KNOT reallee like da pichure ub herbz, but she iz all prowd dat she had on her houndie pin!!!! https://stoughton.wickedlocal.com/news/20190509/snyders-stoughton-few-minutes-with-our-town-manager?fbclid=IwAR1RbJuQ3fyH604ocZOp91MB-lGmxoDMrzISsF1wjvb3_y-oYh2B2lnuI_4
  11. Oh, we are laffing an laffing dat miss Cindy's parents wur da rezult ub wun nite canoodling!!!!
  12. oh, Fancy....a poopy!!! Ub corse, be careful, da hOOmans will be all OOOohhh an Ahhhhh ober dem. Sheesh.
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