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  1. I'm in the market for a popup ex-pen for Truman to use when we're at events. Need it to be: Tall enough to accommodate Truman Not very see-through (T-man is dog reactive) Have a top or a sun-shade, something to shade him in hot weather Easy to transport I'm thinking about something like this... anybody have feedback?
  2. Dog is 2-years-old. Anyone hear if this affects PA?
  3. One of my friends just adopted a new greyhound. When she went to sign him up for a plan with Healthy Paws, the only option given was for a plan with 70% co-insurance and a $500 deductible. She called, and customer service stated that currently that is the only plan they are offering for purebred greyhounds. Is there a second choice pet insurance company that folks have had good luck with? Specifically, she wants to make sure that the plan doesn’t roll over from year to year, causing previous claimed medical incidents to become pre-existing conditions. She also wants a plan that reimburses dollar for dollar what the vet charges- not on a national or regional average fee schedule. Thanks in advance! (I haven’t been on GT in awhile, but I knew this was the best place to ask.)
  4. Ah! We ate two doors down at Little Venice. Re: the bridal parties. Im afraid they are here to stay. Got jammed up with a bridal party at Lucky Hare in FEBRUARY. GTFOH. Will have to try Warhorse next year. We did Lucky Hare (great), Bandwagon (okay) and Scalehouse (food>beer).
  5. Thats what we thought too. Very pretty place, though.
  6. Hi. I make martingales. Any fabric print or pattern you can think of. http://www.etsy.com/shop/wetherbymartingaleco
  7. Yes, absolutely. T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts. New designs. We'll actually have two full vendor spaces this year.
  8. Quick update on Truman. The internal medicine specialist called back today with some preliminary bloodwork results. The total T4 came back at 0.9, so increasing a little, but still low. Another interesting find was that the protein in his urine was high. The doctor is sending it over for a protein to creatinine ratio test. He didn't want to get into possibilities for that (yet) until the MSU panel and other urine test come back. But I'm a little curious as to what this could mean. Thoughts?
  9. Used Iams for years, and it started seeming like there were quality control issues. We'd get one bag, and it'd be fine. The next bag, neither dog would touch it. The company always offered to have the bags replaced free of charge, but it started to be a huge pain. Eventually switched to Fromm's in the purple bag. It's the cheapest, most basic formula they make. Has beet pulp and chicken-based. That was almost 2 years ago, and *knock on wood* no issues.
  10. Here's my boy being long at the vet. He was very good. Peed for his urine test and acted good for bloodwork. They gave him a giraffe printed bandage.
  11. We have a decent amount of beer- and wine-themed collars for anyone wishing to pre-purchase with their desired width, size, and hardware choices. The deadline to order is 7/20. Some of these will be available at the event, but quantities are very, very limited.
  12. Trumie is going to see the internal medicine specialist at University Vets today (the same clinic where Dr. Couto practices oncology). I anticipate he'll have some bloodwork, which I can request be reviewed by Dr. Couto. I appreciate everyone's feedback. I think we definitely need the MSU panel for a more specific look at the thyroid. I'm hoping they can advise on a regimen for pain or different anxiety meds if the thyroid isn't the answer.
  13. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I've been on GT. I'm hoping you all might be able to help with a Truman question. We recently had Truman to the vet for his annual check-up. She decided to run some bloodwork, as Truman has seemed a little more (what I lovingly describe as) "grumpy" within the past year. He's always been high-strung, hyper, and snarky, especially when it comes to other dogs. At home, he's typically very low-key. But we've noticed more instances of snapping both at Sterling and I, as well as our cats and other greyhound, Wolfgang. This wasn't totally uncharacteristic before, but in the past year, his threshold seems a lot lower. I chalked most of that up to getting older and turning 7 (gasp!) next month. [Those of you long time GT'ers will remember 14-week-old Truman puppy pictures.] Another thing to mention, Truman also had a fairly extensive neck surgery a little over a year ago to correct a herniated disc. Following that surgery, he had experienced some weakness and neurological deficits. But after a long course of physical therapy, I'd say he is about 90% better in terms of his range of motion, stamina, walking/running normally, normal weight, and reversing the muscle atrophy. So... getting back to this annual appointment. The vet decided to run a thyroid panel, thinking we could rule out an endocrine issue. Then, his Total T4 came back at 0.7, which my vet described as "rock bottom." He doesn't really exude any other symptoms of being hypothyroid (normal weight, coat isn't an issue). But based on his short-fuse, agitation, and what feels like more episodes of aggression with other dogs, the vet decided to try Soloxine (0.8mg, twice daily) for a month to see if we noticed any positive improvements. Well, it's been a month, and it actually seems like the behavior has gotten worse! He seems more touchy than ever with space, food, whoever looks at him the wrong way. Last week, Sterling tried to walk the dogs on the walking trail, and Truman got so worked up (snarling, barking, lunging, snapping) at a dog running with its owner, and minutes later still would not calm down. Sterling finally just cut the walk short and took him home. An average "incident"with him is a few bows and deep barks/growls if the other dog passes too closely. This time seemed much different, as he was total Cujo, and would not recover, even 10 minutes later, when the threat of the other dog was fully removed. I guess I have a few questions, broken down by parts. First is the thyroid. I can find nowhere in his file (140 pages) that Truman ever had thyroid testing before. So while 0.7 seems low, maybe that's his baseline that he was doing (reasonably) well at. Could this new aggression be stemming from the Soloxine? If so, can I take him off immediately? And if not, should I follow through with an internal medicine doctor? It just so happens that Guillermo Couto is working Pittsburgh now, so if needed, I could do a consult with him, then send out for a more specific thyroid panel through MSU. Go through Hemopet? In order to run that panel, do I need to keep him on the Soloxine or discontinue? Part two concerns the possibility that his "old man grumpiness is still some residual pain or discomfort from his neck surgery. While he isn't showing any obvious limping, yelping, trouble being touched or handled, maybe there are other things to consider? Like he's becoming more aggressive because something is making him feel physically that he's not 100%. Should we consider another round of PT? Adequan injections, supplements, NSAIDs. If he's grumpy because he doesn't feel well physically, where do I start with that? Lastly, the behavioral health. Truman has been on 40mg Prozac for years. I believe it's helping in some capacity, because anytime we've tried to discontinue, he becomes much for anxious and compulsively licks himself. Should we consider a consult with a veterinary behaviorist to discuss changing/tweaking with his Prozac? I'm not as well versed on psychosomatic pharmacology as I once was. Any new developments that I'm missing med-wise with owner- and dog-on-dog-aggression? In two weeks, we'll be traveling to vend collars at Grapehounds NY. For the first time in six years, I'm considering not bringing Truman. Whatever is the basis for his agitation, aggression, grumpiness, whatever, I don't want to exacerbate it with a hundred dogs in one place. After years of obedience training, one thing we can say is that he listens well... we've always been able to manage his "hang-ups" in these situations. I just feel conflicted the behavior has started to get more concerning, I don't want to put Truman or any other dog at risk. Any advice on where to begin? Sorry this turned into a novel. I'm looking forward on your stories. Thanks in advance!
  14. Kili is such a good worker bee. Love following her adventures.
  15. Anyone still active on this thread? Still trying to find Wolf's Brother, Cancun Heat. Track-info states his last race was April 2016 in Mobile.
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