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Found 7 results

  1. It's time to start another thread as we come near to 50 pages on the previous thread. Below is information to help you make choices for yourself and your family, originally posted and collected by NeylasMom. This is the fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth in a series of threads. The original was started by a few people whose pups were diagnosed around the same time in July of 2010, but it appears it has grown into an ongoing thread that will provide both information and emotional support for anyone who has dealt with losing a pup to osteo, is currently caring for a pup diagnosed with oste
  2. Our retired racer, Puma, has always been a very happy and healthy greyhound. Recently, while walking down some stairs, she froze up and yelped. After carrying her down the stairs, it became noticeable that she was limping pretty severely. Luckily we had pain meds on hand. We took good care of her with pain meds and a heating pad, and although the limp definitely improved, we ended up taking her to the vet about a week later just to be safe. On Friday, after taking X-Rays, our vet informed us that Puma has Osteosarcoma in her right front shoulder. Fortunately, we did catch it quickly and
  3. Hello all, Has anyone ever experienced a misdiagnosis of an ACL injury with suggested TPLO- for something else? Current vet said although the ligament is not yet torn, he expects it would happen soon and suggested TPLO. I spoke to another vet, very experienced with greys (who is out of my area otherwise I would go see her), she said in her years of experience, she has seen only two with an ACL tear. I asked her what mimics this, she said osteo.
  4. Ginny had her second round of Carboplatin on Friday and the following day her ankle was quite swollen just under where the IV was administered. It didn’t seem to be painful. We saw one of the general practice vets yesterday. She updated the oncologist over the phone. We were told it’s mostly likely a blood vessel inflammation and sent home with Rimadyl. They didn’t think it’s an infection and the oncologist wasn’t comfortable prescribing antibiotics. Today the swelling hasn’t changed but Ginny is in some discomfort and limping on that leg. Has anyone had a similar problem with chemo? Our
  5. What is your experience with walks after front leg amputation? How long did it take for your dog to adjust? Did you use a boot, wrist support or a front wheel cart? I have a 9 year old female that gets stir-crazy without long walks (~1h). She had surgery 4 weeks ago, healed and started chemo 10 days later. Now that she is off pain meds, she wants to walk but we have been keeping her walks short (10-15 min) because she is having trouble walking, especially on uneven surfaces or downhill. I have been taking her on car rides instead. The oncologist is not letting us see the physiotherapist until
  6. We are just 10 days post amputation surgery and about to meet with the oncologist to discuss chemo, etc. Has anyone tried Listeria? What were the side effects?
  7. Jack is our first grey, and we were so excited to celebrate his 6th birthday two weeks ago! We've had him for four years, but in the past 8 months he has started limping. I panicked and did as much research as I could and eventually found a corn on his right front leg. However, our previous vet diagnosed him with arthritis (without any tests and without looking at his feet) and put him on Rimadyl. Jack had a very nasty reaction to the Rimadyl, so we took him off and after more wasted time and money at the vet's we tried to treat the corn by ourselves. Although Jack seems healthy and happy
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