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Found 27 results

  1. The packaging contains no warning about possible side effects, including comas … And ETS Smile for me please, Aiden 1-4 Aiden 1-4 ! Thanks for looking!
  2. One sleep ago we had piktur perfek weather and a BEEG day. Today we had rain and a much smaller day, lol. April 25 is Aiden's 7th Gotcha Day. How is that possible. He was my collateral dog after I'd signed up for Paddy Mayhem, the boy who w'ant rite, and the boys made the trip together from St Louis along with 38 LWFs. This was Aiden yesterday, which is exactly what he did the moment he stepped into our camp seven years ago when Seamie and TPGIT welcomed the boys home He and Cletus KLTO went for a long ride that included a lovely walk and stopping for treats and a sing along http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTM5scDnTsw And, April 25 is also this! Snugglers, post-BEEG Gotcha Day celebration Wate. Thare's moor! April 26 is Aiden 1-4's *11th* b'day Doesn't he look thrilled ... We had a bit of a party This is a bit long but here are all the campers scavenging for birfday and gotcha treets! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALH9gqSY1vo Happy Birfday #11 my young man, Aiden 1-4, and Happy Gotcha Days to Aiden & Cletus KLTO! Thanks for looking, and for going along on these adventures with us!
  3. And you wonder if you had a good time An dats awl eye habs to say abowt dat
  4. For everyone Our nearby video store hosts open mike comedy nights as well as music of all flavors. Tomorrow is a blues jam session and today it was all Irish. The harmony on "Danny Boy" was so moving, made my eyes leak. Aiden was unphased about that lol, but seemed to enjoy just hanging out with new friends and some 1:1 time with his momma. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Two words rarely uttered together "Saint" and "Paddy"
  5. I do KNOT like this. Nope, knot won bit. Alrite, I will do it for you mom butt I will KNOT look at the camera ... Sigh ...How's dis mom? Am I done? xox Aiden, the Accommodating Annnd just because he IS so stinkin' cute, a look back at The Best Day of Mai Freakin' Life ! He was brand new and this was his first Crispmix
  6. Sooooooo, Aiden 1-5 is now Aiden 1-4, sigh. Resting at home after a long day with his friends at our awesome clinic. His tongue was KNOT actually crazy-glued to his bandage He is doing well this morning after a quiet overnight. Yep, drugs are good. Annnnd, when you arrive home after surgery and realize that nah, you're knot done yet ... back to clinic for an explore and rewrap. All is well. But really Aiden 1-4? A perfect ? Your mom was pretty wrecked while you were away all day: September 4 is the day three years ago that Androoo left us, and also what would have been the 20th birthday of our original camper, Pagliaccio / Pal, the young man who started me on this greyhound adventure. :beatheart Thanks to all for the healing vibes eta, This is from 2014. Aiden 1-6 had the most beautiful feet. But I can see now that even then that that toe was going to be problematic. Hmm. I just LOVE these FEET!!
  7. The Camp Greyhound Family Singers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg25ofQmGas
  8. Today, April 26, Aiden is nine. Wasn't he just four? April 25 is his (and Paddy Mayhem's) Gotcha Day (before we all went gray and purple ) This was Day 0, when he first danced into camp And now Tonight there will be another Bully Stick to gnaw, a trip to the drive-thru, and cupcakes and eye scream for everyone Aiden's friends at the Forgetful Folks Home where he visits all wished him a Beeg Day, it was soo sweet. Happy 9th Birthday, my young man *Update* All the hounds looking forward to a vet appointment on your birthday raise your paw! Yeah, I thought so ...Sigh. We are trying really hard to avoid having Aiden 1-5 become Aiden 1-4. Today his tech Megan did this! And Aiden was like, sheesharoni, it's my birfday and so far all I got was this stinkin' shamrock. Aiden honey, it's an awesome shamrock, so sorry about this. Next stop: Uh helllloooooo, it's meeee Aiden! Too cheezbergers plane and small frize pleeze Do you habs mai noms? Yep, dats mai noms!! Fanks!! But wait, there's more: Best.Birthday.Surprise.Ever Aiden honey, we're knot keeping him, he's relocating, that's all. (Is a mile away far enough? He and his friends are destroying my garden ) See Aiden, it hasn't been all bad, right young man? Nine is so fine
  9. Visiting his old peeps for Christmas, this happened on the way in. Merry Christmas young man Thank you to all the other therapy dogs & pets who are making a difference out there.
  10. Our new guy Bruno is missing his best bud Bosco, whom we lost just ten days ago. Poor Bruno. He reminds me so much of Zeke-aroni after he lost his LadyBug. She had been his leader for all of their lives. I really think Bosco had been the same for Bruno. Bruno has leaned on Bea who, as she is getting older, is getting softer and wayy more snuggly than ever And made friends with Trevor Double-heart But Aiden is on it, too, and has been such a good camper to Bruno, who seeks him out more than any of the others. That is just Aiden's way and why he is such a great therapy dog. He recently took part in Petco's "Meet a Helping Hero" fundraiser at the store for their foundation supporting Military Dogs, Service Dogs, and Therapy Animals. He made a new friend Recently, one of his friends at the Alzheimer's facility where he visits was so cute - she had saved a cookie from her lunch just for him and she was so pleased to feed it to him. Made our day Thanks for looking.
  11. Three years ago Aiden 1-5 earned his CGC and became a registered Pet Partner. He recently began visiting at a local Alzheimer's facility where there are about 30 +/- residents who gather in the Common Room for our M&G. The folks are just lovely and the staff go above and beyond to ensure their comfort and safety, as well as welcoming Aiden into their "family." On our last visit I was struck by comments made by one of the aides who happened into the room to see what was going on. She was quiet at first, observing, and I asked what she was thinking. What she said truly underscores the power of pet therapy: "They are all quiet. And sitting nicely in a circle and focused. And smiling, and taking turns." It was one of those moments that will stay with me for a long time. My mom had the disease and she was visited by both of my previous therapy dogs, Pal and Segugio. They brought her joy when nothing and no one else could reach her. And now, I am so proud of Aiden who also has the gift and is one of those special dogs bringing joy to folks who otherwise are often lost in their own worlds. Thanks for looking. And thank you to the other therapy dogs on this board who are also doing their good work - you make a difference. Wot momma? Today is my day? (Thanks to Meg for this photo!) On our way Not the best photo but I love the signage in the lobby (and the greyhound who is sitting )
  12. Wot is this thing? Aiden, it's our pinhole box for viewing the eclipse safely! Momma? I hate to tell you dis BUTT dis box sucks You were so right, Aiden, so right. Sweet boy
  13. A *10* from all the judges Woo hoo!! Wait for it .... Good job young man!
  14. Just the threat of a storm tonight, but this appeared It was actually a double rainbow. So pretty.
  15. Aiden's second surgery on his RF toe was in August. Our awesome vet connected with a toe expert at OSU (thanks to GT!) and we learned that Aiden's toe presentation is apparently "classic for dislocation" whereby the lateral ligament tears, casing the toe to lift and the bone to pop through the skin, thus the "tearing" that we've been suturing. OSU sees this all the time in greyhounds because of their thin skin, whereas in other breeds it would be a non-issue. Under sedation, on the offending toe they cut back the nail to the base so that it doesn't make contact with the ground, which subluxates the bone. Because we routinely dremel so short anyway, we pretty much have that covered. OSU saw all our xrays including those from last year (shoulder, wrist, so much with this poor dog), and couldn't appreciate any osteomyelitis which is great. If the toe blew for a third time our options would be to put Aiden under and cut the nail way back, or amputate the toe. Cutting the nail does carry the risk of the nail eventually growing back, which would necessitate another surgery (#4), so that option came off the table. Annnd, over the weekend the toe blew again. We are scheduled for amp a week from Friday. Sigh. Don't tell Aiden but he's also getting a dental. Sigh.
  16. Today's weather was just gorgeous. I took Aiden and Trevor to the Canal for a lovely long walk near Lock 12. Here, may I present Aiden the Oblivious So KNOT interested I'm not sure what Trevor was whispering to Aiden I'm pretty sure Aiden was saying to be cool and we'd stop for a treat Trevor is 11, Aiden is 7 and my two best walkers Thanks for looking!
  17. Aiden had surgery in April on a toe on his right front foot, pre- and post-proc pics are here. The toe was healing and early on we decided to leave the sutures in place just in case. Unbelievably, the toe has opened and we are facing another surgery We had done xrays of the foot and couldn't appreciate any infection of the bone but I am going to have them do another set of films to see if there is any change in that regard. Recently on the big foot pad I've noticed some discoloration that is directly in line with that lateral toe. I really don't want to take the toe but this issue has been ongoing and I'm wondering if that would be the better route. I do think there is more going on. Thoughts appreciated.
  18. Aiden, our test is in three sleeps. Two sleeps. Aiden, our test is today. Aiden. Aiden? AIDEN!! No worries momma, I got dis likked. Sit, Stay. Yep, I got it. Down, Stay. Yeah yeah, I'm gud. Aiden, heeer! Coming momma! (All performed on the first request ) Congratulations young man It was two years ago already that we first tested for our Pet Partners therapy dog registration. I am soo proud of you, sweet boy He was just sooo good Thank you, Aiden
  19. We're back Yesterday was Gotcha Day, today is birthday #7 for Aiden So far, he is mostly unimpressed with our camp activities Handsome and sweet, but unimpressed. Eye hope eye get sumfing more bedder dan dis silly stikker for mai birfday. How abowt sum treets momma?? Happy Birthday Aiden Momma loves you so much. Birthdays on a weeknight are ruff We started with Waiting for Goldfish. Then a short walk on Seamie's Road. Why is it soo chilly tonight. A ride in the BOH, destination: Frozin Yogert! Paddy's tongue And serious stinkeye. Aiden, weren't you just four and now you are seven? Young'uns grow up fast Hug your hounds, peeps. Thanks for looking and thanks for all the warm wishes!
  20. I just love seeing him on the schedule! Being an Irish guy he wore all green today Working his way through three floors, he smiled and wagged and loved on so many folks. Patients, family, and staff, he loves them all, even the grumpy old guy who claims to "know" greyhounds and their "useless tails" The girl with Downs'? absolutely loves Aiden. She can be a bit rough with him but today she was all smiles and laffing when he nudged her hand as she was coloring. In one of the lounge areas were two women in wheelchairs who recognized Aiden and called him over. He stepped right in between their chairs for some lovin' Big smile on my good boy One of his most wonderful visits. He was really "on" and made his momma so proud. I think our eyes aren't supposed to leak while we're working but sometimes I can't help it . Good boy Aiden Thanks for looking!
  21. On every visit, whether to a nursing home, hospital, school, whatever, the dog is not always "on", right? But when they are, it is absolutely magical. Aiden visited his nursing/rehab facility this morning and he was more "on" than I've ever seen him. So much tail wagging and smiling, I was so proud of him and so happy for the joy he brought. What he brings isn't something that can be taught, it is just Aiden being himself. My collateral dog Aiden my friend Thanks for indulging me, I know you get it
  22. 9/19/15 Update: Aiden is doing well! He has had #5/10 Baytril so far and is such a good boy during his disinfecting. The hole is still there but there is only minimal oozing at this point. The bruise on his right thigh is also healing up nicely. While we will never know for sure how this happened, my suspicion is this: We have a large row of perennials in the front yard, which is where the incident occurred. Aiden is a bush pooper and my best guess is that he sat on that dead stem and gave himself a new one. You think? Thanks for all the support and good wishes! "It's a bizarre area to have occurred in without trauma but it is an abscess. It looks like it is associated with the anus but there is no penetration." Vet clipped and cleaned the area and is sending Aiden home with Nolvasan for disinfecting and 10 days' worth of Baytril. She is not convinced that the bruise on his thigh is related, saying it doesn't "go" anywhere. If with the rx and disinfecting he isn't healing then surgical exploration would be in order. I can pick him up now, yay! Thanks for all the good wishes, please keep them coming that this resolves *without surgical exploration* This is Aiden tonight. He was fine, outside with Bea and Paddy, no rough-housing, nothing unusual that I saw or heard, no GSOD, no "Mom!!", no whining, no looking for help. We came in, they had dinner, all good. I noticed a spot of blood on the couch and did a grid search of everyone and found nothing until Aiden stretched out on the couch and then starting licking under his tail. It's a hole above his anus, it's not deep but looks like it's torn at the top. It is not actively bleeding but quietly oozy. There is also the bruise on his right thigh. Much of the stain in the photos is transfer, the area itself is not bruised nor swollen. He lets me clean it but isn't happy with me poking. How the hell did he do this? We have an appointment to drop off at clinic in the morning. The vet on call wondered about anal gland abscess but she thought that an express opening would occur at 4:00 and 8:00, not 12:00 as this presents.
  23. Yesterday Aiden celebrated birthday #6 (Recycled signage Gotcha Day, Aiden #6, Andy #12 on Tuesday) We started with a stop for coffee and munchkins (Momma eatz da crust partz and eye getz da middel partz) Followed by a stop at Agway. it was soo sweet. A girl about eight years old peeked around a corner and her dad said "There he is!" - they'd been stalking us!! They had lost their Cairn terrier a year ago and were soo happy to visit with Aiden, who did his trademark Sidle In And LeanTil They Surrender move He chose a new hegamahog and treats (and I had to have that bowl, I don't know why ) Next, a walk on the trail near our camp where he did two more M&G's. Aiden does exactly what Pal did: trotting along he looks left to the peeps walking past us and everything about his body language says "Hey, how you doin'?" A stop for frozen yogurt ... nom nom nom And finally, cupcakes at home with his fellow campers Momma? Being six is egghausting Happy Birthday Aiden You are my special young man.
  24. For many years, a holiday tradition was for Segugio to visit his friends at the nursing home on Christmas Eve morning. Tomorrow, New Year's Eve day, is three years ago since my boy left for the Bridge. Segugio was KNOT a box of rocks, he was a wonderful gift, a Cobblepot kid. What a gift he gave me by guiding Aiden here. This year, Aiden followed in those special paw prints and continued the tradition as he has been working at the same nursing home. He has this way of stepping toward someone, quietly, then side-stepping one foot at a time until he is leaning into them and putting his head in or under their arms. He does this to his mom, too, my special boy Thank you my angel Segugio, and thank you Aiden (who is also a Cobblepot and P's Raising Cain kid). Aiden loves kidlets (on an earlier visit). Santa, eye habs ben bery gud dis yeer, wot's in yur bag? Aiden Thanks for looking!
  25. Aiden has been with me a year now and has earned his CGC and is a registered Pet Partner therapy dog. That arm is of the patient (our friend) embracing the hound who walked up to and into her. This morning she told me that she can still feel his head on her. When we arrived, we knew only one friend. By the time we'd left, Aiden had made many more. Watching him do what he does naturally made me weepy. Parents were pushing their older son in a wheelchair and stopped to talk. Aiden stepped up to their son, who was missing both of his legs at the knee, and put his head underneath what was left of the fellow's hand. Aiden stayed right there, just being with this young man, until the fellow's parents were ready to move on. Good boy, Aiden I am so proud of you. I don't know why but I love his feet! Here he is being a "Taco Boy"
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