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Found 9 results

  1. Soo much in one post! April 25, 2013: Paddy Mayhem (fka Cinco) and collateral hound Aiden arrived. "Get a young'un, they said, it will be great!" Indeed, it was And then in one sleep, it was Aiden's fourth birthday And now, 2021, in one sleep my "young'un" will be 12 We are celebrating all weekend because, well, 12 ... and, we can Pin the tail on the ... no, wait Puzzle games! We will go for a ride to use his gift card for donut treats (thank you!) and a walk to Seamie's Lane, which is about as far as he can go and back before he tires
  2. The packaging contains no warning about possible side effects, including comas … And ETS Smile for me please, Aiden 1-4 Aiden 1-4 ! Thanks for looking!
  3. One sleep ago we had piktur perfek weather and a BEEG day. Today we had rain and a much smaller day, lol. April 25 is Aiden's 7th Gotcha Day. How is that possible. He was my collateral dog after I'd signed up for Paddy Mayhem, the boy who w'ant rite, and the boys made the trip together from St Louis along with 38 LWFs. This was Aiden yesterday, which is exactly what he did the moment he stepped into our camp seven years ago when Seamie and TPGIT welcomed the boys home He and Cletus KLTO went for a long ride that included a lovely walk and stopping for treats an
  4. And you wonder if you had a good time An dats awl eye habs to say abowt dat
  5. For everyone Our nearby video store hosts open mike comedy nights as well as music of all flavors. Tomorrow is a blues jam session and today it was all Irish. The harmony on "Danny Boy" was so moving, made my eyes leak. Aiden was unphased about that lol, but seemed to enjoy just hanging out with new friends and some 1:1 time with his momma. Happy St. Paddy's Day! Two words rarely uttered together "Saint" and "Paddy"
  6. Aiden's second surgery on his RF toe was in August. Our awesome vet connected with a toe expert at OSU (thanks to GT!) and we learned that Aiden's toe presentation is apparently "classic for dislocation" whereby the lateral ligament tears, casing the toe to lift and the bone to pop through the skin, thus the "tearing" that we've been suturing. OSU sees this all the time in greyhounds because of their thin skin, whereas in other breeds it would be a non-issue. Under sedation, on the offending toe they cut back the nail to the base so that it doesn't make contact with the ground, which subluxate
  7. Aiden had surgery in April on a toe on his right front foot, pre- and post-proc pics are here. The toe was healing and early on we decided to leave the sutures in place just in case. Unbelievably, the toe has opened and we are facing another surgery We had done xrays of the foot and couldn't appreciate any infection of the bone but I am going to have them do another set of films to see if there is any change in that regard. Recently on the big foot pad I've noticed some discoloration that is directly in line with that lateral toe. I really don't want to take the toe but this issue has b
  8. 9/19/15 Update: Aiden is doing well! He has had #5/10 Baytril so far and is such a good boy during his disinfecting. The hole is still there but there is only minimal oozing at this point. The bruise on his right thigh is also healing up nicely. While we will never know for sure how this happened, my suspicion is this: We have a large row of perennials in the front yard, which is where the incident occurred. Aiden is a bush pooper and my best guess is that he sat on that dead stem and gave himself a new one. You think? Thanks for all the support and good wishes! "It's a bizarre area to
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