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  1. Who's going? I booked a room and registered. We are going Friday- Saturday this year. Missed last year so looking forward to getting back out!
  2. Absolutely! i have to admit the girls are so damn cute it’s hard to lay the law down. I’m just a big softy
  3. It was really the covers and not the records themselves... dogs seem to love paper products. Yesterday was fine... we set up one of their crates in front of the records. They weren't able to get to them AND it may have sent a message to behave or you'll end up back in jail LOL
  4. I wish they did like the crates. Early on they say they were done with them.
  5. Exactly... Very certain it's from her schedule getting upset by the holiday schedule.
  6. Hi and congratulations! He is adorable! As for your question: it's possible (in my opinion) if he never had time to rest it and let it heal. If he kept pushing it and playing, running around, etc then it could be a lingering injury until he has time to really let it heal. So I'd say keep up the leash walks and rest and anti-inflammatories.
  7. Amelia has decided she's bored and/or not pleased with us leaving her during the day and has attacked my husband's record collection... She's chewed the covers of several of them off the shelf. Litte punk. In her defense... we just came off 2 weeks straight of us both or one of us home every day.
  8. I think my Amelia would attack and rip that thing up. I tried a fluffy style bed and she attacked it and acted like it was a big toy!
  9. Hurray! Glad everyone is enjoying the gifts!
  10. My husband (who had off today) had a visit from our new sitter... she dropped off holiday treats for the kitties and the hounds! How sweet!
  11. I received both gifts for Amelia and Carmen and I believe both my recipients received theirs.
  12. I’ve mailed and received as well!
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