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  1. We were crating our new girls but one day Carmen destroyed hers from the inside and scratched her head up pretty good trying to burrow out. We stopped using them after that. They are both fine in the family room (gated in). Once in a while Carmen will jump the "extra tall" gate we bought. When she does she just goes into the living room and lays on the couch. To be safe we lock the kitties upstairs when we aren't home, but the girls are fine with them. Just an extra precaution since they are still new. My opinion is if the crate causes stress and anxiety it's lost the point and ditch it.
  2. Update on the girls... Both are doing great! They continue to behave while we are at work without crates. Amelia is an old soul... she acts like a brood momma to Carmen. When Carmen gets too unruly she tends to scold and herd her. It’s very cute. Carmen is a typical 2 year old... full of energy always. She is very smart and always wants to please. I'm so happy the 2 seem to be settling in to their forever home nicely.
  3. So cute! I need to get some outfits for the girls.
  4. I'm glad it is all clear so far. Maybe just the stay was stressful and caused weight loss? I know my last 2 greys did not like being boarded the few times we did and June, in particular seemed exhausted and a little thin from the experience.
  5. Cards should arrive anytime today!!!!! And I received 3 cards in the mail... 2 were from GT! Thank you
  6. Yup, I intend to leave her a nice Xmas gift. always left the other sitter a nice one too.
  7. I’ll always be nervous leaving my babies... but this helps
  8. 2greyhoundMINI

    Amelia and Carmen

    The unruly girls of Dub C.
  9. Another follow-up here... The new sitter send us wonderful pics of her playing with the girls in the yard and wrote a very thorough recap. So it looks like she will be our new sitter for our December trip.
  10. Glad we can all help! I have always found GT to be very helpful when I've had questions/issues.
  11. Well a BIG thank you Mary Pat and Emerald! Carmen is enjoying her treats and has graciously been sharing them with Amelia. The apples were very tasty and I can’t wait to try the homemade jarred treats! Thank you so much
  12. They are very happy with anyone's attention luckily. My last two were a lot more picky. I truly appreciate that offer. Thank you! The kitties are easy - I have a neighbor that has come fed them in the past. My sister is another emergency plan if I ever needed one.
  13. Thank you! Unfortunately I booked the hotel a while ago. Thought about changing the reservation to a pet-friendly one but by then everything was booked solid in in town. Next year we plan on taking a few trips with the girls. Looks like the visit went well. Checked things out on our various puppy cams and the girls behaved
  14. Ugh, so my husband and I found ourselves in a tight spot... We've had a pet/house sitter for the last 6+ years? With 2 greyhounds and 3 cats it always made since to have someone stay at the house while away. Our last sitter was good with Sidney and June... she was always a little "flighty" but the hounds liked her and she always showed up. Then one day she just vanished. We tried calling her several times and texting with never a response. So we let it go and the few times we went away we had the hounds boarded at the vet... not our first choice but they both had medical needs so it worked out. Then one day I randomly called the pet sitter after seeing her website was still active... low and behold she answered! A long story explained her absence (not really but it partially explained things). GREAT! I booked her for a short trip in December months ago. We still have the kitties to have looked after. Once we adopted Amelia and Carmen I reached out telling her about them and canned to have her come out to meet the girls. Well... she never showed to meet them. A few texts messages and a phone call to her and nothing. Then I get a short text back afterwards that only said, "she's in the hospital". This isn't good... this was 3 weeks from our trip and now we felt like we couldn't rely on her. Is she going MIA again? I'm not leaving town having no idea if this woman is showing up or not. My husband and I took a leap of faith and have booked a new sitter. She already came out once to interview with us and meet the girls. Both hounds liked her right away. She is my age so no "kid" is showing up and she has 4 dogs of her own. Today she's coming out to let the girls out at lunchtime by herself as a trial run. Fingers crossed all goes well!
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