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  1. At some point I will need to change mine... I haven't had a MINI in a number of years LOL
  2. I'm so sorry. Run free sweet Algy. He's not suffering anymore. One of the hardest things and greatest things we can do as their humans.
  3. Thank you to whomever was there yesterday and today that let my husband and I pet the crap outta your hounds. As I thought we were thrilled to see hounds everywhere and it made our hearts happy. So thank you everyone for the hound therapy.
  4. FYI- since we will be houndless we just changed our reservation at the Atlantis Inn to a non dog room if anyone is interested in a reservation there.
  5. I can’t wait to see her and catch up. Though it sucks right now having lost our babies this year I will forever be grateful she helped us get them.
  6. One nice thing is I told a friend (who got us into greyhounds and introduced us to her rescue) about Sidney... She is going to come out to GRtB and have lunch with us. It's been forever since we saw her!
  7. I think that’s our mentality. Thank you.
  8. Thank you all for the kind words.
  9. I am sad to write we will be coming to GRtB without a greyhound... We just lost our boy Sidney last night. My husband and I decided we still want to come. I think it will be therapeutic for us seeing all the greys.
  10. I am so sad to be writing and posting this... After 9 months Sidney finally lost the battle with Leukemia. He was the sweetest dog I have ever met. He was so gentile. He was in the rescue a full year longer due to being deemed "cat unsafe", but he was terrified of our 3 kitties. He let them swat at him and never even looked twice at them. He was so patient and laid back. He was a gentleman to our June and would let her push her way out the door first while he politely waited back. He even waited patiently for the cats to move out of the way if they were in front of his food bowls. He was beautiful... a perfect red brindle with the softest fur... like a bunny. People always commented on how soft his fur was. And he was so regal... always held his head up and looked proper. He had ears to die for... just big and alert. He loved the yard... he would run around doing zoomies with his buddy June when she was still alive. He would run to the fence and bark at the deer. He'd do crazy figure 8s. And he'd walk the perimeter like he was patrolling his turf. Then he'd lie down and roll around in the grass and just watch. Cancer is a total b*tch. It takes our loved ones without care or remorse. I wish we had so much more time with him, but sadly we do not. I cherish every moment we had. He will forever have a spot in my heart. The house is so quiet without any greyhounds...
  11. I very sadly ask that you add my sweet boy Sidney to the September list We just lost him last night.
  12. So cute! I am hoping Sidney chills on the beach... he's never been.
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