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  1. I should be getting mine tomorrow. I have an early Thanksgiving celebration this Saturday so Sunday I will be filling them out and they will go out in the mail Monday.
  2. Woohoo! Just got an email my cards I ordered have shipped! Can’t wait to get started on them
  3. From Amelia: I am a silly girl who loves a good toy, but anything fragile, I will destroy. As for treats I love the most... meaty ones I will boast! My hoomans enjoy cookies or chips, And homemade treats that can include dips. Also things that show holiday cheer For the house this time of year.
  4. That's odd... did you get the list from Monday though? I will send her info now.
  5. I PM'd everyone her info and sent her the list.
  6. HAHA! Yup! I used a cute one of them in their little coats.
  7. FYI folks, I'm an idiot and spelled my one hound's name wrong indoor list. Please spell it as "Amelia". Ha! This is what I get for typing when I'm tired. Thx folks!
  8. Ok the list has gone out! For some reason it only let me send to 5 of you at a time, so if you don't see everyone on the PM that's why. Remember this isn't official... send as many cards out as you want. I'd try and get your international cards sent out by Dec 1st, and domestically by Dec. 15th. Looking forward to some great cards!
  9. You are on the list! And I remembered to add myself I will send the list this evening folks, so there is still time to sign up!
  10. I have plenty of posts... anyone have an email address then they could PM me?
  11. Any other way to send my info? id be happy to email!
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