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  1. 2greyhoundMINI


    I am so very sorry for your loss. So glad you had the time you did with sweet River.
  2. Mine have gone so far as to rip them to shreds... I mean a head here, half a body there, etc. It's happened 2x. We didn't yell or scold them. It was in our backyard and they probably attacked together. Meanwhile, in the house they were and STILL are terrified of the cats LOL If it's outside it's fair game apparently.
  3. Another Oncology appt this Saturday... if all goes as planned Sidney may be in remission and can possibly get off the chemo! Fingers crossed everyone!
  4. Update: Sidney had another visit with the oncologist. Blood cell levels checked. They were cut in half and he is very close to remission! Prednisone was cut by a third, and will be cut again in 4 weeks, so less meds! He goes back in June for another levels test. Hopefully will be in remission by then! His appetite is good and his energy is up. Go Sidney!
  5. I am lucky that I've never had negative comments from people my hounds have met. Everyone seems to love them and say they are beautiful. The only negative comments I've gotten are from my mother who says they are "weird". But I don't put a lot of stock in what she says most of the time... I just ignore her and don't invite her over if she doesn't like my hounds and kitties. NEVER feel like a victim because you are a small woman.. I'm a pretty short woman and I don't let people push me around. You handled the situation just fine... give a wave if you ever see her again and keep on walking.
  6. Well I'd like to update this post with some good news: Sidney went back for a 3 week blood cell count to check on the progress of his treatment... The doc was blown away! His count was down to 13,000 where it was over 100,000 just 3 weeks prior! This is almost remission after only 3 weeks! He goes back again in 6 weeks for another testing. In the meantime he seems to have an appetite again and to have more energy so he has definitely improved just with the naked eye. Go Sidney!
  7. Wanted to share another photo my husband took in February a few weeks ago of the 2... this captures them so well. June always looked like she did something wrong and was just caught. It also shows her big brown eyes. Sidney is our goofball with the big ears.
  8. Thank you so much! I'm not on FB but I found their website and that was exactly what I was looking for!
  9. Thank you all for the condolences... the house has not been the same without her these past few days. Her buddy Sidney is doing ok, but I know he misses his girlfriend. BTW- do any of you know of a place to get a memorial stone made? I really want to put one in one of our flower beds in the backyard where she loved to cut through before hitting the yard running.
  10. I am so sad to be making this post... Our June took a turn for the worst Thursday. By Friday morning we knew she was suffering and not her anymore and we made the call to say goodbye to her. Our sweet June was the happiest dog the moment we met her... she came out of the shelter and jumped up and licked me in the face. She had my heart right then and there. She captured everyone's love with her sweet face and those big, brown eyes. She just loved playing with stuffies, being a mooch at dinner time, doing zoomies in the yard, going for walks and her favorite past time was just being with her humans and her pack mate, Sidney. June was diagnosed with a brain tumor/mass on March 14th, 2018. She was given 1-6 months to live. She showed them all and almost made it a full year after her diagnosis. I will never forget her and her sweet face. Run free my sweet June... you aren't suffering anymore...
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