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  1. Just a quick update... We were VERY strict with cones and lease walks ONLY for 12 days, which sucked having 2 young greyhounds who love to play and run. But it paid off... Amelia's wound healed perfectly as did Carmens. Last bit of precaution they both received rabies booster shots yesterday. Both girls are back running round, playing and being their cheerful selves. So far we have not seen any more groundhogs in the yard... hope it stays that way.
  2. To be safe they are getting a rabies booster shot as well.
  3. Got through the 1st 24 hours... both are doing well. Carmen's mouth swelling has gone down and Amelia's cut is already scabbing over. They both seem unfazed except for the cones LOL
  4. Thx for all the well wishes. So far they are doing as good as they can... laying around pouting.
  5. Yes, they go down swinging for sure! My last 2 got into it with one and it kicked their butts too! Just not as bad. First time though I've been glad my husband and I are working from home now LOL Carmen seems to have just given her will to the cone, while Amelia is determined to break it off her head. Last night she wouldn't settle down with it so she ended up sleeping on the bed with us... cone and all. Somehow it worked!
  6. Sigh... Well, we had to take BOTH hounds to the ER last night... they both apparently attacked a groundhog in our yard, and the groundhog did a number on them. Both needed stitches. Poor Amelia got a big gash across her muzzle, and poor Carmen managed to bite the inside of her mouth and ended up with an arterial puncture! Now I have 2 young ones in cones (god help me) for the next 10-14 days.
  7. Thx for the heads up... I need to cancel my hotel!
  8. I’m so sorry to hear that
  9. Sadly I just got the email GiG 2020 is canceled. I was really looking forward to going this year with the girls. I am leaving them with my registration as a donation to help offset the loss in revenue.
  10. Good news! Since Carmen started the anti-inflammatories her ankle has made good progress... She's not limping as near as much and since it's not bothering her too much she's stopped licking it which has allowed the raw skin around it to heal! She will only be on the anti-inflammatories a few more days. Hopefully this time has given it time to do some healing and we won't need them for a while.
  11. LOL that was my girls! They'd both get up and run to the door to greet whomever came in. Tails wagging and lots of kisses too! I'm very relieved we don't have a surgery for repairs and a possible long recovery. Yes it sucks she has arthritis, but her only job now is getting on the couch so hopefully she will be fine
  12. I have pretty good news to report... Definitely NOT cancer (thank goodness). And no old fracture/break. There was some sort of trauma in the past which has caused some extra bone growth (spurring) which is causing the inflammation and discomfort. Ultimately this is basically arthritis. It can be managed moving forward. So our little Carmen went on a round of antibiotics to be safe since she licked the area raw, and a week of anti-inflammatories. Once we get it to settle down, hopefully it's a treat "as-needed" issue. Funny note: we also brought Amelia with us as her "support dog". The techs all commented on how friendly and happy they seemed the whole time LOL
  13. Mine just seem to be afraid of nail clippers LOL
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