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  1. The husband and I plan on attending GIG and GRtB this fall. Hopefully all goes well... I think the girls will really love the adventures!
  2. Wow... I'm finding the post office is still "backed up" or whatever the issue is.
  3. Enjoy every last day you have with her. I'm so sorry this year is not going great.
  4. Yup, that’s what we were told. The more freedom in the house we gave the young new girls the better they behaved. Strange but it was our story.
  5. We are on our second set of greys... our rescue told us at some point they would let us know when they were done with the crates. The first 2 didn’t mind the crates for a good 6 months. But they were older and used to them from being at the rescue for a while before being adopted. Our second pair (current) are young. We adopted them when they had barely turned 2 and they weren’t at the rescue for more than a day or 2. They INSTANTLY hated the crates so they were only in them for a week. See how it goes, but I’m not a fan of forcing the crate. Good luck!
  6. This is great news! I really want to bring the girls... they will just love it!
  7. I’m late reading this thread but I’m so glad you have some more time! She knows she is finally loved. I’m so glad you found each other.
  8. Sadly ALL the shipping companies seem to have failed miserably this season. I get some of it is due to Covid, but come on!!!
  9. I received all my gifts and mine were received by their recipients!
  10. You are so welcome! Glad the package arrived safe and sound! Happy Holidays
  11. We saw, but I asked if he could read the German part first
  12. I was trying to get my husband to read the german on your card... his company he works for is based in Germany and he's picked up a little German here and there. Plus he figured with the last name Dietz he should know some LOL
  13. I think I've received everyone's as well! Thank you all! They continue to be part of my holiday decorations
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