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  1. Our Last Greyhound, Licorice Turns 7 Tomorrow, March 15th! We love her to the moon and back She has endured many losses in her short time with us. 4 other greyhounds, two doxies, and some Boston Terriers. We hope that soon, we can add another to the pack.
  2. So excited! Thank goodness! WE need our GIG fix!
  3. You are very Welcome! that's ok. I can post pics here either. enjoy the rest of your year and Merry Christmas!!
  4. Licorice and I received ours. and I sent out mine Nov. 30th. My SS did receive it.
  5. my FB name is Tami Nicaise. (I use my maiden name for Family reasons) you can also see my fb page The Journey of Fosters. Greyhounds and more. The Journey of Fosters. Greyhounds and more (facebook.com)
  6. Thank you Irene, Len and Odin!! My Box came yesterday! Lots of goodies for Licorice and me! I put Licorice's scarf on her right away. She loves it. going around like she is a beauty queen! lol We love everything! Thank you I took pictures. but I have a hard time uploading them here. I do post them on FB though. Have a wonderful Holiday!! Tammy Trivelpiece and Licorice
  7. Welcome back! I too have come back to greytalk family. Missed it here.
  8. The holidays are fast approaching. hustling and bustling all around In case my secret Santa has been wondering, I love anything that has to do with chickens! lol and of course Greyhounds! Licorice is a quiet girl. Loves her biscuits. she does not play much with toys. She loves soft blankets and beds too. She is a Cow doggie! with beautiful ticking all over. My package to my Secret Santa match will be sent out this week! Hope you will love the items!! Happy Holidays all!! Tammy and Licorice
  9. Hope I am not too late! Just sent you my info!
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