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  1. The holidays are fast approaching. hustling and bustling all around In case my secret Santa has been wondering, I love anything that has to do with chickens! lol and of course Greyhounds! Licorice is a quiet girl. Loves her biscuits. she does not play much with toys. She loves soft blankets and beds too. She is a Cow doggie! with beautiful ticking all over. My package to my Secret Santa match will be sent out this week! Hope you will love the items!! Happy Holidays all!! Tammy and Licorice
  2. happy birthday!


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. happy birthday!

  5. Hope I am not too late! Just sent you my info!
  6. It has been ages since I have been on Greytalk. Seems like social media took over for the most part. Those of you that are on FB already know. WE sent Moody to the Bridge December 29th 2019. He was failing health for a few months. But that morning, he collapsed in my arms. WE are now down to 1 greyhound! after 18 years of the dozen of Greyhounds in this house, it has now narrowed down to 1. Moody ( POWERDRAW) Trivelpiece 8/15/09 12/29/19
  7. We sent our beloved Tessa to the Bridge Yesterday morning. After a 2 year battle with seizures and a brain tumor, the seizure yesterday took its toll. If any of you remember, Tessa was one of 6 puppies (OOPS) births that happened over 13 years ago. Belinda Cunningham was trying to find homes for the puppies. We decided that we would try a landshark! That was the first time we Met Belinda and her Husband. and have been best friends since. We got first pick out of the three brindle ones! We chose Tessa. Would not ever change a thing in the past 13 years. We are heartbrok
  8. we are thinking of attending this year! our first time. any pointers?? *** The hotel is all booked up** unless there is a cancellation... looks like maybe next year...
  9. does anyone take their hound on trips with Slo? I hate to see Moody get stepped on in the car. He is such a happy boy, but I fear his nails will go "CAR HOOD" on us.
  10. Moody just lost his two front nails. Our vet had to take them off. she also said they look like "car hood" position. However, she knows nothing about SLO. so I am reasearching it for her and giving her information. I am going to start moody on some treatments that eveyone is suggesting on FB. right after surgery, when we brought him home, I noticed he started licking the other paw.. GEEZE, this is going to be a long road I think.
  11. Thank you for all your kind words and prayers. It has been a very difficult week for all of us. even the othe Fur kids. Poor Tessa has been depressed and kind of distant Since Storm has been gone. and for the last two days, Moody has been looking for her. It is never easy. and It certainly is tough losing one that is not Expected. Trying to pull it together....
  12. Our beautiful Girl, Noble Storm, a.k.a Momma Storm, has gone to the rainbow bridge tonight. VERY UNEXPECTED, and Sudden. we are broken. My heart is shattered. to those who knew storm in the Racing Circuit, Knew She was a Strong-willed dog! Always full of Life and a good Dog.... Miss Noble Storm 01-29-02 - 11- 5-2015. We will ALWAYS love you STORM!!
  13. anyone have experience with this in their greyhounds?
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