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    I hope this is the right thread to post on - I lost my beautiful Charlie a few months ago (I still struggle to talk, write or even look at photos of him at the moment but would love to write a tribute to him soon on this thread). I have his rope collar on my desk in front of me and I wonder if anyone has had anything made from a collar before - something like a bracelet or other keepsake that I could keep close by or wear myself. I also have his leather fishtail collar if anyone has ever had anything made from leather. Would love to hear from anyone who's done anything like this. Matt
  2. Hey thanks - There is a nice couple of vets at the practice who I can talk to openly (although one is a little flippant) - it's a couple of the younger ones, actually who one of the senior ones 'warned' me about anecdotally who seem to be very focussed on diagnosis and treatment . For example I spoke to one after Daisy's first result suggested reduced kidney function and asked what the next steps were, they said that we should do an x-ray to see the size and shape of the kidneys and that would help to make a more accurate diagnosis, I asked if this would impact treatment at all and they paused before saying 'no', I'm not knocking vets but I do feel I sometimes need to be careful about being steered down a path that's not right for Daisy. I suppose it's about striking the right balance. I'm definitely up for chicken and rice as that's what I was giving her until recently after her (suspected) stomach ulcer made her very poorly.
  3. Re: gunk our boy Charlie often had gunk in his left eye. Trial and error made us conclude that it was the side he lay down on and it got worse if his bed needed washed (as I write this aware we sound like slobs!).
  4. Thanks for this. Daisy has been on for about 8 weeks. It's frustrating if it's so bad that a vet would prescribe it. She's so much more relaxed since we stopped that I feel awful I've been giving it to her Thanks. I'll ask about this. The Propanol was instead of Incurin (daily) that didn't seem to be working although I've been told since that it can take a while to have an effect. In the meantime I'm just making sure to let Daisy out LOTS.
  5. Hi (me again) Following Daisy's (12 1/2 yo girl) heart investigations which were very uneventful in the end (small leak in mitral valve) I mentioned the excessive drinking and they've done blood tests and urine tests to check out Daisy's kidney function. I'm not completely sure of all of the different tests but will try to pass on all of the info I've been given. The blood test was normal - my understanding is that this is good as otherwise Daisy would have lost more than 75% of function. Another test showed raised creatinine (which they said could be due to her breed) Finally there was a raising of SDMA which is what I understand has indicated some loss of kidney function. While I waited for these tests I looked up side effects and contraindications of propalin as, after initially thinking it was doing great things, I feel this is having some side effects - panting immediately after administering it and I think it's interfering with Daisy knowing when she needs to urinate - she will lick and lick and I'll take her outside where she will stare blankly at me and I'll walk around the garden with her and suddenly she'll squat down and have the most enormous wee. I noted that the information about the medication says that it should be 'used with caution in dogs with kidney disease'. So I mentioned this to the vet and we agreed we should try without. Well this seems to have had a really profound effect, Daisy is still leaking a bit but she's now asking to go out much more - so she seems to have more idea when she needs to go out. So my question (finally) is whether the kidney tests have been influenced by the Propalin. The vet said that she didn't think the propalin has caused kidney problems but may have exacerbated them, with this in mind she said we could: a) start a renal diet straight away b) have a few weeks of 'washout' and then start the new diet - then test Daisy's kidney function again after 4-6 weeks. She recommended a) which I'm inclined to agree with - I feel better about being proactive given Daisy's fairly advanced years and hope that we can preserve kidney function for as long as possible. My concerns about the renal diet are that I don't want to make Daisy miserable with food she's not into - we vary her meals a lot and she goes crazy for treats. I would be really interested in hearing others' thoughts on this. Matt
  6. Thanks - that's helpful to know. What has puzzled me is that she has had 3 lots of urine tests recently (last 2 months) all with normal results - and the last vet I spoke to said that the urine tests will provide some more info about kidney function - although she said that they would take cultures and send the sample away - so this must be a different test to the instant one they did in-house. I hope Val is ok.
  7. Just an update: Daisy is home! Just got off the phone with the cardiologist. Daisy has a very loud heart murmur but surprisingly little showing up on the imaging - a small mitral valve leak or 'boring' as he put it. He said he doesn't need to see her again - this is good. The less good part: I mentioned that Daisy drinks a lot of water - they have done full-bloodwork and another test for kidney function - blood is ok - other test shows raised levels of creatinine - but not urea.... (is this possible). So the suggestion is likely early stage kidney disease, she's having urine tests to check this out further and then we will take it from there and think about how we manage it. The excessive thirst seemed to coincide with using the propalin and I've been reading about propalin needing to be 'used with caution' with kidney disease - I'm going to scour the greytalk archives for previous discussion about this. Thanks for your support everyone. Oh - the PS. I was quoted £200 for today's appointment ($276) and it came to £1150 ($1500) I don't resent the price at all - just refer back to my comment about practice admin and information!
  8. Sorry I went off on a tangent but it's paracetamol. Daisy was very ill with a suspected stomach ulcer so previcox is contraindicated but she has arthritis in her front legs (since she was 5) and recently a very stuff back. She is on propalin but they are happy to give me a huge bottle of that.
  9. Hey thanks for the support and the info re: ecg. I'm not sure if it's a UK thing but I've never known anyone do x-rays without sedation. Don't get me started on vets being jerks. I'm not sure where you are but it always sounds to me like there's a different culture in the USA in terms of being a lot more customer focused and the acknowledgement that, however long they have trained or how much knowledge they have, they are providing a service for paying customers. Honestly the amount of times I've been spoken to by rude receptionists and nurses too! Perhaps I shouldn't generalise too much - the practice I'm with is the best I've experienced, just seems that the admin isn't great - at the moment I'm in some odd groundhog loop with them only giving me 2 week's worth of meds at a time and every time I point out that it's long term and the vet said I could have 3 month's worth then they say they'll sort for next time and then I arrive to pick up another... 2 week's worth. I digress! Daisy's appt is on Thursday - I'm so scared.
  10. Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate your thoughts. Very interesting re diet; I feel really ignorant having never heard of this. Re: the need for sedation, this isn't definite but a possibility if Daisy won't cooperate I think (my understanding). So fingers crossed she won't need it. But I think like everyone has agreed, if there is no advantage to the tests then I will suggest we leave it. It would be horrific to lose her from complications from a test that wasn't necessary.
  11. Just checked and her current food is a 'sensitive' food which has added taurine - I'm assuming that's because taurine seems to be the missing nutrient of concern?
  12. Is there a link between grain free and heart issues? I have never heard this? Although Daisy isn't grain free we have tried grain free off and on as she's struggled a lot with itching - so she'll have had some grain-free phases over the past 2-3 years.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to read my 'essay'! I think there might be a slight compromise in that the cardiologist hopes to be able to do tests without sedation - so I could say if you can, great, but if not we'll leave it.
  14. I hope this isn't too rambling but here I go: About 6 weeks ago, coinciding with losing one of our hounds, Daisy (12yo girl) became really sick. First thing that happened was a lot of blood coming from her mouth - rushed to emergency vet who couldn't find anything but prescribed tranexamic acid and antibiotics to cover a potential tooth abscess but thought that unlikely as Daisy has very good looking teeth. The vet asked me if I was aware she had a heart murmur which I was - I've been told at every check up but always advised not to do anything unless she was symptomatic or it got worse. This has followed several recent appointments to try to get Daisy's incontinence under control where she's been examined but no mention of a heart murmur. Following the bleeding Daisy stopped eating - next vet spotted some ulcers in mouth and hypothesised she might have some in throat and stomach which contraindicated her Previcox so desired with paracetamol. It took a month of being hand fed steak and chicken too get Daisy back to normal, she would only eat soft foods initially but has built back to to nearly normal again now, however the most recent vet told me her heart murmur was grade 4 and I needed to see a cardiologist ASAP. I booked an appt but apparently covid has caused a backlog so it was 2 months before I could see someone - frustrating system but I had to give a deposit to get on their list and give an answer immediately so it's difficult to shop around. In the meantime, prompted by the fact that of three vets, only one has said Daisy needs urgent assessment, and while I waited for an appt, I booked in with a greyhound specialist vet who rang me up on the day of my appt and told me things looked very bad for Daisy from her notes as heart murmurs are very rare and very serious in greyhounds and I shouldn't be asking him to second guess another vet and he wouldn't see us (I guess that was me told!). So I'm waiting now for another 2 weeks but the thing is, Daisy is really really well - she's jumping around again telling me she wants a walk, she's raiding the treat drawer and, other than being a bit tired, is the same as she's always been. For her assessment I've been told that she may need sedation which carries a risk and instinctively I don't feel I want this - very keen to have an assessment but it feels excessive for a very happy old girl to be sedated if this carries risk - realistically what could treatment do for an asymptomatic elderly greyhound. It's also probably relevant to mention that Daisy is a spook, she is happy with me and my immediate family but anyone else is an absolute ordeal. Sorry this got really long but would really appreciate any thoughts. I only went to act in Daisy's best interests!
  15. Thank you all. Just an update: Daisy is slowly coming round from this, though I don't want to speak too soon. After 2 weeks she has eaten from her bowl herself although I have been hand feeding her as well. Although the vet thinks the ulcers have mostly healed, I'm not convinced there isn't something going on, whether there was some sort of trauma to her mouth, it looks almost like she can't control her tongue sometimes and can't keep the food in, other times looks fine. Either way she seems to be going in the right direction and coming on walks, but quite tired. After not coming upstairs for over a year she now sleeps outside my room and watches me work all day. Thank you all for your support, advice and kind words.
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