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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. Today Sparky had his x-ray, it was very bad: a large bone tumour. Given Sparky's arthritis the vet thought that amputation wasn't an option at all and my mum agreed with this, she knew him best. We didn't wake him up. We had a lovely morning before this, for an unknown reason Sparky and me bonded like I've never bonded with any other dog, he got so excited to see me, then we took a very slow walk around my mum's garden, I hugged him for a wonderful hour before we went to the vet's and they sedated him straight away so he wasn't waiting around for long. Sparky is buried with all the other dogs we have loved and lost; we are heartbroken.
  2. Thank you. We will keep an open mind. Although the thought of amputation horrifies my mum. Did your hound receive chemo as well? I worry that there aren't as many options where we live (UK).
  3. Thank you. Can I ask, before the amputation, how was your 12yo's pain, and general health, Sparky seems so sick it's hard to imagine recovering? What was life like after recovery from the surgery?
  4. I know there isn't an easy answer but I was hoping for other's thoughts on our situation: My mum's 11 year old boy, Sparky, has slowed down a lot in the past 12 months. In the last couple of months has been having some stiffness in his rear right leg after exercising, my mum asked their vet (who was visiting the house to treat one of her sheep) to examine him and he suspected arthritis and prescribed paracetamol, Tramadol (and a 3rd, one-per day med that I can't remember now, I'm sorry). However after the examination Sparky became completely lame in the rear leg, hopping on the other leg, my mum took him back to the vet's and they upped his meds and suggested it might take a couple of weeks to get the pain under control, however over the past 10 days he's gone downhill, he's fallen a couple of times and screamed. He won't put his rear leg down at all. I spoke to the vet this morning who suggested an x-ray to see if there's something else going on, though did say that with this level of pain it will be hard to envisage coming back from it. Obviously without seeing the x-ray she won't know but she said it could be osteo, or a tumour elsewhere. She suggested if nothing was found then we could look at changing/ adding steroids to his medication to try to control the pain, but poor Sparky is exhausted, we're dreading the logistics of the car-ride tomorrow and though we want to remain positive, we are worried that we could be facing a choice of not waking him up. Given the rate that Sparky has declined, it feels like time isn't on his side in terms of getting more opinions. I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts or advice, what questions we should ask, and is there anything we/they might be missing - it's really difficult to think clearly when our hearts are breaking. Matt
  5. Thanks all, sorry I didn't respond for a while, lots going on. Charlie isn't on any meds at all - We're in the UK and my understanding is that we're a bit behind in terms of how vets approach long term anxiety conditions. Greysmom, what type of supplements have you used?
  6. I didn't know whether to post in the behaviour or medical... I've posted before about my now 9yo male grey Charlie. He's very sensitive and after a couple of dog attacks became very reactive. After firework season he takes a long time to calm down and remains really sensitive to similar noises which can last for months eg fizzy drinks bottles or cans hissing. His thundershirt helped a great deal with his recovery after last November. However his/our problem seems to have changed - obviously I've no idea what he's thinking but he appears to get very anxious when he's expecting something, he starts crying and pacing hours before I get home from work (my wife is home nearly all the time), then after that he wants his walk, he used to hate going out at night but now he paces and pants, getting himself into quite a state, this can start 3 hrs before his walk. Then home and waiting for his dental stick. He follows me around crying a lot, wakes me in the night most nights. When I say he's pacing and panting, this isn't the behaviour of an excited dog, it's like when there's fireworks and he's stressed. The other thing is if we give him something, for example a piece of cheese while we're cooking in the kitchen, he'll get obsessed, waiting on the kitchen every time we go in there. I've seen several vets who can't suggest anything long term and seen a behaviourist who suggested general being quite strict with him. I'd be grateful of any perspectives, we're really struggling. Charlie is a lovely dog, we've got a small baby and he's so patient with him, it just feels like he's fading away into this nervous, neurotic, obsessive dog and it's breaking my heart.
  7. I've been giving our 10yo girl Apoquel for about 6 days and it's bad a profound effect on her night time itching. However I've come across some info on the internet about Apoquel and cancer. Given it's more anecdotal than anything but it's got me worried. Does anyone have more info or a perspective on this?
  8. Thank you for all your suggestions
  9. Thank you. That's a sad thought, it does seem obsessive but hadn't thought of demential. The glands have been checked for infection but hadn't checked for UTI.
  10. Thank you. That's a sad thought, it does seem obsessive but hadn't thought of demential. The glands have been checked for infection but hadn't checked for UTI.
  11. Thank you I will ask my vet if we can give it a try. Sorry about my spelling I don't know how they slipped past me. I meant incessant bottom licking!
  12. Our 10yo girl Daisy has always had to have her anal glands expressed, she starts to lick her bottom, we take her to the vet, sorted for another couple of months. However this last time she hasn't stopped licking, it mainly seems to be her anus but sometimes it's her lady parts and also all around the tops of her thighs. She licks much more at night and gets really stressed by it but doesn't seem as bothered during the day. She has just been wormed. The vet doesn't know what's going on and just wondered if anyone had any suggestions? I've ordered some virbac epi soothe shampoo which I thought would be worth a try. Any thoughts much appreciate.
  13. What became of Mr and Mrs slug?
  14. It's the premolars - there wasn't any plaque to see before the dental - dental was primarily to remove a molar with lots of recession. As his last dental was only 3 months ago I'm not too keen for him to have another if he's not having any problems with it at the moment. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to try to minimise progression other than what I'm already doing (brushing, mouthwash, dental sticks, plaque off). I'm quite frustrated as think that this should really have come out during his recent treatment but imho the vet was quite conversative.
  15. Charlie recently had a dental. The vet said his teeth were really clean but he had lots of recession and loose teeth at the front. Some of the teeth where the gums were receeded were removed. However about 3 were left, the vet said that for some teeth, once you've cleaned it the gum falls back into place. The issue now is that the gums never really 'fell back' and several teeth have a degree of recession where you can see some of the roots and there's a gap where you can see nearly right through the tooth. I'm a bit disappointed that these teeth weren't removed but the vet presumably had his reasons. I've always brushed daily - very gently - and also use chlorohexadine rinse - just dabbed on a toothbrush. I'm just wondering if there is anything else I can be doing to look after Charlie's gums - it's only been about 3 months since his dental so I don't want to be taking him back any time soon. thank you.
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