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  1. Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate your thoughts. Very interesting re diet; I feel really ignorant having never heard of this. Re: the need for sedation, this isn't definite but a possibility if Daisy won't cooperate I think (my understanding). So fingers crossed she won't need it. But I think like everyone has agreed, if there is no advantage to the tests then I will suggest we leave it. It would be horrific to lose her from complications from a test that wasn't necessary.
  2. Just checked and her current food is a 'sensitive' food which has added taurine - I'm assuming that's because taurine seems to be the missing nutrient of concern?
  3. Is there a link between grain free and heart issues? I have never heard this? Although Daisy isn't grain free we have tried grain free off and on as she's struggled a lot with itching - so she'll have had some grain-free phases over the past 2-3 years.
  4. Thank you for taking the time to read my 'essay'! I think there might be a slight compromise in that the cardiologist hopes to be able to do tests without sedation - so I could say if you can, great, but if not we'll leave it.
  5. I hope this isn't too rambling but here I go: About 6 weeks ago, coinciding with losing one of our hounds, Daisy (12yo girl) became really sick. First thing that happened was a lot of blood coming from her mouth - rushed to emergency vet who couldn't find anything but prescribed tranexamic acid and antibiotics to cover a potential tooth abscess but thought that unlikely as Daisy has very good looking teeth. The vet asked me if I was aware she had a heart murmur which I was - I've been told at every check up but always advised not to do anything unless she was symptomatic or it got worse.
  6. Thank you all. Just an update: Daisy is slowly coming round from this, though I don't want to speak too soon. After 2 weeks she has eaten from her bowl herself although I have been hand feeding her as well. Although the vet thinks the ulcers have mostly healed, I'm not convinced there isn't something going on, whether there was some sort of trauma to her mouth, it looks almost like she can't control her tongue sometimes and can't keep the food in, other times looks fine. Either way she seems to be going in the right direction and coming on walks, but quite tired. After not coming upstair
  7. Thank you. I am trying hard to be calm. I just feel like she could so easily slip away from us. She's always seemed resilient but it feels like she'd aged several years in the past 2 weeks.
  8. Thank you - I'll speak to my vet about thyroid - might give it a few days to get to the end of the omeprazole and then make an appointment. Yes she's drinking plenty I think - actually she's done ok for food in the last few days, if only because I've been pretty relentless with 3 small meals a day. Thank you - I'd briefly wondered about what at the start - that's a good idea, will take this to the vets as well. Thank you for your replies.
  9. Nearly 2 weeks ago we lost Charlie, one of our two hounds. Daisy, our remaining 12yo hound is really struggling. Part of this has been some medical issues which have happened at the same time but I'm not sure how much (if at all) grief is impacting her. I should also mention that, behaviourally, Daisy is a spook - we took her 7 years ago as she couldn't be rehomed. She's made incredible process but she still has a lot of neuroses - e.g. she is very scared of new food - for example if I give her some sardines which she has periodically she will run away from the bowl and I'd have to give
  10. Thank you - on the photos, this is actually a good distraction I think. When our 2yo says he wants Charlie I now say 'So do I, but he has died and we can't see him anymore, but we can talk about him and we can look at photos and videos of him' then we do that for a minute and then he moves on.
  11. In terms of photos - what do people think? We'll be keeping them up on the wall of course but should we continue to look at pictures in albums/electronic devices with him? That feels a bit forced maybe? I'm just sad that he might not remember Charlie for long.
  12. Thanks all and sorry for slow response - I always click follow but had removed that for some reason. I've been matter-of-fact and just said 'Charlie has died, he was very poorly' and we will miss him. After some 'let's go find him' he then settled on 'Charlie gone home again' which felt quite profound. What I've found difficult and beautiful is that he's looking at the pictures of Charlie, and caught us watching a video of him, and he laughs at them 'Charlie at Grandma's, Charlie in deep dark woods' and I feel gutted that he won't see him again. Also the fact that Charl
  13. We lost our beautiful Charlie two days ago. We live in a small house and because of lockdown we have been in our front from for nearly a year for most of the day! Charlie was such a big part of our 2 year old's routine, every morning we said good morning to Charlie and Daisy and he checked-in with them all day, stroked them, read to them and talked about them constantly, especially listing 'We all love mummy, daddy, Daisy, Charlie'. He still does this but he also keeps asking to see him, we've just said that he has died because he was very poorly and we all miss him which is usually
  14. Thank you. Unfortunately it was the worst news and there wasn't a choice at all - Charlie had bone cancer which had spread to his chest. He was in a lot of pain, more pain than he'd let us see, so we said our goodbyes. Our hearts are in pieces. Good luck with your Maya.
  15. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone. I'm sorry this thread stopped being a medical discussion and about a broken heart. It means a lot to know you all understand this.
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