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  1. We adopted Boc's Mumbo Jumbo from Greyhound Friends of NJ in February of 2014. He was 4 years old and had raced over 120 times in Florida. We stuck with the name Mumbo and we fell in love. He was so sweet and laid back. Mumbo was my baby. He developed arthritis and we attributed to his long racing career. In May of this year Mumbo was 9 years old. He was slowing down but still had so much life left. He still went for long distance walks and ate well. He got excited for treats and was still giving us zoomies. One day towards the end of the month I woke up and he wouldn't get off his bed. I had
  2. Does anyone else grey love being out in the cold? Our 9yo grey LOVES the cold!! We live in NJ right now it's around 25 degrees. He will beg us to let him out. After letting him lay out on the deck for 5 minutes we are begging him to come in! We often have to break out a little snack or go out and physically give him a little nudge to go in. He has always loved the cold and really enjoys the snow. I know greys have thin skin but our big guy doesn't seem to mind!
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