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  1. We adopted Boc's Mumbo Jumbo from Greyhound Friends of NJ in February of 2014. He was 4 years old and had raced over 120 times in Florida. We stuck with the name Mumbo and we fell in love. He was so sweet and laid back. Mumbo was my baby. He developed arthritis and we attributed to his long racing career. In May of this year Mumbo was 9 years old. He was slowing down but still had so much life left. He still went for long distance walks and ate well. He got excited for treats and was still giving us zoomies. One day towards the end of the month I woke up and he wouldn't get off his bed. I had to carry him outside to pee. Knowing the high rates of Osteo in greys I was hoping and praying it was just something that would heal on its own. After a visit to the vet we found out Mumbo had bone cancer in his shoulder. We were so heartbroken. It was so so so sudden. One day he is zooming around the backyard and two days lated we are at the vet with a cancer diagnosis. We heard from them on their opinion on amputation. We decided because of Mumbo's age (almost 10) that we would not amputate. The vet sent us home with pain medication. The meds did their job for about 3 weeks. Mumbo was back to his normal self and was giddy and pleasant. However, after those 3 weeks it became clear that the medication was not enough anymore. Mumbo was hurting. It was not fair for him to be in pain. He let us know that it was time for him to leave. I slept next time on the couch and in the morning we took him to be put down. He was the sweetest baby. It has been about 5 months now but it still hurts. Boc's Mumbo Jumbo 9/24/2009- 6/8/2019
  2. Does anyone else grey love being out in the cold? Our 9yo grey LOVES the cold!! We live in NJ right now it's around 25 degrees. He will beg us to let him out. After letting him lay out on the deck for 5 minutes we are begging him to come in! We often have to break out a little snack or go out and physically give him a little nudge to go in. He has always loved the cold and really enjoys the snow. I know greys have thin skin but our big guy doesn't seem to mind!
  3. I am sort of baffled by these answers, to be honest. I have never had any of the issues being mentioned. We take our dogs for a walk every day at the park. They love dogs of all sizes and have never tried to chase any tiny dogs down. They smell all the little dogs and then they are pretty much over it lol. People ride bikes close by. Little kids wander up and give them a snuggle and they love it. I couldn't imagine muzzling them when they are with other dogs or for them to go in their own yard. Like I said our cousins have 2 greys at their house. We get together once a month with the dogs. Never muzzled and never had any problems. Do I have weird greys? Anyways we will continue to enjoy our dog park and muzzle free life. Happy holidays all!
  4. Alright, I hope I don't get flamed for this post... We have two greyhounds 9y male adopted 2014, 5y female adopted 2015. Just like you all, we love our fur babies to death. I am in the Facebook group for the organization we adopted our greys through. Just recently a lady asked about a dog park and people jumped down her throat telling her that a greyhound should absolutely never go into a dog park. Also telling her that when a greyhound is with another dog they should always be muzzled. "Never let your greyhound be with a smaller dog. Your dog will chase it down." "When your dog is with other dogs, even other greyhounds, they should all be muzzled." Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit much? Our two greyhounds have gone to the dog park so many times. They enjoy it. Our dogs are quite social. We go and see the other dogs in the dog park. If we are uncomfortable with some of the other dogs we walk around outside for a bit and maybe come back when the problematic dog is gone. When we are in the dog park and a dog makes us uncomfortable we leash our dogs and leave. Our dogs have not worn a muzzle ever since they came to live with us. I believe we threw them out. When we adopted our female we took our male to her foster home to meet her. Female was not even 2 when she was adopted. Foster mom told us that she had her muzzle on 24/7. She was able to eat and drink with it on. Female was not a problem dog foster mom just "didn't want to risk it." As soon as female got in our car we took her muzzle off and never put it back on. It was so sad to see her. Her muzzle had rubbed both sides of her nose raw. She still has scars from it. We have 2 greys and our cousins are a 2 grey family. They get together often and are never muzzled. My dogs have never gotten rough with another dog. Neighbors have some super tiny boutique dog and my Greys couldn't be any less interested in it. I think all dogs are different. I think the owner knows their dog the best and should always exercise caution when introducing them to new furry friends. Maybe some greys aren't good with other dogs personality wise. But some are. I just dislike that it's advertised that you never try. We love love love our dogs and they are such an important part of our family. We know greyhounds are sort of an exotic breed and there are certain things you need to watch out for. I am just not a fan of greyhound owners acting like greyhounds are "so unique" and needs all these super special treatments and specifications. Does anyone else take their grey to the dog park?
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