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  1. I’m praying that he does. The guilt is killing me. And his absence is deafening. 😓
  2. We got him from Greyhound Pets of AZ. He was the best best dog. My cuddle buddy. 💔
  3. Thank you all for your replies. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I had to let my boy go yesterday. He had a large tumor on his hip and it was just too painful for him to walk. 😢 We held him close in front of the fireplace when the vet came and helped him cross the bridge. My heart is broken.
  4. This is my first greyhound loss. I wasn’t prepared for the pain. 💔 Thank you all for the kind words.
  5. I used to post more, years ago, but just recently came back. We had to put our wonderful boy down today. He’d been having issues with his hind legs for awhile. His limp was getting so bad and he couldn’t go outside to potty without falling up the two steps to get back in. Our vet found a large tumor on his hip on Saturday. We started him on pain management. Last night he had a terrible night, a lot of panting, restlessness and whimpering. This morning he could barely get out of bed and when he did he almost fell over. He wouldn’t put any weight on his right leg (and that’s after pain medication in the middle of the night). We called our vet who came out to the house and we said goodbye to our sweet gentle boy. My heart is shattered. He’s no longer in pain and running free, and I’m thankful for that. But I’m in so much pain and I just want my Algy back. Curious Algy 07/03/2007-10/15/2019 💔
  6. Thank you everyone. We do have an assistance harness for him because he stopped being able to navigate stairs a couple of months ago. He has to literally be carried up and down by my husband. We’re going to the vet this morning. Hoping to get some answers.
  7. Thank you! I will check her out. He seems to deteriorate exponentially. This morning he could barely get around and fell TWICE coming up one step to the front porch.
  8. Thank you very much. This gives me somewhere to start! Deanna
  9. Hi All, My 12 year old, Al, has been suffering from decreased strength in his hind legs. He fell down the stairs a couple of months ago and never fully recovered. Our vet has him on a rotation of Prednisone and Ostifen. It seemed to help quite a bit for awhile but over the last two days he's been extremely unsteady and has fallen a couple of times. He's a large 80lb boy! A friend of mine suggested CBD oil. I searched the forum and there are a ton of discussions on it, but I haven't found one for his issue. Anyone have experience with this? I could purchase directly through a dispensary, I just don't know anything about it... Thank you! Al's mom (Deanna)
  10. Thank you everyone! I will definitely look into the two harnesses mentioned. Both pups slept downstairs last night but left me "presents" at the bottom of the stairs to let me know that they didn't appreciate it. lol
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