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Found 7 results

  1. It's time to start another thread as we come near to 50 pages on the previous thread. Below is information to help you make choices for yourself and your family, originally posted and collected by NeylasMom. This is the fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth in a series of threads. The original was started by a few people whose pups were diagnosed around the same time in July of 2010, but it appears it has grown into an ongoing thread that will provide both information and emotional support for anyone who has dealt with losing a pup to osteo, is currently caring for a pup diagnosed with oste
  2. Hi, We are new first time adopters of a beautiful female grey (6 yrs old). We've had her just six weeks and she is wonderful. She started limping 3-4 days ago. She's very energetic and loves doing zoomies and sprints in the back yard, and after one of these sessions the limping started. Today, we took her to the vet for the first time and he identified the pain in her back left hip. We have her on anti-inflamatories, but he said if it doesn't improve in 3-4 days we need to do x-rays to look for bone cancer. We are obviously very worried and a bit freaked out having only had her six weeks.
  3. This may be being posted for a second time because I cannot find my first post. If it is a duplicate, I apologize. If this post comes across cold, it is not meant to, it just is the way I type because of the business I am in. Unfortunately, my business is very fact oriented and I have gotten accustomed to typing that way. My 12.5 year old baby, Charlie, has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma. I am bound and determined to do everything possible for him to stay alive so long as he has a good quality of life. Timeline: 4/26/18 - had blood work done and he was in perfect health
  4. Before we talk about canine vaccination schedules, first let's talk about poop! You'll have to excuse my french as I'm a retired RN and BM's are very near (but not so dear) to me! Let's just say that although some of this post may be speculation, poop analysis is my specialty! I fostered 3 retired racers (from Florida) over the last 4 months and adopted #4... GM's Felix! (I failed at fostering as they say!) Interesting fact: All of the 4 dogs had (and have) EXACTLY the same bowel patterns (progressively worse diarrhea as the day progresses.) No matter what I fed (feed)
  5. Hello everyone! I am writing to seek advice. My 11 year old magyar agar got very sick (hungarian greyhound and we living in hungary). He is called Buki, just as Bambi (in an other thread) was diagnosed via MRI scan with a brain tumour (probably a meningioma) and hydrocephalus (water on the brain). The tumor approximately 2cm large. On monday it looked we lost him, he woke up in a terrible condition, couldn't walk and very confused eyes he had, tremor from pain and being scared probably. It was a great shock, the evening before we took a nice walk and he vas happy, well, little run
  6. In their April 2017 newsletter, UW Veterinary Care announced the following clinical study: They have a number of other oncology studies, too: https://uwveterinarycare.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/April-2017-SA-Patients-Needed-for-Clinical-Studies.pdf
  7. Well, I've written a few times about my 11 year old girly's health issues in the past few months. One, probably IBS and acute pancreatitis and one year out from thyroid cancer diagnosis. She stopped eating much of anything this weekend. I've been hand feeding her on her bed and she usually eats, not always. I've tried scrambled eggs, canned dog turkey/veggie mix, cooked turkey burger, and depending on how she feels, she'll either eat or not. Today, I got her to eat a cooked ground turkey patty. She ate it with gusto, but with minutes was panting heavily for at least 15 minutes. (She is heat
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