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  1. And I keep getting stuck sitting next to humans! I wish there was a way to check a box for "prefer to sit next to a dog".
  2. Jennifer Ng is a member of Greyhound Crossroads and a vet--she's fantastic (she practices in Columbia). I'm in Aiken, and while we work with local vets, I wouldn't recommend any of them, particularly not for greyhound specific issues.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Like Petunia, nothing else rattles him but fireworks and thunderstorms, otherwise he's a really chill dog.
  4. 100 mg of Trazadone seems to be the only thing that helps Petey's terror of thunderstorms. Without it, he will literally race around the house for 7+ hours barking in terror. But it takes a full hour to kick in, minimum, which means to have a chance at having it work right now he's taking it 3-5 nights a week to deal with our frequent storms. I don't like seeing him out of it, but he's much happier this way. Thoughts on safety? I've taken it every night for years for chronic insomnia, so I think it's probably fine, but has anyone seen any problems with frequent use?
  5. We dealt with this, ended up having to have it removed. We (with our vet's advise) left it alone as long as it wasn't painful, but eventually it got seriously inflamed and had to be removed.
  6. I'm so, so sorry. I know Oreo was greatly loved. I've lost a beloved dog (Leo) suddenly and with no explanation, and a beloved dog (Murphy) within a few months of adoption. I won't pretend I know what you're going through, because we all feel our own grief in our own ways, but I can say, it will feel horrible, absolutely horrible for a while, but eventually (and I know it doesn't feel that way right now), the pain will fade, you'll remember the good parts, and it will get easier. Godspeed Oreo and please send a message to your family, I know they love you very much.
  7. Trazadone helps a lot, but ideally an hour at least before the storm/fireworks start. I also put him under a little bit of a weighted blanket (I sat with him the whole time) and that seemed to help on top of the medicine.
  8. I was wondering why I should care about Facebook, then I saw this cutie pie. Happy birthday sweetie.
  9. Go Ned (on the getting liverwust) all you get at my house is American cheese! Hope he feels better soon and that you sort this all out.
  10. Maybe a billing mistake? I've had a lot of surgeries, many of them emergencies in 20 years and I've never seen this.
  11. One more vote for given him time. Of my current two, Petey settled in pretty much by day 3. Faith, it's been 2 months and we're still seeing her personality unfold and her confidence grow.
  12. My latest girl, Faith, because she showers me in kisses any moment she can. I've never had a girl and she's quite the sweetie pie.
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