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  1. I love it (and glad he's okay), but I'm a little nervous about giving Petey a taste lest he steal my sauerkraut.
  2. Just in case you or someone you know feeds this: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/pet-food-recalled-28-dogs-die-sickened-fda/story?id=74980696
  3. I'm so sorry, very gentle hugs to you and CC, bless both of you.
  4. Finally following up. TBD panel was negative. What can I say, 2002 + nervous mom.
  5. Vet wrap at the top of the sock will help it stay on.
  6. Thanks, he didn't have the bull's eye, but he did have a bit of a rash so phone call into the vet now that we're home. I feel like in 2020 better safe than sorry.
  7. We found a tick (not engorged) on Petey Thursday. I removed it and he had a tiny bite mark. He's going in Monday--should I jump straight to an antibiotic, regardless of test results (my inclination)? Wait if results are negative for TBD (DH's inclination)? If it matters, I'm 99% sure he picked it up in NC, possibly in SC. He's being treated for resistant hookworms but is otherwise a healthy, 2.5 year old. Any advice?
  8. If she's not a chewer, how about an electric blanket. Those don't get as hot as a heating pad.
  9. Petey is fine, he'd like to say the sheep did it (found egg shell on his stuffed sheep).
  10. Glad I found this thread. Petey just helped himself to a stick of butter and an egg. Threw most of it up so fingers crossed he'll be fine.
  11. Don't worry about that, we were all new once.
  12. My first boy, Patrick had no prey drive, and was scared of our pet rabbits. I miss those days. Petey's caught two birds and a lizard
  13. I'm thinking thyroid--I'd get a panel run asap. After that, I'd look at any possibility of a pain response. I'm sure Jumper didn't want to hurt you, there's something wrong.
  14. Repeating, call poison control. They have literally saved my dog's life on calls that were close as to whether it needed intervention or not. I would expect it's okay, but they'll take all of your dog's details, the brand, his weight, the amount, his medical history, etc. into consideration. Worth every penny. I hope your baby is okay.
  15. Thank you everyone for your kindness. Petey, who's been a bit more DH's dog, has been glued to me ever since--I think Henry told him to take care of me.
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