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  1. Holly enjoyed her time on the beach this year.
  2. Happy Birthday to beautiful Sweep!
  3. We will be on the beach tomorrow. Hoping the wind and waves subside. Hope to see some of you out there.
  4. 45MPHK9


    Lexie was such a special girl. How lucky she was to have lived such a wonderful life with you, Karen. Hugs to you as you mourn your beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing her and her stunning outfits with all of us here on GT.
  5. 45MPHK9


    I’m so sorry for your loss of Sidney. That last picture of him in the grass is perfection.
  6. Hi, Pat! Good to see you. Congrats on the move.
  7. Pretty Bella Encarna learned bad habits from River. We missed River so much on this trip. This was our first event since her death in June and this moment was bittersweet. River loved to climb on tables. Galga Bean Burke bought Hopper a special dog backpack. She loves being close to him. We went sailing on the lake again this year. On Sunday, we always hang out at Lakewood Vineyards. This year, a tremendous storm rolled through in the midst of our gathering. We were rewarded with a rainbow. This is Looker. We loved the tasting room renovation at Standing Stone. We really enjoyed their wines, as well. We finally got our lazy butts in gear and walked the Gorge Trail in Watkins State Park. So beautiful there! View from the top of the suspension bridge Hopper loves The Wienery. These vittles are all vegetarian. And one sweet picture of my Holly who turns eleven in November. She prefers the peace of our cabin to all of our running around. Thanks for looking!
  8. We had a very nice time at Grapehounds in the Finger Lakes. Here are some pictures from our trip. Nothing better than stumbling upon a winery with a boat dock right on Seneca Lake. Burke, Hopper, and I enjoyed our time at Miles Vineyards. Boundary Breaks is always a favorite for us. They have a fenced dog park that Hopper took advantage of. This is Laura’s boy, Rhythm. Pretty Mae And Mina... Hanging out at Boundary Breaks Might have a few more to share! 🍇
  9. We drove through horrendous rain to get here, but it has stopped for now. We’re trying out a New Mexican place in Watkins called El Rancho.
  10. We are here. It’s 67 degrees and raining, but this is probably the only rain we will see his week. So nice to be out of that heat!
  11. 110° heat index in Ithaca today! Thank God this isn’t Grapehounds weekend.
  12. Hopper had a spa day today. She’s ready to go to Grapehounds.
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