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  1. 45MPHK9


    When Bee Wiseman and Murray died, I was well aware of their cancer diagnoses. This knowledge made it possible to write remembrances in my head for them long before they passed. With River, we faced sudden, catastrophic liver illness and lost her in a matter of days. I was never prepared to write a remembrance thread for her, and I have procrastinated in doing so for almost two weeks. It’s been hard to accept this type of loss. We’ve had friends tell us that their dog was fine on Friday and died on Monday. No warning, no treatment options to discuss, no time to mentally prepare for the loss. We didn’t think this would be our story with River. This sudden loss has been extremely painful for us. Our greyhound Murray, the love of my life, passed away in January, 2016 after a six month battle with brain cancer. We were desperate to adopt another dog right away to keep Holly company. That’s what we told ourselves, anyway. I was desperate to adopt another dog to help me cope with Murray’s loss, to redirect my attention away from sadness, to help me stop thinking about what more we could have done to save him. Three weeks after he died, I received a message from Robin with a photograph of River. This beautiful, fuzzy lurcher would be up for adoption soon through SHUG. She was a stray found on River Road (hence her name) in Pasadena, Maryland. River had the sweetest face (and such a wonderful name) and she had been sent our way due to the thoughtfulness of a friend who understood the depth of my sadness in losing Murray. We quickly applied for her and brought her home in February, 2016. I spent months scouring the internet for “lost lurcher”, “lost staghound”, “lost greyhound cross” on lost pet websites in and around Anne Arundel County where River was found. I was so afraid that someone was looking for her, waiting for her to come home. Searching for her owners may sound foolish to you, but if she was yours, you’d have wanted her back. At the one year mark, I stopped looking back for the people who’d lost her. Over the course of that year, we became her people. River was perfect right from the start. She loved everyone, everything. Murray was so much work, River was easy. Murray had many fears, River had none. Murray was a nervous traveler, River was a dream in the car. Murray didn’t like many other dogs, River saw every other dog as a friend. She was the easiest dog in the world. We hit the jackpot with her. She spent time keeping Holly company. River loved road trips, greyhound events, hanging out with us and our friends at breweries. She loved people and attention. So many of you on GT met River throughout the short time we had her. She would always sidle up to you and lean on you. Everyone was her very best friend. And she really loved climbing up on tables. I have no idea why she did this, but we let her. Once Hopper came along, River had found her tiny snuggle buddy, her mini-me. Those two girls became the world’s best greeters at Meyers Automotive, Burke’s repair shop. Customers, salesmen, and employees loved River. While I’ve been hiding my grief at home, Burke has had an endless stream of people in his waiting room asking, “Where’s River?” He’s had to answer that question so many times, tell the story of her sudden illness, of how she left us so quickly. We never knew how old River was, but we were never supposed to lose her so soon. It was her only flaw, not living forever. We we are so lucky to have shared three years of our lives with River. We are grateful to Robin who led us to her. We are thankful to Tracy and Jackie who helped us with advice and thoughtful words throughout the awful weekend of her illness. We loved you, River. We will always love you. Thank you for letting us be your people for a little while.
  2. Looking for some good comfort food in Gettysburg? Check out this article for some recommendations. Great fries and cheesesteaks at Hunts Battlefield Fries and Cafe.
  3. If you’re looking for a really fun way to tour the battlefield try Gettypeds. Our Boston friends recommended this to us last year. We took the tour and loved it!
  4. 45MPHK9


    Dewey Beach 2015 We loved your shy, gentle boy, Robin. We are so sorry that he is gone. We will toast to him at Gettysburg.
  5. So happy for you, Don and Chris! Congrats!!
  6. Someone just posted on the GIG Facebook page that they booked a room at the QI.
  7. Jackie, keep calling the QI. They will have a cancellation closer to the event.
  8. We will be there from Thursday to Sunday. We are at the glorious Quality Inn downtown. Cant wait! Do not miss the Reliance Mine Saloon, GIG-sters. It is the best!
  9. Momma still misses you, Murray. Three years later, and Im still missing you.
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