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  1. See you there! We’re at Seneca Lodge from Monday to Monday. We’re also vaccinated! Yay, science.
  2. So sorry to see this news. Thinking good thoughts for your sweet girlie.
  3. I have a Ruggable rug and the Flor carpet squares. Neither is cushy underfoot but both are easy to wash. The Ruggable looks really nice and our 5’ by 7’ rug fits easily in the front loaders we have here. This is the Ruggable rug we have. Because it’s so light in color, I wash it every couple of weeks to keep it looking clean. https://ruggable.com/products/gradasi-teal-quartz-rug?size=5x7 When the Flor carpet squares get dirty, I take them outside and use the pressure washer on them. They look great once they dry.
  4. We always paid around $600 here in suburban Philadelphia.
  5. I’m so sorry to see your sad news, Mimi. Rest well, Burdette.
  6. Keep calling the hotel. There are always cancellations closer to the event. No elevators, just stairs there. It’s worth it to try to get in to a hotel downtown. It’s a totally different event than staying a bit out of town. Hope you can go! It’s a great time.
  7. Would love to meet you and RaineysMom. Try to book a room at the Quality Inn on Steinweir. It’s a great location. https://www.gettysburgqualityinn.com
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