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    adopted our first grey, july 2007

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  1. Petunia, run free girl. Lexie will be there to greet you with open paws. Our deepest condolences to your mom and dad. They will miss you terribly. Please give them a sign for the next chapter in their lives without you. (( hugs))
  2. No hounds here but we will buy the neighborhood dogs fries in honor of Rocket.❤️❤️😀😀
  3. Happiness and health to you Aiden on your bday and gotcha day. ❤️
  4. Yipeeee, congrats! I’m so happy for you guys. She is one lucky momma. How old is she?
  5. ((((((hugs))))) My heartfelt condolences go out to you guys. Your tribute was beautiful. Katie was so blessed to have the perfect parents. You guys should be proud of yourselves. Run free Katie, and I hope in time your parents tears turn to smiles of fun loving memories of you.
  6. I love me some Cletus! He sure looks like he’s enjoying his ride in the car and meal stop with mom. He’s in the bestest of hands. ((( hugs)))) to mom 💜
  7. Annie you are gorgeous! Congrats on the new wheels but the real win is that you snagged the poster... 😂 Too funny! 😂😂💜💜
  8. rschultz


    Aweeee, thanks so much 💜
  9. Happy Healthy birthday and Gotcha day Aiden. ❤️Wow!!! One year gotcha day already for Cletus??? Holy mackerel! The kids look so content. They are truly blessed to have you as their mom. Hugs to all the campers, and momma too.
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