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Arthritis And Soft Tissue Inflammation Supplements?

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Although I have tried the Greyhound Gang and Springtime products with previous dogs, I never saw a noticeable improvement.


I'm looking for something to help podenco Hada. She has limped on her right front leg since we got her last year from Spain. Age 10. No corn. Suspected trauma with heavy scarring. Xrays negative.


CBD oil chews from the vet had no effect so vet has suggested Phycox HA, Glycoflex or MobilityFlex chews.

Here's some links to those products. There are variations in each depending on whether they are "max" or not.


(Editing to add that the prices on Allivet are much cheaper than these below)










Has anyone used these with success?


Photo added for cuteness. Hard to see in this pic but she has lumpy scars on that left elbow that are covered in hair growth.


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She is such a cutie.


I'm with cleptogrey; the only thing that has worked for Sweep is NSAIDs. However, if you want to stick with natural stuff, you might try Duralactin. Some people swear by it. Is laser therapy and/or acupuncture an option for you?


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I have had success with Adequan injections and Cosequin tablets.


She is just so cute!


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You might also look into 4Cyte - pricey but supposed to be good; I used it preventatively with a tripod so no experience with actual symptom relief. The same company makes Sasha's Blend, which seems to be pretty popular. No experience with it at all. It is also available in chew form if Hada doesn't like stuff sprinkled on her food.

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Yep, ditto re NSAIDs, Adequan, Cosequin, A/P. Springtime products are great when they work but unfortunately they dont always.


I love that pic of little Hada!

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I'm about 2 months in with Phycox for one of my girls and my boy. Haven't seen any difference with my boy, but 10 yo Sasha is now back to doing (her version of ) zoomies. She is at the very beginning of losing her hind end, and hasn't done a zoomie in years, and she now will do one maybe twice a week.

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:kiss2 Hada


Adequan can be hard to get ...and it is expensive.


Nixon did OK on injectible Cartrophen but Ruby had a horrible reaction to it.


I would try Meloxicam/MetaCam


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Have you tried laser therapy? The nerves may be sending wrong information to the brain (it's the best I can describe in english) and even a light touch can feel like pain. I had this problrm myself after cancer surgery.

My doc did 1 session of laser therapy to debug the nerves and it worked. In addition I took hypericum as homeopathic remedy which is known to be able zo even heal damaged nerve cells.

With my older dogs I just add hypericum (St. Johns Wort) as tea leaves to their food. You can add melissa, too which acts anti-inflammatory.

Sorry for butchering the english language. I try to keep the mistakes to a minimum.


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