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  1. In the past my dogs always met the workers. Being as social and curious as they were it was easier to let them meet them then put then in their room with a gate up. It has been my responsibility to make sure the gates were properly closed when workers left. I would also take them out for their walk thru the chaos. My house is tiny. All of my dogs have been bomb proof since they have been exposed to everything and then some. Even when ac1 ton limb from a tree fell on the house directly over where they were sleeping. Yes, they ran to the other end of the house. We freaked out as well. When the arborist were doing their clean up they just hung out. There were major trucks, cranes, saws, choppers going. Dogs are resilient. And don't hide her.
  2. If Debbie is full I know someone in katonah ny. I am not offering since this will be during recovery from meniscus repair.
  3. Check out debbie's Danes, wappingers falls, ny. She is great, I've used her for both long, 8 week, and short term boarding. She has GH, galgos, podenco, borzoi and a great Dane as well as llama, goats, birds etc. She has a web site, debbie's Danes boarding and grooming.
  4. Exactly and it's winter. Dogs usually are not out and about as much. Extra energy and winter boredom. How about a good swift 20 min walk at night?
  5. One of the recent fosters at a sock, a $6k sock! My friend's new boy ate 2 of her year old daughter's socks! She fed them to him. Fortunately he vomited both of them up(lots of oil/water/bread for lubrication) and the toddler now has a special container of Cheerios to feed him!
  6. This is exactly why I make sure my dogs love their crates! I found muzzled destroyed my walls. After they are used to changes crate doors are left open. Also when we travel I can go out and safely leave them.
  7. Yup, do consult with your vet. Anti-inflammatories might be in order. Cute boy!!
  8. Great coat, I was able to cut out supplements. Reduced food intake. Yup our girl cut her intake by 33% . Reduced out put, always a plus Easily available PP FOCUS S/R is a different higher quality formular than the variety with shredded protein. Tried the lesser,dogs did not do well on it. Purina sent me coupons for replacement. No it's hands or buts.
  9. let's NOT think hookworms- how about some grass that she ate! i vote for pecid ac, start probiotics and rice/ground turkey- boil the turkey pour over the rice and keep her on this for a tad. then slowly add kibble. dogs pick up strange stuff eating grass. if she is still gurgles in a couple of days, then a quick check at the vet. let's hope plain old fashioned stomach bug. i can understand your near panic. regular hook worms are treatable- our new girl had them, 2 negative readings since treatment- but there was a positive for giardiasis which we managed to get a negative reading for after treatment. i was totally shocked.
  10. Each and every dog I tried Kirkland lamb and rice had the runs! Some people are pleased, I say bring it back(Costco is great about returns) and try the Purina. Less stool, better coats, readily available. Kirkland is made by diamond foods.many adoption groups use it due to it's price.
  11. fyi: https://fall2019.iaabcjournal.org/using-mat-work-training-in-behavior-modification/?fbclid=IwAR2Itk6J1CZW1bQL8JblKMZF9YLgd1AVPJA-fTZ5Lvi27WDKeR43EsefXZE
  12. one leash in each hand. try using leashes of different materials- ie leather and biothane or cotton canvas. hold the leash like a rein and keep each dog on a side, this will take training and less than 6 ft of lead in the begining.
  13. purina pro plan focus- salmon and rice or chicken. this was suggested by a friend who is a vet- i have stopped using supplements for coats since changing over. reduced stool and i can feed less. my friend also saw a marked change in her senior GH when she served bright minds by purina. the professional handler who i got my whippet from served pro plan sport- but unless your dog is super active it's not necessary.
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