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  1. PRP therapy is the new thing that some podiatrist are offering. I have numerous neuromas and one of my dr. Was offering it.I do know a person whose ortho Dr. Convinced him to try it for his knee. It did nothing! The research that I read said it was NOT effective in humans.so, I tend think it won't be that effective on canines. Have you considered adding tramadol to your boy's cocktail? It helped Felix. Also adequan injections are prooven to help. Far less expensive and we did see a marked improvement with the injections. . MSM & CROND. Supplements did nothing for felix.
  2. congrats! love the mohawk on her neck!!!! ENJOY!
  3. i'll keep her after the litter and if i'm crazy enough one of the pups as well.thank god i won't have a litter of pups here. they would freeze to death if i had them in the winter. my house is way too cold. the kennel is set up for puppies, let them enjoy the squeaking pups all night ! you got it ellen, yup, at the kennel the alpha bitch didn't like her& she was the underdog. the co-owner(dog show dogs are owned by who knows how many partners) had her for a couple of months and her older whippet wanted nothing to do with her. basically gwladys came to me nicely house broken, sleeps to 7 or later, good recall, excellent leash manners and sweet as can be. just tabula rasa as to experiences aside from shows. she has transitioned into being an only dog as if it was meant to be. yes to obedience, she's a natural and wants to please. yes, to agility- if i can find a cheaper place to train. it's $30 a night here in westchester for obedience, therapy dog, etc.she is ready for her CGC test. this dog is bomb proof, nothing barreling down the road rattles her. agility gets pretty $$$ when you put all of it together- thousands into training just to get ready to compete here in the NY area. so, i will need to see if i can find a cheaper place somewhere. 6 obedience lessons are $220+!!!! OUCH!!!! i know out in pa it's under $100 for a series of obedience or agility classes. and yes, the welsh spelling is what she got- she's named for one of the outlander books: Dragonfly in Amber is part of her AKC name. this is ??? how you say it https://www.howtopronounce.com/gwladys/ she comes to the american version and a sharp loud COME! we tried minnie, eh,.....tried moose...?????....but she knows Gwladys and it's such a weird old fashioned name, why not? joe can't say gwladys, i spit it out, but for a recall name it's rather soft- but what ever- she's just what we needed.
  4. so sorry, he's not in pain anymore. it's always difficult, but do think of all the wonderful life experiences with your pup. it really does help.
  5. she's a dog of simple pleasures, give her a stick, a twig, a plastic bag and any sort of light weight box. oh, yes....coffee and beer residue are most delish to her!!!
  6. well, some of you may have picked up that joe and i have a new girl at the house by our post in the dewey blog. currently gwladys will be a long term foster until she has her litter of pups down the road. she finished her championship in record time, will have her heart, eyes, etc checked officially(the breeder is responsible for that). she just was getting the short end of the stick at the kennel and needed a home where people could give her attention and what she needed. we thought hard and long about another greyhound but felix was one of those dogs that was so special that we felt it was time to go with a different sighthound that is on our bucket list. that was the reason we adopted Jamie, who unfortunately ended up w/ lymphoma. so, was it going to be a galgo, whippet, not another saluki, pdenco, not a deerhound, i wish a borzoi but i'm way to allergic to their massive coat? NOT an IG for us, we are too ruff-n-tumble. or a mutt? we looked, discussed, looked, discussed. so, we ended up hearing about a female whippet from the same breeder as jamie. i did let the breeder know that i was not sure of how i was going to react, maybe i would fall apart upon meeting. that is what happened w/ my last saluki. i wasn't sure. are we crazy? yes, jamie was the only one in his long lineage who had lymphoma. the rest of lived to good hearty ages of 13+. he had gone thru a couple of big moves prior to us adopting him. his owner died, boarding kennel, coming to us, who knows his immune system could have been off from the stress but he never showed it personality wise. one just doesn't know some things. our agreement is to let them breed gwladys on her second season and we can have a pup from the litter! we don't know what life will be like in a year+ from now. currently she is in season #1- she must have felt relaxed enough to come in. the breeder thought she wouldn't for at least 6 months with the change. just my luck! but she's exactly what the dr. ordered. sweet and doesn't remind us of jamie or any of our other hounds. she is just very different than our past greyhounds who we all loved and adored. a gentle kind soul with unconditional love.and she loves loves loves obedience work- tabula rasa she has been waiting to be trained! she slipped into our routine instantaneously(up that's an art show at week 2) and is by far as easy as emily our first GH. and i thought i would never say that. so here's Gwladys, aka Minnie Mouse!
  7. when you have a meeting can you possibly get up earlier and give him is walk? obviously he enjoys it very much. dogs need their routines, exercise and family engagement.
  8. One more show for this year- Greyhound Friends of NJ Pet & Craft Expo! Save the dates - 11/9 and 11/10 We need some time to focus on our own art work and maybe get lost on some back roads across the states! But we do travel with supplies & Joe is still doing custom dog portraits starting at $120, addition fee for shipping. I will be able to retrieve messages from GT if Etsy is on Vacation Mode.
  9. emily was black and turned seal color- not burnt brown hair- she had an interesting warm mahogany undertone to her coat seasonally.i used to wonder if there was black brindle in her lines, but it was not brindle, it was seal like many IG. many dogs' coats will change with the weather or hormonal changes. they also can have winter nose- it's the daylight that affects the pigment. not necessarily the temperature.
  10. or exchange. always a higher quality item. your pockets will be filled w/ lots of strange treats. remember to check the pockets prior to wash!
  11. to avoid the knuckle scraping loosely bandaged vet wrap- change every other day to avoid fungus. an assistance harness was great on stairs, especially going down but on grass felix managed really well. it was those darn side walks- even though the walks were only 1 block long his knuckles were not happy. i have been staying away from CBD oil especially after i listened to a most informative talk by a vet on cancer care. dogs who were doing well w/ treatment crashed after the owners independently tried CBD. this was noted in the talk, then i wondered what else could be affected by it even when they are not taking chemo drugs. w/ the LS that we dealt w/ both our welsh terrier and felix had it it was trial and error. adequan injections helped when felix was 10-11. after that, i just didn't have the funds for bi-weekly shots. gabapentin helped somewhat. willie had one steroid shot- by my old fashioned vet- it helped. but on a smaller dog they can compensate by double tracking(using both rear legs together). felix used metacam & tramadol. it's never easy watching your dog age. keep his weight down, it's easier on the rear. and enjoy your time together.
  12. so, i'm home dog sitting, our new dog- foster with intent to adopt came into season!!! so, the wise decision is not to have every male dog in rehoboth visit BUSHMAN STUDIO at the FIREHOUSE with our new (sorta nameless) gal there. But do stop by and visit Joe! we have lots of new work produced since GIG and some GREYT antiques. And here's a sneak preview of the one i'm entertaining and training in the yard right now..
  13. my long long time friend in houston 20+ year old https://kuranda.com she has afghans and italian greyhounds. they withstand the sun, rain, heat. easy to hose off. she throws a crate mat on them and the dogs(including mine as visitors) have been very happy. when her dogs get older she will add a costco bed for extra padding. those beds are located in a dry spot. for longevity one can't beat it! the metal copies do rust and the canvas tops do not withstand the weather. my daughter has a cheap outside- it was rubbish in a couple of years. but we only paid $14 for it.
  14. it sounds like the SA afflicted girl needs to be in a home with many GH rather than starting her on meds. GH live in packs and the transition sounds like it was just too much for her. Crates are security of many dogs. She most likely needs to just blend in with a group of dogs.
  15. i wasn't sure if this should be in food /medical or here- so here it is. https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/the-skinny-on-sighthounds/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_org&utm_campaign=20191007_posting&fbclid=IwAR3cQJgVsGi-p31mXPYet2LTGBhaZV1FfEv4xVqUk1LfZfe4W8DjWSPyTIA
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