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  1. (annie did well, ran like the wind until the day before she succumbed to osteo, but it was her rear leg. )
  2. YES!!! the crate rest and anti-inflammatories worked on Annie. That is exactly what she had but irritated the tendons big time from a strange jerk while we were on a trip. Nothing like driving north from florida with a screaming GH in the back seat. I had it x-rayed, at the time the ortho man at Katonah Bedford Vet Center was Dr. Palmera. I ended up having him send the x-rays to dr. couto. Dr. Couto said it was an old injury.Dr. Palmera wanted to remove the calcification, i opted to treat as needed. Yup, Annie had a horrific scar on the other side and I'm sure that's part of the knock down that did it. She rested, recovered and acted like nothing ever happened. I hope Gracie does as well as annie did. As a matter of fact Annie spooked as the port-a john vacuum truck barreled past out booth at brimfield antique show. this was at the very end of her 6 week rest but she was still taking pain meds which amplified the sound.annie was pretty stoned the entire 6 weeks and that made crate rest very easy. she slipped harness(yes, she was prescribed a harness) and bolted. so, she went from crate rest to 30mph- what a night mare. the town is bumper to bumper traffic jams during the show- so everyone just sat there in their parked cars on rt. 20 and watched. joe borrowed a bike and went in her direction. fortunately he found her in someone's yard, a neighbor called the police thinking that joe was a pedophile since he asked the kids playing in a neighboring yard if they saw a red dog.what an ordeal- but all the local police knew she was on the loose! yeah she was sore to say the least. but never had a problem with her shoulder again!
  3. emily was on amantadine with her metacam. it was once a day from what i remembered. it's used to boost the effectiveness of the NASID, which is only given once a day. but that was when they first introduced the drug as part of a pain relief cocktail. the article above states "Data from recent pharmacokinetic studies indicate that twice daily dosing is probably more effective than the traditional once daily dosing in dogs24 and cats.2" try it 2xs daily for a couple of days and see if there is a marked difference? she used it as part of her pain relief from OSTEO. gabapentin was added in at the end.
  4. i never had success w. EMT gel. keep it dry- bandage changes every couple of days- a little more than a week for covered protected healing. i have heard wonderful things about manuka honey- i would go that route. use gauze pad, cotton padding(i bought a roll, it has lasted a life time, it's what is used for casts, rolled gauze and vet wrap). not too tight - most important and keep it dry.
  5. i know currently Greyhound Rescue & Rehab(Stamford- close enough?) Pups with out partners(New Haven) WAG(upper Ct) and Greytful Greys(long island) all have dogs. GRR gets many of their dogs from West Va, WAG from the midwest. Have you gone straight to the source? They all have dogs currently. How about a foster? GRR often uses a boarding kennel in CT and is always looking for foster homes. GOOD LUCK!
  6. can you please post the link to the instructions. my mom is currently in a knitting and crocheting group donations for young children at need.
  7. yes, ellen the knee was most cooperative. with weather changes it's fussy- also maybe too much of a good thing- p/t & water aerobics. not only was the young man gangly but his young dog as well. a good pair! yes, the black brindle floated- nice reach, beautiful lines. as to the dogs shown at westminister it's champions only. owners show under certain judges who like the confirmation of their dogs. it's all about type and status of the dogs nationally as they compete over the year. i'm not into that, just enjoying the movement. as the person sitting next to me asked- "what am i looking for ?"(while observing)- my response- "MOVEMENT! a dog needs good reach, fluid movement, elegance and presence." it's a lot to ask for- more dogs than less barely move both the front and rear ends in sync when moving. it's amazing that they got this far. greyhound entries are always low-
  8. felix had kidney disease due to anaplasmosis and lyme disease. numbers were manageable until the end- nearly 2 years after diagnosis. if you look up kidney disease or kidney diet here on GT you have hit the jackpot in wealth of options and support. glad you reached out, and it's not an immediate death sentence. just watch numbers and make sure your pup doesn't get that bad at the end and start having seizures. their breath will tell you what's going on. as there are more and more toxins in the system their breath reflects the levels. i was directed to check out IRIS, scale and info on kidney disease. good luck, don't panic.
  9. yes, i made it! i didn't purchase tickets in advance since i wasn't sure of the post op condition of my knee(2 weeks 2 days)- but it was fine and someone's extra ticket made it my way!!! at 9am it was totally sold out. a nice class, some younger gangly champions but the winner deserved it, mature and elegant with nice movement. https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/breed-results-videos/breed-videos-2020/grey-2020-video https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/breed-results?id=grey&season=2020 the kennel of the winner https://www.greyhounds.gr/category/inas/ caught the salukis, scottish deer hounds, whippets and then somehow didn't make it back to the ring for asawarks(sp). but i did see them benched. very much like the old fashioned smooth salukis of the early 70s. but narrow and more exaggerated. here is the link to the page, the video is not up yet, i overheard that there were streaming problems. maybe tomorrow or in a couple of days it will be up. https://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/breed-results?id=azaw&season=2020 enjoy and do looks at the videos as they pop up. kudos to my friend showing her going on 9 whippet who made the cut into the final group pending awards. not bad for an old man!
  10. Hemmorids? Which are basically varicose veins and they do bleed easily. (My reward for a super fast child birth, 4 pushes total )ewwww.....
  11. BINGO!!! hook worm treatment. when it's over you will see the difference in everything. it's a lots of drugs rather than fish oil capsules i prefer using NUPRO supplement. check it out, more than just lineonic acid in there. it's good stuff. but wait until the treatments are over- too much good stuff ain't that good at times.
  12. and the carrots did very little. vet check stool- can be giardiasis, colitis, worms. and i swear by CLAY- it's made by Vitamin RX, available on Amazon and does miracles. better than Tylan powder.
  13. this is a tough personal decision, some dogs do well and beat the odds, some don't. if you decide not to amputate and proceed with pain management(which is what i did the first time) then it's the right decision for you. don't feel guilty, some dogs do not last that long after amputation, some are lucky and as i mentioned beat the odds. it's a stressful situation for you. How good is your dog's health insurance? How much time do you have to be able to rehab the pup if amputated? Have you looked into FREE clinical trials for canine cancer. Just google it and something will come up. It's sponsored by the American Vet. something or another. I've been there twice with my GHs. The second girl was far more sensitive and pain management was not the answer for her. Life throws us some nasty curve balls- HUGS- your decision will be the correct one.
  14. the problem is by the time one notices that glands are swollen, test results come back and the type is identified(2 week time period, 2 FNA- the first as a diagnosis and the 2nd is spun out in a serum of the dog's blood to identify the type) it's almost too late. cornell university is running an interesting trial using antibiotics. the key is your dog doesn't qualify if they have been on antibiotics recently. what case of lymphoma doesn't look like lyme first?
  15. do i smell money? there are numerous strains of kennel cough as with just about everything else, so it can difficult(putting it mildly) to target all of the variations. it also takes 2 weeks for the inoculation to become active/effective and working and only lasts for 6 months.....mmmm $$$$$$$ makes the world go round! i remember the crazy epidemic of both kennel cough and pneumonia spreading thru the kennels/pounds in the ny area in the 90s. from what i remember it was don't bring shoes into the house and wash hands well. washing never hurts, be it flu or anything else these days.
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