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  1. willie wonka (welsh terrier) was diagnosed around age 9. the rare steroid shot helped immensely. he did end up changing his gait but still ran after that soccer ball w/ LS and cataracts until his death at 15. i'm not one for surgery unless it's a life threatening condition. LS isn't. felix did really well w/ adequan injections. knowing about them now i would have opted for them vs. steroids. but the dog lived and was active until 15 when he was living a nightmare due to senility. do look into adequan.
  2. my neighbor's dog, flat coated retriever, had ACL surgery. he recovered beautifully- it was a PITA since they live in a 2 family house with 2 huge flights of steps and the dog weighed 80+ lbs. but they carried him up and down and he was back to his crazy self in no time! another friend opted not to, their dog lived to 15 with a good gimp and limited mobility. would i have the surgery done on my pup- YES!
  3. take a deep breath. you did the right thing and are smart about using a muzzle- kudos! my dogs have killed feral cats that jumped the fence and entered our yard. training him not to lunge out when you walk is what you should aim for. a good obedience class with all size dogs will do wonders, especially if you have an experienced trainer. do stick w/ a group situation so his actions can be observed and corrected by a professional. the class will also boost YOUR confidence and give your tools for control. now exhale- and another deep breath. that dog was not legal- no collar, no leash, no owner and it was asking for trouble. it could have been a car or another dog-
  4. i currently have a Lassie- who i call Mango Lassie since every time i stood at the door and said, "Lassie! Lassie come home!!" i cracked up and visualized Timmy or his mom. Lass is a boy anyway. Mango Lassie is as delicious as the drink so it works. another jewel tone collar, shucks they stopped making the jewel tone with hearts- but this one looked great on Annie as well https://www.lupinepet.com/store/original-designs-martingale-collar this was my favorite- https://www.amazon.com/LupinePet-Originals-Heart-Martingale-Collar/dp/B00DA49G80?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00DA49G80&pd_rd_r=f1a33285-f480-45f7-8462-a3a11a59405a&pd_rd_w=PsNX7&pd_rd_wg=fS3ly&pf_rd_p=2dbf6b01-59ac-4489-80f4-80c8be124155&pf_rd_r=2VFTQ6809F3PY6M7S33Q
  5. CONGRATS!!! that gable dodge sure does throw his genes- she's a dead ringer for my late sweet sweet annie ! and i'm sure she will be as delicious~ what's her weight? just curious. enjoy- and jewel tone collars seemed to work best on the red fawns who took up residence here! for annie her go to collar was https://www.lupinepet.com/store/original-designs-martingale-collar oh and my 2 cents- i like the name listed above- dyani- another ani? a dy?
  6. i'm one to run to the closet and get the epsom's salts. the vet said- NO! and that sounds like what happened to ms. mango's cyst- gross looking and oozing. CEFPODOXIME did the trick. within 48 hrs she stopped chewing on it and it started to heal.
  7. each dog is different, puppy antics are when they behave like crazy dogs all the time- live with a gh who is younger than 9 months and you will know exactly what i am writing about! at 2 they are getting close to their physical prime and still have that adolescent craziness. i observed that at 2.5-3 yrs of age maturity settles in. personally i'm saddened to read of all the people who adopted younger hounds and expected mature adult behavior. it's not the adoptee's fault- the adoption group needs to really inform it's clients what a young hound can be like. sight hounds mature very differently than a golden or lab or beagle. it's a slower process both physically and mentally. and the young ones do need much more exercise than a mature adult.
  8. you have a young dog there who needs exercise! that's why all of that energy is coming out at night. all of these behaviors can be redirected if he is exercised and yes, at that age they have a ton of energy! any place fenced in that you can let him really move and maybe run w/ another dog and form a relationship? the mouthy behavior is a royal p.i.t.a. and hurts- felix was like that between 7 and 11 months of age. and he always played soccer, ran, 4 mile walks- etc. using a deterrent on my arms during training classes didn't help. somehow he grew out of it. rather than just an individual trainer try group classes. they are starting to open up again(hopefully the delta variant will NOT result in another lock down). personally i do not like dog parks- but maybe you can find something and go off hours. greyhounds have thin skin and rip easily and it's not fair to muzzle your dog when no other creature is muzzled. work with your adoption group- you may be candidates for an older more settled dog or you might be able to pair up w/ others and go for group walks. that will start him walking and you can extend your walks to a good 1-2 hrs to tucker the lad out.
  9. so sorry to hear about the diagnosis. remember the phrase "quality of life"- for both you and your sweet pup.
  10. mango just had one. the FNA revealed round cell cyst, nothing malignant. it became infected, put her on antibiotics and it's gone! it wasn't a histiocytoma- we were going to go back in sept for a recheck and decision re: surgery. personally i think she trimmed it off and the antibiotics did the trick. just ha-ha try to not let her chew on it. did your vet opt for a FNA?
  11. to modify his tripping start training for what you want inside first. remember training sessions should be very brief, multiple times a day, and lots of rewards. you might want to teach check in- he comes back to you for a treat while you have him walking on a loose lead. this way he knows you are there, paying attention and not in a constant heel position.also, one generally doesn't keep their dog in heel all the time. at cross walk, near people, near dogs, crowded areas that's when one uses heel. this trainer is showing how to get your dog to pay attention to you- the first step in check in and teaching them what you want. he seems pleasant and patient- i always look for someone informal to teach me a new twist to something i've been teaching. do llook up check in. most people use clickers to mark the action. personally i don't like using clickers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dzQ2_Dejbk
  12. breakaway collars do work- but with 2 dogs wrestling i was constantly looking for them in the yard. i use a tiny cat size tag with telephone #s only on a super thin(1/2") collar that can easily slip over the head. rabies etc are not essential. if there is an incident animal control needs to see the paper work. i'm still looking for thin brass or stainless steel plates that can be riveted onto a loose collar. if anyone has a lead- please post. it needs to be less than 1/2" wide.
  13. grain free? have you read any of the articles on DCM? what's wrong with grains? do yourself a favor and research DCM here is a quick link. become educated before your dog is affected. one of my dog's littermate just passed at 4 yrs of age- grain free diet, DCM. https://todaysveterinarypractice.com/study-grain-free-diet-for-dogs-leads-to-canine-heart-disease/ if you are looking for a food that is well metabolized try Purina Pro Plan Focus or Purina One or any moderate protein/fat level foods available in your area. Rocket fuel and exotic ingredients are not necessary to maintain a healthy dog.
  14. what ever you feed just watch their weight. the GHs around here that are fed a combo are HUGE! (a good amount over weight- not height). remember they are built for speed and need to be streamline. you will be shocked at how little a retired GH needs to eat. a scale will be your dog's best friend. your pup looks perfect currently- so weigh and keep track of monthly weigh-ins. all of the ribs, hip bones and spine are covered- no padding necessary.
  15. at the end felix's will was far stronger than his physical ability. on grass he always had a good romp but he still desired his walkies and was very verbal about it. a good friend suggested that i use vet wrap on his rear paws since he was knuckling. it worked- i made loose fitting booties and it gave his better traction on steps and he was able to go around the block(vs the standard 2+ miles). towards the very end it was down the driveway and 1/2 down the block and back, but it satisfied his need. he wore his webmaster harness 24/7. hugs to your old pal- and remember it's the little things that make a difference. any food that they will eat is more than appropiate- as long as they enjoy it.
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