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  1. So so sorry on the loss of your pup. It's devastating loosing a young dog. I just lost a nearly 5 year old to lymphoma. You are in shock, I know all too well.
  2. dogs do blow coats according to daylight from what i have observed. in feb. when the days are starting to lengthen mine have been full winter shed getting ready for their spring/summer coats. it's not the tempt. it's that amount of daylight...but if you are going to the vet in the near future you can always check thyroid levels.
  3. Great memorial, what a magnificent creature. He will be missed but never forgotten.
  4. ANY WORD FROM THE VET YET? also, i swear by RX VITAMIN clay- found on amazon. annie had colitis, due to heat and stress. events were not for her- and one grapehound was close to 100 degrees. camping and vending were just too much. it took 4-6 months to get her back to normal and wean her off of FLAGYL. she lost 10#s instantly! that's a lot- but gained it back slowly.
  5. also they can have different hair patterns during different seasons. one of mine went totally bald in the chest and his pigmentation darkened when he went into summer coat. thighs too- what hemisphere are you in?
  6. what a good long life! it hurts no matter what when one looses a beloved pet- but all of those greyt memories will be with you forever- condolences.
  7. CHECK US OUT AT THE FIREHOUSE, REHOBOTH,DE (not the atlantic side or the convention center for GRTB/Dewey Gathering) THIS YEAR! WE ARE HAVING A BIG SALE!
  8. ground turkey? tilapia is loaded w/ antibiotics- garbage farm bred fish that should cost $.99 per pound. if you go w/ lean hamburger it's probably cheaper to use your food processor and grind up cheap london broil- it's lean and often just $1.99- 2.99 per pound. lean ground beef is $$$ around here! oatmeal always gives my dogs the runs. remember white rice- you can throw in a box of low sodium chicken or beef broth as part of the water. the rice will have more flavor.
  9. emma the dilemma is a whopping 12lbs! i couldn't find the picture of her hunting with annie! she flushed out birds and critter- annie caught them!
  10. thank you everyone. this is the first time since 1971 (except for a short period of time 86-91 when we lived in the bronx- not a great place for dogs) that we have been with out hounds. a road- trip to canada should help. this has been a crazy rollercoaster ride thru the land of the unwell. felix and his kidney decline(passed in march), 95 year old mom w/ double pneumonia(i'm the local kid/caregiver)and then jamie with strange symptoms since april. we need pristine air and light to help cleanse the mind and good hikes for the body. on the road to Gaspe and Nova Scotia if some other obstacle doesn't get thrown in our path. thank you for your kind words, andrea
  11. new vet/return vet visit ASAP! talk to your adoption group for a referral or back to your vet tomorrow first thing. i don't think going to an e-vet will make a difference in anything except your bank account. tests need to be run and that takes time. not all e-vets are wonderful. i might be wrong, the decision is yours. there are so many variables, were stool tested as well? also each vet has their choice of drugs/regimes to battle this. TYLAN powder vs. FLAGYL, etc, probiotics etc.... could be just about anything. skip the pumpkin, over cooked white rice and a low fat protein (chicken or turkey- 20% max. just for taste) and back to the vet. something is brewing! fingers crossed that you find relief for your pup. worms, IBD, pancreatitis, who knows what. good luck
  12. oh, did i mention that we did 3 years(4-to 5??) of obedience work- all sorts/levels and therapy dog training? try it, ya'll like it!
  13. the dog will not abandon his unwanted behaviors unless you train him. it doesn't come naturally- leave it commands and be diligent in putting things away(much easier to retrain yourself) he's a crazy teenager- around 3 he will calm down. exercise, limitations, exercise, chores-obedience work, exercise, play time and fun. felix used to have 3+ soccer balls going in all directions at that age. he was in heaven! a tennis racket and tennis balls lobbed in every direction work well too. this eventually does slow down. we had 12 wonderful years of crazy felix. when he slowed down at 9 years of age we missed the flying sod. yes, we had straw, mulch, dirt, you name it in our yard- he was a rototill! when he was 10 we fenced in the front yard and started to regrow the back yard.
  14. Our clown, Our jimmie kibble, The Wisenheimer has succumbed to lymphoma. it was fast and furious. No matter how long or short one has a dog when they find a place in your heart and they go- it feels like it's been ripped out. Jamie would have turned 5 in September. it's always painful loosing a dog but when they are so young, it really takes a toll. A toast to the ever so vocal, ever so funny Champion Willowwisp's Breath of Snow and Ashes, named Jamie after Jamie Fraser of Outlander- a big strong guy with unrivaled devotion. He lived up to his name.
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