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  1. OH YES!!!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE FELIX WENT DOWN TO THE TENDON!!! it was really gross and darn right scary to see a medical illustration in real life. obviously the stop pad didn't work to stop this injury. his entire paw was swollen for a day, he filed for workmen's comp, rested and then resumed life as a manic! i was really surprised that the wound healed as fast as it did. a sock did the trick, kept it clean and no pressure on the gross area. can you tell me more about the laser treatments? i'm using it on my torn meniscus currently as advised by my acupuncturist. my feelings after 6 treatment- eh?
  2. felix ripped all of the skin off his pastern which was pretty gross. the tendon was exposed and of course this was after hours. i washed it w/ saline, one dose of antibiotic ointment and wrapped it to say clean and a dose of metacam. he was fine in a short period of time. the healing time amazed me, but he was young when this occurred. anti-inflammatories might bring some relief to the boo-boo, healing might be prolonged do to her age. was this a de-glove- ripping the entire skin down or just a good hearty scrape- with a good flap of skin. on felix the flaps seemed to have reconnected, ???- go know! when felix did something of that sort- stop pads also grew back, vitamin e applied to the surface after healed helped with hair growth. he was always doing something radical when he was young and i became very good at bandaging wounds. most of the time he ate the bandage and i just let things heal.
  3. i agree if he is soiling in his crate he may have anxiety. but i am a firm believer in using crates.when i travel i know i can leave my dog at someone's house and go out for dinner and not worry. when i am at a show setting up my dogs are comfortable and safe in a crate. when there is a medical reason there is no problem leaving them in the crate. it's entirely up to YOU. if you wish to have a dog who crates start of as if this is a new experience for him. positive use of the crate, a place to eat, sleep(near you in the bedroom), a place for treats, etc. a little at a time and make it comfortable. remember he is in a crate in a new situation. no dogs around him, out of the kennel, in a strange house. it sounds like you may be able to get away with baby gates, etc. but if you wish to have the security of knowing that your environment and dog are safe then do some research on crate training. yeah, they are big, eye sores etc. but they do have a function. it's your choice.
  4. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=child+cabinet+locks&gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7dkzIpXj7qlRfxMC_yIFg9oFysZFx5nTcmXtN_Mxu1V2fCN3JGBZB8aAhmNEALw_wcB&hvadid=241900746222&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9004251&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=11095413155555459576&hvtargid=kwd-3347948381&hydadcr=24656_10400586&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_6s8cecpv3b_e i use locks placed on the interior of the cabinet. my wisenheimer needed 2 locks to keep him out- the little devil he was~ and this, keeps the ants out as well https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/gamma-vittles-vault-stackable-pet-storage-containers/206981 ALSO CHECK THE CALORIC COUNT ON THE FOOD THAT YOU ARE FEEDING. my 76# male with 4 miles of walkies and some soccer in the yard need 1200 K during his prime. fat should not be on the high level(gh are prone to pancreatitis) - protein around 24%. anything more than that is rocket fuel and your dog will chunk up and have huge and bountiful stools! i am a fan of purina pro plan focus- salmon and rice. no supplements needed for good coat and skin since i started serving it. welcome to the world of trial and error and research.
  5. closet with a kiddy lock and vittles vault might be your answer. our first greyhound used to open the combo food storage/feeder that we had, open touch latch closets and drag out a 30 lb bag of kibble, you name it she got to the food. our whippet opened cupboard doors as well- hence the kiddy lock.compromises are often made and aesthetics go out the window!
  6. home goods is the place to shop!!! i have purchased both there at generous discount prices. the Kurgo is eh, i contacted the manufacturer since it was balding within a year and had it replace.but i do like the waterproof bottom. easy to wash and dry on cool. this one is $15 to 19 at home goods- nice and thick but a tad difficult to wash in a top loader http://www.allforpawspet.com/Product?idvariant=541
  7. I am the one who recommended RX clay. But for colitis one needs meds and change in diet. Annie did not respond to the clay until her gut was healed. Flagyl was the answer.
  8. Annie had stress induced colitis. This started after a very very hot grapehounds event where we were vendors and the temps were near 100. Between the weather and the show it was just too much. She just was not the same after. Our vet prescribed ID canned diet and flagyl. There are new lower dosages for flagyl, so just ask your vet about them. ID then back to kibble but she was on flagyl for quite a few months. It took quite a while until we could reduce the dosage to every other day, every 3 days, etc. We fed her Purina pro plan focus salmon and rice.
  9. how true! up to the next to last day of felix's life he stayed in the studio with DD and her viola students and listened to their lessons! thanks for sharing this. DD's newest image for her chamber music group- the other canine member of her captive teaching audience.
  10. often new dogs are off their food until they feel comfortable. what i do out of serve canned food or at least get their appetite going with a small amount of canned food by itself. then try just a tablespoon of canned mixed in with the kibble. i put it down, wait 10 min and pick it up. yup, but somehow they do start eating. the gh seem to eat no matter what as compared to whippets who will drop a good 3-4lbs while they acclimate. once they are eating then i skip the canned food, i can't stand the garbage, maybe add some grated italian cheese to the dry. again it's 10 min of food down and then remove until the next feeding time. she is only 2 years old so i doubt there is something going on with her mouth. exercise is the answer to getting them to eat as well!
  11. towels are the very very best. just layer them up if they freeze. eventually they will defrost enough so you can wash them and start the process all over again.
  12. warmer, much warmer than the voyager coats are the winter coats made to order by SUE'S HAPPY TAILS. felix had one that was berber lined with faux fur and a chest panel, long double thick snood. he could only wear it when it was below 15 degrees out. it's pictured below. annie is wearing 2 coats, felix toasty warm in sue's handiwork. sue's prices are quite reasonable and she knows about cold being located in Buffalo, NY.
  13. have you considered straight IVOMEC vs heart guard? one does not inject it, it's 1cc per 10#s i believe- i have to look it up every month. i put it in some canned food. jamie's breeder turned me on to it. i believe that carol from God's GREYTs uses it as well, we discussed it at GIG. the most affordable way with out other ingredients to upset the hound. https://www.amazon.com/Ivomec-50-Milliliter-Btl-Injection/dp/B074MJ9D7Q/ref=pd_sim_199_2/146-7126711-7758263?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B074MJ9D7Q&pd_rd_r=23f13c6e-157f-4746-a811-59de4516e6f2&pd_rd_w=ZjLmr&pd_rd_wg=GERhE&pf_rd_p=5abf8658-0b5f-405c-b880-a6d1b558d4ea&pf_rd_r=GHMYCM0JCP6FKQN478Q7&psc=1&refRID=GHMYCM0JCP6FKQN478Q7
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