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  1. Do talk to your vet. A professional's advice and exploration will be in your best interest. Tick borne diseases can show up months after exposure. Questions, testing and a lab work should give you an answer.
  2. if it clots well and is initially cleaned an antibiotic is not necessary. antibiotics should only be used when really needed. my dogs have had staples, rips, tears, infected puncture wounds. drawing salve for the puncture wounds and that's about it!
  3. felix's nail popped right off while playing on the hard cold ground one winter. it did bleed like a stuck pig. i quick called the vet, from which i had just returned from. i was told to use either quick stop or soap to stop the bleeding. since then i have learned that flour will do the same thing. it clotted and a couple of months later a funky little stub of a nail started growing back. no need for a NASID, vet (unless it doesn't stop bleeding) nor restricted activities. i followed the trail of blood and found the nail! do try to keep nails shorter if possible to prevent this. but he just hit it at the wrong angle.
  4. CBD cream gave me temporary relief while tracking thru the mega huge MASS MoCA site- and it tried it a couple of other times- applied ointment to both top and bottom of site as well as my neck when it's in need of a chiropractic adjustment. DD had a jar of it since she was dealing w/ a psoriatic arthritic flare up of her bowing thumb. she did need to be on steroids for the flare up, it was just icing on the cake. was it the end all....noway! i have 2 HUGE neuromas. honestly- a couple of consecutive days MOBIC(yup metacam for humans) or 500mg ALeve give me acute relief. i always have some on me. but the best relief of all-----(aside from orthotics, shots- steroid/llidicane and now treemene ) is PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!! it's great and last for close to 6 months. do pm me if you wish- i'll be selling at Grapehounds if you are there.
  5. my chiropractor likes NuLeaf but I do recall a good talk at a greyhound event when an oncologist sited 3 or 4 cases where the dog was in remission and then did exceptionally poorly(fatal in all cases) - the change in protocol- the introduction of CBD oil to the regime. just food for thought. the topical has worked wonders on my neuromas in my foot.
  6. cleptogrey


    sorry, no beer emoji to toast to celebrate her wonderful life. glad to see that closure has started, memories will just grow dearer.
  7. fingers crossed that the steroids do the trick and rehab sounds greyt. have you gone for a second opinion, is this an ortho specialist conclusion? just curious, it may not be necessary. best of luck.
  8. glad the advantage multi is kicking in. it must be the odor /chemistry of his body. i wonder if old fashioned brewer's yeast powder or tablets can help. brewer's yeast what one of those products that old fashioned breeders swore by. or possibly another source of protein in his food or is he getting a supplement that might be affecting his chemistry? i wish i still had my old bible of holistic resources for dogs published in the 70s. i think it was the herbal book for dogs, i bet you there was a remedy listed there. of course i found it on amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Herbal-Book-Dog-Handbook/dp/0668026499 but i think you can probably find some good answers on the internet. good luck!
  9. personally i would call bayer and explain the situation. that seems pretty strange, but something about the chemistry of your male is attracting flea, maybe? sorta like some people are eaten alive by mosquitos and some rarely get a bite. with mosquitos vitamin b complex seems to help. i wouldn't fool around with extra vitamins until you research this with bayer(they are most helpful). are they on any additives to their food? do you use an old fashioned flea comb and then wait and watch? or prior to using the collar did you give him a bath in the original dawn dish detergent? let it stand on the pup for up to 10 min. all the fleas depart and as you know dawn is non-toxic.i keep a small bottle around just incase one of the dogs gets into something that needs to be removed ASAP. it cuts thru just about anything. a couple of years ago my pups, especially my male picked up some big juicy fleas in san antonio. OMG! crazy, intense case of hitch hikers. for days i combed thru their coats and pick out dying fleas- and i used frontline plus. it worked but took time. my whippet had an adverse reaction to the Seresto collar and i use fl+ every 3 weeks. it's doing the job. as to heart worm med i use straight ivomec, much more economical. dd in san antonio ends up using a combo of products on her 2 dogs when the fleas are really bad. she also treats the yard and house if necessary. DE which cuts the hard shell of the flea might be helpful. https://www.thebugsquad.com/fleas/diatomaceous-earth-fleas/ if you are interested do more research, this is a good intro. good luck! a vacuum a ton- put part of an flea collar in your vacuum cleaner bag.
  10. There is plenty of info out there. A vet friend steered me to the IRIS charts and info. It describes the many stages of kidney disease. Felix had it as a result of tick borne diseases. I initially cut protein levels by adding in extra carbs. Eventually, nearly a year and a half later he was on rice and maybe 20% chicken as his source of protein . He lasted nearly 2 years afterthe very first sign of it which was his ph was too acitic. Elderly people go thru this as well, this is a sign of the aging process.
  11. we are fenced in both front and back yards but don't forget that the dogs LOVE the stimulation they get on their walkies. next thing on the list is a pooper scooper- the all aluminum scooper i purchased in 1991 is still in perfect shape.
  12. I tried it once, both greys developed crazy red dry skin within a short period of time.and it took forever to resolve. Washed it off with dawn. Both did well with seresto.
  13. pecid and ask your vet about zofran , generic is ondansetron. we kept felix on both for a good period of time. it really helped with his appetite. when they are old it's quality of life and this seemed to work. jamie was just on doxy for 6 weeks. the zofran/pecid combo really helped. we rapidly observed a difference when he was off of it, joe thought the drugs were bogus....men!!!. 4mg for a gh, pecid is 20 mg, both twice a day. very cheap at vet, we also ordered it at a good price at vetapprovedrx.com Ondansetron, marketed under the brand name Zofran, is a medication used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery.[1] It is also useful in gastroenteritis.[2][3] It has little effect on vomiting caused by motion sickness.[4] It can be given by mouth, or by injection into a muscle or into a vein
  14. Keep up on stool samples, Purina pro plan focus salmon and rice or even their chicken. Both are highly digestible. The shredded Purina pro plan is not as digestible, so make sure it's focus. Vitamin rx clay, just a small amount works like magic. Stay away from bully sticks and rich treats. Also try to stick with one food, transition slowly, rice as an add in is easy to digest and helps with loose stools.
  15. Check out instructions on hand stripping. Broken coated dogs do really well, oilness will dissipate! Broken coated dogs oroduce extra oil to compensate for having oil removed! There are a ton of videos on doing it. The coat tightens up and is insulating. I hand stripoed my welsh terrier for 13 years. I criedwhen I shaved him since he was too old to be groomed that much. Ducky, I have an entire set of hand stripping tools and can let you know which ones work the best on general coat. It's a very Zen activity for both you and the hound.when I was thinking maybe POD I was thinking broken coated for the shear pleasure of grooming.
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