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  1. no.....not a delayed reaction. have you gone to the vet? or even cheaper try feeding white rice cooked with ground lean chop meat or ground turkey. he may have pancreatitis, but that can not be identified by anyone but a vet. lay off the treats and stick to rice and boiled protein for a while. maybe a lower fat food when you put him back on kibble
  2. get a friend to either feed your dog peanut butter and hull the corn yourself as per videos or a new vet.
  3. from the words of my retired vet- don't use bag balm- infections. it never worked on my chapped hands and cracked finger tips. i was teaching ceramics at the time. the best thing for human cracked finger tips is - Balmex baby ointment- zinc based. it creates a protective barrier from moisture and the crack heals from the inside out. it never huts to dust the nail beds with ammends or gold bond medicated foot powder. it keeps it dry- nail bed issues if not fungal clear up quickly. felix had sand toe from a beach vacation. it was a life saver
  4. epsom's salts are drying. not knowing if there is a fungus- i would check with the vet. 2 of my gh had fungus- one in the webbing the other in the nail bed. if fungus then it needs to be kept dry- medicated powder or fungicide jock itch cream. Musher's secret is a great wax which will help w/ the cracks. dogs pads do go thru cycles of being smooth, cracked, smooth- sorta like our own feet- well, mine anyway. my young whippet came to me with really rough cracked pads. they changed over time- and change with walking on blacktop vs only running on dirt. those pads look fine to me. don'
  5. alabama rot is bacterial and it affects who knows what aside from the circulatory system. cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy is the full name for it. have you considered taking all the test results in to another vet for a second opinion? post your location and ask if anyone has a vet in that area. the index on GT for vets is not very accurate. i had an emergency when i was in denver. non were still in business! ah- daycare, but also bacteria picked up from the lake can take a while to fester. also, you can ask your adoption group for a vet referral. lepto seems to affect
  6. even with highly motivated sighthounds i keep training times down to a minimum. terriers, working dogs, other hounds can go for who knows how long. personally it sounds like your reserved girl just needs baby steps. try dehydrated liver- it's not messy and most dogs love it.best is always slivers of hot dogs but they can be messy- i wear a treat bag if need be. always have some with you. when you say her name and she responds- give her a treat. start off with something as basic as that. most likely she's not even that responsive to her name. have you considered the tether method- k
  7. forgot to mention Alabama Rot- one of the dogs in our group had it- this looks familiar. it is caused by e coli. look it up and do mention it to your vet. it was a stressful recovery- but she did recover. Lepto Vaccine only protects against certain strains. the reason i mentioned Lepto is the spleen inflammation. - and you mentioned that he goes into the lake- right? has your vet done a scraping and culture?
  8. Have you tested for lepto? Or tick borne diseases? What part of the country do u live in Or have traveled to? Are there stray feral cats in your area? I'm asking this since cats can pass on bartonella. When Jamie was ill we tested for that. It has some strange reactions. We travel and my vet looked into valley fever. That's a weird one too. Lyme is bizarre and lepto, don't ask. Test and I hope for the best.
  9. my friend in the chicago area did really really well with her 6 month old gh puppy and still consults w/ him. please use my name- andrea w/ lettuce and mango. we communicate often. if you do not like one of his suggestions or methods just ask for another. that is what deb did. also, she opted out for certain things- changed her mind and he just went with the flow. thanks for the good words re: meniscus tear. i unfortunately have a good amount of arthritis in both knees- but still walking trails- and the dogs get 14-20 miles a week of walking in. hydrolaunic acid shots or steroid shots d
  10. excellent! daniel is really great online- he is young and full of energy. look at his videos so you can see if you are comfortable with his methods. often it's agligning things to get to what you want- in other words taking baby steps first. and YES gh do sit. the key is to move the tail to the side so it's not behind them pushing them up. i teach sit from a down position. and i teach down by sitting on the edge of chair and luring the dog under my legs. legs are bent in a 90 degree angle. yes, my 74lb/29" at the shoulder male was able to do that. i miss in person obedience classes. my 3
  11. you have a young dog and he needs lots of training and mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. yeah, i too am going crazy not going to obedience classes so, i'm training my young dogs after watching virtual videos. it's not as much fun but it helps. i've focused on circus dog tricks as well as the basics. so, do some research on youtube or good virtual classes and give it a whirl. do you or anyone you know jog? he could stand a good couple of miles of jogging. start slowly and work up to 2-3 miles daily. that will help. even with my dogs running like mad dogs in the yard- 2 exer
  12. bad gas- stool sample to vet and see what's cooking. also ask about pancreatitis or food. you pup might need a less rich food.it can be as simple as food- try boiled rice and chicken or beef broth and only 20% of a protein(ground beef or ground turkey/chicken). i found that carrots, pumpkin, probiotics all have their place but not a true cure.f gas doesn't subside it might be time for either flagyl to clean up the gut. only your vet will know. KEEP IT SIMPLE! and trust your vet or find one you trust.
  13. Agreed. Lettuce had a horrible reaction to drontal plus. The ER vet and Bayer said no way. I saw increased adverse reaction the second time I administered it. $2500 later and almost loosing her i kick myself fot not listening to my gut instinct. Look for a new vet and discuss your concerns.
  14. all of my dogs have loved their crates. i made them very comfortable. annie who was a drama queen survived her 6 weeks of crate time with out any scaring. it was very sad, when old felix was at the end he just would not leave his crate his most comfortable sacred place. by then we had a soft crate which was easy to hose down when there were accidents. we literally had to unzipped the top (the front was always left open) and 3 of us maneuvered him out for his final trip to the vet. talk about a dog who loved his crate. our new dog who can be a very bad puppy(now 9 months old) quite o
  15. 90+% of the readers here will say get rid of the crate. i'm in the 10% that says stick with it. when i travel/visit people the hosts are always pleased that my dogs come with crates. we can all go out and the house and dogs are safe. if there is an injury- crate time(annie did 6 weeks of crate time w/ a shoulder injury). if you have a visitor who is fearful of dogs or a house full of people and it's too much chaos- crate time. all meals, treats, kongs, raw marrow bones are given in the crate better padding- even a bed can be placed in the crate some dogs like to look out and see
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