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  1. check w/ your vet. it can be either internal or skin- bacteria/fungus. only your vet will know. do groom her w/ a brush to bring up the natural oils. over bathing defeats the purpose- unless she needs a medicated shampoo- again the vet will know.but you can wash her bedding as much as you like- the odor lingers in it.
  2. there are plenty of orthopedic beds out there with out the cost. for an elderly dog one needs a waterproof covering & something that's easily machine washable. when felix was old, arthritic and sore his favorite thing was a cot size down/feather topper that was given to us- yup. i folded it in half, had plastic garbage bags lining the topper and a washable cover. he adored that and i washed and bleached and dried as needed it at the local laundromat. you can find them online pretty cheap, his was at least 4" thick- so doubled it was 8" before compression.
  3. whew! lucky you, lucky dog- just keep an eye on those glands
  4. Fine needle aspiration? Have all of her glands been checked?
  5. go to an ortho specialist. don't waste time or $$ self medicating her & get to the route of the problem. best of luck- hopefully PT will do the trick.
  6. you can also go on amazon and research both/all ingredients and purchase them separately. that's what i did for a while. i do believe they need Vitamin C to process both. i basically copied the recipe from greyhound gang and found it much cheaper. i also found that the only things that really worked were metacam and adequan injections. i would try the metacam as needed, it takes a week to really kick in and then you can reduce the dosage to every other day.
  7. Adequan is GREYT! I saw major improvements in felix's life.
  8. if your not into spending as much then look into midwest airline crates. also compare what what on amazon.
  9. VET! It can be pancreatitis or colitis. A professional will diagnose it and treat it. Your dog may need a low fat diet or meds.
  10. I had a dog with mange(the contagious kind, forgot which one) and he needed daily baths for an extended period of time. The two of you will become good friends. As to the undiagnosed yeast infection and worms wasn't he vetted by the adoption group? Notify them, they should have picked up on it. Groups are taxed currently but the least they can do is split the cost. Best of luck.
  11. there are two distinctive textures of coat- the very tight- most blacks have it and the FLUFFY- almost rabbit coat. sounds like you have one of each. a bath will bring on the shed- which is good. i use PANTENE (human shampoo)- a friend who is a groomer uses it on both her afghans and I.G.s. it's great stuff- easy to obtain. then once dry a rubber hound glove and soft brush to polish off and bring up the oils. i am the only person who does not like the Furminator. I used to hand strip my terriers in my other life. GH coats(either type) are not at all near the type that needs a tool like that. but you can try. remember to comb/brush out a dry dog and rinse very very well. the residue of soap is what you want to avoid. and dogs blow coats according to the amount of daylight not weather temps. you will be shocked at the next shed as the days shorten. oh, i've now started to use Pantene on my hair- what took me so long?
  12. Well said and I agree with Scott's mom and Sarah's 100%
  13. Good suggestion but call me an alarmists, PLEASE START USING A MUZZLE! Contact your adoption group and ask for the name of a trainer that you can work with. My daughter's 13# rat terrier was just attacked by a 70# dog....50 stiches later she is lucky to be alive. And even without a strong prey dog those small dogs with Napoleonic complexes can get any dog rallied up. PLEASE MAKE SOME PRODUCTIVE CALLS TOMORROW AND STEER CLEAR OF THE LIVE BAIT!
  14. #1 take him to the vet to see if there is a physical problem discuss the situation and his actions with the vet #2 discuss medical findings if any #3 this should be done at the same time as 1 & 2 speak to the adoption rep at your group. i am sorry to say that this does not sound like a safe situation. he needs to be kept away from the children. please use a muzzle so that there isn't an incident which will label this dog as dangerous. the muzzle is for everyone's well being and safety. currently a friend is going thru the same thing. her quiet boy has started growling at both my friend and her kids, one is 6 the other is 2. i love greyhounds and love kids but not all greyhounds should be with kids. not all kids should be with dogs. my friend's kids have been taught how to handle, feed, groom the GH under supervision. but toddlers do tumble- sometimes into a dog's personal space. a child and parent should not have to worry about that. there are way too many other things going on in life today. best of luck in staying safe.
  15. my friend in houston has the kurunda beds for her dogs- afghans and I.G.s. they last forever- replaceable covers- options for u.v. resistant fabrics with good drainage. when i say years i mean 30! they also do not squeak like the metal frame beds.
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