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  1. Vet appointment. Your vet will also check all of his lymph nodes- under front legs, groin, rear legs etc. Most likely a go e needle aspiration will be done and sent off to CSU. That is the major research center where the cells can be identified and a free consult w/ an oncologist. If it is lymphoma every dog reacts to treatment differently. Mine had such an aggressive case that after a week of prednisone he was starting to really fail. The monthly treatment after steroids was not expensive and has very few side effects. For the life of me I can't remember the name of the drug.(I wonder w
  2. Speak with your vet or do some major research as per cleaning the yard for eggs. DE( spelling is incorrect but Google will find it diametheous earth ) food grade should that care of the eggs/larva. It dehydrates and cuts the exoskeleton of the worms with out destroying your yard.
  3. Vet check. It can be a fungus or allergies
  4. It looks like a corn came out but there is another one in the pad. To the left of the hole, that smooth circle. Corns can be picked out but they need to be dry and hard. There are videos on youtube.
  5. Do some research as to what a genuine collar looks like. There are fakes out there. With the rash of fakes it might be worth peace of mind purchasing it from your vet. Check out the website, often there are coupons.
  6. The thirst and urine output reminds me of felix's reaction to costco's nature's domain. Ichanged the food no problems after that. Watch the calorie count in the PP products. I changed to purina one shredded beef since the PP count went up.
  7. Excellent suggestion! Speak with the adoption group.
  8. We used two towels to move Annie down steps and to the car when she broke her rear leg. Yup, it too 2 of is. One towel under the chest and one under the belly. Joe who was in the front also held onto her collar. Moving an injured GH is a 2 person job.
  9. Good call going to vet a.s.a.p. best of luck. Life is so complicated a medical professional is really needed. Good luck!
  10. Coursing hounds often have their dew claws wrapped. But those half moon shaped Knicks on the rear leg near the knee is very very common. Keep nails short and just let the dog clean the knick. Felix came to me totally unmarked....his rear legs yold the story of tons of fun running.
  11. I have learned that when there is a question about eyes have it looked at by a vet. Has your dog had it's post adoption check up yet? If not it's time. It can be irritation or ???? A vet will know.
  12. it's trial and error to see what really works for your dog. and remember it takes a good 6 weeks for their skin/coat to respond to the change, be it raise or lower protein/fat levels. so, i wouldn't go crazy reading #s unless it's on the scale. so, try what is easily accessible and wait. and remember there is activity and there is activity. walking a couple of miles a day is great for the two of you- but running like a mad dog is what will burn up calories! also age has a lot to do with caloric need and i hate to say it- but being spay/neutered does change their metabolism from what i have ob
  13. it takes a minimum of 6 weeks to see a change in their coat w/ supplements. and the big shed is approaching- LOL
  14. oh boy- what a rough start. communicate with your group. use your intended vet, E vets are wonderful for extreme emergencies but they are totally diagnostic and will do every and anything to get to the root of the problem in an aggressive way- triage- . the key with your regular vet is to communicate, don't be shy about calling back and questioning things. he's been thru a lot, things should ease up. i had a dog who reacted terribly to carpofen. there are many variables in your pup's case. one set of eyes looking at it is better than multiple at this point. cleaning up his gut, testing for wor
  15. Felix was a hand!raised puppy. 6 month ain't easy! Plant spray works much better than yelling. A good series of obedience classs and regime of playtime, walks and lots of exercise and use that crate after activities so he learns to nap. Sticking with a schedule will help. Yup, I remember the sumner of bitten arms.
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