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  1. i guess i need to be retrained- the tattoo idea is most likely best for me- i leave the house- and just leave it! now that we are on lock down- who needs a wallet? i also stopped carrying it a while ago to refrain from spending money. this must be NY paranoia since things are pretty grim around here.
  2. good idea but i am one of those who NEVER has their wallet with them! i need a microchip for identification. it's one of those things- years ago i used to have my driver's license in my back pocket. who knows how many times i washed it. might get a dura paw card or make one- AMAZON delivery around here is on STRIKE!(so is insta cart)
  3. I am just concerned about having someone contacted to pick her up! It has not hit the rest of the country but currently NY is 3xs the highest # of cases in the country. If one of us gets sick our ice contact will be informed . Shots are the least of my concerns. I like that idea
  4. Residing in NY, in-between New Rochelle and NYC all of us in the area have been dealing w/new life style restrictions. My dogs have worn boomerang tags w/ emergency info in the past. but that's great for when they get loose.My current pup has a super sensitive neck and can't wear the flat collar tag!!! our standard ID has my # and DH# on it. in these strange times my friend, who lives in mid-town manhattan, realized that we need apparent ICE instructions for the dogs! She lives in a large apartment building- management has ICE contacts(including me) and permission for retrieval of her dogs if she falls ill. I do not lock my android phone- so I have added ICE DOG CONTACT after 3 names in my phone book. I also have ICE for DOGS on the fridge. What have you done? or are planning on doing? have you contacted friends? Another reality of living w/ COVID-19. yeah my mom's independent living facility has been on lock down for 4 weeks(kudos to them pre- NYS instructions)and residents have been eating in their rooms- for over 2 weeks! they still ended up w/ 3 cases! stay healthy, stay safe. off to the woods for our sanity.
  5. can practice going out to the garden/yard with out them? this way there will be some separation. here in NY, i'm located between New Rochelle (where everything started in NY) and NYC. we are allowed for walks/jogs/bike riding etc as long as it's not a group. so, my dog is totally exhausted- and DH his too! I am out for 4 miles a day and a short trot with the hound next to the bike(15 min). i'm limited since the knee is still recovering from meniscus surgery(at 67 it's taking a while and not having water aerobics has slowed the rehab process down)- but DH and hound go out for another 2 miles just before dinner. exercise is the best thing we can do for ourselves and our hounds. remember a tired hound is a good hound- and the same thing goes for partners- if they are exhausted and you are exhausted just an adjustment in walkies when we all resume to our new life- mean while- just live day to day . i don't think that dogs will develop separation anxiety when life resumes- mine will be glad to be left alone!
  6. it's most likely not stress, just old age- good luck w/ the homeopath route. of all the companies i do like many of vetriscience's products. also vitamin rx is a good solid company. line her bed with puppy pads or a water proof mattress pad or try doggie panties for when they are in season. baby diaper modified? my old scottie who was on prednisone for his addison's disease had urinary incontence at the end due to drugs. belly band- it was a male worked and his bed (he was only 24lbs) was a watermelon box lined w/ unprinted newsprint and a washable towel. just keep life simple and easy to wash daily.
  7. the ointment works better than the drops- Dexa-something or another. it's also easier to apply. very controllable- don't fret.
  8. just changed joe's privacy- let's see
  9. i initially thought that my first GH was brain damaged- seriously. no response out of her what so ever. well, she woke up to basic clicker training and proved to be a clever gal. it was as if someone turned on the light switch. remember gh like all sight hounds do get bored very easily- but it's that initial kick start and then short short training sessions. clicker is easier to get with a professional teaching you- it's difficult to follow online. but due to the crazy world around us- do look on youtube for something that makes sense to you.
  10. there will be online activity, so stay tuned to the FB page. Vendors will be having a sale as well with 10% donated to Nittany GH. once there is more info i'm sure i will post it- unless ducky beats me to it- which is fine! all of you stay safe- it's a good time to get the dogs out for walkies- no cars on the road! do crazy people out either!!!!https://www.facebook.com/joe.bushman.18/videos/1604206626417043/?t=14
  11. You have a super sensitive pup there. Teenagers are teenagers, raging hormones, social pressure, etc. It's difficult on humans and unfortunately your pup. At least you are aware of what seems to the stimuli in your problem. Nah, don't send the kid to boarding school, summer camp-Yes! And talk to your adoption group. Positive reinfocement for his walkies, getting leashed, feeding all the normal things to keep him on track with those pleasures. How does he respond to your daughter when she isn't stressed? And even though DD is looking for independence she too needs that special time. Wishing you a speedy solution.
  12. wow, what an experience at the vet. have you spoken to the adoption group at all? maybe there is a retired person w/ a gh(a companion) and a fenced in garden and a heart of gold might have a spot to keep this girl safe and secure. your being a wonderful owner and giving the situation your best. there used to be an australian gh group on FB led by a vet. i wonder if it's still in existence. the vet, i think dr. karen at greyhound care(found an email to her years ago) was her name was most knowledgable. OMG- look a little and i found this- she's wonderful- do reach out!!! https://www.sentient.org.au/dr-karen-dawson https://www.rspca.org.au/GH-Adoption-Booklet.pdf best of luck.
  13. is wappinger's falls too far? it's near the hudson river. look up the location and http://debbiesgrooming-n-boarding.com i have used debbie over the past umpteen years and have referred many people to her. one summer we were teaching in texas- left the 2 greyhounds with her for 8 weeks. she's a certified in animal rehabilitation and is a great person. that is if she has room- debbie is always fostering a gh from the local group. good luck w/ your medical treatment.
  14. My friend had a male who was exactly like your Tess. She tried private training and used a clicker, every style harness, Chinese herbs, rescue remedy, the list is as long as my arm. No matter what and she was remarkably patient, took everyone's advice her poor boy was scared of his own shadow. His life, where he felt secure was her small enclosed patio/tiny yard and in the house. He wouldn't even go upstairs. Going to the vet meant having a local handyman load him into the Forrester and a vet tech taking him out. Very special people can handle this. She finally decided that her other GH would go on walks and her frighten boy would stay in his comfort zone.
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