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  1. basically they seem to adapt to your exercise needs. i know GH owners who jog with their dogs daily. they worked up their dog's stamina and do take hot weather into account. we are walkers- so 4 miles is no big deal. it's trial and error to keep both parties(owner and dog) happy.
  2. call your vet. there are other options. my dogs have been on NASIDs that just did not agree with them or they needed a much lower dosage. good luck in finding the right one.
  3. harnesses are great for dogs who don't pull, hang out with you and are trained and the best for mobility assistance. spook harness are a different story- but we are not talking about a spook right now. the whole concept of training comes with a package- a good teacher in a good school has both the handler and dog/team as a student. in most of the classes and they were small(under 5 people) there was and instructor and assistant help everyone non-stop. collar fitting- type of collar and how it use it properly is all included in a good school as well as techniques in positive reinforcement. the proper collar is a device is used to save the owner's arm! also in a good school good quality leashes that are the correct width for the animal are offered. it makes a world of difference when a good fitting leash is used. it's not just what is around the neck. a bigger dog needs a 5/8" leather leash. if one is going w/ biothane there are different weights for each width. remember a young feisty puppy is very different than the 4 year old racers who have already been thru tons of training! yes, they are schooled very very well and do behave then walked out to their boxes at the track. heeling right next to their handler. the 2 hounds harness is a good piece of equipment but why does one need a double clip leash if they have a good quality leash and a trained pup? i never was able to understand that. if one is fearful of clip failure there are wonderful italian brass alligator clips that dial closed. K-9NOZ sells them on their biothane leashes(of the right weight and length for your dog). I had one clip failure on the lobster clip- too much hardware on a dog and it sprung open getting caught on all the tags and jewelry. i have leashes with brass clips that have lasted for over 20 years. and please explain the harness rule in Montreal. thanks- i've visited with my GHs and were not stopped when not using a harness. interesting! i hope i didn't come off to harsh, but tools do change as a dog matures and learns. one tool for life? yes, that's unconditional love on the owner's part!
  4. never too late never too early to start and continue with obedience classes! felix came to us at 7 weeks, so i'm speaking from experience. we started him in classes at 12 weeks and continued until the $$ well ran dry- 50 sessions! great bonding, great results, great understanding of your dog. we went from obviously basics thru rally-o and agility. when my other gh at the time hated and shut down in classes felix jumped right in and finished that semester as a review class. just be firm, consistent and make sure you have a case of your favorite wine on hand! personally i would not use a harness at that age. you are unable to give your pup corrections to mold her into what YOU want. harnesses are great mobility aids(felix wore one for the last 6 months of his life 24/7). at that age i ended up using this https://www.rescopetproducts.com/training-collars it should be fitted directly under the chin. there is no way they can slip out since the collar is the same size as the neck- no excess hanging. i've used it on my salukis as well- the message gets to the dog in nano seconds. the last thing you want is for your dog to be able to pull you down. at 8 months their energy and strength are multiplying like Hulk's when he goes into action. did i use it for ever- no! we graduated to a regular buckle collar~
  5. I was going to say voyager. When we camp and get stuck in rainy weather we just pop on the voyager r.c. and go!
  6. it takes years for bats to inhabit a man made bat house. from what i have read they often like houses attached to your house- no thanks- i already had bats in my covered walkway entrance to the garage. my dogs never looked at the bat guano when they were active. it's great garden fertilizer.
  7. and btw a really strong dose of ivomectin is administered for walking mange. don't fret.
  8. Speaking from experience your pup is starting adolescence. Hold on!!!! Strange things will happen. Regression, goofiness, temporary loss of all knowledge once acquired and their body becomes a foreign object. Be patient Be consistant and remember to laugh.
  9. Don't do it yourself. Contact a club and see if you can hire their runner and equipment for the day or weekend. If a dog shatters a leg you will never forgive yourself. Remember many dogs are NOT in shape to course. GIG did a fun straight run the last day. A speed gun was used and a simple recall. Yup, now I know why I was knocked over on recalls so many times. Felix clocked 38mph!
  10. Panacur is not as crazy toxic as drontal plus. There shouldn't be a problem with the two being close. they are not the same ingredients. Now Drontal Plus and Interceptor have the same active ingredient. I opted not to use interceptor since i noticed a negative reaction from the two times my female whippet has had Drontal Plus. Safe guard goat wormer is basically panacur. cheap on Amazon IVOMEC is heart worm med. I was also told my my whippet breeder who used to work at a vet that the IVOMEC which is in interceptor last for 45 days. the manufacturers say monthly since no one can keep track of a 45 day period to re-administer. I worm(safe guard) for 3 days(one of the breeders i know does 5 days once a month) on the 27th, administer heart worm on the 12th. some vets prescribe panacur once a week for 4 weeks.
  11. i did a 13 hr trip w/ my first grey, Emily, a short time after adopting her. she was GREAT!!!! but she had 168 races behind her and was hauled in her career from Ct to Tx/AK/KS. we took felix at 9 months on a 12 hr trip from NY to Bloomington, IN with Emily. Emily let him know what appropiate behavior was on a haul. Both Annie and Felix have driven from NY to San Antonio numerous times, no problem. Also NY to Sarasota, FL. The only dog who stressed out was our current whippet, Lettuce. She behaved beautifully in the van. But it was either stress or possibly(the vets won't agree to my theory) worming from Drontal Plus during our 4 day journey from NY to Denver. She sprung a 105 temp- ER vet saved her. who knows?? Lepto? Lyme? Stress? Fever of unknown origin? Just make sure the AC is turned up on high. I hang a water bucket from the front head rest facing rear- ice cubes and water in it. I use martingale leash combo, just slip it over the head before opening any car doors at rest stops and drive. I normally do not fee canned food but for traveling it entices them to eat and has extra moisture in it. They do sell clip on fans to keep the air circulating in the back of the car. We had a battery operated fan that died(returned it) that kept the van cooler. And YES to a simple first aid kit. Vet wrap, quick stopp, roll of gauze, triple antibiotic ointment and a adult and if you can baby sock. if you have it, you will never need it. I see your in austin, driving night or day? i spent 4 summers teaching in san antonio. i know what you are talking about. as few pitt stops as possible- black top is HOT!!!
  12. Summers are always hard on ill dogs. Your doing the most loving thing. It's all about quality of life. Please remember this not the diagnosis. I hope this helps. I also remember the wise GT statement " better a day to early than a day too late" when it's time.
  13. i have always communicated with the owners privately when renting thru airbnb. i personally use a crate when leaving the dog(s)- owners like that and stress the laid back temperament of the breed. exceptions to the rule have been made with my communications. remember flea and tick preventative.
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