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  1. i just went to a great lure coursing event in NJ. it's all about the person running the lure- the lure master. and they need to be a master- wow!!!
  2. focus on corn(hopefully) and do some research as to what they look like at different stages and invest in digital x-rays. they can be sent to dr. couto need be or at least you will have a base line on record. have you considered adding gabapentin to his pain mixture? it's more effective than CBD. I have tried CBD creams(different THC strengths) for my arthritic knee and shin. Meloxican works much better.
  3. my mature dog got bunny soft in no time. i double checked all the calorie counts- i'm trying purina one(one of her breeders uses it w/o problems) which is 383 cal per cup vs. 460-80+ per cup. she is much happier being able to eat a full meal~ i think the purina focus savor is the same caloric count as one.
  4. Felix has knocked me down numerous!times. Once on a recall at school. I learned to run into him as he approached. My whippets have all run just a tad too close and knocked me over. That includes the 6 month old. A friend's leg was hit the wrong way. Rushed to the hospital at a coursing meet. 6 months in rehab due to a bad break! Needless to say she was in her 70s at the time.
  5. Just opened a new bag of sport 30/20 this!week. No changes noticed
  6. Very easy to hull. Instant relief. There are a couple of videos on YouTube. Just be gentle and take your time.
  7. Bayer manufacters the Seresto collar. Report this to them. There is a serial # on the collar. I used to throw a cheap flea collar in my vacuum bag. You can try that. Sounds like you need to bomb. Been there. I always purchased bombs from the vet. Stronger, safer- not sure. But they work. Ticks get into the floorboards. You will have a thorough seasonal cleaning. Years ago brewers yeast was the go to additive to help prevent fleas. I wonder if your pup needs more bit. B? Vit b was also the rage for avoiding mosquitoes. Maybe there is some truth to it. Talk to your vet and
  8. no problems, i believe they always had probiotics. but be careful about the calorie count. read your bag!
  9. even with a super tight harness annie was able to escape. harness leads are fool proof as the spook harnesses are. the web master is excellent- but make sure it's tight enough.
  10. ditto re animal control and the council person & police from your neighborhood. have it on as many records as possible. saline solution should do the trick. felix as a young dog managed to scrape his pastern down to the tendons- i was shocked- a good washing and i kept it covered for a short period of time since he ripped off the sock. it healed much faster than us humans heal. if you have some metacam (anti-inflammatory) that wouldn't hurt. gh are very good at filing for workmen's comp. let her rest and do your civic duty reporting this incident.
  11. have you spoken to your vet about using flagyl/ metronidazole an antibiotic. some vets like that, some prefer Tylan Powder. both help clear up GI crud/bacteria. often the 2 week regime of antibiotics needs to be repeated, so be aware of it. if you are feeding bland food and not making any head way it really sounds like a round or 2 of antibiotics. annie had chronic colitis and needed to stay on flagyl for 6 months. we did start weaning her off of it after month 3. she went back to the gut of a garbage truck- nothing bothered her. a good probiotic while on antibiotics and i use Vitamin RX
  12. Love fish tale collars!!! They are a perfect design for GH and whippets. Leave it on if he is used to it.
  13. i'll take the chews- i'll pm you my address. glad to hear the pups are fine! thanks
  14. it sounds like you have a loss-if so, so sorry. costco will take them back. when jamie died i didn't know if i could return the frontline i purchased, no packaging since i removed it since it took up so much space. i explained what happened, they were very nice expressed condolences and took it back. also, they take back opened dog food- if you say your pup had a negative reaction to the products they will refund your money.
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