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  1. I am so sorry to read this! My heart weeps with you.
  2. OMG! They're back! I remember sitting at my computer years ago, all by myownself, absolutely crying with laughter. And today, when I need a chuckle, they return!
  3. I have seen two who were white in their youth, but over the years they both developed some red or black ticking.
  4. Welcome from Sirius and Sasha in Delaware!
  5. I don't see why a greyhound couldn't do this. At least one of mine is in the bathroom with me anyway....
  6. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words. The "missing her" is not quite as acute as it was, until I do something unthinkingly routine. For example, the other day I came into the foyer, hung up my jacket, greeted the other two, then made a left down the hall to let Penny out of her crate. Halfway there I realized. Several times at breakfast or dinner, even though I only have two bowls in hand, I feed Sasha, then Sirius, then go to Penny's spot...but there's no bowl and no feeder. Penny has joined the Fun Police Squad in the field at the Bridge, of that I'm positive. Thank you all again.
  7. Thank you for that, Racindog. I'm sorry she had to leave in pain, but so glad she left being Penny. I'm offering the vetmedin because it goes for about $2-3 a tab, and I know that every little bit helps.
  8. Sadly, my Penny has gone to the bridge. She had been diagnosed with DCM, and was being treated with Vetmedin and L-carnatine, as prescribed by her cardiologist. I have about 30 tabs of 10mg vetmedin and about 50 of L-carnatine leftover. I can return them to my vet , who will donate them, but I'm hoping a grey or non-grey sib could use them. I'll happily mail them off. Altho her disease was progressing, she did not succumb to it. She suffered a severe spinal injury after a fall in the yard, as well as dislocating one hip. By the time I got to the EVet, she was unable to control her hind end at all. Because of the DCM, she wasn't a candidate for surgery. So I gave her a kiss, told her she was a good girl, and said goodbye.
  9. The irony in my case, is that I didn't feed grain free because it was grain free---it was the first food that didn't give my dogs crystals in their pee. This was the 4th one I tried, and it worked, so I stuck with it. Sigh.
  10. You might want to browse the units on the Facebook group Taurine-deficient (Nutritional) Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Its up to over 100K members.
  11. Sadly, one of my girls has DCM. I fed grain free for years. The World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc. recommends Merrick, Fromm, Royal Canin, Hills/Science Diet, and Purina. Among other reasons, they test before, during and after production, have single sources, and have vet. nutritionists on staff. I feed Purina, because that's what my budget can handle for 3 greys. She will celebrate her birthday next week, and we will celebrate for 2 reasons: That she is still with me after a year and a half, and she will be my second grey (out of 10) who has made it to 11!
  12. Penny weighs 61lbs, and takes one 20mg tablet daily. At least for the generic brand, the capsule has a tablet and filler inside it. You can break open the capsule and remove the tablet. I don't know if this holds true for the larger dose, or for the name brand.
  13. My girl is taking daily omeprazole. She gets it at breakfast. If at all possible, get the tablet instead of the capsule. In a recent xray, taken mid afternoon, we could clearly see the as yet undigested capsule in her intestines. After that I broke the capsule open and just gave the tablet hidden within. Penny takes 4 meds at breakfast, so I scrape of a blob of peanut butter onto the side of her dish, stick her pills into it, and she licks it off as she eats.
  14. Welcome from Penny, Sasha, and Sirius in Delaware!
  15. Penny, Sasha, and Sirius say welcome from Delaware!
  16. Sasha will celebrate here, and Pharaoh, Billy, Oliver, Jack and Fagan will celebrate at the bridge!
  17. oldrunners


    Your lovely, sweet girl will be missed by more people than you will ever know, and their good thoughts will follow you, offering comfort, and celebrating the joy Lexi brought to them.
  18. I am in error: Merrick is not on WSAVA guidelines, Iams is. Damn these senior moments, which seem to be getting longer and longer...
  19. Very good point, Bizeebee, and one I hadn't realized. And the more I think about it, I seem to recall Iams being mentioned early on. I think all this info is overwhelming my brain. I don't want to mislead anyone, so, in future, I will only comment as it relates to my dog.
  20. The World Small Animal Veterinary Assoc. recommends Merrick, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Hill's, and Purina. These are recommended because they have a vet nutritionist on staff, they test before, during and after manufacture, and they know from whom they source their ingredients, among other things. My budget says Proplan is the one for us. I'm feeding the senior one.
  21. Proplan 7+. Both my girls are 10 1/2, Sirius will be 7 in September. To be blunt, I just cannot afford Merrick, Eukanuba, or Royal Canin. I have never fed Hill's, so I went for Purina, since I had fed it many years ago when I had two dogs on their kidney diet. These are the 5 listed on WSAVA guidelines.
  22. I brought my Penny in because she was off her food. Vet notice during the exam that Penny's heart rate was very high and there was an odd sound from her heart. She brought Penny into the back where a couple of other vets listened and concurred. They set me up as an emergency patient at the cardiologist for the next day. Among other things, Penny had an ultrasound and an electrocardiogram. and was diagnosed with DCM. We now feed Purina proplan 7+. ( FYI, I live in Delaware. and that emergency visit was just short of $!K). She had a checkup in May, and cardiologist is quite pleased. He even saw a slight improvement. She takes Vetmedin and L-carnatine, which is a supplement I get at The Vitamin Shoppe. Be forewarned: Vetmedin is quite pricey, and one of its ingredients is scarce for some reason. So far my vet has been able to get it. Vetmedin is compoundable, if that one ingredient is available. The irony is, I fed TOTW because it didn't cause my dogs to have crystals in their urine, not because it is grain free. So far, no crystals...
  23. In case you didn't know, that spot on her head is called a "kissy spot". Welcome from Penny, Sasha, and Sirius, who don't have kissy spots!
  24. Leash walks, only as long as needed to P&P. No jumping. If the dog is allowed on furniture, take the cushions off so he can just step up. No stairs. No pulling or lunging on leash. No running. Keep on top of pain meds. My daughter bought her dog a couple of brainwork toys to keep her dog engaged/amused, and taught her beginning nose work tasks.
  25. Penny went for a recheck echo last week. She needs a dental, and my regular vet didn't want to do it without the echo, rightly so. The cardiologist was very pleased--her heart function has actually improved! He considers her stable, I'm to continue the vetmedin and L- carnatine, and she doesn't need a recheck for 6 months to a year, unless I have concerns. She is cleared for her dental, and will have it on Thursday.
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