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    So sorry. Godspeed, Sienna.
  2. Greyhounds mature late. With 4 years he is still just considered grown up. And now imagine some alien from another planet grabs you, puts you on his planet and aspects you to be just happy and relaxed. That's how your new dog feels. My greyhounds are very active. They love long walks and lots of time for running and playing. A greyhound per se is not a lazy dog. I hope nobody fed you the 'They only need 20 minutes walks lie'. Yes, there are greys that are like that but a young and healthy dog needs more. You can start with some training like recall or fetch or basic commands. And just a little food for thought. We have a saying here in Germany that losely translated says - sighthounds suffer silently. It means that a sighthound that only seems to sit on a sofa or on it's bed most likely is not just lazy but sometimes bored to death. They sleep their days away because nothing happens.
  3. I remember them well. I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs all the way across the ocean. πŸ’”
  4. I am of no help in regards to legal matters but you got some good advice here. I know how you feel. Many here remember my old boy Andy, sweet and gentle, always off lead greyhound. He wasn't always like this. When I adopted him he had already killed a galgo (Spanish greyhound) at his foster home. He never gave any warnings, just attacked, people and dogs alike when he felt threatened, his space invaded or when he wanted to protect his boundaries. This was a different situation than yours but I just accepted him for who he was and he calmed down over the years. He learned to trust. Your boy needs to meet small dogs on walks, no interacting, just looking and getting treats for calm behaviour. That's how my new boy Abu stopped screaming and dancing every time he saw a small dog. I wouldn't trust him off lead with something small but at least he doesn't bring people running anymore because they think someone is being murdered.
  5. Get well soon, Aiden. Tell mom to get you a big fat ice cream to keep down the swelling.
  6. I'm writing this with a heavy heart. On Tuesday morning last week Paddy came in from the garden where he was doing greyhound stuff with Saoirse and Abu, stumbled into his bed, lost poor and urine and died 30 minutes later in my arms. We had him checked by his vet just some weeks ago and he came back with a clean bill of health, great bloodwork and looking and acting like a dog much younger than his age. Paddy was my heart dog. He was always happy and the funniest dog I ever met. He also loved his off lead walks and despite being a successful racer in his time he never strayed from my side. I adopted him in 2013. At that time I had a pack of black greyhounds and was known as the woman with the big black boys in my adoption group. I mentioned that I wanted to adopt another greyt to our adoption coordinator (of course a big black boy) and some weeks later my phone rang. There was a woman on the phone who told me that she was the foster mum of my new boy. She described his character and refused to send me a picture but told me he was some kind of light black. Her description peaked my curiosity and I drove over to meet the light black dog. Turned out a light black dog was the most beautiful big blue greyhound I had ever seen. That day I gained a wonderful dog and a wonderful friend in his foster mum Martina. We are good friends till today. Paddy's ashes came home today. Farewell, my friend. Thank you for teaching me about trust, responsibility and so much about myself. Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight. We can't add more days to life but we can add more life to the days. (Pictures courtesy of my good friend Sylvia Schaller, der-bordercollie.de)
  7. We are using seresto collars for years now. Never had a problem. We always buy them from our vet. They are a bit more expensive but we are sure they are the original ones.
  8. Thank you for all those sweet birthday wishes for Saoirse. ❀
  9. Saoirse turned 5 today. I can't believe it. It seems like I got her from that hauler from Ireland just yesterday. She was a little 1,5 year old gal and blossomed into my strong and independent greyhound princess. She is getting a little white in her face but still is the most active greyhound I ever met. We will spend this das with a long walk and a nice dinner..... And maybe a new toy if Saoirse finds one to her liking at the pet shop.... I guess it will be a snake 🀣
  10. I follow those 'greyhounds are forced to run' discussion on social media and here I found it. The evidence that some greyhounds indeed are forced to run by their very persistent trainers... Meet poor Abu and his trainer Saoirse....
  11. Yes, it usually doesn't snow that much. Paddy hates snow because it is cold an wet but the kids have the time of their life. Abu is bigger and he covers more ground than Saoirse but she has the greater endurance. They are very well matched.
  12. 2cm of snow they said.... Not much for the greyts to play in 😁
  13. Me too. Black is a rare colour in Irish coursing greyhounds. They tend to be fawn or brindle because their blood lines are different from the racers. I also love that he has one white side of his face and the other one is black. They killed the gras with their shenanigans. I built a sand track for them to run and play safely without slipping.
  14. You are right. Abu and Saoirse were Irish hare coursers.
  15. She loves to run and play... even better with Abu
  16. Poor Abu can't afford a start box... He was actually stalking his sister Saoirse.
  17. @macoduck Thank you. I have a friend who works with essential oils a lot. I will ask her about cistus.
  18. Yes, that's it. His sister has it, too. So maybe It's a genetic thing? @greysmom Thank you. I will look into Yunan Baiyao. Maybe we have it over here, too.
  19. I think it's greyhound bleeding disorder. The blood clots but the clots dissolve after 3 - 5 days.
  20. First the sauerkraut incident and now we found out (the hard way) that Abu has got the greyhound bleeding disorder. But we are fine now, found the right meds and still have an appointment with the university vet next week. I need more infornation (in a language I can understand well enough for med talk, most articles I found online are in English😟). I am working my way through them... slowly but steadily.
  21. Who eats hot dogs with sauerkraut??? πŸ€” That would be cool but sadly I'm not partial to my family's secret sauerkraut recipe. I have to ask my mum. I knew she was hiding something from me. 🀣
  22. Abu got bored on Tuesday evening and chewed his daddy's tablet pen and swallowed a metal pin. A call to the vet came up with this method of emergency first aid. Hubby was told to feed Abu a bowl of sauerkraut. It seems that dogs can't digest it properly and it wraps it's strands around the foreign object and the dog can pass it without trouble or getting hurt. That was exactly what happened to Abu. He passed the pin wrapped in partly digested cabbage strings yesterday and is absolutely fine.... not even a gas atrack due to the sauerkraut. I sent hubby to get a new tin to store in case we will need in the future. Picture of the culprit because he is a cutie...
  23. Did they rule out those mediteeranean illnesses like leishmaniosis or anaplasmosis, I guess they are called tick born diseases in the US? It sounds to me like a foreign body compared with a reaction to the first antibiotics. I second bathing the food in salt water.
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