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  1. this thread is hysterical! down here in NY i had an obedience instructor who just threw dry kibble in the yard and let them find it!
  2. I'm so so sorry to hear this- been there. it was a short period and azim's liver tumor just grew-.
  3. The!same thing happened to Annie. She jumped off the bed onto a carpet and broke her rear leg. It's such a shock.
  4. Stick with simple stool samples and other easy to afford and!administer options. The change in the house could have started a slight case of colitis. But only science will know. Tylan or flagyl are great drugs when used properly. Vets are aware of the issues of overdosing. Annie was on flagyl for 5 month with 0 problems.
  5. Sounds like your vet has a sensible approach. If he can't take meloxican then ask about adequan injections. If your vet wants to try meloxican then pecid a.c prior to feeding, meloxican after feeding. Meloxican is once a day. The generic does not work as well . Felix was on both for his arthritic lumbar. It kept him comfortable and in good enough shape to play.
  6. this can be the steroids but how old is your pup? those, unfortunately, are many signs of dementia. check in with your vet and discuss this thoroughly. 3rd party opinions will drive you to drink. for dementia both purina bright minds and senalife can help. good luck
  7. practice makes perfect just keep on taking him places, they do get used to it.
  8. sounds like either an injury to the eye or something. a blue eyed dog looks like a normal blue eye. i did have a saluki who had a blue eye- opaque blue. most likely a reaction to the distemper puppy shot. he life a normal life- nothing stopped him from hunting
  9. i like your vet's approach- antibiotics and recheck. once you have the recheck your vet will most likely prescribe the correct food for him. just open that mouth and shove your hand down his throat as far as it can go- that will get those mega pills down. i have never hidden pills, just hand down the gullet. my last saluki had a bile duct that would clog and clear out- his urine was awful then went from dark tea/coke to clear in a matter of hours. it took more than a year for it to manifest into a tumor- no testing was done, just watching. azim, who survived parvo, lived a normal life until the last 2 months. he lived to 12. anything over 10 for a big dog is a good long life- hoping for a good long ancient life for Jeter
  10. If the pin was Sterling and hand crafted I would value it at $85-100. Look on eBay under vintage greyhound pins.
  11. Your vet sounds focused. One thing at a time, let him take is organized path to getting this under control. Thin skin and scant hair, excessive thirst and urination are also side effects of steroids. My late Scottie was on them for 10 years, one deals with it. Good luck with the results of the bloodwork.
  12. also try allivet and google shopping ivomectin which is the active ingredient in heart worm meds is good for 45 days, but no one can keep track of a 45 day cycle- so it's given every 30 days. so, if you are a tad late, don't panic.
  13. If they step in poop or run thru mud a wet microfiber cloth works wonders. Dare I say most dog owners have gritty floors, hence all the posts on this forum about vacuum cleaners.
  14. The recall exercises!will help if you play games and the exercises prior to navigating your return. Stick with the fun, calling him to you is essentially checking in. A diversion and reward for looking. In other words change the game. Reward time, play time and continue in the apt as well. A new spin on the experience.
  15. have you started recall exercises and practice on lead? that could solve many of your problems. use a long line(can be a clothes line or the dreaded flexi-lead- the ribbon type)- let them out- call or reel them back in and reward with a super good treat- HOT DOGS are the best.
  16. i took my first gh to work with me. i was working pt at a state park. she hung out in the office, with all of us and walked the trails w/ me, drove around in the electric mule or pick up truck for patrols. she was very easy going and just went with the flow. never had a problem w/ doors opening- what dog in their right mind would leave an office if there was an endless stash of milk bone biscuits?
  17. the cut should be healed, did your vet prescribe anything for the pulled muscle? this sounds a tad strange. with his lack of exercise it should be healed, or healing. did he come this way? maybe a second opinion and or revisit w/ your vet and ask for an activity schedule. something is off -
  18. you have a baby- he's young, going thru adolescence and needs lots and lots of exercise. is he getting that? our adolescent sight hounds rip around the yard like mad-dogs, play, run and still have the energy for a good long walk. did your adoption group inform you about a young dog's physical needs? structure & exercise will be your best friend. do you get him out for a good run and long walk early in the day to tire him out for a couple of hours? talk to your adoption group if you are unable to really exercise this pup. i hate to sound abrupt, but a young dog develops S.A. and other traits when not exhausted and they have a ton of energy cooped up inside. kennel dogs are out and running(with or next to another dog) for extended periods of time outside. do you have a dog door? but what goes out can come in- such as other critters~ but work with knowledgable trainers and your group for best results. remember a good dog is a tired dog- tired after exercise(your best friend)
  19. harness but a trainer will be your best bet. for this i would do some one on one trainings. this way you can share what ever you have been doing and get a new focus. don't pull your hair out trying to figure this out. a professional will save you lots of time and frustration. best of luck~
  20. i'm asking for a friend who is researching the amputation of a middle front toe. has anyone out there had that toe amputated on their GH? if so, how did if affect their running ability? her dog's corn was "removed" by a vet who just shaved the pad down. didn't remove the corn- just the surface. now a hard callous has formed which hamper's her movement. all of this due to not being able to get into her long term vet- covid complications. thanks in advance andrea asking for mavis
  21. oh yes the steroids will increase appetite and thirst. always remember that.
  22. the late great willie wonka had L.P. during the summer he always had a fan near his crate- no dog bed for him, it was too hot. i stopped taking him anywhere- he always had a chilly spot at the vet's boarding facility always waiting for him, an easy dog to board. he scared us a couple of times. one humid night we thought that was it- he pulled thru- his personal fan was the answer. no meds nor tie back. willie lived to 15!
  23. washable cover keep the price down something you can add more stuffing to just look for a durable material(not a nylon backed fleece) since GH do nest and will shred it.
  24. sounds like your vet knows what he/she is doing. stick with their protocol. the local adoption group has a horrible experience w/ one of the hook/protocols. the dog was allergic to one of the chemicals and has suffered irreversible damage to eyes and kidneys( talk about and expensive worming- over $6k!). my motto is less is more- don't go for the big guns unless one really needs to. the worming/antigen test should reveal everything. good luck and don't go crazy. monthly interceptor helps as well.
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