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  1. i tried green frozen tripe/5lb bullets(sausages) when my male was having kidney issues(p.s. his values went up, so i cut it out). it was totally gross- one needs to defrost it in a bin since the clamp at the end does not keep the blood contained. it was all over the fridge. also, one needs a separate freezer for bulk deliveries. at the time i was only purchasing 10/5lb bullets at a time. we had NO HUMAN food in the freezer. that is something to consider. living in a small small home( chateau bungalow) we do not have the space for a free standing freezer. what does your vet say about this?
  2. commenting on racingdog"s post- i was told when my last gh puppy came to the house - FEED ADULT FOOD with lower protein levels. you want them to grow slowly. i'm now dealing w/ a whippet puppy- her breeder had her on purina sport - i've cut her protein levels back and she is filling out and doing well. as to bones- my GH loved his beef knuckle and marrow bones when he was a wee pup. no problem letting those scissor teeth rip the meat off the bone. i removed most of the marrow since it's so rich. i don't/won't feed raw. so no comments there. from what i have observed watch/talking to pur
  3. your vet need not to be a GH person. vets can easily look up info, it's at their fingertips. in my opinion your vet is steering you in the correct direction. let her enjoy life with out anything physically taxing. it's quality of life at her age- yeah the breath....i know....but kidney breath is absolutely the worst!
  4. our bedrooms are 51-6 at night! fleece p.j. w/ legs, polar fleece blankets to nest in- a bed w/ sides is helpful. if you can run into an old down blanket- they are really the best for keeping body heat in. but for really keeping the warmth in a crate w/ a heavy blanket on it, thick crate mat or bed again w/ bumpers and old warm fleece blankets. felix had a down mattress topper in his crate- he loved it- never came out and was toasty warm. i also used that mattress topper(twin size) as a bed itself. i used to wash it at the laundromat 2xs a year. i did have a zipper cover for protection
  5. it sounds as if you are ready to go for it. just wait a tad to make sure her meds for cushings are on target. my late scottie had addison's disease- the complete opposite- but also an auto immune disease (often cushings patients turn into addisonians). keeping his meds balanced was a challenge, but i did it for 10 years! the stress of going under might throw things off. good luck w/ your pup.
  6. I have a non splatter water bowl that I bought over a decade ago . The person who designed it went no where with it. But it works. Take a bucket that is at least 12" tall. Cut 2 parallel lines down around 5" and 5" apart. Then a horizontal cut at the bottom of the parallel cuts. Essentially you are cutting out a rectangle. There is enough of a tall collar left to contain a good 85% of the splatter. And you should have 6" for water. Home depot and the dollar stores have cheap buckets. All you need is a utility knife. I was thinking of donating mine to an auction.....But o
  7. I wouldn't. Kidney challenged? Felix had gorgeous choppers until his kidneys started to fail. I would not chance taxing any of his systems. my addisonian scottie had rotting molars due to the disease and meds. My vet gave him a sedative and was able to gently pull the rotted molars. That's how I deal with physically challenged dogs who had bad teeth in their later years.
  8. Start working on the car sickness a.s.a.p. you can bring a bed and baby gate and gate him in the bathroom /hallway area in the motel room.
  9. It's not the car, it's the dog. Try a benadryl 30 min prior to a trip. Annie needed to be surgically inserted into our cars. We had a 2 door civic and 4 door Acura back then. She made it to Texas, Canada, Florida and then some from NY. I use rubber back bath mats on the seat. Easy to wash if they get sick. Practice makes perfect. Btw I'm breaking in a very carsick whippet puppy currently. Yeah she jumped up on the seat after I put her paws in the well! Also she only puked 3xs on our last trip.
  10. It's allergy season. Ground and leaf mold #s are high. Sounds like ear infection or bad yeast infection and allergies. Poor pup, talk about meds and possible antihistamines or steroids if he's really bad. Good luck, a second opinion doesn't hurt.
  11. i'm laughing remembering trying to find english fishtale collars years ago- nothing in the states. every time someone went abroad they picked one up for me~
  12. exactly the same diagnosis- i'm reading the comments both down and up. we used metacam/tramadol/gabapentin and a dog bed in the crate. and a harness for walking - be ware annie slipped her harness even though it was on really tight! that's another conversation.
  13. "The agree that he has some mineralization/calcification and believe his bicep tendon could be chronically inflamed (though not sure why?!). The one thing they thought was off was that he showed more signs of discomfort when extending his leg as opposed to flexing it (which I guess is opposite of what they would have assumed). They thought perhaps he may have been overcompensated and hurt his tricep? " annie had mineralization of her shoulder bone and it started to cut/irritate the muscle after an awkward jerk. yes, quite painful and yes Dr. Couto diagnoses it as he consulted w/ the
  14. GH are very sensitive to the climate. cool brisk days are walking day- do talk to your adoption group. someone experienced there will be able to check for corns and give you some pointers. hopefully they are responsive and will walk you thru this and any other questions you have. corns, soft pads, warm weather all can contribute to this situation.
  15. 1degree C equals our 32degrees F. In the north and Midwest that's balmy! The dogs adjust, YES dampness makes it raw. A jumper or lined coat should do the trick. As to fireworks some dogs are bomb proof. Some are more sensitive. I haven't administered drugs just crazy good treats during stressful times. Farm GH are out in the winter with these crazy thick coats that mother nature has provided them with. Try walking with high quality treats, feed and walk. Keep his mind off of his fears. And walk fast/walk on!
  16. depending upon what's going on w/ the current lockdown contact a groomer or vet. best i would say a groomer-they handle crazy nail phobic dogs all the time.
  17. kidney problems often result in the very worst halitosis ever- worse than dragon breath. do speak w/ your vet. or maybe it's just wonky healing after the extractions.
  18. i have a friend who has had GH for many many years. she now has 2 & 6 year old daughters. She did have a problem w/ personal space needs for her last foster and her toddler falling on the dog. he didn't bite, just growled but toddlers are toddlers and one needs a bomb proof dog with them. It just didn't work, not safe enough for the kids. So, I suggested a puppy. She found a 6 month old- but this person has had GH for a good 15+ years already. It's perfect, working at home, kids are home and she is doing(as I suggested and it's working) a really regimented training regime with both
  19. Purina One for my mature pup- beware- purina just revised their recipes and the calorie count has gone up! Purina One is 380 per cup- not bad and enough protein and fat to keep the coat in check. the skinny puppy is inhaling ProPlan Sport which is a whopping 484 calories per cup. so be ware- the ProPlan Focus and Shredded recipes have gone up in calories as well. The lamb and rice is nearly 500 calories a cup. so if you have a non-eater you can get away with a cup(and a tad) a day Since I started using Purina a couple of years ago I have been able to eliminate all additives for coat and
  20. Also check out the tail position. Tucked under as not to propell them when it's out straight behind.
  21. you and your husband's health and safety come first! a dog with 0 prey drive is what you need. ask your adoption group about a senior dog or a brood mama w/ little drive. they are out there. and good for you speaking up and protecting your safety.
  22. if you can't figure out the door situation then there will be a problem with any breed that you decide to incorporate in your house.
  23. i always start "leave it " on lead. also, strangely enough i also teach touch. leave it- so, they will know it's off limits or within limits. touch is a positive thing starting w/my hand in different positions then eventually transferring over to other objects- i.e. jinge bells on the door when they need to go out. i left bait- peanut butter on plastic lids and did lots of leave its with the wisenheimer. he was a really obnoxious counter surfer. he did really well, i increased the duration of the presence of bait. then one day made off with a lid never to be found. leave it and touc
  24. ruffians by JW are industructible. i had one that was gross- left outside but over 10 years old ! the fire hose toys and skins lasted a very short amount of time here. the legs of wubbas were chewed off in minutes. marrow bones- raw last.
  25. have you considered going to an otho dr. for a second opinion(as mentioned above). gh do not have hip dysplasia. arthritic joints, lumbar problems, disk problems yes. your location is unknown since you are new to the forum. but do some research and see if you can find a specialist. if her ACL are ruptured then that's another story. your adoption group might be able to help you find the right specialist. do bring a copy of the x-rays with you. the specialist might repeat the x-rays but they can see if there is a change. good luck-
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