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  1. Boiled white rice and 20% protein of your choice. Talk to vet can be Giardia or even a bacteria from bird feces which is difficult to both diagnose and treat. Discuss a!regime of antibiotics and ask about Chronic colitis(flagyl for many months cleared it up) bacteria/parasite. Pancreatitis Dylan powder is preferred by some vets. Your pup may need a bl and diet for a while. Good luck, be patient and communicate with your vet.
  2. that's what i mentioned- not only does it give them some relief but it enhances their appetite and it's CHEAP!
  3. i would NOT invest in X-rays- a harness yes and have vet wrap on hand since most likely she is dragging one of not both rear paws. if you have a bootie- use it but the loose vet wrap is a great traction bootie. sometimes prednisone can help a tad just making your pup feel better in general.- but towards the decline it's a matter of keeping them happy and safe. it's always difficult to deal w/ a mind that is alert and a failing body. the Webmaster is what I used on felix when he needed support going up and down stairs. it's like having a dog in a suitcase. special meals and treats are in order
  4. this is not anxiety- this is a healthy obnoxious(adolescent sight hounds win the award for being obnoxious) puppy- that's what they often do- they don't know any better and can be vocal. DAP diffusers are a waste of $$$. spend your $$ on marrow bones, hoofs, etc for the chewing and once classes resume- obedience classes. remember they are called land sharks for a reason!
  5. exercise, training and training and exercise will take care of the boredom is his life. a young dog- especially an adolescent sight hound is a handful! i've been there with both greyhounds and saluki pups. you are putting the time in, so i'll give you my secret weapon. a water gun or plant spray when you want them quiet. it works. the first time it's shhhh- and spray. no verbal shhhh after that just the plant spray. at least your home and can do this. it works- you may need to relocate the crate for a while so you can just shoot and drench. other wise have the crate in it's spot walk to
  6. it's the carbs that will help w/ weight gain. carbs- white rice and yams are excellent. but do check and see if there is more than just and allergy going on. has your dog had a fecal sample tested lately? can there be a bacterial growth or giardiasis? I HAVE HAD SERVER ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO CHICKEN AND FISH- THE CULPRIT- NOT THE PROTEIN ITSELF- ANTIBIOTICS THAT THE ANIMALS WERE FED!!
  7. 8 is not that old but old enough to make sure you keep their weight down. extra weight is extra stress on bones and joints. there are a ton of easy to administer supplements out there. everyone finds their favorite. prior to starting Metacam for felix when he was 9 and showing arthritis(and he never ran at the track) i liked Nupro which has both coat and joint goodies in it. had purchased dasaquin +/cosaquin as recommended by the vet- no difference. and thinking back there wasn't that much improvement joint wise with anything. Bright Minds by Purina is an excellent senior food- you might give
  8. i had noticed that Lettuce's pigment was getting pink- i spoke w/ her breeders they suggest Sea Meal. Not a ton- but it seems to give her what she needs- black pigment is back. https://www.chewy.com/solid-gold-supplements-seameal-skin/dp/49210 it's not expensive, i would give it a try. her breeders have been around for over 30 years and stay pretty simple w/ supplements.
  9. costco is great- just bring it back. my dogs have not done well on any of the kirkland products. give PRO PLAN by Purina a try. Their FOCUS is excellent. if you dog is hyper active then there is SPORT. all are listed under PURINA PRO PLAN. reduced stool and i found w/ salmon and rice there was no need for a supplement for the coat.
  10. i come from the school of hard knocks- put it down and pick it up. i just went thru non eating w/ a sick dog and resorted to just canned food. lettuce who was on both clavamox and doxy just about stopped eating. she lost a good 4+ lbs(she only weighs 38lbs normally) and looked like death. i resorted to canned food in one bowl and kibble in the other bowl. i put it out and she ate some in the middle of the night. but she was ill and the antibiotics made her feel awful. now that's she's healthy i give her her portion for the day. put it out- 15 min later pick it up and stick it in th
  11. oh i keep the for a really really long time. they just aren't as effective. gee- 10 years? Liquid meloxican looses it's punch really quickly.
  12. my dogs see the feral cats right thru the 12ft privots just behind my 6 ft fencing!
  13. i lost 2 grey to osteosarcoma one went back to Oswald Cobblepot the other Gable Dodge. Sorry to hear your situation.
  14. i agree but i do remember one friend who went thru tons of medicated baths, supplements etc for her poor dog(mixed breed) who was miserable. her skin was a mess. ultimately after years of trial, error &$ he started to play with food.the right food made a world of difference and once they found it they never deviated from it. a simple way to see if it's a food allergy is feed ONLY rice for 2 or 3 weeks. yes they can live on rice alone. then s-l-o-w-l-y add in one source of protein at a time. wait a week or two before removing and changing proteins. it's slow, long, and not so laboriou
  15. stay out in the yard with your pup in the beginning. i've had known jumpers who for some reason never jumped my fence(4 ft in the front, that is all we are allowed in a front yard). if they looked like they might be thinking about it i verbally corrected them and called them back for a treat. a high value treat is better than roaming the streets so they thought. if your dog is a jumper you will know immediately. the 6 ft turkey wire(don't even think about 5ft) on the interior of your fencing should be attached with zip ties. from the street it will look like your original fencing, the turkey
  16. if you have your dog on antihistimes then try removing the irritant with a really rag wet in water only. wipe and dry your dog down, don't bathe. my welsh terrier had hot spots and fall allergies. hydrocortisone did nothing but the fall we planted a couple of bushes i hand watered them daily and my crazy boy willie wonka loved to attack the hose/water. that fall his allergies subsided- he was thoroughly rinsed with plain water! no allergies- the allergens were removed.
  17. go for it- see if there is a change in behavior. 2/ 20 min walks have never cut it for any of my dogs over the last 45 years. Only when Felix was old and feeble did a 20 min walk work but he still caught toys when thrown in the yard even though walking was a challenge! if you can get a run in or bike ride early you may reset behavior since your pups can get the willies out. as to eating books etc that's nervous anxious behavior. once they are TIRED it should subside. also try some marrow bones or something else healthy to chew on. as to level of protein it's a combo of protein and fat to keep
  18. EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE it sounds like that pup needs to run. A tired dog is a good dog. Bike ride or maybe jogging in the morning. I hope you are a morning person!😎 I did have a demanding foster who bit her way out of 2 other homes. When she was verbally naughty in her crate I used a plant spray. She learned not only to sleep the night and not bark but to sleep to a respectable 7am.
  19. routine and since your really just just got her try keeping her on lead with you or crated. as soon as she learns the potty routine- getting out of the crate and a timed schedule with food rewards for doing her business then you can take the leash off and keep her on your floor of the apt. this way you can watch her. always take her to the same spot to potty- a quick in and out- utility walk as i call it. house breaking will be complete in no time. with in a short period of time you can start to extend her in home loose time and get her on a schedule that is more fit for her age. this is a pup
  20. try exchanging a rope toy for the collar. watch out- when she gets the collar(behind your back) it will be eaten. do walk w/ a treat bag attached to you- either they come w/ belts or hooks. when you approach people it sounds like a perfect response presently but you might want to reach in and give her a treat keeping her initial greeting calm.also you can keep your poop bag and a small toy in the bag or under your pouches belt. remember anything she is doing correctly now will change. this is one of my bags- it works really well. in between use i store it in the fridge. one of my gh smell
  21. i would go with a simple good kibble and rice. purina pro plan sport is excellent and i've used it to help get weight on after a dog was ill. canned dog food also has calories and rice(carbs) why are these dogs so thin? is there a medical issue, have they been check by a vet? (blood/thyroid/fecal workup)15 pounds is what often a dying hound(kidney disease) looses when the kidneys are not working and they are not processing food or have this unfortunate pups been in an abusive situation?
  22. check out the other posts by new owners on this forum. it sorta sounds like some of the dogs going into solo homes might need a lead dog. also behaviorist are a blessing if you find a good one. stay in contact(like now!) with you adoption group and keep them updated. maybe a rep can visit and access the situation. it should not be this difficult. often a dog's personality does not come forward until they leave the group situation at the kennel.
  23. one more month to put under your belt! just leave the martingale on unless she is in her crate. and do give her a treat every time you put the collar on. with in a week she will be sticking her head into the collar. i hope she is wearing a tag collar in the house if she is naked. the tag collar comes off in the crate as well. for the fast growing pups i like the lupine martingales- the 3/4" come in 2 sizes. i'm not sure if she needs the 9-14" or the 14-?. I use the 1/2" lupine buckle collars for tag collars.
  24. water gun or plant spray and shhhhh once. then only use the spray. i had a plant spray that just sat there filled once my dog learned not to bark and never used it again. just the presence of it was more than enough. i never rewarded once the dog was quiet since my dog was smart enough to tolerate the spritz just to get the treat.
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