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  1. I'm so sorry. Always blue skies and wind under your wings, Callie.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Godspeed Jamie
  3. After losing Fibi Fireworks in such a tragic way my sister went into depression. Her husband called me and ask if I would be able to find a dog for her. And I have to admit... The day I got the call that Fibi had died I knew we would be facing hard times with my sister. Fibi left on Monday and Regina's birthday was on Thursday. I made some calls and Thomas (her husband) and I started a conspiracy. We would get her a new greyhound. She needed a heart healer and she needed a reason to leave the house, to interact eith her new friends she met through Fibi, to just start living again. So some weeks after her birthday I forced her to go for ice cream with me and told her that Fibi's passing changed all my birthday plans for them. I changed mx plans and got her a new friend instead. He will be coming to live with us until she is ready to take him...... Long story short. We drove to Heidelberg, we put him in the car, he never made it to my home because my sister instantly fell in love with him.... Meet Tippy (Toes). This cutie is a 2 year old coursing bred sweetheart. He injured his toes as a pup (since the name) and his breeder realized that he would never be able to race. So he raised him as a pet and gave him up for adoption because he already rehomed a sister of Toes (the litter before him) to nice people here in Germany.... Her name was Lizzie Be Nice and she now goes by Saoirse. Siblings for siblings. Welcome to our pack little one.
  4. They say that when you burn a candle at both ends it will burn twice as bright but only half as long. After not yet a year in my sister's home her sweet and beautiful and first greyhound Fibi died suddenly due to hemophilia. They had spent the weekend with us. We have had loads of fun. Fibi always enjoyed spending time with us, her extended family. On Sunday evening she broke down and wasn't able to get up again. The e-vet managed to stabilize but she couldn't get up or stand. The mri on Monday showed a mass blocking the nerve canal behind her head. They were not able to get her out of anesthesia and my sister had to let her go. I wasn't able to write about it. These simple words make it true. She stayed with us for such a short time and changed during hrr stay from a shy little girl to a young strong lady. This one would have become a real pack leader. She changed my sister, too. From an often depressed and introvert woman to a happier more outgoing one. You did a great job, little one. We miss you. Forever in our hearts.
  5. There is something out there and it is watching me... I was in the garden looking at my flowers when I heard this rustling sound from behind...
  6. Evil hooman called mom forgotted your birthday? Poor Odin. But on the other he who has no birthday always stays young. Happy belated birthday, Odin.
  7. That sweet boy brings a little mayhem back into camp greyhound.
  8. Cletus, the honorable greyhound. ❤❤❤
  9. Thank you guys. I feel way better today. I even accompanied hubby, Andy, Paddy and Saoirse in their morning walk. I thought I'll take Andy because a) he walks off lead and b) he is old and due to his illness not that fast anymore. What happened? Today the old man decided to do zoomies on the soccer field. Poor me had to walk 2/3 of the way all by myself 😭😭😭 😁 I'm so happy he felt well enough for a little running.
  10. I'm at home after stomach surgery. Sleeping on the sofa when my big lump of bones called Paddy decided that the best way for me to heal properly is him climbing on me, plopp down and instantly fall asleep. Greyt idea. I appreciate that you tried to make me feel better but.... that was not the most stellar idea of the big blue. No worries. Everything is still fine. Picture just because Paddy is my sweet babybear.
  11. I feed beef heart regularly. But I don't cook it since I always feed raw meat. There has never been an issue for the last 12 years since I started feeding raw.
  12. Cletus - you are one real cool honorary greythound. And your name always reminds of old wild west movies.
  13. What a cutie. Welcome home, Cletus. I love your name.
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