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  1. I follow those 'greyhounds are forced to run' discussion on social media and here I found it. The evidence that some greyhounds indeed are forced to run by their very persistent trainers... Meet poor Abu and his trainer Saoirse....
  2. Yes, it usually doesn't snow that much. Paddy hates snow because it is cold an wet but the kids have the time of their life. Abu is bigger and he covers more ground than Saoirse but she has the greater endurance. They are very well matched.
  3. 2cm of snow they said.... Not much for the greyts to play in ๐Ÿ˜
  4. Me too. Black is a rare colour in Irish coursing greyhounds. They tend to be fawn or brindle because their blood lines are different from the racers. I also love that he has one white side of his face and the other one is black. They killed the gras with their shenanigans. I built a sand track for them to run and play safely without slipping.
  5. You are right. Abu and Saoirse were Irish hare coursers.
  6. She loves to run and play... even better with Abu
  7. Poor Abu can't afford a start box... He was actually stalking his sister Saoirse.
  8. @macoduck Thank you. I have a friend who works with essential oils a lot. I will ask her about cistus.
  9. Yes, that's it. His sister has it, too. So maybe It's a genetic thing? @greysmom Thank you. I will look into Yunan Baiyao. Maybe we have it over here, too.
  10. I think it's greyhound bleeding disorder. The blood clots but the clots dissolve after 3 - 5 days.
  11. First the sauerkraut incident and now we found out (the hard way) that Abu has got the greyhound bleeding disorder. But we are fine now, found the right meds and still have an appointment with the university vet next week. I need more infornation (in a language I can understand well enough for med talk, most articles I found online are in English๐Ÿ˜Ÿ). I am working my way through them... slowly but steadily.
  12. Who eats hot dogs with sauerkraut??? ๐Ÿค” That would be cool but sadly I'm not partial to my family's secret sauerkraut recipe. I have to ask my mum. I knew she was hiding something from me. ๐Ÿคฃ
  13. Abu got bored on Tuesday evening and chewed his daddy's tablet pen and swallowed a metal pin. A call to the vet came up with this method of emergency first aid. Hubby was told to feed Abu a bowl of sauerkraut. It seems that dogs can't digest it properly and it wraps it's strands around the foreign object and the dog can pass it without trouble or getting hurt. That was exactly what happened to Abu. He passed the pin wrapped in partly digested cabbage strings yesterday and is absolutely fine.... not even a gas atrack due to the sauerkraut. I sent hubby to get a new tin to store in case we
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