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  1. There is something out there and it is watching me... I was in the garden looking at my flowers when I heard this rustling sound from behind...
  2. Evil hooman called mom forgotted your birthday? Poor Odin. But on the other he who has no birthday always stays young. Happy belated birthday, Odin.
  3. That sweet boy brings a little mayhem back into camp greyhound.
  4. Cletus, the honorable greyhound. ❤❤❤
  5. Thank you guys. I feel way better today. I even accompanied hubby, Andy, Paddy and Saoirse in their morning walk. I thought I'll take Andy because a) he walks off lead and b) he is old and due to his illness not that fast anymore. What happened? Today the old man decided to do zoomies on the soccer field. Poor me had to walk 2/3 of the way all by myself 😭😭😭 😁 I'm so happy he felt well enough for a little running.
  6. I'm at home after stomach surgery. Sleeping on the sofa when my big lump of bones called Paddy decided that the best way for me to heal properly is him climbing on me, plopp down and instantly fall asleep. Greyt idea. I appreciate that you tried to make me feel better but.... that was not the most stellar idea of the big blue. No worries. Everything is still fine. Picture just because Paddy is my sweet babybear.
  7. I feed beef heart regularly. But I don't cook it since I always feed raw meat. There has never been an issue for the last 12 years since I started feeding raw.
  8. Cletus - you are one real cool honorary greythound. And your name always reminds of old wild west movies.
  9. What a cutie. Welcome home, Cletus. I love your name.
  10. You can imagine how terrified I was when hubby called me at work. My little girl gone missing and a severe storm starting to brew. She came home just as the first drops of rain started to fall. I can't imagine what triggered her behaviour but she went into the woods behind our house where we always walk. Good thing that she stays away from roads because she is a little afraid of moving cars.
  11. Yesterday saw the most surreal greyhound experience in the last 12 years of greyhound ownership. Saoirse was fast asleep in her bed in the living room. Suddenly she jumped up, raced into the yard, jumped the gate and was gone. All that happened in the blink of an eye. 2 hours later (after calling the police, Tasso...) my husband went out for one last time before it got to dark and she just appeared next to him looking for a treat and than went home with him. She is a little scraped and bruised from jumping a gate that is way to big for a dog that can't jump into the car. But otherwise she is fine. Picture of little Miss Houndini.
  12. He left a big hole even in our hearts here on the other side of the ocean where the other Paddy lives.
  13. Some years ago a mantrailer (a dog that follows the scentof a person zo gind him) was awarded as best msnteailer in Germany. It was a borzoi.
  14. You can turn the conversation from greyhounds in general to you grey. Something like Yes, she is a greyhound. Her name is xy. Does she look aggressive to you? Or I'm sorry, we scared you. Being a petite woman can be your advantage. Who will admit that he or she is scared by a small person. And your English is greyt. As a fellow non-native speaker I am impressed.
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