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  1. That's a shame. Many greyhound and galgo people use vans like VW or Mercedes. One day when my old as time Volvo dies... as if that will ever happen. The swedish tank is still going strong.
  2. You need a bus, something like VW T4 or T5. When you take the back seats outs you can fit all campers inside. And Sliding doors are a great benefit, too. Plus older dogs can easily get into a bus and you can easily get in there if one of them needs help. I want a Citroen Jumpy (double sliding doors and ac under the roof) but I don't know if you have them over there.
  3. Maybe you need a bbq and some beer for her? Abu seems to like the idea of food and a fast ball.... plus he knows that there are pesky rabbits living on that soccer field whenever there is no game on. .... or maybe she is more a BVB Fan
  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I miss him but I'm not devastated. It was his time. He was ready to go and I was ready to let him leave. It was sad but it felt right.
  5. Perfect. I guess that's one of the first right translations google has done.
  6. I adopted a genuine soccer fan. Whenever there is a game at the soccer field next door Abu goes into the garden to listen to the commentaries over the speakers and to sniff the smell of their bbq.
  7. It depends on the dog. Paddy being the oldest and with some spine issues wears a light coat when it gets cold and damp. Saoirse, too because she going nekkid on her hind legs. She gets cold fast. I don't even know if Abu will need a coat at all. He is super fluffy and still prefers to sleep outside in the wet gras or sand during the day. Normally a healthy young greyhound with fur will need a coat around here when the temperatures reach 0°C or it is long walks in the wind and rain (who am I kidding? Long walks in bad weather.... the would let me walk alone )
  8. A friend of mine who is a reiki master and shaman performed a ritual during Andy's passing. It was the most peaceful thing I ever encountered. I was sad when he left but not as devastated as I feared I would be. There was a feeling of calm and that it was the right time and place. I can't explain it. Abu does things Andy did when he was young, small things like laying in the gras in the same spot Andy used to lie or the way he scans the table for something interesting while just walking by. And Paddy and Saoirse accepted him as a pack member from day 1. He was here for 2 hours and slept o
  9. It is actually a sand pit I dug for the dogs but somehow ended up ordering too much sand. Now it's a mountain
  10. Oh, thank you. I always try to keep them as fit as possible. Paddy (the blue) will be 11 this month. He still doesn't look his age.
  11. Andy came to live with us in 2012. He came back after 1 year in his previous home. The woman got pregnant and feared he would bite her or the baby. And Andy would have done it. He didn't react to kindly to people or dogs getting into his space. He also had severe sleep aggression. We worked long and hard. I made mistakes, he attacked me. He hogged the sofa and growled at me, I turned the sofa upside down. But one day he decided that he trusted and decided to follow me and that was the last day he walked on a lead. Andy was special. I learned so much about trust, about greyhounds and
  12. I brought a special treat for the greyts - dried cow ears with fur. I guess it is save to say the dogs loved them...
  13. They already love him. It is like Abu has been here since forever. They play with him and Paddy even shares his sofa with him. I have never had a dog that fit in so flawlessly like Abu.
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