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  1. If you still think about Bach's flowers skip the rescue remedy and add walnut to her drinking water. Walnut is the remedy for changes in life. Rescue is not the answer to everything. 😉
  2. 8 years ago we welcomed this handsome boy in our pack. Andy aka Riot Officer was returned by his first family because they were afraid he would attack them. And he would have. They were not evil people but as first time dog owners they couldn't handle him. They made first time owner mistakes another dog would have just shrugged off. But Andy became more and more insecure and therefor dangerous. He was a bite first, ask questions later kind of dog. We needed some time (years) to overcome these obstacles but he learned to trust and turned into this beautiful soul in this no longer jet black fur with this sweet tuxedo markings. I learned a lot about behaviourism, trust and how to lead. Andy walks off lead most of the time not only because of his age and neurological condition but also because one day (when he was younger) he chose to follow me. Of course he was still a keen hunter and I had to be very focused on our walks. Happy Gotcha Day, my sweet Andy.
  3. It seems to be I am obsessed with greyhound eyes. They are so very expressive. Am I alone out there? Paddy watching me playing with the camera Saoirse watching the world go by Andy daydreaming
  4. Age has made him a nice and friendly gentlehound. Andy always was a strong boy with a no nonsense attitude. He took the term lead aggression to a whole new level. Plus he was the bite first, ask questions later and we have no need for prisoners kind of guy. I worked long and hard with him until I gained his trust and he decided to let me handle things like encountering dogs on our walk. All the hard work pays off now. Andy takes his walks through the woods without lead. I can trust him to 99% (1% is his love for pretty lady hounds where he decides recall is overrated ).
  5. I'm a little late but I hope you had the best of birthdays. Sweep, you are looking splendid for a girl your age. Those Double digits suit you rather well.
  6. Andy showing off that he is no longer a greyhound but an irish ridgeneck
  7. Sometimes changes in colour depend on feeding. A higher level of biotine can add a shade of red to the coatfor example.
  8. I guess that will need a little time. My old nemesis with the big C is rearing it's ugly head again. But I will fight and win - just like the last time. Giving up is not an option.
  9. My big blue boy Paddy turned 10 on Tuesday. We couldn't celebrate properly because I had to stay at the hospital for some days. Here are some today's pictures of my birthday boy. Time sure flies and somehow he doesn't look like a senior to me.
  10. Hi there. Andy is not that super big. He is 72cm (+/- 28 inch?) and 32 kg when he was younger. But I have to agree he is a handsome lad. ❤
  11. What a greyt threat. Here is Andy who turned 13 on February 2nd. Laryngeal paralysis and the dreaded hind end weakness are slowing him down but he is still my sweet little trooper.
  12. I'm so sorry. Always blue skies and wind under your wings, Callie.
  13. I'm so sorry for your loss. Godspeed Jamie
  14. After losing Fibi Fireworks in such a tragic way my sister went into depression. Her husband called me and ask if I would be able to find a dog for her. And I have to admit... The day I got the call that Fibi had died I knew we would be facing hard times with my sister. Fibi left on Monday and Regina's birthday was on Thursday. I made some calls and Thomas (her husband) and I started a conspiracy. We would get her a new greyhound. She needed a heart healer and she needed a reason to leave the house, to interact eith her new friends she met through Fibi, to just start living again. So some weeks after her birthday I forced her to go for ice cream with me and told her that Fibi's passing changed all my birthday plans for them. I changed mx plans and got her a new friend instead. He will be coming to live with us until she is ready to take him...... Long story short. We drove to Heidelberg, we put him in the car, he never made it to my home because my sister instantly fell in love with him.... Meet Tippy (Toes). This cutie is a 2 year old coursing bred sweetheart. He injured his toes as a pup (since the name) and his breeder realized that he would never be able to race. So he raised him as a pet and gave him up for adoption because he already rehomed a sister of Toes (the litter before him) to nice people here in Germany.... Her name was Lizzie Be Nice and she now goes by Saoirse. Siblings for siblings. Welcome to our pack little one.
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