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  1. Every day. They are thick as thieves. Abu would prefer some calm and quiet but Saoirse is like a tornado. Someone bred loads of stamina in that litter 😁
  2. Poor little girl attacked by a roll of tissue paper evil hooman called mom places strategically in the middle of the room. 🤣
  3. Should have named them Madness and Mayhem instead of Freedom (Saoirse) and Forever (Abu)... 🤣
  4. Thank you. Everything arrived just fine, now. ❤
  5. So many great advices. I would suggest a night light, too. It helped Andy a lot when he got older. Plus I started feeding him hypericum and gingko as herbs on his food - hxpericum for all neurological issues and gingko to increase the blood flow in his brain. He also reacted very positively to cbd oil with dmso.
  6. I don't have your adress. Please pm me so I can add you to my list.
  7. I had a very reactive greyhound. His name was Andy. He even tried to kill a galgo in his first foster home. He was the attack first, ask questions later kind of dog. I walked him regularly and when we met other dogs I kept him behind me, turned him around so they didn't come up front. In canine behaviour it is very impolite towards a dog and look it in the eyes. I always say it is like jogging into a group of real mean bikers and tell them they are ugly as sh... Just not the best idea. A few weeks is nothing. Your new dog is getting used to everything around him. I would walk regula
  8. I'm so sorry, Jan 💔 We have a saying here in Germany that we live by that lovely translated says... You can't add more days to life but you can add more life to the days. It seems like Cletus got the most of his life living in Camp Greyhound.
  9. Sending positive vibes and lots of light and love all the way across the ocean. ❤
  10. I'm in since I joined greytalk and there has never been a problem. It is my own responsibility if I give my adress to someone else.
  11. Petunia - you are my hero. Can you can come over here and look at next door's St. Bernhard pup? 😉
  12. Guess who gets the extra hour because a) we turn the clock backwards here in Germany, too and b) the Lazy bunch won't get up before I do. 😁
  13. You are right. This picture sums up the whole weekend.
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