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  1. Acupuncture, chiropractic, Assisi Loop? You could also try Galliprant as it doesn't have the side effects that the other nsaids have. Violet has been on it for a while and it really helps her. I talked with my Ortho about PRP for Violet's Achilles tendon injury, but it turned out she wasn't a good candidate for it and rest and PT was our best option. Having said that, I would have tried it if she were. His info was that there is some good evidence for PRP, but not so much stem cell treatments. Please report back if you go forward with it. I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences with it!
  2. Yes, but use the alternative that's cheaper/more readily available. Name is slipping my mind at the moment but someone else will know. Tranexamic acid! Just came to me
  3. Has it been constant since it started? My first greyhound would have very strange episodes like that. Best we could figure was it was gas. It could be something like that, especially if she's now stopped up. Has she had a bowel movement recently? If you suspect gas, you could give her a gas-x to see if that helps. If this has been going on non stop since it started then I might think about the vet. At least call first thing tomorrow. You could also look into Purina Calming Care. It's a probiotic for gut health that's also been shown to have anxiety relieving effects.
  4. I would love to have you do this! We have a newer one, but I would like a second one to use for my other dog. I have at least one old loop.
  5. That first one is vinyl. I did search and any of the rubber ones that I liked had no price info. I could call, but this is for a house I just sent an offer on so we're not there yet, lol.
  6. Do you have any idea what that rubber tile costs? I couldn't find that info anywhere.
  7. Cleptogrey, I just started looking and I love the idea of that rubber floor for the kitchen!
  8. Any idea what brand, if it's still around?
  9. What type of floors do you mean by plank floors? Do you have a link maybe? Will also check out the rubber floor. Remolacha, thanks, I thought I remembered hearing something similar about bamboo, but wasn't sure. I put down porcelain wood plank tiles in the kitchen of my condo before I sold it. I LOVED that floor, and I was so proud because I did it myself. Broke my heart to have to move out and not enjoy it. I could see putting some sort of tile in the entry way/hallway, but not the bedrooms and not sure about the living room. House has a sunken living room off the entry/hallway.
  10. What non-carpet flooring do people like that won't get scratched by dog nails? I do not want vinyl so hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, laminate, etc.? Also preferably some texture to it so it doesn't feel super slippery. This is for living/dining areas, hallway, bedrooms, and office. I love tile, but don't think I want to deal with keeping the grout clean.
  11. I haven't used her in ages, but Dr. Krishna with Silver Spring Animal Hospital is very good. She treated a number of my group's foster dogs back in the day.
  12. So yesterday my water company issued an advisory, high levels of blue green algae in the reservoir that holds our drinking water. And a mention of a similar advisory in a nearby lake. I had been watching the state map of known blooms and wasn't seeing anything near here. I also think our pond behind our house may have it. I am now pretty much terrified. I had a nightmare last night that the dogs went to the water's edge at the stream that comes out of our pond and they both got really sick.
  13. He was such a good looking dog! And what an adventurous life he had, truly getting to be a dog. I had to laugh at him watching his toy float away in the waves though. So so sorry for your loss.
  14. Yes, you're spot on regarding the corrections. Sounds like she's actually being quite appropriate. If the other dog respects her requests to back off and it's not happening often, I probably wouldn't do anything. If she's having to do it a lot, or the other dog isn't respecting her and it's escalating, then I would restrict the other dog's access to her. It could be the other dog had more energy and you need to tire him out more before they interact so things are more "even" or she may just not want to interact with him, which is fine. I don't like and want to be friends with everyone I meet. We shouldn't expect that from our dogs. Peaceful coexistence is the name of the game as far as I'm concerned
  15. This stuff scares the crap out of me because we do swim in the summer (we went yesterday actually) and there's always algae in the water, but there is plenty of algae that isn't toxic. I'm wondering if the photos of her three dogs are from that day because that water looks normal, which makes it even more frightening.
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