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  1. Change her routine now. Ideally you would have done it sooner, but at least this weekend follow the routine you'll follow starting on Monday, including feeding her upstairs. And have some extra special treats ready to go to keep her busy - bully sticks, stuffed frozen Kongs, food dispensing toys, etc. I would also consider noise machines, air purifiers, fans, etc. to drown out some of the noise. If she's sound sensitive at all, this could make it much worse and if she's not, you don't want her to become noise sensitive. Jealous of your kitchen redo. Mine is so far down the road. Hope you'll share before and after photos in off topic.
  2. They're going to vary by region, but obviously a lot of us have seen these more than once. Don't hold your breath for anything other than a generic answer.
  3. https://therawfeedingcommunity.com/2017/05/30/de-is-not-an-intestinal-parasite-treatment/
  4. They should cover the blood work regardless. I would submit that without bothering with the dental bills. Skye is fully recovered. We waited a week to switch back to any raw food that wasn't ground, but no issues with that once we did. She did great through the whole thing and I'm so grateful we had quick access to our awesome dentist.
  5. What did the vet say about what might have caused the reaction? For future care, daily brushing, a water additive, and raw meaty bones are my suggestions.
  6. Anything related to periodontal disease won't be covered by most policies. Violet has a horrible mouth and we pay every last cent out of pocket. An emergency is typically a broken tooth, or damage due to an accident. Having said that, I have Healthy Paws. I have been very happy with them understanding the limitations, though some very high premium increases have been annoying. And I understand they were recently bought by another company. There are a lot of threads on here discussing the options. Do a search for insurance in the H&M forum.
  7. Hope Jane & Q recover quickly and enjoy their bowls of soft kibble.
  8. We're home. Things went really smoothly, and surprisingly quickly. She was only under for about an hour. The tooth I discovered was broken was in horrible shape - there were multiple comments from both the vet and the vet tech so I know it was bad. Turns out the upper molar on the other side was broken too, but the pulp wasn't exposed so she was able to just cover it with sealant. She squeezed in a cleaning and polishing too so at least we won't have to do that anytime soon. Skye was a champ through the whole thing. She's curled up sleeping now, but she's clearly very unhappy. Before we settled she would just stand in one place with her tail hanging down. All for the bargain price of $2500. I am pretty sure (I hope!) that this will be covered in part by her insurance since it was an emergency. I still have to pay 20% and I'll have to pay for the cleaning portion, but $500ish is much better than 5 times that!
  9. Oh no, hope everything goes well! If it makes you feel better, I dropped my phone in the toilet a few days ago and damaged it, and I need to put 4 new tires on my car before I drive home for Christmas. Oh, and there's that thing where I just bought a house.
  10. If you have any good thoughts to spare (or wish to regale me with funny, distracting anecdotes between noon and 5 pm tomorrow ), Skye (disclaimer: not a greyhound) is having emergency dental surgery tomorrow. She had been licking a lot, and yawning and stretching, so I thought her stomach was upset. Vet recommended Pepcid. Didn't resolve it, so we went in to see the vet. She says some sort of acid reflux is likely, puts her on Cerenia for 4 days. She seemed to be slowly improving, then last night she starts licking her mouth non-stop. So I decided to do a really thorough exam of her mouth (which her vet did not do) and her molar is split in half. My poor baby. So grateful that the veterinary dentist we use for Violet (actual greyhound) was able to squeeze her in for tomorrow. They are so amazing and I will feel much better knowing she is in the best hands. But of course I will still be a nervous wreck.
  11. I don't know much. We always just throw it in with PT so again, hard to know what helps and what doesn't. We did use it for wound healing when Zuri managed to jam a stick up in between his toes running in the woods and it seemed to work well. As far as I know, it's supposed to increase blood flow to the area, which helps healing.
  12. So I did take the bandage off. Looks nasty, bled a good bit overnight. But I think nothing to do except keep it clean and let it heal. Probably going to be a slow process to get the whole wound to granulate, but I'm hopeful the Assisi Loop will help speed things along. I'll make sure her PT cold lasers it too, though she doesn't come for almost a week.
  13. Thanks everyone. Even when I know things will be fine, I worry with these guys so some extra reassurance always helps. She's a little painful this morning, but not enough to stop her from playing with her sister like a maniac. Haven't looked at the wound, will probably leave it for now and change the bandage after work. Cleptogrey, it's just one area where a layer of skin came off on the back of her leg. No flap, the flap is out in our yard somewhere. Foot looks good this morning. She's already on Galliprant, but I did give her a little extra Gabapentin last night to make sure she was comfortable. I'm sure she'll be fine. I like the idea of water therapy, and we'll keep doing the Assisi Loop for wound healing.
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