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  1. Violet was a donor until she went on a medication that meant she couldn't anymore. She thought it was great fun getting hugs and tons of PB and treats. I was bummed when we had to stop. Note the dog does have to be restrained so it wouldn't be appropriate for fearful dogs, but at least with the blood bank here they were very good about making sure the dog was comfortable and the process was stress free. They also do a lot of testing free of charge so it provides a lot of benefits financially, which is an added bonus.
  2. Can you email me? I think my GT mailbox is full. Jboydmorin at gmail. Not turning up much, want to get some more info from you.
  3. Can you please share how? We're all dying to know. Fyi, you can buy your loops directly from the company. And they have sales periodically if you're on their mailing list. They've had a lot actually since covid.
  4. My first thought was that her stomach was upset. The fact that she was off of her food for a few days lines up with that. Are you going the Drontal with food? Maybe also ask your vet about trying something like Pepcid or oral Cerenia to see if that stop the behavior?
  5. Hey there, welcome to Greytalk! I just wanted to say that there is behavior modification training you can do (using reward based training) that may improve this behavior. Behavior modification is always an ongoing process, and dogs can revert back to this type of behavior when they're stressed or especially if they're ill or in pain. But there is definitely a good chance you could modify this behavior with training if you're highly motivated. It does take time and work, and the training plans are often repetitive and use minute steps. My experience is not all owners are interested in committin
  6. Help! Someone please tell me they have a good solution for a sloppy drinker. I have a boot mat under our elevated bowl and it's about 1/6 of the area Violet gets water over, plus it's running underneath, and down from the cabinet side, causing mold on the molding (heh). I'm at a loss. I swear, she literally gets the biggest mouthful of water possible, turns her head, and opens her mouth to allow the water to tumble out. Does anyone have a magic solution? Or at least feel my pain?
  7. My dogs love our electric throws from Costco (and they're currently on sale). Otherwise I throw blankets down and they nest. But they're actual solution is to sleep in bed with me, lol. We used to do PJs, but Violet doesn't like them like my previous greyhounds did.
  8. Do you have to walk him (versus doing turnouts in the yard)? What equipment are you using to walk him? Have you tried training sessions (separate from walks) outside with him unmuzzled so it's easier to feed him? Consulted a trainer? Taken a group class? You haven't had him that long and there are a number of things you could try from both training and management perspectives. I don't think you're anywhere near exhausting options and determining it's not workable but there's also no shame in returning him if you don't feel it's the best match By the way, your nervousness i
  9. Well I randomly took a stab at hulling it today and it took a good bit of gentle work because the one side was well attached, but I got it out!! We're about to go for a mini hike so we'll see how she does. I'll still out boots on her since her paw pad is likely to be tender.
  10. I'm in the DC metro area and this doesn't sound right to me. I think others may be on the right track with the tick nest. I also second contacting the manufacturer. Possible something is wrong with the collar and they should at least know, or may replace it. Regardless, what you are describing is not normal for a dog going on walks in our area, with or without a collar imo.
  11. Thanks! Does it seem like the nail polish is working better than the duct tape? Or just easier to apply? I looked on the group briefly and saw a mention of one dogs corn likely being from nails that were too long. We did go through a phase recently where I wasn't on the ball with her nail trims. We're back on it, but hoping maybe that's all it was that prompted this and if we can get rid of it, it won't return. Probably wishful thinking.
  12. Thanks, I submitted my request to join and was approved this morning. I will try to dig in soon. By the way, I highly doubt the surgery is an option for us given her other issues and this is her first corn (at age 11) so we'll try other alternatives first.
  13. So Violet has been noticeably lame in her back left leg. Both I and her PT thought this was just a progression of her disc issue, but today I found this! It explains so much assuming it's a corn like I think. While this is my first corn in a grey, I used to read the posts about them. Is there anything new these days or should we just try duct tape? Doesn't seem ready for hulling. We do have a therapaw and I am working on getting a second one so she can hopefully walk normally, but she did fairly well with just the one today.
  14. I just got mine. Last year I got the notice of a massive rate hike and then mysteriously I got an email saying it had been a mistake and my premium wasn't changing. It was around the time they were having the issues in Washington so I thought maybe they were backtracking for fear of getting in trouble, but then others didn't get the same notice. I guess they're making up for lost time because now it's going from $108 to $148 a month, a 37% increase. I'm glad to see the lawsuit. I figured it was only a matter of time and I will happily jump on the class action lawsuit bandwagon.
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