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  1. So yesterday my water company issued an advisory, high levels of blue green algae in the reservoir that holds our drinking water. And a mention of a similar advisory in a nearby lake. I had been watching the state map of known blooms and wasn't seeing anything near here. I also think our pond behind our house may have it. I am now pretty much terrified. I had a nightmare last night that the dogs went to the water's edge at the stream that comes out of our pond and they both got really sick.
  2. He was such a good looking dog! And what an adventurous life he had, truly getting to be a dog. I had to laugh at him watching his toy float away in the waves though. So so sorry for your loss.
  3. Yes, you're spot on regarding the corrections. Sounds like she's actually being quite appropriate. If the other dog respects her requests to back off and it's not happening often, I probably wouldn't do anything. If she's having to do it a lot, or the other dog isn't respecting her and it's escalating, then I would restrict the other dog's access to her. It could be the other dog had more energy and you need to tire him out more before they interact so things are more "even" or she may just not want to interact with him, which is fine. I don't like and want to be friends with everyone I meet. We shouldn't expect that from our dogs. Peaceful coexistence is the name of the game as far as I'm concerned
  4. This stuff scares the crap out of me because we do swim in the summer (we went yesterday actually) and there's always algae in the water, but there is plenty of algae that isn't toxic. I'm wondering if the photos of her three dogs are from that day because that water looks normal, which makes it even more frightening.
  5. Is there a lot of swelling? If not, it should be pretty easy to pop back in place. A finger on one side, thumb on the other around the joint area and then just apply some pressure with the thumb, inward and possibly down a little (inward assuming the toe is sticking out toward your thumb). It's really hard to give instructions, I would just do it and that would be that, but doing my best based on my memory. The main thing is it should pop in pretty easily. Once in, wrap with vet wrap with a little gauze or cotton in between the toes so they're not squeezed together to prevent it from popping back out and give an NSAID if you have them for him. I would keep his foot wrapped for a couple do weeks and then leash walks only for another 4-6 weeks. You really don't want this to become a chronic problem if you can avoid it. After that, depending on your situation you might wrap the foot before he runs. If you have a yard and he runs a lot that probably isn't practical so then you just hold your breath and hope it stays in. ETA: I meant to say, muzzle your boy if you think there's any chance he'll snap in response to pain. You can smear some peanut butter in the muzzle first to keep him occupied while you do it
  6. So I did this, completely unintentionally (foster fail) after intentionally turning down a littermate because I didn't want a 3rd. I don't regret it for even a second because Skye, who is the love of my life, stayed with us, but I would never seek out a 3rd again and when Zuri passed I decided we would definitely stay a 2 dog household. However, I am single and the challenge for me was giving each dog enough attention. We do a lot of training, dog sports, etc and with 3 dogs I just couldn't do as much with each dog. If I had a partner I would consider 3 again. There are some benefits. It's nice to be able to take one to the vet, a class, etc and know the other 2 are keeping each other company. And there was always a nice balance of play and I liked the pack dynamics. But I just felt spread too thin, especially when Zuri got bone cancer. Though to be fair, in those cases the non sick dogs always get the shaft to an extent and in this case the girls at least had each other to play with. Anyway, bottom line, there are pros and cons, but my suggestion would be to do it if you want 3 dogs, not despite not wanting 3 dogs.
  7. That's awesome. And we have the same issue with the roaching, lol.
  8. Violet's PT posted on FB the other day. She's been using a device for horses that is more of a blanket, but uses the same technology and posted a photo of a horse in it standing calmly tied up. She said that normally that horse won't stay calm in that situation. Violet immediately took to it as well and would sort of pass out once it got going. I've used it and you don't feel much if anything. Occasionally I feel a little tingling almost so who knows.
  9. They're about $250 here. My vet used to be able to get a better price, but apparently the company told the vet they aren't doing that anymore. They also said we can order directly from them, which I didn't think was true, but so they told her. I'm not sure if that will make a difference with my insurance though, I have to check. I've already said this, but I'm sold on it. There are a LOT of variables with Violet, but I look for trends and one is that when I stop using it twice a day religiously she goes downhill. I like getting other feedback though. It's reassuring to hear when it helps others.
  10. I had never heard of that one, had to look it up. This site has some information: http://www.cvbd.org/en/tick-borne-diseases/hemoplasmosis/ Sounds like you don't have to worry about it much unless your dog becomes immunocompromised or loses her spleen so it's good you're addressing it now. I would bet it was diagnosed through PCR. If your vet hasn't already suggested it, I would rerun it after treatment to make sure it's gone. I don't know about this one in particular, but TBDs can be tricky to eradicate completely.
  11. So a close friend of mine had to let his dog go recently. Tyler was my mixed breed's "bestie" and we often exchanged sitting, took hikes or cabin trips together, etc. I want to do something to memorialize Tyler, but my friend isn't into keepsakes. I was thinking of printing and framing a photo of Tyler fetching a stick in the water as that was one of his favorite pasttimes, especially with my dog, but does anyone have any other thoughts or suggestions?
  12. Thanks for posting those! I'm at Grapehounds so was going to search when I got back. They also have a mailing list where they share this type of info. The newest exciting thing is they are looking at treating separation anxiety with the loop. Someone presented at the IVBM conference this past week. It looks like the video is available so I plan to watch and can share as well once I'm home.
  13. The veterinary dermatologist we see (and love) feels it's safe. Skye has been taking it for a few years now. When I tried to back down the dose the issue we were having came back so we won't so that again. Her allergies are environmental so there's not much we can do. ETA: I shouldn't say feels. He had a lot of good information to support its use and safety on top of his plethora of experience with it.
  14. I don't really know. I just asked if they covered it and they said yes. My vet orders it so I just send them the invoice.
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