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  1. Yep, mine are nekkid when I'm gone and overnight. When I'm home during the day I tend to leave them on so they're on for turnouts, etc. I probably wouldn't even leave them on when home if they were mouthier players, but their version of bitey face is air bites.
  2. Yet another reason to avoid loose tags. Working in my office today and suddenly Violet is standing there starting to freak out because our floor vent is hanging from her neck. I was able to slip her collar off and then remove it so no harm done, but could have been a mess if I weren't here. This is why dogs are naked when I'm not home. And honestly I don't even know why these tags were on her collar. We switched to one flat Boomerang tag, but I must have put these on for a specific reason and forgotten to take them back off.
  3. Not sure how it works in the UK, but here your vet can call for you to get you seen on an emergency basis. You might try asking your regular vet about that. It's good that the Gaba is helping in the meantime. I may have missed this, but is she also on muscle relaxers and/or an NSAID? They can all be used safely in combination so worth exploring if she's still having some issues. I agree with restricting her to shorter leash walks for now. No running, playing, on/off furniture for now. Limit stairs if you're able. Hopefully it's just something that needs some time to heal. Agree as well that there's no harm in trying pEMF or cold laser, and acupuncture or massage therapy could be helpful if you can find someone good and she will tolerate it. I would avoid chiropractic treatments.
  4. I prefer the West Paw Toppl to the Kong. Easier to stuff and clean imo and more durable. It comes in 2 sizes, you'd want the larger of the two. Bully sticks are the only other thing I give at this point, and those are supervised. Unfortunately at one point I wondered why I had stopped giving cow hoofs and started giving them again. Got my answer. One very expensive dental surgery later and out went the split antlers, nylabones, etc. Even bully sticks have risk, but mine aren't such heavy chewers that I worry about them breaking pieces off, which is the risk with those.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the input. We had blood work done recently, but urine wasn't included because it was an ER visit. She did have it checked around the time of the first "episode" and the vet didn't raise any concerns then, everything "normal", but I'm going to set up an appt with our regular vet to follow up and will ask about this.
  6. Revisiting this topic AGAIN and still having trouble settling on a solution. I thought a stainless pail/bucket would be best, but finding one wide enough for her to stick her head in comfortably is harder than you'd think and I worry she'd knock it over. So I looked into wall mounts for horse pails, etc. I can find the for 5 gal buckets (way too big) and 1 gallon jugs (too small). Anyway, would you mind sharing the dimensions on these? Diameter, and height from both bottom to top and bottom to the bottom of the cut out? I really don't like plastic for water bowls, but I may just have to make something like this.
  7. Hey, I appreciate the delayed sympathy.
  8. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of the feedback and support! By the way, this incident was in May. She was acting completely normal within minutes and has been fine since minus one residual thing with her eye that the vet found, but that doesn't seem to be affecting her. I think the concern is just that the next one will be worse. The first two were a year apart though so here's hoping that's way off.
  9. It's on the list of things to follow-up with our regular vet on that the neuro provided and definitely something we will check. Oh if it could be something that simple! One can hope. Thanks everyone for the responses so far. Definitely good to have some feedback and support. I wasn't expecting the stroke dx at all, though no cancer is good news!
  10. About a month ago Violet has a second, more severe "episode" like one she had had one year ago. I thought it was odd they were so far apart, but figured it was a focal seizure since she recovered really quickly both times. She's also had increasing issues with her suspected disc issue so we ended up at the neurologist for another consult today. The good news is cancer is very very low on the differential dx list and she agrees with the earlier dx of an issue with a lumbar disc or discs that is getting worse with time and activity. However, she thought the episodes were actually strokes. Most likely because she's a greyhound, but I do have a list of possible underlying causes that I can work with my vet to test for. Just curious if anyone else has experienced something like this and whether you found a cause/what the prognosis was. Here's what I caught on video this time: What isn't captured well is the nystagmus/eye movement, but it's one of the most obvious symptoms (left eye) and according to the Neuro she has some residual effects in that eye. Btw, she's 12 now and I'm still undecided on whether we'll do an MRI.
  11. Violet was a donor until she went on a medication that meant she couldn't anymore. She thought it was great fun getting hugs and tons of PB and treats. I was bummed when we had to stop. Note the dog does have to be restrained so it wouldn't be appropriate for fearful dogs, but at least with the blood bank here they were very good about making sure the dog was comfortable and the process was stress free. They also do a lot of testing free of charge so it provides a lot of benefits financially, which is an added bonus.
  12. Can you email me? I think my GT mailbox is full. Jboydmorin at gmail. Not turning up much, want to get some more info from you.
  13. Can you please share how? We're all dying to know. Fyi, you can buy your loops directly from the company. And they have sales periodically if you're on their mailing list. They've had a lot actually since covid.
  14. My first thought was that her stomach was upset. The fact that she was off of her food for a few days lines up with that. Are you going the Drontal with food? Maybe also ask your vet about trying something like Pepcid or oral Cerenia to see if that stop the behavior?
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