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  1. And what happens if she's not okay when you do that? Now you're alone with a loose aggressive dog. Not to mention that the dog is communicating in every way she knows how that she doesn't want you to approach. If you persist, her next option is biting. So even if it goes okay for a time or two, it may not the next time. It really sounds to me like the dog would prefer not to have the walks.
  2. Fwiw, my female went through a phase where she started marking after she finished eating so it's possible that's what he's doing. You might actually try pottying him right before he eats so his bladder is empty at meal time. As soon as he finishes move him somewhere away from where he's been peeing and engage him for a few minutes (an easy training exercise like hand targeting for instance) and then redirect to a bed and encourage him to settle. Watch like a hawk if he gets up and starts wandering. You'll also need to clean the area where he's been peeing REALLY well to remove any smell. Use an enzymatic cleaner and be generous soaking the area and then let it dry. You could also block off his access to that spot temporarily.
  3. Yes, this. I have never owned one, but I fostered one and she was amazing. I think I expected she would be bitchy or standoffish, but she was the sweetest dog. But if another dog was misbehaving she only need to give a little side eye.
  4. What you're describing is desensitization without the counter-conditioning piece. Would be much better to do CC&D as a behavior mod plan, but this isn't the OP's dog. The owner needs to sort out what's going on and if medical issues are ruled out and the behavior persists, seek the help of a professional.
  5. Has she had anyone else new come to take the dog our recently? Does she have food items in the crate that she didn't previously have? Has the owner changed anything else about their routine? If not, a sudden change in behavior like this, my first step would be a vet check. Not sure how old she is, but pain could definitely cause this change. The fact that previously she has sometimes been excited and some times not could indicate a problem has been building. Otherwise, it's possible there's trigger stacking from the change in routine. Or maybe having the boyfriend's dog around made her feel safer. Bottom line, I agree that you should not open the crate. She is asking you to give her space, so that's the best thing you can do until the owner figures out what's going on.
  6. Ha, sounds like it's worth a shot. I am still loving them. The only issue I've encountered is it can be tough to get Skye's biggest bottom molars because they're covered when her mouth is clamped closed. Violet doesn't have those teeth anymore so no worries there lol. I'm going to have to start working on teaching Skye to hold her mouth open just so I can get those 2 teeth. But honestly, they're a godsend. I still give treats every time, but generally I do their mouths in thirds and they get a treat after each.
  7. I actually cut them in half and do both dogs with one wipe.
  8. There were never any photos. As far as I know no one has successfully done it except maybe the poster above, but he disappeared.
  9. That was basically my motivation as well. Violet has had horrible teeth, but this dental only required 1 extraction and the vet said her remaining teeth are in pretty good shape. Since Violet is 12 1/2 we're hoping to possibly avoid needing to sedate her for a dental again. My bank account would certainly appreciate it since her dentals run us around $3K each!
  10. I haven't. We did try brushing with a regular kids toothbrush, but basically we all found it aversive so I didn't keep it up. The veterinary dentist suggested this as an alternative and I'm so glad she did!
  11. Just a quick update that I ended up ordering these dental wipes from Bluestem: https://www.chewy.com/bluestem-oral-care-dental-dog-cat/dp/233920 I've been using them for a week or so (maybe a week and a half?) and I am already seeing noticeable improvement. There is actually tartar (or plaque?) visible on the wipes after I use them and Violet's canines especially are noticeably cleaner. The dogs also don't mind them. I've been giving treats after wiping each section and gradually doing more teeth per treat. They actually line up when I pull the bottle out. Definitely recommend.
  12. It's that time again. Just got my rate increase. 50%, from $147 to $221, an increase of $75/mo. This is criminal. I'm going to reach out to someone at the state level about this. Does anyone know the best agency to contact? Or should I try government representatives? In the meantime, I'm stuck with them since Violet is 12 and Skye is 10, but I can sure as heck guarantee I will never ensure another dog with this company again. I'm so disgusted as I promoted this company to friends and clients for years.
  13. I ordered some that are arriving today or tomorrow. I'll report back although I imagine it will take some time before I know how well they work. Violet's dentist suggested them as an alternative to the water, which she's not a fan of. Violet's teeth are bad and she's 12 1/2 now. I've never been consistent with brushing because we both find it aversive. This seems like it will be less painful for both of us so the hope is we can prevent her from needing any more dentals.
  14. Does anyone have a brand of dental wipes they like and can recommend? My wishlist is textured, some component to kill bacteria, minimal ingredients (would prefer no peppermint oil, etc), and made in the USA. Not too much to ask, right?
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