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  1. Can you post some photos? In the meant, I would get her into the vet. I don't even know what myositis is, but there are other (serious) things I can think of that would cause her facial appearance to change.
  2. Care of the Racing Greyhound. You should be able to get it from the NGA.
  3. Just try and see. You can always switch to once daily if you don't like how twice daily is going. I haven't used it since I tried it for Zuri's bone cancer. I don't recall how I was dosing it. I do remember not being confident it was doing a whole lot and feeling like it caused a weird side effect or two. Hopefully your experience is different.
  4. This is my favorite article on pain meds and it has a section on Amantadine: http://www.vasg.org/newer_options_for_chronic_pain_management.htm It says once daily, but this article is fairly old at this point. My understanding though is that Amantadine doesn't do much for pain on its own, but rather enhances the effectiveness of NSAIDs so my thought is I would give them together, so give the Amantadine once or twice daily depending on your nsaid frequency. Unless there are side effects, in which case splitting the dose is probably better. So yeah, i don't know, thinking out loud.
  5. It's not that they weren't approved. They both had other physical issues that I thought would make 3 legs difficult and Neyla was too anxious at the vet's to put her through that. They were also 10 & 11 so that was a factor for me. But both were diagnosed in May. I let Neyla go the day before Christmas Eve. Zuri didn't have as much time, I let him go the day after labor day. But they were happy and playful until things started to go down more quickly at the end. Zuri I think could have had a lot more time because the Zoledronate really helped him, but he developed kidney issues as a side effect, which is when it was clear we wouldn't have much more time.
  6. Sorry, I meant to say Zoledronate. I used Pamidronate with Neyla way back when and Zoledronate with Zuri more recently.
  7. This info is in the osteo thread, but just to throw it in here, there are much better palliative care options now than just oral meds. Ask about both IV Pamidronate and palliative radiation in your consult if you want to consider other options. Sadly I've been through this twice. I don't know if I would choose amputation, but it wasn't an option for either of mine so we went the palliative route. It's a tough road either way, sorry you're going through this.
  8. That's great, except that it says Washington residents specifically so maybe only applies to people in that state? Hopefully if nothing else, it causes them to update their policies, or potentially more lawsuits will follow.
  9. Change her routine now. Ideally you would have done it sooner, but at least this weekend follow the routine you'll follow starting on Monday, including feeding her upstairs. And have some extra special treats ready to go to keep her busy - bully sticks, stuffed frozen Kongs, food dispensing toys, etc. I would also consider noise machines, air purifiers, fans, etc. to drown out some of the noise. If she's sound sensitive at all, this could make it much worse and if she's not, you don't want her to become noise sensitive. Jealous of your kitchen redo. Mine is so far down the road. Hope you'll share before and after photos in off topic.
  10. They're going to vary by region, but obviously a lot of us have seen these more than once. Don't hold your breath for anything other than a generic answer.
  11. https://therawfeedingcommunity.com/2017/05/30/de-is-not-an-intestinal-parasite-treatment/
  12. They should cover the blood work regardless. I would submit that without bothering with the dental bills. Skye is fully recovered. We waited a week to switch back to any raw food that wasn't ground, but no issues with that once we did. She did great through the whole thing and I'm so grateful we had quick access to our awesome dentist.
  13. What did the vet say about what might have caused the reaction? For future care, daily brushing, a water additive, and raw meaty bones are my suggestions.
  14. Anything related to periodontal disease won't be covered by most policies. Violet has a horrible mouth and we pay every last cent out of pocket. An emergency is typically a broken tooth, or damage due to an accident. Having said that, I have Healthy Paws. I have been very happy with them understanding the limitations, though some very high premium increases have been annoying. And I understand they were recently bought by another company. There are a lot of threads on here discussing the options. Do a search for insurance in the H&M forum.
  15. Hope Jane & Q recover quickly and enjoy their bowls of soft kibble.
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