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  1. I don't know much. We always just throw it in with PT so again, hard to know what helps and what doesn't. We did use it for wound healing when Zuri managed to jam a stick up in between his toes running in the woods and it seemed to work well. As far as I know, it's supposed to increase blood flow to the area, which helps healing.
  2. So I did take the bandage off. Looks nasty, bled a good bit overnight. But I think nothing to do except keep it clean and let it heal. Probably going to be a slow process to get the whole wound to granulate, but I'm hopeful the Assisi Loop will help speed things along. I'll make sure her PT cold lasers it too, though she doesn't come for almost a week.
  3. Thanks everyone. Even when I know things will be fine, I worry with these guys so some extra reassurance always helps. She's a little painful this morning, but not enough to stop her from playing with her sister like a maniac. Haven't looked at the wound, will probably leave it for now and change the bandage after work. Cleptogrey, it's just one area where a layer of skin came off on the back of her leg. No flap, the flap is out in our yard somewhere. Foot looks good this morning. She's already on Galliprant, but I did give her a little extra Gabapentin last night to make sure she was comfortable. I'm sure she'll be fine. I like the idea of water therapy, and we'll keep doing the Assisi Loop for wound healing.
  4. Violet came in from a trip into the yard with a quarter-sized degloving wound on the back of her leg. Thankfully it's closed, appears just the top level of skin and fur was removed (no tendon or bone visible, very minor bleeding). There was bruising pretty immediately. She let me ice and dress it - I used derma-gel, which is great for wound healing - and just sat with the Assisi Loop for 15 minutes. Going to put an ice pack on it now. Anything else I should be doing or watching for? It looks like her foot and toes are bruising and swelling slightly, but not much. I do have Tranexamic acid and Yunnan Baiyao on hand. Thinking to give at least the latter? She's taken it before without issue.
  5. I know the feeling with the video. Both of my girls have had SA and it's so hard to watch. I would keep the camera going and just check in once and a while just so you have an idea. Regarding the Composure vs Pro, don't stress too much. The main difference is the Pro has an extra ingredient. Otherwise, dosages are similar. Just be aware you can double or triple the dose.
  6. Just a heads up that Composure has a different formula than Composure Pro. Imo doesn't really have enough of the ingredients at the recommended dose to do much, but you can safely give more. Since you ordered, try it and if you think it's helping a little, but not enough, consider giving more or getting the Pro. There's also Solliquil, which is similar, but I believe also tends to be pricey. FYI, Composure contains L-theanine, which you can buy separately for very cheap. To give you an idea of why I saw there's too little in that supplement, my 40 lb dog started with 50 mg twice/day and now takes 100 mg 2x/day.
  7. My answer would be none as there is no evidence that it does anything. However, there is evidence that Zylkene and Composure Pro can help to reduce anxiety. Both are OTC, but they're generally sold through vets, or that's how you'll find the best price at least. I would recommend trying one of those, and a DAP diffuser (cheapest through Amazon). FYI, there is a Swanson's supplement that had what Zylkene has, but the amount is different so you can't get the same exact dosage. Which is fine because you can give a little extra without it doing any harm. I know for groups cost can be an issue do if they're hesitant to use the Zylkene because of cost, check out Swanson's Anti-stress formula and use the dose recommendation from the Zylkene to get as close to the suggested amount as possible.
  8. Seems likely. He could even have chunks of one sitting in his stomach. Not sure if that would show up on x-ray or not, but I have seen some amazing things vomited up by dogs weeks or months after being ingested. In one case it was 1/3 of a red rubber kong (still intact). In another it was a glove, also still intact. Agree with others that gas-x could give him some relief in the meantime.
  9. Gotcha. Good to know you got the number of uses + that they estimate. I've tried to keep count, but I'm never perfect about it, though my feeling has been I got at least that many each time.
  10. How many times a day are you using it? And are you making sure to space them out 3+ hrs? That seems fast for it to run out, but I only use ours once, sometimes twice a days most days.
  11. A flat foot is definitely indicative of a serious tear/rupture. I would get an Ortho consult asap. I'm not a vet, but I don't think there's any way it's going to heal on its own.
  12. And yet, still nothing like what HP has done multiple times.
  13. I would love to see them if you don't mind posting, thanks!
  14. I don't have contact info as he called me. My rate increase this time is really high again, 36%, pushing me from $108/mo for two dogs to $148. I am pissed. But I'm locked in because of the pre-existing conditions issue. I am going to try to escalate my complaint this time though. Just kidding, he did email me to thank me for taking his call and I still had it. He's one of the two co-founders, Robert Jackson. Email is rob@healthypawspetinsurance.com. No idea if that's still accurate as this was back in 2012. Keep us posted on any response you get. I need to look back and collect all of my rate increases since that conversation before I reach out.
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