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  1. Sully's (Diamian) was Hallelujah Lass. Diesel's (Reb's Don Dee) was one you had listed, Gossamer. Rook's (Pasco) is also one you had listed, Marcia.
  2. We used the Neopaws summer boots for Sully when he had problems with his corn. They were great when I was trying to figure out what size would be best. I just looked at the site and they have lots more products now. The summer boots stayed on great and came with neoprene inserts for extra cushioning. They made a huge difference for Sully as he could go on long walks in comfort. Even after a lot of use the boots were in great shape.
  3. I am so, so sorry. I can't believe she's gone. I remember reading through the Wabi saga as it happened and rooting for her. All of the pics, the physical therapy... the dandelions and your gorgeous pics of her...and throughout it all, her sheer joy at life. She was so special and touched so many that met her. :grouphug
  4. I saw some of your garden pics in the gallery section, so ended up browsing your garden gallery. Those daylilies are amazing! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Sending lots of good thoughts to you and Riley!!
  6. I ordered them, and I'm hoping that they work for him! I don't know how he'll be about keeping them on. The boots are tolerated because Boots=walks. I'm not sure if he'll keep the slippers on or not, but it's worth a try. I just hate seeing him limp. Yes, he did get xrayed when this whole thing started-- from his shoulder all the way down. Nada. Then the corn broke the surface. At first, hulling really helped (and it does still help some), but the darned corn is just HUGE. If it isn't hulled, he'll 3 leg it, when kept hulled and sanded, he limps badly. When he wears hi
  7. OTC diphenhydramine comes in 25 mg capsules or caplets. I've never seen it in a smaller dose (or any other dose), except for children, but then it's combined in a cough/cold/allergy type preparation. For medium-large dogs, 25 mg is fine, and for a dog the size of a big male grey, more can be given.
  8. True. If the individual items were purchased in bulk, the price would be much less. I ended up doing this w/ vetwrap. It was just much cheaper (though now I have 3 dz rolls of forest green but it gets used for humans and hounds alike, and my guys are famously clutzy, as am I) And a couple things I forgot that are also in my kit: antibiotic ointment bag balm bottle of sterile saline
  9. I know a lot of you guys have dogs with corns. Sully is my corn-dog, with a HUGE one one one of his front toes, and a couple smaller ones (one on the adjacent toe and another on a hind foot). The front foot really hurts him, even with keeping it hulled and sanded so that it's not overgrown. He's fine in his boots on walks, but they aren't something to have on all the time. I'd really like to find something that he can wear in the house so that he doesn't limp so much on our hard floors. Therapaws has little slippers called cushy paws for in the house. I was wondering if anyone had a
  10. Our doggy first aid kit (well, it's all rolled into one w/ the human first aid kit, any meds that are used for both have dosages per human and canine written on the baggie) contains (at least for the dogs): benedryl pepto bismol tablets (not the chewables) immodium buffered aspirin tramadol rimadyl cephalexin amoxicillin vet wrap non-stick gauze pads medical tape scissors hemostats tweezers betadine hydrogen peroxide syringe styptic powder instant hot/cool packs ... I'm sure I'm forgetting something that's in there, but that's the basics. It all g
  11. pyrantel pamoate and praziquantal are pretty standard wormers. Just look up the dosage, it should work just fine.
  12. My old dalmatian mix, Sebau, has sleep turdlets sometimes (she'll be 14 in a month). I just pick them up w/ some toilet paper and flush them. They are small and hard, so they aren't messy. Just in case, I keep blankets on the beds that can be washed (though the boys usually run off with the blankets and hoard them all in that case, I can just wash the bed covers). So far it's just the occasional turdlet and she's fine with her bladder, though she can't hold it as long as she used to. We have a dog door, so she can relieve herself while we're asleep or I'm at work. It isn't somethin
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